Sukishoo (NA)
: True Damage skins T-Shirt leaked.
Oh look, another skinline solely for popular champions and a new champion bound to be popular. How... new...
: Nerfing Jungle Experience... Again
Buff back jungle XP, nerf amount of gold received on an assist with a jungler involved before 10 minutes. This way, farming jungle actually has an advantage and perma ganking or straight out camping won't be this 100% win-win situation anymore
: Garen has currently a 55.92 win rate mid and a 55.50% win rate top
He should get the {{champion:19}} rework treatment: keep him as a simple champion, but with enough outplayability he doesn't become an instant win-pick. A champion with 3 different ability press that ends up in either insane burst or instant-kill when used together shouldn't also be able to have this much mobility for a juggernaut, a silence, innate tankiness, bloated stats and nearly unmanageable laning phase because of health regen just encouraging boring and un-interactive laning. He SHOULD have something either taken away from him, or something limiting him. Buffing a champion with abilities so straight-forward and such a fault-free kit without making him overly bloated is unavoidable.
: Friendly ARAM PSA
1- Bruiser {{champion:75}} is several several times better than AP Nasus; AP Nasus became meta like 3-4 years ago in ARAM only because the bruiser or even full tank build sucked absolute balls and Spectral Scepter was a thing. **_The only reason the recommended default build for Nasus is AP items is because Riot followed the trend back then and never changed it back because people are still getting trapped by it._** Only build AP Nasus if your whole Team is AD, otherwise, build Bruiser or even full tank, your stacks are D O U B L E D (!!!) in Aram, meaning that you get 24 stacks (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) per kill/canon minion. Pair that with on-hit items or runes (Grasp is buffed in ARAM and is absolutely busted) and you will out-perform AP in any way and outscale it, garanteed. 2- ADC on-hit {{champion:110}} is dead in summoners rift and, even when he was the best botlane carry back then, he was garbage in ARAM with that build, so yeah, he is even worse now. Unless your comp literally has no ADC or you are in an all-frontline team, go full artillery. AP pokers are considered the absolute best in the ARAM meta, and AD damage surpasses in nearly every way magical damage, on top of giving you access to sustain with {{item:3812}} , so there's no reason you shouldn't play Varus as an artillery rather than an on-hit worse version of every single other ADC. 3- {{champion:92}} is bad in ARAM in almost every situation, no matter if you main her or if she has a nearly 60% winrate in SR. Even if she can end up with some kills, if you do bad you lose. If you do well? Well, Riven is almost always a solo carry ending up stock-piling gold on her. Even if she snowballs extremely hard, she hits a point in ARAM where she will stop getting increasingly stronger and, since most of the time kills from her team are concentrated on her, her team ends up with a lack of gold in comparison and can't scale fast enough, while Riven achieves her scaling ceiling extremely fast in ARAM. Result? Even if the opposing team got crushed the entire game, if Riven reached her "ceiling" while keeping the gold all for herself, the game WILL change direction. Note that this kind of thing is appliable to nearly every skirmishers, I used Riven as an example because a looooooot of people tend to NOT reroll her when they SHOULD. Note that another champion who suffers from this is {{champion:64}} . Unless you are literally one of the top 10 Lee Sin in the world, chances are that rerolling him will do you better. 4- If you have to choose between an ADC and a mage, the ADC is probably the safest pick, UNLESS the mentioned "mage" is either a Yordle or a female shield-caster (weird, I know, but its incredible how those two stereotypes are true). Mages often need to hit skillshots and have very low durability (exception for some control mages like {{champion:50}} ), unlike ADCs who are extremely simple to use, harder to counter, more reliable in a non-definite teamcomp and can use Lifesteal. Given that a lot of players are unfamiliar with the champ they play with in ARAM, its better to go with simplicity, unless you know pretty well how to play the more complicated options. 5- If you are not {{champion:45}} , don't rush {{item:3089}} , unless you die with a LOT of gold. Utility items like {{item:3165}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3116}} are better for mages after they've built their mana item (highly recommend {{item:3285}} as first item, incredibly strong at any point in the game). You don't lose THAT much damage, but your abilities end up with a lot more influence that way. 6- If you are a bruiser, start the game with either {{item:3133}} or {{item:3044}} . If you are a mage, go {{item:3802}}. If you are an ADC, either go {{item:1038}} or {{item:3086}} (depending of how dependant of AS you are). Of course, there are some exceptions to all this, but my point is that you should NOT build {{item:3184}} or {{item:3112}} . They are relatively weak and stop being usefull after some levels (they do have their utility, but not as much as the rushed first items who can be quite destructive early). Guardian items are often recommended but don't use them... exception for {{item:2051}} . Guardian Horn scales relatively well and sits extremely well in a Tank's kit, especially since they don't get as much value as the other classes when they rush their first item. You can end up keeping it until you have like 3-4 built items and it wouldn't've stopped your progression for doing so. 7- Learn which runes are stronger in ARAM; HUNTER runes and LEGEND runes stacks incredibly fast due to how many kill participation you all get, which means that presence of mind and triumph (even if they are severly nerfed) are a true godsend in the gamemode. Stacking mechanics like Grasp, Overgrowth, Gathering Storm all either stack faster, or stack more each procs, so they do have much more **Oomph** to them than what you would expect. Also, as I mentionned previously, Ap pokers and Artilleries are the top-tiers of ARAM, meaning that you almost always get damaged in the game no matter where you are. Therefore, Second Wind is really really strong; it isn't uncommon that you finish a game and it healed you for over 5k Health when playing a tank. 8- DON'T underestimate {{champion:48}} in ARAM; even if he is one of the weakest champs in the game in SR, he is amongst the top 20 winrates of ARAM as of now (and has been for a while) and is the 6th best Melee champion in ARAM. His passive gives him almost permanent healing given how small the map is and how many things die. This healing is also a % max health healing, you know what that means? That means that stacking Grasp, Second Wind and Overgrowth ends up giving him near unlimited healing that keeps scaling over and over and over again, and since he has access to his W and {{item:3065}} , Grievous wounds doesn't do sh_t to him. Trundle is good, people seems to think otherwise, just try him :) 9- As soon as you have a {{champion:53}} ,{{champion:412}} and/or {{champion:111}} in your team, you MUST rush the bushes as soon as you can leave spawn. If you are still AFK at this point, then sorry but you either caused your whole team to lose an opportunity or you lost one yourself. As soon as you see either of those 3 champions on the OPPOSING team, don't go anywhere near the bushes or beyond the bush between the 2 tower rows until minions are there. 10- If you are {{champion:31}} , you should optimise your ult stacks to get one as often as possible. Don't wait more than a minute with your ult ready because you want to use it on someone if you can grab a stack from the nearest minion. 11- Most people evolve W first on {{champion:121}} ... Unless you are in an entirely melee team with no engage that gets bullied pout from range, you should consider evolving E first; carries are extremely hard to get to in ARAM if they have frontlines, hence why {{champion:62}} is so strong in ARAM (he doesn't care about no frontline), so getting an easy option to get in and get out nearly instantly is the stuff that almost every assassin wants, so use it. 12-{{champion:13}} + {{champion:20}} ult , learn to use it. They are extremely common champions and ends up really often together. Make use of it. 13-Picking a random kill with {{champion:6}} 's ult isn't really worth it if you aren't using it in the middle of a fight; sniping a low health enemy if there's no direct fight going on will end up wasting your ult and give time to the victim to respawn... after going to the shop. Keep the ult for when it really hurts them. 14-Darkin form is almost always better than shadow assassin if you play {{champion:141}} ; the small map with the piled up ennemies gives your abilities waaaaay more value with the sustain and hard CC. Shadow Assassin is efficient in SR because he roams well. Where the hell do you want to roam off to in howling abyss? 15-If you can kill a tower, kill the f_cking tower. If an enemy with, like, 50 hp is sitting under the second one when your team has a wave pushed under the first one while the enemy team is almost entirely dead, don't go after the single enemy like an idiot. The first team who get an inhib has waaaaay more leverage to win the game, no matter the kills. Play the objectives. You have a single lane to push up to the nexus, if your concern is trying to kill that laughing Warwick at the edge of your field of vision instead of pushing that goddamn lane when you just can, just close the game and start making some sense in your life. You had one simple job and you literally chose to ignore it, like an elderly person with hearing aids ignoring someone calling their name for 10 minutes straight. They have an excuse, you don't.
: Senna Being the Next Champ is the Perfect 10th Anniversery Champion
I mean... this is the kind of stunt they should pull out a lot more often, if its a one-time only occasion only imagined because of the 10 year anniversary, then it is guenuinely sad how low expectations on new content became. You see, pulling already existing figures from the lore to make it deeper by making them into champions is several hundred times better than just pooping a new context, attach it on a lore that never ever mentioned this new context, and then boom: {{champion:246}} ,a new champion, along with a lore expansion in a direction no one really cared or really wanted. Continuously expending the lore horizontally only makes it feel like each champion release is a retcon of already existing lore, and for no reason. But expanding it vertically, like with Senna's addition and the fact it deepens an already existing lore piece? This is the kind of content we should strive for every single month, not for a single 10 year anniversary. I really hope it means they'll turn themselves towards this kind of content creating for the next seasons, I'm getting bored of having a whole new region/race/faction/etc that has never ever been anywhere near the previous lore being introduced every single release
Cdore (NA)
: What I don't understand about conqueror...
Conqueror was created because in late S8 and early S9, bruisers didn't have any hope whatsoever to have any chances to lane against a tank without getting destroyed and then outscaled. Typically, tanks are supposed to get destroyed in laning phase and be able to scale afterward, but Conqueror scales too well to let them do that.
: Riot Games new logo
Mad tankies in the thread right now
: After worlds riot have no excuse to not look at melee top laners
At this point, I think Riot's actual goal is to brush off melee champions who aren't selling skins enough to replace them with easy to-use flagship champions who sell skins well. I mean, it's pretty goddam obvious it's their plan when they gut champions like {{champion:266}} while buffing things like {{champion:67}} who was already waaaaay overtuned for almost half a year now.
Kinda expected better after all the wait. It isn't **BAD**, it's just that it feels like a mix between Worlds Collide and Legends never Die. As such, I'll probably confuse the three of them now, they are by far the least memorable ones amongst all the other Worlds songs.
WardMyBüsh (EUNE)
: league of legends New Bewitching Skins Blitzcrank, Kassadin and Miss For...
I know it was already announced that MF would've been the one with a prestige skin, but goddam it would've been 100x better for Kass
: Haha you first picked a melee champion
The real joke here is people who don't even know how much of a sh*thole toplane has been for the last 2-3 three years and keeps arguing it's not that bad haha
: Time to admit that the blitz buffs were a HUGE mistake!
I don't really understand their logic behind the blitz buffs: The reason was because he was "apparently" too weak compaired to the other popular support catchers, {{champion:412}} and {{champion:111}} , but he was already stronger than both ever since his ult changes and the naut Q nerfs...
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: It's been three patches
: Teamfight Tactics patch 9.19 notes
How about just nerfing glacial instead of nerfing the duration and buffing the proc chance???
Obcy25 (EUNE)
: Aram change
Being able to back and use the shop without dying kinda breaks the immersion of ARAM tbh.
: Let's be honest here, there are VERY few champions that aren't "fun" to play against.
But there are still some out there, we just aren't used to see them when we basically stay with 30 to 40 pick or ban champions while ignoring about a 100 other champions we only see once every 20 games
: THIS is what a team fight should look like....
Viewers be like "BUT MUH ASSASSIN ONE-SHOTS" People who only watch pro-play and never play the game are the ones who caused the game to go to ruin, change my mind.
: Is there anything that The Watchers could be afraid of?
Probably GrossGore, he would ask them "***NAME A BATTER TF THAN ME BRUV***" until they calmly peace-out
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: Remember when people said Aatrox mains were delusional and that the nerfs were not gonna kill him? Yep, I remember that, because I fucking called it.
It's almost as if people hating a champion for literally no reason other than being bad against him basically knows nothing about how he works. Makes me wonder
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: Oh boy, people taking winrates from literally not even 24 hours after the patch. Just give it a week, my bet is that it'll be up to at least 49% by Monday.
Well, that particular comment aged like milk...[/img]
GigglesO (NA)
: Stage a Protest?
A huge portion of the playerbase already quit, even more are quitting and barely any new player is coming into the game. I'd say that pretty much sums up what a protest would be.
: I need to start playing Fiora again.
Easy LPs mah dude, grab them while they're hot. I just hope I won't be playing against you if you play her though, because that would severely hurt my will to live even more to play against that... thing
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Barso55 (NA)
: Cinderhulk needs to scale to the same damage as sunfire cape, or we need another tank jungle item
datfatguy (OCE)
: I just feel like Zed doesn't take a lot of skill to play anymore
AD assassins got their skill floor lowered by half ever since the introduction of {{item:3147}} , change my mind.
: Ex-Rioter Stellari on the Divide between Unpopular and Popular skin sales
The reason some champions are unpopular is because of the very very scarce attention they get. Example: remember {{champion:101}} ? Some years ago, he was THE midlane mage, even more popular than some fan-service machines like {{champion:103}} . Was he popular because he was insanely busted? Not really, he was a really enjoyable champion with great skins and fresh gameplay at the time. My point is, with time Xerath got less and less attention from the devs, and he is now quite literally dead in their eyes, even if he is still one of the very very few artillery champions who can be used without leading into a turbo inting session from the login screen. Rioters fuel by their own will the gap between popular and unpopular champions, and the fact that they still argue that they can't do anything about it just shows how clueless they are and how much of an huge gap there is between them and their own goddamn game
: i get a strong feeling that "LC$" people have never watched pro play, or haven't watched it since S3
Hence why Riot is buffing the hell out of other flashy champions: they want to force them into pro-play for the viewers who, like toddlers looking at colorful lights, gets entertainment out of it, while everyone else has to suffer playing the game. People complaining about this crap Riot pulls out very single year are entirely right
: You missed, or it just wasn't there as of 7 hours ago, the point with the ult where the bonus damage gained from low health% is down from (0-200%) to (0-100%).
This just result in her execute dealing 25 less damage at level 6 under perfect circumstances, a difference that is almost instantly negated as soon as she starts scaling which is, surprise, something a champion known for snowballing out of nothing excels at. This "nerf" literally means nothing and gets overshadowed by the buffs way too easily
Nasakeki (NA)
: Just delete Yuumi, please.
Pretty much the majority of people who doesn't play Yuumi also hates Yuumi, not only in pro-play. Also, a champion who basically becomes a living item hoping from every members of its team without any opportunity to die whatsoever will probably never become useless.
: when ARAM buffs/nerfs don't make any sense
> And of course, balancing wouldn't even really be required with 10 bans reinstated to aram Amen, #BringBackARAMBans
: im surprised the boards hasnt blown up with this yet[/img] Yummy
Accenix (NA)
: Woah a champ that takes skill has a low winrate? Shocker. People are just sad they cant faceroll on him anymore
He had a sub-48% winrate around silver and had a barely over 50-51% in masters+. Good lord, those facerolling players really were a problem /s
: Good.
Thank god one of the only toplaners with a near perfect 50% winrate in almost every elo was gutted. That balance was pure blasphemy either way. Me too, was getting bored of having to not voluntarily walking into the slow-ass sweet spot of a melee-casted skillshot to beat him.
: Aatrox dropped to 42.75% Winrate this patch
Who would've thought than taking away the sole waveclearing ability from a champ almost 100% focused on early game snowballing would've had such impact? It's not like he was already one of the bruisers with the weakest base stats, or it's not like he was already getting bullied more and more by every other toplaners who get powercreeped every 3 patches or so. It's definitely not like he needed lane pressure to be able to do ANYTHING during laning phase! At least he is still a lane sitter with built in huge sustain, right? OH RIGHT! He can't do this anymore either, because guess what? Riot thought nerfing the in-lane sustain of one of the squishiest bruiser, if not THE squishiest bruiser in the game was a good thing!
Sukishoo (NA)
: Immortal Journey, Championship and Hextech are on the ryze XD
Still sad to still don't see a male skin get prestiged. I mean, prestige skins are still scummy as hell, but having only 2 male champions who can have one against literally five times more female is kinda weird.
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: Dude what the fuck is even Cass toplane
We should go back to the time twin fangs only resetted on poisoned units or executes
: No! Sorry but the only champs i dont own have awful fesigns or are unfun. I dont fancy getting stuck with one of them.
> No! Sorry but the only champs i dont own have are the one I usually don't play. I dont fancy getting stuck playing a random gamemode with a champion I usually don't play. oh okay, so...don't play ARAM then, that's the whole point of it.
: I think that would destroy aram. At the end of the day people want to play the champs they like. Unlocking everything means you won't be able to do that and when you do get a champ you like, someone is going to dodge.
> At the end of the day people want to play the champs they like. The point of ARAM is playing champions that you usually won't, so expecting to get a champion that you like in ARAM is just like ordering an hamburger at a fast-food and then complain it has meat; it doesn't make any sense and you shouldn't do it anyway if your idea of the outcome is different than the reality
mack9112 (NA)
: Nobody wants to first time a champion in that way. Also who are these people who have aram only accounts ? In my 7 years of playing this game never met one.
> Nobody wants to first time a champion in that way. Did you queue up for an ARAM game by accident then? Because this is what ARAM is supposed to be man. If that's the case, remember where the big blue icon with "ARAM" writed under it is and make some big BIG efforts to not click it instead of the usual one, that way you'll be sure to not "first time a champion that way"...
: Reminder: Unlock all champions for ARAM
> No, bans will not fix this. This will just have ARAM accounts banning champs that counter them. There are also a lot more champs than 10 bans that have overwhelming poke (>50 for sure) Except that ARAM accounts barely have over 10 overpowered champions, so the proportion of their roster that you negate with Bans highens more the chances of them having a more balanced champion rather than giving all the champions to everyone, while they can trade, reroll twice and use the reroll pool. Also, ARAM bans are much more versatile in the way they can enhance the game experience: not everyone hate the same champions. You mentionned Jayce, but ever since him getting nerfed, he is much much less of a threat than before. The thing is, if you still absolutely hate him, you can ban him, or you can ban a much more unbalanced champion, or you can ban another champ that you ahte to play agaisnt but who isn't necessarily over the top broken. Unlocking every champs for ARAM will only fix the ARAM account problems, but will keep the gamemode as the coin flip it became because the overpowered champions are still availlable for everyone and (like I mentionned) there's just way too many ways to get to them even if you initially got a balanced champion. ARAM bans, however, gives you a little bit of control over how fucked you are if the gamble you take fails, while making the game a bit more fun. Also, there's no such things as "banning champs who counter them" in ARAM bans, this isn't Summoner's Rift, fam. You don't even know WHAT you'll get after the bans, even as an ARAM account, you don't even know WHAT counters them (counters in ARAM are waaay different) and, most of all, the way you get "countered" in ARAM is almost in every cases related to the whole enemy team's composition, it isn't related to a single inidividual (who has high chances to not even make it into the game) that you might ban. So yeah, ARAM bans giving an advantage to ARAM accounts with this argument? Bullsh*t.
: Again, stop buffing Lee Sin everytime before Worlds
I still can't believe that dumbass buff from last year giving him execute damage hasn't been removed yet. And now they want to buff him again? wow...
Shahamut (NA)
: What Skarner mains REALLY want...
Simply letting Skarner be an actual champion outside of 6 specific places would already be a great upgrade over his overglorified scuttler-crab-with-cc kind of state whenever he is outside his passive
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: Dark theme for the new login in PBE
: Riot, stop using teamfight tactics as an excuse to be lazy.
Billion dollar making company btw. Can't even develop properly their own game over the excuse that they are working on an arcade game that literally already is 80% reused assets and that could require, maximum, a small team of devs equivalent to a small start-up indie company, which is an insanely small amount of relative ressources. How is this company still running after years of literally doing half the work that companies several time smaller than them could do faster is beyond me
Smyrage (EUNE)
: The Pyke problem started earlier than his release
The actual reason why mages are more often seen as supports nowadays rather than midlane is more because of the fact that they can't lane anymore under any circumstances against assassins. Mages are still vital to a lot of comps though, while utility supports aren't in this burst meta. So, people managed to understand that replacing supports by mages is way easier than trying to make them work in midlane against assassins who, then again, completely outperforms mages in nearly every aspects except for waveclearing in some occasions. We should focus on the actual problem that is midlane assassins right now and stop nerfing left and right mages who got forced into a role they literally need to be in because they've been pushed away from where they should be. Bring back balance to midlane then recalibrate mages as a whole with an ACTUAL AP itemization rework, then botlane would probably be a much happier place.
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