: In this whole year, I probably enjoyed like 10 games total.
My friend. Let me tell give the best advice I can possibly give anyone. Do like I did. Jump ship. Just get out of this sinking sesspool of a game and you'll feel much better. I jumped shipped long long LOOOOONG ago when Riot began destroying the diversity and balance of the game by adding more damage. The damage is now utterly out of control and there's no way for them to repair the current state of the game, it to far gone. Once I realized that Riot had no intention of even attempting to repair the damage they have done to their own game, I jumped ship. It broke my heart at first because I played league for so long, it was a huge part of my life, but let me tell you when I moved on I felt way better in the end. Right now, the team behind the current state of the game just doesn't care. They have no heart for the game, their passion for the league and their own work has completely run dry and it shows very clearly. Their drive to make the game fun, their determination and passion towards League, it's just... gone. They've lost it and I think at this point they know they have. When you have a team behind a game that just doesn't have that drive anymore, then you know it's done, it won't ever change, it's not going to get better and once you realize that and get yourself out and direct your focus onto other things and games, you'll see a huge improvement in yourself. You'll discover a new passion, new energy for new games and that gamer spark in you will be revitalized. I'm telling you from experience, just jump ship. You can tell the team behind the current state of the game has totally lost their drive and passion by the patch notes as well. Just look at them, before we used to get detailed notes on changes explaining why they were being changed, why someone was getting buffed or nerfed. But now these days the notes simply read: "We buffed this champ cuz proplay" Or "We nerfed this champ cuz LCS" it's just the bare minimum these days. Currently, I'm playing Pokemon Masters, it's a mobile game but its fun, just slipping away from league and getting into this was very refreshing and doing so gave me the energy to go out and try some new other games as well. Monster Hunter Ice Borne i hear is pretty good, why not try that? I wish you all the best in whatever decision you decide to make. I miss league dearly but leaving it behind was honestly the best decision I could have made for it. Whatever you choose to do, I hope it works out.
: Join Us Oct. 15th to Celebrate 10 Years of League
Celebrate the downfall of League of Legends? Celebrate how shit and unfun the games become? celebrate how the balance team has successfully destroyed diversity on all levels of play? Sure, might as well.
Meddler (NA)
: Her average win rate dropped a bit in both average and high MMR post patch. As usual with these sorts of changes though her playrate also spiked. Between less experienced Annie players playing her and need for people to learn the changes hard to say exactly where her balance currently is. Seems likely it's not dramatically higher or lower at the very least though.
> [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=sVtgP9cs,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-09-13T16:03:35.460+0000) > > Her average win rate dropped a bit in both average and high MMR post patch. As usual with these sorts of changes though her playrate also spiked. Between less experienced Annie players playing her and need for people to learn the changes hard to say exactly where her balance currently is. Seems likely it's not dramatically higher or lower at the very least though. You gave a champion a change, call it a "Buff" and then her winrate drops. My friend that change was NEVER considered a buff by any Annie player. It was always called a nerf and you sit here surprised that her win rate dropped when you shipped that change out? Cutting her damage reduction in half (Especially in a meta where damage is out of total control) does not compensate for a decaying movement speed that lasts a second or so. No sir, Annie was not "Buffed" Annie was "Nerfed" once you realize that you'll understand why her win rate dropped.
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: Is it just me or is the quality of the game going downhill hard
I jumped ship when Damage was getting out of control and they did nothing to remedy it. Now I am seeing the amount of high damage is driven away a good portion of the community and Riot is still adding more and more damage every patch. I'm really glad I jumped ship when I did. What a shitshow this has become.
: Little Legends. Gambling. I don't get it, man.
Hopefully, loot boxes get banned in games. Not getting into details because of LOL PolITIcs but it IS happening, slowly but surely.
: this isn't meant as a nerf, re-read the OPs comments. She loses damage reduction for mobility so she can get a quick surprise stun burst combo on lane opponents (and in other useful situations later on) without needing flash or predator. Annie mains are even saying that they realize this is the change she needs, but what they are worried about, is the fact that she needs a mobility buff in the first place.
Do you honestly think any Annie main wants to give up a 40% damage reduction shield that costs 20 mana and has a 10 second cool down. For a shitty 1.5-second movement speed burst that diminishes and costs DOUBLE the mana? No, absolutely not. Its a hardcore nerf to Annie especially when every Annie also uses her shield to charge stun, so getting the extra stack just cost double the mana then it should have. this change is absolutely stupid and bad and makes no sense. No one asked for it, Annie's not even a problem in most elo's. This change was so outta the blue and random, how am I not supposed to think some shumuck at Riot got his/her ass handed to them by an Annie and now just wants revenge on the champion? Give me a break. This change is a joke.
: It was all a joke
You baboozled the mods. Not like thats hard to do but congrats anyway.
: You know Mobility is getting out of control when Riot has to give Annie an MS steriod.
Yeah this change is dumb. Annie does not even see a lot of play. This is a revenge nerf. Someone on the balance team must have gotten stomped by Annie and now they want to gut her.
Diävolo (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Oleandervine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d4tHlO9d,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-08-28T23:11:36.592+0000) > > Hey genius, > Prestige skins came out BEFORE the pajama skins. Hey genius, Shut the fuck up. Riot fucked up the skins system and the fun since Prestige Kai'Sa
> [{quoted}](name=Diävolo,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=d4tHlO9d,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2019-08-28T23:54:25.722+0000) > > Hey genius, > Shut the fuck up. Riot fucked up the skins system and the fun since Prestige Kai'Sa https://i.imgur.com/BuIQiFA.jpg[/img] This is correct. Nobody actually likes the way the Prestige system is. It is a scummy cash grab that is just as bad as the Hextech Gem system. ever since this stupid prestige system was implamented the skin releases have been a total mess. I'd honestly just like to see them be removed.
: The new Zoe chromas are so nice!
If the green Chroma is content Creator exclusive im going to be fucking livid.
Rαy (EUW)
: Please create a toggle option for SG Xayah and Rakan - their pure forms look too good to be ignored
Riot: We heard you guys and have taken your feedback into consideration. You can now purchase the pure forms of SG Xayah and Rakan for 100 PrEsTiGe points EACH. Man what a slap in the face that would be haha. Oh wait.. they might ACTUALLY do that...
iiGazeii (NA)
: What's might happen is they're gonna release "skin variants" like the Pajama Guardians or Solar/Lunar Eclipse Leona, which are full-blown skins in their own right, but you get a discount if you own the original. But it's unlikely. These are legendaries, and the new voice pack makes countless references to how they are evil and hate the Star Guardians.
They also make references to how they hate Zoe and want to get revenge on her.
Kourii (NA)
: I wonder how many of the people saying she doesn't fit have actually SEEN Sailor Moon. She's the spitting image of Sailor Chibi Moon-- of course she fits.
I think Annie would be a closer fit to Sailor Chibi Moon. If it ever happens.
: I agree. It's actually well done. But what I'm fearing is the contradictions of the voicelines that is just bound to happen...
Valid point, I doubt she'll get new voice lines, all we can do is wait and see how they go about it.
: honestly just change the head piece to be like a floating thing like syndra's head piece and change like a little bit of thecolour and it'll look perfect neverthelss the more i look at this skin it's jsut cute
This is actually not a bad idea either. A great suggestion for the head piece. I'd personally be fine with it being either way though.
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Terozu (NA)
: Welp, fuck Star Guardian lore.
Zoe looks fucking awful. I think whats really killing it for me though is the purple lipstick she's wearing. If she had just normal lips it might look a little better.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: New Star Guardian Skins Star Guardian Zoe, Xayah, Rakan and Neeko
**THANK GOD** Zoe did NOT get the prestige edition skin for this line. I'm still in the clear to dodge these scummy prestige edition cash grabs.
: Why does it pleasure you toxic people to make someone waste 30min of their life and ruin their fun?
I would not say i get pleasure out of it. However what you have to realize is that its a team game and as such your actions will affect those on your team. So if your going 0/9 to a zed at 7 minutes in and ignoring your teams begging to stay back and farm, then im going to call you out for being a total asshat of a garbage player because you: A) wont listen to your team, thus making it harder on them B) wont communicate with them, adding to their frustration And C) refuse to learn from your mistakes either because your an idiot or just spiteful To me, at this point, if your doing all that then you absolutly deserve any and all verbal abuse you get and expecting your team not to be toxic at you because of it just makes you a bigger idiot and this would truly be the only way for you to learn that your actions do have negative effects on others. And even then you probably still wont learn anything because your to much of a dumbfuck thinking you will be the next LCS superstar to even care about it. And if that brands me as toxic, fine then im toxic.
Rαy (EUW)
: Riot giving Annie more Damage/Mobility shows they are still clueless about League's biggest Problem
This is more a nerf then it is a buff. Guess Assassins have not pushed every mage out of midlane yet.
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: Imagine you are allowed to delete one champion from the game?
{{champion:157}} easily. But {{champion:555}} is a very, VERY close second.
: "why are ADCs not building armor"
Why did you make a thread just to reply to another thread?
: > [{quoted}](name=Tahminatrix ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=MAgU5oOj,comment-id=00050000000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-08T16:35:12.469+0000) > > Sad truth is despite all of those things, adcs can still out damage mages, even when the tank focuses on building armor and the adc neglects lord dom. Mages are literally the strongest class in the game, wtf are you talking about? Holy shit boards.
What game are you playing? because it sure as shit ain't league if you think mages are the strongest class lol.
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: No ADC is building armor penetration, why is this not talked about?
With damage at an all-time high, armour does literally nothing in the game. This game has been in a Damage meta for a long time now, if you aren't building damage then you are costing your team. I've been preaching this for a long time, The incredibly high damage in the game needs to be addressed before anything about the game can even be considered for balancing.
Teh Song (NA)
: but, I mean, it's ARAM. Bans, no bans, why do you care? If you're playing ARAM with any level of victory vs defeat making a difference to you you shouldn't be playing ARAM, bans or not. It's a fun mode where you can try things you wouldn't want to test in norms, winning isn't part of the ARAM equation.
People like you ruin ARAM to begin with. I pray I never see you in my games.
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: That is just not feasible in the slightest, disregarding anyone's take on the game (which currently is fairly balanced by Riot's standards and the statistics. Just because you don't like something, doesn't make it unbalanced). Also this: > Rebalance every class so ADC is not the utmost dominant and mandatory role. Are you serious right now?
> [{quoted}](name=Wilk Rycerz,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MzguKtGA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-06-26T20:20:15.455+0000) > > That is just not feasible in the slightest, disregarding anyone's take on the game (which currently is fairly balanced by Riot's standards and the statistics. Just because you don't like something, doesn't make it unbalanced). > > Also this: > > Are you serious right now? You main ADC sir. What more can I really say? of course, you disagree with that opinion.
Seabass (NA)
: id prefer classic servers, seasons 1 2 or 3
> [{quoted}](name=Seabass,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=MzguKtGA,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-26T20:21:59.943+0000) > > id prefer classic servers, seasons 1 2 or 3 The good ol days.
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: Riot, these lootboxes aren't making you look any better.
Look at all the happy gambling-addicted players defending loot boxes and "Surprise mechanics" You poor, poor souls. {{champion:412}}
: Little Legends Series Egg Guide
I can't believe you guys at Riot actually had the balls to do this and slap your community in the face with "Surprise mechanics" Right as loot boxes and Surprise Mechanics are about to enter into a struggle with government regulations. Well done, game developers truly are next level scum. Keep up the good work. Your doing EA proud guys. {{sticker:sg-ahri-2}}
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BoomXyros (EUNE)
: Nightblue3 got banned
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: Riot explains recent balance decisions
Kadexe (NA)
: Wow. Almost everything you said was completely wrong. Are you trapped in season 3 or something?
Kadexe (NA)
: Sword of the Divine could be revived as an assassin item.
Assassins already get the royal treatment from Riot. They dominate midlane with little to no opposition and then become mid game hyper carries that decimate entire teams with little to no effort and 50 million ways to escape unpunished should it go bad. The last thing Assassins need is more items, more damage, more anything.
: If I were God Emperor of Riot and could do whatever I wanted for season 10..
And this is why private league of legends servers need to happen. If this man actually ran a LoL server with everything he posted implemented I would 100% leave the official server to play on it. I don't even care how much money I'd lose doing it. I just want league to be fun again.
: Yuumi proves how utterly clueless this forum is.
I like how you blame the forums and yet its the balance team who has full control and power over how much power a champion gets. Yeah, we can whine and bitch about it, but that's ALL we can do about it. If anyone is clueless when it comes to champion balance its the actual balance team. Just look what state their choices have put the game in.
: Replace "none" ban with "pass" to another teammate
Using the none ban option should be reportable for assisting enemy team.
Meddler (NA)
: Prototype Wukong Changes on PBE Context
Honestly. Giving his Q ap ratio instead af ad will just make peopke build AP burst wukong. You will effectivly transform him into an ap champ.
: Found the toxic guy that thinks that anyone with a differing opinion must be abusing something.
: wow im actually speechless. for once reddit isnt going full brainless
It's hard to accept that you are the minority in this situation, isn't it? How cruel and evil life must be for you.
: Protecting children from abusive games act.
I also want to add that the people who defend loot boxes and gambling in games saying "It's not gambling" are people who have horrible gambling addictions themselves whether they realize it or not, and don't want to see them be removed simply because they are scared of the withdrawal symptoms of not being able to gamble. I'm a recovering gambler myself, I used to have a horrible addiction to games with loot boxes and summons and what not, mobile games are really bad for it, it really is a psychological thing and people who have the addictions cannot be faulted. I remember spending upwards to $200-$400 a month on loot boxes and summons in some games and it was just awful. I eventually got help and I don't gamble anymore and I tend to steer away from games who focus on loot boxes now, I don't have that impulse to spend spend spend till i get the item I want. But i do want to say I understand the fear those people who defend loot boxes have. The withdrawal is just awful and very hard to get through, easily the hardest time of my life.
: Protecting children from abusive games act.
Even though it's targeted at "All microtransactions" Its really meant to be an attack on loot boxes and gambling mechanics in video games. And I am actually happy to see this happen. Loot Boxes, Garapons/Gashapons, Summons, it is gambling and it has no place in video games. Almost the entire internet and gaming community agrees that gambling in games is just anti-consumer. Sadly that game industry went totally out of control with them, once they got a taste of it develops just could not stop. they absolutely HAD to have loot boxes in every single game, to the point where developers were destroying their own games just to have them in there. We've seen time and time again game developers work on a game only for it to be stripped down to the bare minimum and have the stripped away content resold to us in loot boxes. The bottom line is developers who make games based solely around gambling mechanics and loot boxes have to be stopped. The bill is not good for companies looking to exploit the unregulated gambling but it IS good for consumers in general. With that said, how will this effect league? Very minimally. leagues content, most of it anyway, is already offered in a shop that allows you to buy directly and I think there is a cap on how many times a card can be charged on an account. (At least there used to be) so if the bill passes the only thing I can see Riot having to do is remove hextech chests from their game. But overall it really won't affect league at all.
: Hey gang! Thanks again for all the kind words, support and insightful conversations based around these changes. As we always try to mention, the PBE is often used for experimental stuff that we want the community's feedback on. You all made a few things VERY clear today and I'm super appreciative and receptive to your concerns. **As a result, I'm happy to share a new iteration of Malphite, which should be hitting PBE around Monday midday (PST)**. Sadly it can't be sooner, as we don't push things to PBE over the weekend. **Revisions:** * Q- AP scaling reverted to .6 from .4 * Q- fixed a typo regarding the cast time (was written as .5, is actually .4) * Q- adjusted the animation considerably to look/feel less clunky * W- 3x Armor multiplier when Granite Shield is active has been REINSTATED * W- the bonus damage on the initial Thunderclap hit has had its ratios reduced to compensate (.3 AP from .4) and (.15 Armor from .2) * VFX updates on Passive shield regeneration, Q missile/trench, W up-time/impact, E and R (**BASE SKIN ONLY FOR NOW**) **Context:** Q- Believe it or not, these changes were specifically designed not to nerf AP burst mage builds. We felt like the combination of extra Q range and bonus AP scaling on W would be perceived as a win here. Since that wasn't the case, I'm reverting the AP scaling on Q but nerfing the new W's ratio to compensate. And while I personally do think that Q spam is a little unhealthy, those who came before me were smart enough to gate it behind a high mana cost. I still think this is an elegant solution because the ability is most oppressive in the early game, and its gating mechanism slowly evaporates as Malphite levels up and purchases a mana item. Hopefully this will satiate all the cheese wheelers out there without frustrating your opponents too much. :) W- We underestimated how attached players would be to the 3x Armor multiplier. As a designer, it felt a little tacked on, and granted power in fairly obscure ways. However, there's no denying that preserving Malphite's niche as THE anti-AD tank is important to all of you. It's clearly a resonate fantasy and one I'm happy to bring back. **Clear-Ups** A few common questions/concerns have come up, so let's address them here! * Malphite's abilities won't gain range based on his size- sorry! I wanted to do this, but it was OP OP * The initial AA reset from Thunderclap triggers an Aftershock. This means it deals three instances of damage simultaneously; the AA, Thunderclap bonus damage, and Aftershock AoE damage. The result is a pretty meaty burst of damage! * The new speed differential between Malphite and his target are significantly buffed. Assuming you Q a target with 400 MS on LIVE, the delta between you would be ~225. In this iteration, that delta explodes to 350+ once you get some boots. The combination of a longer range Q, easier target accessibility, and improved burst damage from W should allow Malphite to participate in skirmishes and team fights without always relying on his R. * Scope for this project was super limited, and for good reason. I'm still new, I'm learning the tools, and bandwidth from art/tech was already accounted for in our project pipeline. Maybe Malphite will get a full VGU in the future, and maybe I'll be the one to do it, but that's currently not in our slate. ...Get it? Slate? Cuz he's a-- nevermind. **Next Steps:** * Next week I'd like to add a check to Q that uses your target's move speed if the amount you'd steal from them would make you faster than the base values. This preserves my goal of making Q consistently good, while retaining the playmaking potential of stealing from a particularly fast foe * We'll also be monitoring Malphite's overall damage output/power. I'm happy to reinstate the things you guys said were important to you, but that likely means that Malphite is now overtuned. Please keep in mind that we'll likely have to trim power from _somewhere_. Keep the discussion going! I'll be active here and on Twitter over the weekend. -Lutz
Will malphite still leave the Riot fist logo on the ground when he uses his E?
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Bazerka (NA)
: Question: How do you view Riot?
You forgot the "With disgust" option.
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