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: i think cata wasn't very fun, and MoP could have been fun if they weren't giving out epics in chests that only required basic platforming skill the get
> [{quoted}](name=T I L T B O I,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iAa93vIE,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-06-19T07:30:10.053+0000) > > i think cata wasn't very fun, and MoP could have been fun if they weren't giving out epics in chests that only required basic platforming skill the get I didn't really have an issue with them giving out entry-level gear. You had to farm for quite a bit to get a full set. And handing out entry-level gear (which is what LFR did too) enabled people who don't like guilds/tryhard assholes to get into raiding without being barred entry by the neckbearded tryhard club.
: Sure, say i play {{champion:51}} and do that, but then they can just call the jungler down and dive turret, or hard engage after putting any damage on my ADC, since I can't outsustain or outdamage that in early levels. Or even if that works, and I get a huge 1-2k gold lead, at 5k I'm sitting on {{item:3094}} {{item:1038}} {{item:1001}} And they're still buying a completed item or that and {{item:3047}}, and with that plus ults up we don't win that lane anymore.
If they have enough health to dive, you're doing it wrong. And it doesn't matter if they have an item, since they have no reason to be in range to use it.
Kaìju (NA)
: Say I pick Ashe, Cait, or Jinx, long range and decent disengage. What do I do about Alistair, Kayn, Leona, Naut, Thresh, Blitz, and any other support who wants you to be aggressive so they can engage? It isn't possible to just harass them for free because it ours you closer to the enemy and they will just hard engage on you.
Umm... what did you do against those same supports when they had a normal ADC with them? Do that. And you do have a support with you. If they pick a peel support, then there goes their engage.
: people didn't like what he did to pvp, idk how much influence he had on the rest of the game, the problem was during the golden age for casuals and serious players(WOTLK) blizzard realized the BoE epics giving access to free and easy loot to people drew a larger crowd, and kept people playing and excited, not realizing that this also helped the better players manipulate the market and scout for talent - decided hey lets just give people free shit for doing easy quests, lets make legendaries basically quest line epics, and not actually legendary anymore, lets make free loot come from chests, and they lost the people that played becasue they felt a sense of satisfaction / accomplishment for their efforts, they lost the better players when they realized the game had just become a cash grab**(kind of like league is becoming, but i'd say league is in the Cataclysm, maybe MoP stage by comparison right now)** in diablo 3 they killed joining games of your choice and larger parties/trading to try and stop people from selling items / speeding up progression and making the game die, but they created their own cash grab auction house and released a lackluster game that no one really liked now it's in a fine state but it's so dull they have to revamp the whole thing twice a year in the form of ladder resets and new item releases, (can't play the game more than 3 weeks per year) money is ruining videogames, when there was none you had the garbage releases that were the games no one talks about on regular nintendo when we had good money you got gems like n64 games, ps1 games, hell ps2 and 3/xbox/360 games even then came the micro transactions....and gaming will never be the same because of it
> [{quoted}](name=T I L T B O I,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=iAa93vIE,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-19T06:44:41.866+0000) > > [snip] I don't know what he really even did, but as soon as he left (he left near the end of MoP), the game went from really fun to so fucking boring I couldn't stand logging in. The golden age I'm talking about is the period of time from Wrath to MoP. All the tryhard assholes threw a tantrum when LFR came out, so we act like late Wrath, Cata and MoP are shit, but in terms of gameplay and content, they were the best expansions we've ever had. WoD was garbage in comparison, and Legion is just a continuation of the same shitty ideas Ion has. BFA is looking to be another disappointment as we prune the already gutted classes even more. And yeah, money is ruining the industry, but it's the moronic consumer base that lets them get away with ruining it. Just look through these forums and you'll see exactly why gaming is dying out.
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azulodin (NA)
: Udyr Absolutely Suffocates Non-Meta Junglers
"Udyr is the worst champ in the game"
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: Can champs that dont move their mouths when doing taunts and laughs do so?
That would cost money to do, and Riot would make none of it back for that change. Ergo, it will never happen unless the champ gets a VGU or a legendary+ skin. Isn't F2P neat?
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: > [{quoted}](name=Onotori,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=R1BifZFY,comment-id=001b,timestamp=2018-06-18T23:29:06.233+0000) > > Yesterday. I was playing Pyke and stole it with my ult over the wall. :P Holy shit, wp dude :D
I couldn't believe it worked. :P I died right after since I popped into their whole team, but my team managed to end after that.
: Blizzard is giving us Vanilla, time for Riot to give us URF
That Vanilla server is going to implode, and I'm going to laugh the whole time. No one actually *liked* the game in Vanilla, they liked the community aspect and all that. Once people clear MC a few times, they'll get plenty bored with how little there is to do in the game at that point. ###### Now, if they made a Wrath, Cata or MoP server... that'd be hugely popular.
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: Anybody remember the last time they took Elder Dragon?
Yesterday. I was playing Pyke and stole it with my ult over the wall. :P
: While the game may be free the "Professional" ESport earns hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue. They can easily afford the small fees.
Doesn't matter when you're greedy. Enough is never enough.
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Chermorg (NA)
: Tencent has literally no influence over Riot... literally they'd only start exerting the influence they *could* have if Riot ceased making money.. but last I saw Riot was rolling in dough (or at least that's what they publicly lead to believe), so I see no reason Tencent would try to influence Riot when they're raking in dough and have been forever.
> [{quoted}](name=Chermorg,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=32n0OV8c,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-06-18T05:56:37.903+0000) > > Tencent has literally no influence over Riot... literally they'd only start exerting the influence they *could* have if Riot ceased making money.. but last I saw Riot was rolling in dough (or at least that's what they publicly lead to believe), so I see no reason Tencent would try to influence Riot when they're raking in dough and have been forever. So, when a company buys out another company, do you think they're going to just sit by and let that smaller company operate in a way that doesn't maximize profit? Especially when that company is a horribly greedy, shitty conglomerate that has a stranglehold over China? A lot of the shit that's wrong with the game started shortly after the buyout in season 6. They have a lot more control and influence now than they did as majority shareholders. Hell, do you think Beck and Meril actually willingly quit? They're greedy suits running the biggest game in the world -- why would they give all that money up?
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: So you're diamond/masters/challenger then right? I'd have to assume so with how easy everything in this game must be to you.
If I could mind control my teammates, maybe. Even challengers have trouble climbing out of silver / gold.
: I think you're trolling at this point. You actually have to either be trolling or just so blindingly ignorant and set in your own beliefs. Ok then, what is a mechanically difficult champion to you?
In League? Mechanically difficult doesn't exist. Some champs are a bit busier, like Riven, Sol, Zoe and the like, and some require a bit more thought, like Bard, Azir, Ori and such... but none are really "hard" at all. I actually have the most trouble playing champs that are entirely targeted or based on autos, since I come from MMOs and I never used my mouse for anything but aiming / turning.
: Do tell me please how Riven's bread and butter combo, the fast Q (or fast combo), her easiest and most quintessential combo is what you consider "slightly harder." So what you're telling me is that her combos aren't hard except for fast combo? So what you're telling me is you can 100% of the time, frame and timing perfectly, judge and assess the situation on the fly and be able to perform: the Adrian combo, the Nidalee Jr combo, the Whirlee combo, the Sexy combo, the ever meme'd Shy combo, perform perfect doublecasts, perform all of these said combos fluidly after flashing onto a target, and escape with your life intact every time? But the fast q combo is your "slightly harder to pull off" combo? I'm legit just trying to clear people of the idea that Riven is the "lel easy faceroll" champ everyone thinks she is. It's honestly a stigma and the days of her ever being able to qqq w windslash someone to death are over. Riven isn't a champion that leaves room for the lowest common denominator to succeed, you either know your shit or you die if you're against someone on your skill level, it's that simple. And you clearly don't know your shit.
It's slightly harder because it involves using the mouse, whereas the other bugs you abuse are just using abilities in certain orders to break animations. She's not a hard champ. The hardest part about her is learning how to gauge your damage potential appropriately. Mechanically? Not so much.
koshkyra (NA)
: What is the counterplay to nocturne
He's a statcheck. You either out-stat him, or just lose (without your team around).
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: Box box plays for entertainment value. He has consistent challenger play when he plays for keeps, but as his match history reflects he likes to make flashy plays and screw around a lot for his stream. The guy is talented for sure but he's not conquering the ladder on her playing with his feet. EDIT: Also five games is a gross underestimation. It's common phrase that to win 100 games consistently on Riven, you must first lose 100.
That's because we're talking lowest common denominator here. Any, you know, normal person can pick up Riven within a few games. Her combos aren't hard (especially after Riot added buffering to them), and the only one that might be even slightly harder to pull off is the fast combo -- but it's still pretty easy.
: "No consequence". That's legitimately ignorant. They balanced her around it after discovery, rather than remove it, they encorperated it. It fit perfectly into their gameplay aesthetic they had in mind when creating her. However, along with that came completely lowering her base damages so that good Rivens could shine in a skillful manner and bad Riven's couldn't succeed by just QQQ'ing people like she could before the change.
Yeah... that's bullshit and you know it. If she was "balanced" around that, she wouldn't fucking annihilate people any time someone with more than 5 games plays her. Box Box wouldn't win games playing with his fucking feet in challenger if she was balanced in any way.
: RIOT: The Unprofessional Professional ESport?
Playing another game costs money, since they have to pay casters and broadcasting fees and so on. Of course Riot wasn't going to run a rematch.
: That's 100% untrue. Else Aurelion would be nerfed into the ground. Riot said she's underperforming, its straight from the horses mouth.
Riot also said Thresh is the weakest support in the game. Just because Riot says it doesn't mean it's not a lie.
: No riot didn't make riven v2
Aatrox also doesn't abuse bugs for years with no consequence -- bugs that ***ANY OTHER CHAMPION IN THE GAME*** has fixed immediately, sometimes even being disabled until they're fixed.
: Tanks AREN'T weak. Youre just too used to them being broken. (Which they still are.)
Dat Kat (EUW)
: Wearing a bikini is slutty? SJW's are getting out of hand, I'm keeping my hazmat mask at bay every time I check the boards from now on. Jesus.
Wearing a bikini that rides up your ass that much is kind of slutty, yeah. And I'm the farthest thing from an SJW, trust me.
Hayaishi (NA)
: Yasuo hasn't been a good champion in forever. Idk how do so many people have issues with him.
Because he's a braindead statcheck. He either hard carries or does literally nothing -- his kit is "toxic" by design, and needs some tweaks to enable other people to beat him other than himself.
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: The boards asked for {{champion:7}} to be reverted and Riot followed through.
No, LeBroken mains who wanted their freelo back asked for her revert. I can guarantee anyone who isn't biased would prefer a champ having counterplay and a more involved kit than a braindead clicker that removes you from existence because you walked into lane.
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: But Irelia's personality isn't a "cute" personality. It's a serious one.
Her personality also isn't slutty. And she does have cute moments.
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: Pool Party Irelia
I want a cute Irelia skin, not a slutty one or a serious one.
Yuvn Ti (NA)
: i think it should be purely bonus ad like 80% bonus ad, so champions like tanks would shy away from it, while champions like ADC's would be motivated to build it (besides corki lol)
Oh that'd be neat for sure, but I don't want ADCs having MORE burst. Every other sheen item uses base AD though, so I just stuck with that and changed half of the base AD scaling to bonus AD. It'd have the added benefit of nerfing Camille, Irelia, Hecarim, Skarner, Ezreal and a lot of other problem champs.
: Experiment: Community Patch Notes
{{item:3078}} On-hit damage reduced to 75% base AD (+ 30% bonus AD) Attack speed lowered to 30% Now you can't build triforce into full tank and win.
Yenn (NA)
: This season has completely neutered skill expression, can we get a new balance team?
What you don't get is that this is what Riot wants. Shorter games, faster fights, easier champs being stronger... this all makes the game more profitable, which is all Riot cares about.
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Rαy (EUW)
: What is Riot's opinion on players saying damage is too high right now?
Higher damage = more kills = more interesting LC$ games = more money. The reason you never see a Rioter talk about it is because they want to disillusion the playerbase.
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: Tbh I like it. Not about mages not being playable mid, but about *mages being playable somewhere else*. It's really entertaining to see {{champion:8}} {{champion:13}} botlane
Neither of those are traditional mages. They're both juggermages (Riot calls them battle mages). I'm talking Zoe, Syndra, Ori, Vel, Xerath (though he's OP and works anyway) and so on.
: Yeah b/c now armor gets nerfed an ad champs mostly have best burst early game
Mages have no sustain, they have no defensive items, they have lower burst and sustained damage across the board, they scale slower and weaker, they often have no mobility, they're based around skillshots, they're mana gated and CD gated, one MR item halves their damage, Maw of Invincibility makes your kill pressure null... I don't understand how mages are even supposed to compete.
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