: North American League Partnership Program Roster
: Announcing the 2016 Challengers
AD Yuumi (NA)
: oh boy oh boy oh boy
can u make another black champ like ekko or lucian?
: hehe xd{{champion:266}}
help im ahri{{champion:103}} meow meow
: wat a rip off
: ACCESS GRANTED // Gemstones
Chortle (NA)
: "Zyra jungle is so op" - Pants are Dragon
: How about the value of the dragons when you have a Mordekaiser?
very high add +2-4 to original dragon
: One factor I'm surprised he didn't mention was the fact that ending the game is the most important objective. It seems pretty simple, but you'd be surprised how often people accidentally extend the game by taking baron instead of winning after a team fight, and then end up losing. Of course, this isn't to say that if the enemy team is about to come up, you should try to end (since you're all probably pretty low after the team fight.)
people probably don't realize they can end it if they do baron, i mean EVERYONE WANTS TO WIN and that's why they are getting objectives, so they can win eventually
: What about champions with a bounty?
kills are used to get objectives usually
: Huge breakthrough!! congrats on the in-client showcase. Keep the videos coming
: Should you take Baron?
Hey, big thanks to riot for showcasing this on there front page! I'll be hanging around to check the comments and try to see what you guys have to say :)
: Riot please stop your trolling. You made a new champion that works in theory only and then you post redmercy's review. I have nothing against redmercry in fact his content is very fun to watch but he is still not jun main. Why not ask foxdrop or nightblue3 or trick2g even sp4zie plays alot of jun? I will tell you why because out of the these only red gave it a possitive review. Any sensible jungle main would tell you that Kindred cannot work as a jungler especially is solo queue where your team lacks the coordination to protect a squishy in the jungle alone. Sure KIndred clears are good and she has no major sustain issues but what is she going to do when the enemy jungler lives in your jungle. She is a ranged carry with range less than Graves and with no reliable tools to protect herself in the jungle.
thanks for the mention, im here to assist she's underpowered in terms of stats that's all.
: LCS Summer Finals heading to NYC and Stockholm in August
: Dark Horses - Jungle Gragas
i thought dark horses were about unconventional junglers... Gragas right now is a SUPER STRONG jungler that definitely can carry games and be super strong mid game
: New Sion's Greatest Misses
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p2bHDj7Ft7A WHYYYY NOT MEEEEE

Pants are Dragon

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