Tortunga (EUW)
: Electrocute is just to strong for AD champions since it does adaptive damage. Combined with Darius armour pen on his E and from black cleaver Electrocute added damage just out matches any other rune or even complete rune paths. And the whole game seems to be who can kill who the fastest; The extra burst damage from Electrocute helps with that.
Wanna amplify all your damage after 3 hits? Press the Attack is your guy. Wanna get slappity slappy when you have 5 stacks for bonkers damage? Lethal Tempo it is! Trouble sticking or you wanna level 2 cheese someone? Phase Rush helps. Wanna cheese win every trade by pressing E to negate their burst? Aftershock is here for you baby. Wanna increase your maximum health every trade, heal yourself and deal bonus damage based on that health? Grasp calls to you. But you just wanna deal slightly more damage every 50-25 seconds? Guess you can take Electrocute.
: It is going to take forever to unlock 6300 champs now. Roughly every 150 games played.
There's also a chance you get a shard for the champ you want that drastically reduces the price. But yes, in general this is a huge loss of IP per match that gets exponentially larger as you level.
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: > [{quoted}](name=Stabby Dude,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EHFgGtnP,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-07T22:31:27.885+0000) > > But boards thinks zed and yasuo are the problem. Did they even get picked once? Huni picked Yasuo top
How'd that work out for him? Lololol. RIP in peace SKT.
: It isn't only a +12% damage increase you know? It also adds about the same damage on AA as Fervor of Battle does but with the requirement of needing to land 3 AA's on the same target (but it only needs 3 AA's instead of the 8 that Fervor needs to be fully stacked) I don't think Press the Attack will be all that bad On ADC's yes Lethal Tempo is probably better simply because the more AD, AS and Crit the ADC can stack the more insane their damage becomes and Lethal tempo helps with giving them more AS
Except Fervor was effectively increasing ADCs damage output via stacking AD and crit amplification of that AD combined with AD ratios. It's definitely not Fervor anymore. Dunno how people are missing the fact that ADCs just lost (8 - 64 AD that factors into crit multiplication, attack speed & ratios) for (30 - 120 flat damage + 12% amp)
: Have you ever seen Vlad ult in a fight before? Lets just say there is a reason that spell went from 20% damage amp for 5 seconds all the way down to 10%/12%/14% for 5 seconds, before deciding that was still way too much, and it would singlehandedly decide fights, so now its is only 10% at all levels for only 4 seconds, with RIOT nerfing it every chance they got. Twitch could now have a better damage amp than Vlad ult through the entire team, while bursting all 5 of them with the base damage as well. All from a single fucking rune.
So can every other ADC. But you can't ignore that burst champs burst harder now and tanks are tankier now. It's not just ADCs that got buffs. Their counters did too, pretty considerable ones at that.
: Most of the champions you listed do not use Frozen Mallet anyways, so I'm not sure what point you are trying to make...
I think I derpily replied to the wrong person. Someone else on this thread was talking about Rylais having a similar effect.
: It'd be kind of hard to add a slow to his knees specifically, as this would be a straight up buff. He doesn't get Frozen Mallet as a first item generally, so he just got a lot of extra power for free, especially when a slow from his legs can help him rotate around the enemy better. I'd argue Urgot is a healthy case of a ranged utilizing Frozen Mallet. He has an extremely short range by ranged standards, and uses it for the purpose of specifically sticking to use his passive. You can still fight and interact with him. If Gnar gets it and you're melee? You can't fight him. You'll gap close only for him to E away, and then continue weaving in and out of range, while nuking you every three hits for percent health damage.
I wanted to suggest FM removal for ranged too but then as an Urgot main I was like "Wait a second..." Honestly though outside of Urgot the item is pretty much just straight cancer. I don't find it absolutely necessary on Urgot anyway and wouldn't mind him taking one for the team. I'd probably still main him and keep climbing anyway.
: There are a number of ways to deal with that. It could grant them some sort of protection if they are really squishy, it could be tweaked to not affect resets, or only work for a short duration, etc. If it's a short duration, Kha'Zix could still just use his stealth to disengage long enough for the effect to wear off. Or maybe it's fine and those sorts of characters shouldn't be trying to fight the types of characters who would buy this item in the first place.
~~"If it's short duration"~~ ~~{{champion:32}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:136}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:69}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:30}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:82}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:27}} {{champion:50}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:143}}~~
: Do other classes actually have variety? Assassin : Duskblade Fighter: BC ADC: IE + Crit item Yes there are random other items some units rush, but the vast majority of the champs in the game rush the same 5 or so items (Which I dont think is actually a problem). If every class has a specific go to first item. For example it would seem to make it easier to balance Dusk-blade if only AD Assassins could build it.
Assassins: {{item:3147}} {{item:3142}} {{item:3155}} Fighter: {{item:3078}} {{item:3074}} {{item:3071}} {{item:3748}} ADC: {{item:3087}} {{item:3094}} {{item:3031}} {{item:3508}} {{item:3124}} Some ADC even have {{item:3078}} {{item:3812}} {{item:3085}} and {{item:3072}} as viable rush items. Not even including Kog who now has a viable {{item:3091}} rush. Mage: {{item:3157}} {{item:3165}}
: lmao if only they could put down Q for that long
: Got to disagree with you Sleeper. I always viewed exhaust as one of the best anti-dps spells in the game, which is something that this game really lacks now. And yes, exhaust is still effective against DPS, it is just significantly less effective against it than it used to be. Exhaust was a fairly versatile spell but really shined when using it against ADCs and attack speed fighters, largely because it was really damn good at dealing with sustained dps. Sure it isn't as good against most DPS mages, like swain, but that isn't necessary as there are different ways to avoid damage from champions like swain. You cannot avoid the DPS from an ADC, and you can only kite an attack speed fighter for so long before he actually catches you (and if you are melee, you don't even get the luxury of avoiding his damage by kiting). Now exhaust is mostly just an anti-burst spell. Which I will grant you was something it did pretty good before, but there were other ways to deal with burst that we have access to, such as shield and to a lesser extent heal.
That's fine. Just differing opinions on whether it should be anti-everything or anti-DPS. I just prefer the current due to how versatile it is.
Aσtsuke (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=tfYaZm0l,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2017-11-06T11:04:15.712+0000) > > In fact I haven't seen a single ADC carry a PBE game yet. There's a lot of videos about ADCs (more than bruisers if I'm correct, but there's also a lot of dark harvest/predator) carrying and stomping with lethal tempo, try to watch the latest Vandiril video with Vayne. Clearly carrying and working without really trying hard.
PBE is full of games where you'll be matched up against full bronze teams. My match history is full of games with unreasonable scores like 27/2/20 and whatnot on champions like Aatrox and Volibear. Don't take it to mean anything. Vayne and every other ADC is extremely susceptable to the Dark Harvesters and Predators one-shotting them with ease. But you can't take that to mean anything either, since it's happening in an environment where teamplay is damn near nonexistant. Point is: It's impossible to tell at this time, as every role in PBE has extreme points to shine at the moment and with lack of higher level play to determine true effectiveness, it's impossible to gauge the viability of anything beyond what could possibly work and what won't.
Rainfall (EUNE)
: Fervor Was The Only Big Advantage Melee Champions Had And Adc Couldn't Abuse.....
Uhhhh Melees are getting some pretty broken buffs as well. In fact I haven't seen a single ADC carry a PBE game yet. Especially tanks, those guys are getting some crazy good stuff in addition to free base tank stat increases that further synergize with the stuff they're getting. Most ADCs won't be speccing into Predator or Dark Harvest, so you can assume it's basically a 99% melee only thing.
Durzaka (NA)
: I thought Sion's passive was massively nerfed in the game mode and didnt do much damage to the bots.
The passive damage is literally nonexistent, I'm willing to bet it literally does no bonus damage. However, his basic attacks are still normal basic attacks with a set attack speed. Therefore AD builds and on-hits like the Hydras will still allow him to do some heavy postmortem damage.
: You can mostly tank AP with one MR item but generally some hp do the trick. You have more save spot vs AP because when they have cast their spell you have around 6-8 sec before they do their rotation again.
Depends what AP you're talking about. Most burst mages get almost completely negated by a bit of MR + HP, but there are definitely a few mages that break that mold. I do agree though, AD can definitely shred full armor tanks much faster than even the highest of DPS mages can shred a MR tank. Sadly Arcane Comet isn't gonna help with this at all, since it deals such minor damage and is only remotely useful for adding burst onto squishy targets.
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: Tristana's Rocket Jump is one of the most overpowered abilities in the whole game
Most displacements stop her (a very select pull-type displacements don't for whatever reason). Also flings will send her all the way back to where the fling should have flung her to begin with.
: Assassins and bruisers are so bad that supports don't even take exhaust anymore
I've never had the issue. In fact exhaust is the only reason I wouldn't be able to kill my target usually.
: Honestly, once they removed the reduced defenses, it was fine. I still don't understand why they removed the attack speed debuff, that was one of the biggest reasons that I took that spell.
Attack speed debuffs as a whole were just extremely feelsbad (since the mechanic is to literally make the opponent feel clunky), especially when applied in 0 counterplay forms such as click target exhaust. So click target AS debuffs and non-counterplayable AS debuffs (Wither, Exhaust, Anivia's Ult, Warden's Mail, etc?) were drastically reduced or even removed. However Malphite's AS debuff and Nunu's stayed relatively the same in power since Malphite's requires point blank usage and Nunu's is literally the only thing he does besides cheese ult and be a nuisance to the enemy jg (and it's only a 25% cripple). It also unnecessarily crippled attack speed builds while crit builds suffered much less impact to their damage output. So to open up new viable build paths and to let Aatrox see atleast *some* play, click target AS debuffs were nerfed. Overall, I agree with the change. A pure damage reduction is much better and makes you feel less bad about putting it on anyone that isn't an ADC or attack speed fighter.
: They sound prepared. One of them even admitted that the new runes are scary, so I feel good about it. If they sounded like this was no big deal, I'd be more worried. Instead, they seem fully aware that this is going to be a return to the wild west for awhile, until we all figure things out.
Preseason always is, it's the best time of year.
Azadethe (NA)
: Zoe summoner's didn't drop orbs.
Orochi (NA)
: My friend (who has honor 5), has gotten 1 honor capsule this entire season.
I've gotten two, was honor 5 pretty fast too cuz I play alot. It's a reaaaaally low drop rate. I have gotten an absolute ton of keys from honor though.
: Being rewarded for making plays off of summoner spells is one thing, but being dependent on them to secure kills would just be bad, hence why I believe her other abilities are going to carry a lot of her damage, and the summoner spell interactions are more of a bonus.
Not dependent, rather they augment her damage/utility. Think of it like Yasuo's ult. He isn't *dependent* on allies having knockups but they augment his playmaking ability. The bubble reset is the same. She won't be *dependent* on it but it'll definitely help. All speculation tho
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WJFg7QpH,comment-id=000700000000,timestamp=2017-11-04T14:14:32.888+0000) > > Full AD Jarvan dies in seconds, full tank Jarvan doesn't do anywhere near as much damage (or really damage at all). > > Now if you're talking about bruiser J4 though, he can definitely do both to an extent but is nowhere near as tanky as full tank and can't just R + auto oneshot people. I think you may have missed my point. Sure Full AD Jarven will die in seconds, and yeah, Tank Jarven won't kill anything very quickly. But his kit is versatile enough that he may not care about damage or defense. e.x. in a gank scenario, Jarven may not even need to bring the damage himself. He may just go in and lock up his opponent while his teammate kills him. Likewise, a Full AD Jarven wouldn't necessarily care about defense if he kills his target before it becomes an issue.
Original post said he dealt the most damage of all tanks and was unstoppable. I was addressing that.
Azadethe (NA)
: Which? Feed a lane a free 3k gold advantage and a lane to 1v5 the other team? or Rage? Lmfao. I know what you mean. I generally only rage about 1 in 20 games, but that's enough to get reports. when you play 10 games in a row, and 6 of them are controlled by people who don't even vaguely know the game but rather play like a game of "slots" where sometimes you jackpot, you't apt to rage in at least 1 of 6 of those games.
Just don't rage. Or at least rage in a non-reportable way. Reform all your rage comments as sarcastic complements.
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WJFg7QpH,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2017-11-04T13:39:27.372+0000) > > Cuz he has to build damage to do damage. He isn't a tank by default and he isn't a massive damage dealer by default. He has to build into both attributes. "has to" is kinda a strong notation which I don't always think applies. Jarven and to an extent, Divers at large, are pretty jack of all trades, and the function they can serve on the team can change based on his build. Sure he may not be a tank by default, but he has enough initiation tools that he can serve as a Vanguard. And if he builds assassin items, he can certainly do assassin levels of damage.
Full AD Jarvan dies in seconds, full tank Jarvan doesn't do anywhere near as much damage (or really damage at all). Now if you're talking about bruiser J4 though, he can definitely do both to an extent but is nowhere near as tanky as full tank and can't just R + auto oneshot people.
: Jarvan is a diver with extremely high tank stat and cannot be cancel dash
Cuz he has to build damage to do damage. He isn't a tank by default and he isn't a massive damage dealer by default. He has to build into both attributes.
Azadethe (NA)
: Nah. We're all addicted. It's the only game we can come back to and play the same arcade over and over in high quality. I have 4 perma banned accounts all of which owned at least 1 skin per champ, 3 of which had all ultimate skins and 2 of which had all Gemstone skins. The last 2 also owned every champion, and literally every skin put out this summer/spring with borders/quests, etc. Reason for ban? Rage at the people who don't understand what a smurf is/int feeders who lopside games in the first 6 levels. giving someone an immediate 3k gold advantage and a lane. I'm still playing...
> [{quoted}](name=Azadethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xrud1Aq2,comment-id=00010000000000010000,timestamp=2017-11-03T23:34:16.981+0000) > > Reason for ban? Rage at the people who don't understand what a smurf is/int feeders who lopside games in the first 6 levels. giving someone an immediate 3k gold advantage and a lane. You should like, not do that.
Zerdun (NA)
: Hence why i suggested it had a charge system involved (think akali and Corki R) In the teaser she would have had to burn her own flash and use the flash she picked up from both the ADC and the Supp. Which is why i suggested that her summoner spell/item copy mechanic is most likely an R with a charge system. during that 2v1 zoe flashes (probably her own summ spell) then flashes again while grabbing the dash mechanic (the second flash occurs when the proto belt ball is entering a collection animation) she then uses proto belt, picks up a flash ball and then flashes for the third time again. If it has a three charge system like I think it does then what occurred is definitely possible, especially since Zoe screams that she was built around Summoner Specialist
That's assuming it's binded to her summoner keys. It could be on an ability and I'm pretty sure it is. Also it isn't just limited to summoners, she can use active items too. Even more reason why it would be on an ability. I'm fairly certain the ability with the 3 bubbles around her is the passive to the ability with the active to use picked up bubbles, since it refreshes the bubbles when u use an active or summoner.
: Old Legendary Skins
It comes down to the workload:pay-off ratio unless it's a minor assignment. This is definitely no small thing to do as it'll take a ton of time for animators to implement this for all the old legendaries. Workload:Pay-off ratio looks something like this: (How much time and resource will it take to do this):(How much player satisfaction will come from this)+(How much money can be made from this) Seeing as the workload is quite large while the payoff is both minor in satisfaction and nearly nonexistent in profit, it's highly likely this idea will be shelved until literally every other bigger task is complete.
Blitz100 (NA)
: Targon isn't specifically Sparta. The Targonian lore is actually really complicated and dates back tens of thousands of years before present-day Runeterra. Aurelion Sol is involved. Shit gets weird, so I'm not gonna explain it all. Basically, the Targonian Aspects are these cosmic ascended beings, originally inhabitants of the Targon region, that for some reason (probably related to the Void) are possessing Runeterran hosts in unprecedented numbers. Pantheon, Diana, Leona, Taric, and now Zoe are all Aspects, each with their own area of influence. They're unrelated to Runeterra's own magical system, are powerful on a level with demigods and the Shuriman Ascended, and are scared shitless of Aurelion Sol.
Aurelion Sol is Targon's strongest weapon but they don't bring him out too often because sometimes he decides to obliterate a few Targonians after completing the job.
: A burst mage's burst being dependent on summoner spell casts does not sound viable. There's going to have to be big damage on her wonky skillshot for her to reliably deal damage, but it's impossible to know what the damage distribution on her kit is going to be like because enemies just fall over when she attacks them in the teaser.
If you notice in the trailer, whenever she uses a summoner spell or active item her laser bubbles things around her reset. So basically her damage is actually tied to spamming summoners/item actives she picks up. So she is further incentivised to go in and dance around, picking up bubbles as they drop to cast whatever they hold and refresh her DPS spell.
Zed Playa (EUW)
Holy fuck man that's a whole fucking lot of fucking fucks
DeusVult (NA)
: removing GW fromm bramble would make bramble feel like shit it is currently the only way to take a tank into matchups like Fiora/jayce/renek, and even other not meta matchups like people (monsters) who take ADCs top. It does tend to make these champs lives hell, but you were already doing that to us. Its kinda like when your against a soraka bot and you pick up an early EC to win lane, even though it slows you build path. Thornmail doesnt feel as good as a completed item should, but as Wittrock said, its meant to be a powerful early item, while also giving you access to more stats in the late game. Feels great to rush, still decent late game but nothing to rave home about.
Just rebuff Bramble to make it stronger again without GW. Then leave GW on Thornmail. Sustain monsters typically sustain off minions anyway, not champs, with pretty much the only exception being Fiora's vitals.
: Cool. I see why it needs CDR for spamming spells, I just don't think it needs quite 20%.
Actually I don't want Catalyst cuz it'd just turn it into a huge lane sustain item. Gonna go with Haunting Guise. Seems like the best fit. It's the only AP + Health component item.
: It seems fine but please not 20% CDR for the love of helix. There are way too many items with CDR and we definitely don't need another. Especially with 20%.
dogehkiin (EUW)
: That's busted for a 2800g item, 60 sec CD 15s duration active, decent defense and offense for early and 20% CDR
: Dunno if you have noticed but riot tends to design newer champs to be either jungle or top, not viable in both. Champs like illaoi, camille, ornn, kled and gnar cant really jungle, while reksai, zac and sejuani have a hard time laning top. So i think you should choose 1 role and design a kit that specializes in that particular role. If you dont, he will probably be "viable" in both roles but also kinda "meh" in both roles. If you want him in toplane as a lane dominant juggernaut i think you need to add some % max health damage to w or r, so he can be viable vs other tanks or juggernauts, without sacrificing tankiness for damage. Maybe some kind of reset mechanic on w, so he can be played more agressive and "in your face". This would mean you have to cut out some of his cc but make him more about sustaining in lane and being the unkillable grizzly that make people shit their pants. If you want him more in jungle you, probably need to add more cc or reliability for his ganking, so he can compete with todays meta junglers (Cho, sej, j4, mao). Maybe some specialized/unique mechanics around the junglepaths or jungle clears. (Your new q here fits well, but he needs more tools to close the gap or lock the target). Also according to Ornns bio, he is described as a thunder demigod, so his entire kit should be about him controlling thunder and lightning strikes. Would be awesome if they could make a modern juggernaut, that built around tanky AP items instead of AD items (Cleaver, steraks, titanic..), but that would ofc require new ap items that cant be abused by meta mages... sigh. 530k voli main, so i have played him for a while, really sad about his current state and how every other jungler/top laner is more viable.. hope they rework him soon.
Designed for jungle, secondarily *seems* like it'd be good top. And whatever he ends up in is his more viable role and the role he'd be balanced around. I did accidentally leave alot of room for interpretation when I said, "On a side note these changes are also aimed towards making Volibear a viable top laner as well." I meant, "On a side note these changes *coincidentally* are overall buffs to his top lane viability as well."
Kloqdq (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sleeper Cell,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=PT37M9tN,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2017-11-02T14:03:36.135+0000) > > Eh I tried. Seems not too popular of an idea. I'll try reposting at a later date. Gonna tweak the passive numbers and whatnot. > > I thought that with all the complaining about AP itemization options especially an "AP Hexdrinker" would be a hit. I'll keep at it though. Back to the drawing board for now! > > I'm gonna use this as an editing studio for now, so you can check back for changes. I can understand it not being super popular. It's a cool idea but people aren't fans of no costs.
So uh... I just changed it alot. Description is way more clarified and streamlined. Removed all the talk of its usage so people can imagine it on their own rather than hear me tell them. Now only refunds mana and grants health on champion hit, rather than on spell cast. I think all these changes were definitely for the better. First was a rough draft. Well if it doesn't pick up speed in the next day I'll delete and repost it later.
Kloqdq (NA)
: I have been thinking over who to make an item/rune like this work for a while and this is pretty much perfect :D I am a big fan of temporary HP costs so this is a great item that isn't so super powerful either which is good. Personally I am not sure if this would be broken as all hell or not but there is possible fixes if it is overpowered. Stuff like what you suggested or even lowering the value of the item by HP or AP or even making the cooldown somewhat longer, shortening the duration, etc. It all really varies and depends on what you really want to push this item as.
Eh I tried. Seems not too popular of an idea. I'll try reposting at a later date. Gonna tweak the passive numbers and whatnot. I thought that with all the complaining about AP itemization options especially an "AP Hexdrinker" would be a hit. I'll keep at it though. Back to the drawing board for now! I'm gonna use this as an editing studio for now, so you can check back for changes.
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: Right now, it works as you described. Active item cdr reduces predator's cooldown. Also, it works with cosmic insight.
Oh really? Last I tried (about a week ago) it didn't work.
: {{champion:31}}
~~{{item:1011}} 380 health, 1000g.~~ ~~This item: 500 max health, 2800g~~ Just noticed how arbitrary that was of me. Cho can't even stack it in that time frame.
Kloqdq (NA)
: I think it's a good and bad aspect of what is and isn't clunky. Talon and Katarina, playing off of what Spideraxe said, feel organic. They are clunky in a way and have delays but it feels natural and despite the first couple of games, it starts to flow quite naturally. Than you look at Rengar or LeBlanc, who are very clunky. Unlike the two examples above, they don't have an organic flow to them that fits into a more natural delay, but rather they have very clunky designs in them that do not play up what makes an assassin or champion like them fun. LeBlanc's damage bulk is pushed completely on her passive cook timer. It forces you to basically stop playing to wait for the timer. It isn't organic like say Katarina's Dagger which is similar in the way you need to wait. Unlike Katarina, LeBlanc is asked to stop doing anything and is mostly punished if she does. This could work on a mage or someone who pokes and will naturally have these delays due to their kit but LeBlanc doesn't have this. It feels forced. The same goes for Rengar. Old Q was a increase of damage when you pressed it. It felt quick and responsive and it flowed with what you were doing. It didn't stop you from playing the game. Than you get the new Q. It is the very definition of clunky. It stops you, forces your actions and doesn't have flow to it. It isn't a great ability because it forces your actions. This is the problem with modern assassins. When the clunkiness is organic, and plays to the flow correctly, it works. When it forces a person into waiting or forcing their actions, it feels bad and doesn't work. This is part of the reason why people like Kayn but don't like Evelynn. Kayn has delays to him but he has a natural flow to these delays. He doesn't feel clunky and you are mostly in control, even if you have several small delays to your actions. Evelynn on the other hand feels bad because of range and the timer on her W. She feels helpless and clunky. That's at least my thoughts on it. When it is done right, it is good, when not, it's bad.
There's a certain fluidity and champion defining beauty to it though in my opinion. Leblanc isn't simply awkwardly waiting for her passive cook timer. In the meantime she is kiting her opponent in a way that feels downright like she's mocking their inability to respond to her, which fits her character archetype perfectly. It's more like she's dancing around them than simply awkwardly waiting around until she finally does damage. As for Rengar maybe it feels awkward once again on the attacking end. But from the receiving end you have a stab kitty slicing and stabbing you repeatedly in a manner that feels absolutely ferocious. No one sits there and thinks "look at this clunky rengar slicing and stabbing me slowly to death", no, they are thinking "JESUS CHRIST HE'S SHREDDING ME!". My opinion on the matter anyway.
Necrozard (EUW)
: [ Crit Rework ] : Turn "random power spikes" into "predictable power spikes"
This has been asked for so many times. It's been a constant on-going debate since S2 as far as I know. I personally want it to be static rather than RNG. But there are definitely just as many benefits to an RNG system as there are deficits. It's a tough decision that could fundamentally change how the game is played and I'm sure they've done internal testing for this several times.
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Comentários de Rioters
Not every champ has Dark Harvest 2/10 /s Nice stuff dude!
: Please for the love of Talos stop putting new players in Silver
Back in my day (S2) new players were put in 1200 elo which was low Silver. So nothing's changed here.
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