: When Sion & Malphite ults onto a Poppy
What's with all the negative comments? It was a funny joke, sheesh.
: it seems many of us are experiencing this, i am currently locked in the same "failed to connect" screen as well, its been 3 hours and i'm assuming every other member of the game are also stuck. This is frustrating and completely unacceptable considering everyone, and i mean EVERYONE will be hit with an afk penalty of some sort due to the automated system. Unbelievable situation, and to be punished for something out of our control is even further so an outrageous situation. Also, through all the forums online i have looked over the past few hours no riot employee has responded to this incident so likely we will be stuck in the dark until tomorrow.
Yeah it's really unfortunate. Not much to do now. Hopefully the issue fixes itself by tomorrow so I can play League again.
: Can riot find a solution because being stuck at the reconnect screen and having your account basically locked off from games isn't fun
I had to make a new account just so I could play League. I'm able to connect to the servers perfectly fine on the new account, but my main account can't connect.
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: The network is working, but failed To connect
I just made a post about this. I'm having the same issue. The game I was dc'd from is not in my match history for some reason and the game started a hour ago.
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: My friends and I are really enjoying league at the moment
Why is this getting downvoted? Nice to hear you and your friend are enjoying League.
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