: [Skin Concept] Draconian Cassiopeia
Riot hates Cassio though, they have failed so much while trying to make her work that they have slated her for a full VGU somewhere down the road. This is for example why Urgot wasn't getting any new skins before his rework, same goes for her, or Yorick.
Thamios (NA)
: I truly hate it when you guys say "infinite" when getting to any significant point... You know what a 10-stack Cho does in %-age HP damage? 8% Per hit. This is up for ~3.5 seconds so if he's not right-clicking you THE ENTIRE TIME that third AA won't go off. Cho is STILL super easy to kite before Righteous Glory. Is he able to abuse it? Yes. Should Cho be nerfed? **NO!** The problem appears to be Righteous Glory (70-second CD in midgame means it's up for every teamfight). Items are supposed to shore up the weaknesses of a champion. Cho has no mobility. Cue Righteous Glory. He has no self-sustain or damage mitigation other than stacking HP. The only reason he's high priority right now is because lethality got changed and it's back on top over BoRK. Every time I read things like this I hear "Oh No! Cho hit 6 items! I can't kill him like I could 10 minutes ago WAAAA!". Cho is either a Tank or a bruiser-y burst mage, he can't build both. Cho can STILL be CC'd and focused down, you just have to ADAPT to kill him.
I've been a Cho main for 3 seasons now. He's broken right now, he should not be able to be that threatening to squishies and tanks at the same time while being super tanky. It -used- to be that Cho had to choose between damage and tankiness, now he can build full tanky, letting his E shred tanky targets and his R burst squishies. Normally juggernauts deal -less- damage to tanks the longer the game goes. Darius will shit on you in lane if you're a tanky champion, come 30 minutes however, if he's not insanely fed, he will be much much less threatening to you, so as long as you make him stand still and away from your squishies you can deal with him. Cho however right now deals -more- damage to tanky champions the longer the game goes. 10 stack Cho is one thing, but the longer the game goes the stronger his E gets, the harder he is to kill, he scales inversely through game-length unlike other juggernauts. He's not unbeatable, but a team shouldn't have to jump through so many hoops just because I picked Cho, if we tone down the %HP damage on his E he'll probably be -fine- (and go back to being a nigh-unplayable laner in the toplane).
: He had to build as a relatively squishy AP to one shot squishies before. Now he gets to do it full Tank.
You mean patch 7.14 when he had the scaling HP ult and the stoneplate interaction and he was at 42% winrate as a jungler and 46% as a toplaner?.
: Even if you gut Cho's E, he'll still be able to jungle with 9% HP runes, bond of stone, and cinderhulk for 34% increased HP. This lets him WAY too easily hit 2k true damage on his R. Even if his E were just an auto reset (no bonus damage) he would be busted using {{item:1401}} {{item:3800}} {{item:3742}} {{item:3193}} {{item:3190}} and pretty much any combination of those because he could just smite auto E R to 1 shot anybody without health items. No skill required, considering people would likely be using ghost, righteous glory, and a stacked deadman's on top of the slows. Keep in mind that he'd have his one shot gimmick, then an AoE knock-up and Silence to follow up on the fight with. If Cho isn't the only initiator, you can't beat that through 'outplays'.
He's done that before, bursting squishies is FINE for an immobile champion who's easy to kite and whose only CC is easy to dodge. The thing that made him broken is his infinitely scaling %max HP on auto-attacks, this makes it so that even if he can't get to the backline he can shred the frontline for a lot of damage. He used to flop terribly against anything that built some HP, now he doesn't care who his target is and just keeps going. This Cho build that you're talking about, before the E changes, was sporting a hefty 42% winrate, Cho jungle was basically trolling your team.
: cho's E isnt that op, it's just that {{item:3193}} + ult interaction that makes him extremely broken
That isn't really the thing that broke him here, he's had that interaction for a while. Cho has always been the guy who gets tanky and bursts squishies while being super easy to kite. What broke him here is they made him target-agnostic, this means that even if he can't get to the backline he deals infinitely scaling %max HP to the frontline and threatens to execute them while still being nigh-unkillable.
: {{champion:412}} {{champion:43}} ? Just to list a few that allows mages to position horribly with their 1000 range and still be safe >or by keeping a resource-heavy champion going by refilling their mana bars during/after a fight. lol yeah running out of mana in season 7 as mages LUL
: Lulu's wild growth ult has a small (melee ranged) slow. While she can ult anyone and it be good, it makes melee champs so sticky its crazy. https://youtu.be/sXoUAY-g9Fg?t=57 In that video you can see the ring around Gragas feet, thats the slow radius, it slows for 30 / 45 / 60%. So I think we can add Lulu to the list of supports with an ability that is better for melees than ranged.
Lulu was fantastic back when farm jungles could carry. You slap her buffs on {{champion:24}} {{champion:11}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:19}} and it gets messy.
: Actually flash does have relevance because of two things. 1: Cho can queue his ult so that even if the enemy adc flashes in response, it will have already started (and thus hit them even after flash). 2: Cho can silence, preventing them from flashing.
His R is melee range targeted, this means the animation hasn't even STARTED before he has a valid target, this queuing thing is literal bullshit, lying through your teeth. However, it, like most point-and-click instant abilities doesn't break from the enemy flashing, it's like flashing out of an auto attack.
Cryo00 (NA)
: idk if its just me but I think Cho'Gath is too strong right now....although I don't exactly know how to play against him too.
You don't let him get to melee range of the important people of the team, that's all there is to him. He still gets melted if the ADC was smart enough to build a BotRK against him, he still gets kited for days, he's still helplessly crippled by a 30% slow. It's like a well-farmed Nasus without the point-and-click CC.
: It would kinda suck for him if Urgot wasn't.
Existence is TORMENT. It wouldn't suprise me at all if Urgot wasn't, just another small detail in the horrible mess that is that man.
TálØnly (EUW)
: Cho or singed who needs the hotfix ?
Cho needs a hotfix nerf, they just erased main weakness. It's like giving Kog'Maw a dash or giving Morde real CC.
: PSA: Singed has a bloody 55% win rate right now
As a longtime Cho main... Dude needs a hotfix nerf ASAP too.
: When your team complains the enemy is too tanky
Okay, but let's be honest: {{item:3151}} is garbage for the very same reason {{item:3194}} exists, Riot has decided that the only ones who can deal with tanks are ADCs. Mages should be building {{item:3135}} anyways in order to be able to scratch tanks, but a cooldown-based champion will always have issues against a guy who is a bag of resistances and health. If your ADC isn't building Armor Pen then yeah, he sucks, but that's just the carry being bad at the game, it happens in League of ADCs very often and you just have to deal with it and move on to the next game.
Mamacrow (NA)
: Why Sol doesn't need a rework, and how you'll crush a ton of player's hearts in doing so...
Given that the statistically average LoL player is a slightly overweight man, I'd calculate his heart to be around the 350g mark. Which means that a ton of hearts would be around 3000 players hearts. Riot, if you're breaking the hearts of at least 3000 players with a Sol rework, you will, effectively be breaking "A ton of players hearts".
: The Reason You Dont Rank Up From Each Elo:
Why do I feel most of this advice is geared towards lane-winning early game champs? If I'm playing stuff like {{champion:54}} then taking first tower at 15 is a huge stretch and just going all-in and killing isn't going to work against a non-brain-dead laner. I wanna farm, freeze and team up for teamfights because that's what my kit is about. Sure, as Jayce you wanna be killing your lane opponent and snowballing a split-push, but that isn't true of all champions.
: And who use this item???
Legit: {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:131}} Janky/Fun: {{champion:5}} {{champion:24}} {{champion:117}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:31}}
: I think it depends I definitely know that Nautilus with 3 doran rings is extremely strong against GP and he is a tank.
Nautilus -was- my tank pick of choice against GP before they nerfed him to the ground. Now he's barely viable as a support.
: True But tanks are gud top
Not always, sometimes you just go against stuff like {{champion:133}} {{champion:114}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} that make farming impossible for you, then it doesn't matter if you chose a tanky champion because during teamfights you have no gold and you're squishy from lack of items. Tanks are great for the team, but they depend on some conditions to be even viable.
: you must be new, raka top lane used to be an op pick back in the day
That was a Raka that could self-heal, and didn't even have to aim Starfall, and it had like 3s cooldown, and it had a MR shred on top of it. And the unfairest silence in the game.
Doseqis (NA)
: @Riot Meddler Any plans on Dorans Ring Changes to prevent stacking
Since we're on the "Murder Cho'Gath" train anyways with the changes to Vorpal Spikes and Thunderlords and now crapping on Dorans ring stacking. I suggest we make it so Vorpal Spikes no longer triggers Rylais, ulting minions no longer gives stacks and rupture gets a 2 second delay.
Eedat (NA)
: If DD is "disgustingly broken"
The pages you're basing your information off of use only Plat+ data. The kind of people who complain about Illaoi and DD are mostly bronzies, that's why.
: Honestly she is just AIDS to play against, she has the single most no-counterplay burst in the entire game now that Rengar is reworked, she can 1 shot you from half a screen away and if she doesnt then she will most certainly die very easily and do absolutely nothing for her team. She reeeeeeeaaally needs a rework, a full rework. Her kit just sucks imo, its totally unoriginal, they should only keep her Q and try to make something fun and interactive with the rest of her kit.
She needs to hit that Q, either that or she's massively fed. She's one of the few assasins with counterplay actually, you dodge the Q, that's it.
Ýisus (NA)
: Tier 3 Runes 1 IP
No, it'd ruin the whole "Those of you who've already spent a lot on your runes will be rewarded for it". The best you can do is suck it up, buy the runes and hope the compensation will be worth it, like the rest of us.
Terozu (NA)
: I've done a lot of off meta crap.
I've been flamed for not building straight-up tank as a Cho, it's hilarious. People just want something other than themselves to blame for their loss.
: when braum uses his E at the last second.
I have no idea why, the Eurobeat meme came to mind immediately when I saw the car jump.
Dokkaebi (EUNE)
: When someone talks to you about your mains like you don't know anything about them
"Cho'Gath is in a great place right now!". "That ult buff broke him!". "Titanic Hydra and Gargoyles Stoneplate is such an OP Cho Build!". "Stop Building AP on Cho!". Baby, sweetheart, darling, I've been playing Cho for long enough to ask you to kindly shut up. He's a steaming pile of garbage but he's MY steaming pile of garbage thank you very much.
Penns (EUW)
: Illaoi has a higher win rate in dia+ than in bronze tho op
: Isn't Pantheon on the rework list for a full VGU? His kit is rather binary with old mechanics and visuals.
Yes, but champions with kits that feel awful to play against and are slated for a full VGU are usually kept WEAK, not STRONG. {{champion:31}} {{champion:6}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:13}} To treat Panth differently is rather hypocritical.
: When the Mastery 7 With Butcher Skin Urgot Goes 0-10
As someone who's been a Cho main for like 4 seasons now. Sometimes the champ just sucks and you gotta look at him and say "I love you man, but this is unhealthy for both of us".
: Seems not even undead Warlords of Death and Destruction are immune to feminine Charm
{{champion:9}} {{champion:57}} {{champion:54}} {{champion:53}} They all want dat ass. But SPECIALLY this guy when he ults.{{champion:11}}
: Remember when mages counterplay is being gated by mana?
I mean, to be fair, you know some champions are still gated by mana because they're crippling their builds with ridiculous mana items: {{champion:69}} builds {{item:3027}} {{item:3048}} {{item:3165}}. {{champion:6}} builds {{item:3043}} and either {{item:3110}} or {{item:3025}}. {{champion:31}} builds {{item:3027}} {{item:3110}}. It's a matter of what champions does Riot prefer and what champions they hate.
: PSA: If You Die To Your Lane Oppenent
If you die to your lane opponent... Then what you must do is try literally ANYTHING to kill them ASAP, you NEED to recover from that disadvantage, don't be discouraged, dying was just a flub. You MUST even out the score. If you don't then the game is OVER, take ANY risks necessary. /s
9kPluzZ (NA)
: Nice "tank" update Riot
Fun fact: Sejuani and Amumu are the only tanks with a winrate over 50% after the tank update.
: Huh? What I'm saying is that the item is completed only after laning phase ends. Of course you buy it. Changed the verb so it's more clear.
Usually laning phase lasts for long enough for people to get their first item and then some. Specially so in the toplane, and SPECIALLY so for an almost dedicated splitpusher like Teemo.
: > [{quoted}](name=MadKnife IV,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tW248N4n,comment-id=00010001,timestamp=2017-04-29T07:39:50.680+0000) > > The question is: Why does he need a goddamn nuke on his ult? > > His Ult does 200/400/600 (!) PLUS 200% bonus AD, and the people the ulted player hits on his way back get the same goddamn damage PLUS 12/15/18% of the initial target's bonus health. > > Play full AD Lee Sin. Kick a Mundo into their team and check for survivors. That's the only legitimate criticism Lee has. He has so much damage and mobility and survivability in the jungle. He honestly needs to get his spellvamp in the jungle looked at because he hardly takes damage. If he's going to be so dominating via kit then he needs real risk when he goes into the lane to gank. Same with graves.
Except that Graves is entirely designed around Feast or Famine, since he doesn't scale all that well in damage and has next to no utility he either gets massively fed, or gets behind and the game becomes a 4v5. Lee when behind still has utility in his ult, relevant tankiness, and so on.
: When your support slave "accidentally" takes a single cs
When the ADC hasn't last-hit even a single siege minion and it's already 10 mins in. Time to go {{item:2301}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3285}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3089}} {{champion:16}}
: I disagree and so do most people that play him. The issue with rakam is that he is far too safe, if he messes up he can get out. If you catch him he can get out while having no draw back to it its like lee sin. If you catch him or he messes up he has his dash and ult to save him not to mention flash. Rakam has his dash and ult to save him. And his dash is far better than lee's. I feel champions should be punished for mistakes and be left vulnerable. Sure you cna punish him but you can punish all the champs with that mind set. But how hard do you punish lets say alistar for going in at a bad time vs rakan? Ali isnt getting out he has to fight through the focus.
He does little else other than being safe in the lane phase. His engage is rather weak, and if he goes in you just trade damage with him until he dashes out, you're 100% sure you'll win the trade since his damage is pitiful. He's hard to kill, but this is not a Lee Sin situation where he compliments safety with ridiculous base damages. If you're engaging you're not really looking to engage on him, you want to engage on his ADC. He provides peel of course, but so do all the other supports in this game, while being far more threatening. As an Alistar specially, you can engage while being sure that the enemy botlane will have to retreat due to simply being outstatted. Not no mention Alistars sustain is actually consistent.
: Who's more OP alone ?
Rakan is balanced in a particular way. His midgame skirmishing and lategame teamfight are insane, he can be a huge playmaker, initiating here, charming a couple guys, then jumping back and charming to peel for the ADC, crazy. But his lanephase is outright pathetic, he's too easy to poke down, has a negligible heal and deals almost no damage (Unless backed up by Xayahs W), he's like Leona in that he must all-in to do anything, but he has less CC and less damage, so he simply feels less threatening.
: So Xayah is verbally aggresive towards any support that isn't Rakan...
{{champion:20}} {{summoner:11}} {{item:1409}} "Rito says it's okay for me to troll you, so I will"
: So what's the counterplay when lee comes to your lane with red and ward jumps ?
I mean, big deal, there's many other guys who just fuck you up with early ganks. {{champion:60}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:35}} The counterplay is just, don't overextend early, ward your possible entrances considering what information you have about his starting buff and jungle path and don't go for stupid lvl 2 duels without vision?.
Xozi (NA)
: A list of things I dont get.
It's actually super simple. You win a game where someone you queued with gets an S- or more and you have a chance at rolling a key fragment. Then you can combine three of those on the Loot window to create a key. Now, you can get chests by winning a game on which you or someone you queued with gets an S- or more, but only if you were playing a champion that you haven't won a chest with this season. Now, when you have a key and a chest, you open the chest, consuming the key to get either a skin shard or a champion shard. I hope you get key fragments now!.
DarkPh0enix (EUNE)
: In what kind of fantasy land can a Caitlyn 1v1 a Nautilus with these items? : {{item:3110}} {{item:3025}} {{item:3047}} {{item:3068}} {{item:3001}} {{item:3065}} Not only will Nautilus CC the fuck out of her so she can't attack, she will be slowed to death and get dealt insane damage if she tries to run. Traps mean nothing. ADC's can kill anything IF protected, but their dumbass glass canon builds are just that, glass canons. If they get caught, they die. That's the reality of it.
Like this {{item:3072}}. Nautilus has a single knockup, the rest are roots and slows so she can keep firing during those. And he deals less damage than she heals up. She can literally sit there shooting at his inefficient ass (Seriously, that build has very little HP) and healing up the damage he deals. Now, if it was a fighter, an assassin or a mage it'd be a different story, but a tank? pfft, ADCs are made to eat those alive. Lifesteal exists precisely so ADCs eat tanks whole in any circumstance. Which is great because aside from ADCs and some fighters, most people wouldn't stand a chance against a full-item tank.
DarkPh0enix (EUNE)
: Caitlyn, 1v1ing Nautilus effortlessly at 6 items? Lol, no Full damage Rengar can't 1v1 a tank, full damage cass can probably not 1v1 a tank. Also, if a tank dodges Yas' q, he is screwed, so no. Other than Tryndamere and his refusal to die, Master Yi and Xin will have trouble killing a full build Nautilus; even if they do manage to eventually kill him.
ADCs, as opposed to assassins or mages are supposed to be the guys that scale better with items, that's why you give them a whole lane and a nanny, and a second nanny with smite so they can get their gold. So, when the ADC finally gets his items, they absolutely stomp over anything that can't kill them fast enough, like tanks.
dEAdbUs (EUW)
: And best Heimer main reached only Master, while Challenger is still full of Lee Sins and Rivens. Winrate is not everything, mate.
Yes, those were good times, is what I'm saying, when they didn't balance around the lowest ELO. Now Heimer is balanced in bronze, and literally useless in Plat+, same as Cho or Illaoi.
Sahn Uzal (EUW)
: Riot has openly admitted that they do balance around LCS. Aswell as the Higher ranks of Solo Queue, aswell as the lower ranks of Solo Queue. When you start to think about how many different groups of players Riot balances around, combined with how hard it is to balance a game like lol in the first place, I think Riots balance team is very, very underappreciated.
They used to not give a single fuck about the lower ranks of solo Q, and those were good times, 57% winrate {{champion:74}}.
resumed (NA)
: try playing morgana and having your build look like this {{item:2301}} {{item:3117}} {{item:3107}} {{item:3190}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3222}} accidentally locketing when you meant to zhonyas and you accidentally save your team from something you didnt see is frequent
I mean, there's nothing quite like warding your adc who just got stunned.
: played 4 support games this morning
I agree with you, but I can't help but laugh at: "I played 4 games and had a different experience, maybe what you say is just anecdotal evidence?".
: Taric Q QoL
I thought the title said "Taric Q LOL" and I was "Yeah man, I agree, such a pointless, negligible heal".
: "Ranged toplaners are cancer" Well, Ranged top is actually fine, especially for people like Darius. Quinn is the problem, with a blind and a knock back that isn't even on a high cooldown. There's a reason why everyone hates Quinn top and not Vayne or etc.
It was mostly a joke. Darius auto-wins lane against most melee champions, so of course a Darius player would hate ranged champions that he can't bully quite as hard as he does melees. Quinn is rather okay at this point after her nerfs, she's an oppressive laner who does jack-all during the lategame.
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