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: Best part is you literally have to spend nothing to play TFT The maps do nothing, and the little guys do nothing You are just paying for eye candy, so why wouldn't they charge more, considering you have complete access to everything TFT offers right away, you don't even have to grind for anything (like new champs in lol)
I don't spend anything to play. I'm just making a comment that if they want people like me to actually give them money for cosmetics, to be somewhat reasonable about it. Otherwise they're just going to get nothing.
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Yenn (NA)
: Shaco's win rate is continuing to climb after the nerfs. Please stop overbuffing champions.
I have to ban shaco every game and then convince somebody to ban PYke. It is getting boring.
: Victorious Aatrox looks like GARBAGE
Hilarious. I gave up on ranked after last year getting rewarded with the crappy Orianna skin. Glad I didn't try to climb
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: Uberdanger has a very good point
Imagine balancing a game played by millions for the top 200 players and letting everybody else play with the scraps left over.
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: Problem with Sejuani is she doesn't have negative damage levels. The damage levels are actually pretty high. That's why they just got nerfed
How about this. I will let you pick any jungler and we will fight in the river at any level you choose and we will see who wins a one on one.
Kazekiba (NA)
: Seju is far from boring (or even bad), and it wasn't that long ago they increased her E damage by ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY PERCENT
I didn't say she was boring but Riot did about a year ago.
: why do you have a mac if you're gonna play games? that's what a pc is for
Hahaha that is very clever. Did you make that up yourself?
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Pyrosan (NA)
: You can competitively play any champion right now - not optimally but yeah, you can do it lol People keep droning on about the point of the game being balanced around professional play but why should the game be balanced around players who don't know what they're doing? Azir is playable and dominant, the nerf he got didn't impact him until level 13 which still keeps him at the same power level for why he's being picked Reksai is still dominant if you're playing her correctly just like Sejuani, Khazix or any other jungler You're only limited by yourself, pay attention to the patch notes or just watch LS's patch notes review to get some actual understanding of the direction of champions rather than "lol proplay make my champ bad" - they're still playable.
Disagree. Reksai and Azir are garbage can champions that only succeed when the player playing them is significantly better than the opponent. The numbers back up the fact that many of these champs have awful play rates as soon as they got nerfed from pro play.
: if you think there are any unviable champions then you don't know how soloq works.
Disagree. I feel I know how it works better than just about everyone.
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DrDubb (NA)
: I kind of agree from a comedic/ironic point of view... If everyone is always at MAX CDR anyways (bar A VERY FEW builds) then why not just balance the game around everyone having the same flat CDR? lol No. This isn't the answer, I like the strategic decision of a power trade off for CDR (or what should be a tradeoff!). Just lower the amount of CDR in game RIOT!:P
Items in general are just a problem for balance in my opinion. Heroes of the storm has a much better handle on balance through doing talents you can pick from at certain levels. Riot has introduced too many variables with items and runes to ever be able to balance the game.
DrDubb (NA)
: Anyone else feels like there is TOO MUCH CDR in the game?
I don't know why there are any items with cdr. Everything would be much easier to balance if CDR was simply set at 0 for every champion. Then Riot could just adjust it so you are using abilities at an appropriate level.
: You know what? League just isn’t fun anymore.
I agree. I barely played the game this year. Riot doesn't care about the player base. They just want to add damage to champs they want to see in LCS games and let everybody else play with whatever happens as a result. The game hasn't been good since the cinderhulk era. I've spent hundreds of dollars on this game in the past but I can't support the system of endless grinding for premiere skins, having to buy dozens of little legends eggs just for a chance to get a skin you want, never seeing decade old skins be reduced in price while seeing new skins be made with little effort, and filling loot boxes with crappy filler like icons and emotes. Even when a cool new mode comes out I know its not worth getting attached because they don't really care to keep it so why should I care to play it?
Kuponya (NA)
: Wild is buff is fine, it is a support buff that is helpful to every single comp. The units themselves feel lackluster because they are generally low tier
Wild buff is so bad that it isn't even considered a real buff. It's been relegated to a support buff, lol.
: Keep in mind, us Bard players like where Bard is at, cause he is balanced, and has immense outplay potential, and is just FUN! If Riot goes and buffs him into Godmode, then they're subsequently gonna give him the Kench treatment (one of my other mains), and we'll lose our Bard. That's why we don't want Riot giving him a bunch of buffs. That's how it is for me, anyway
I made this post 4 years ago when Bard was a lot weaker.
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: Pantheon mains in all regions are quitting in droves
I'm fine with that. I don't care what the top players do as I only play for my own enjoyment. I'd much rather myself have a good experience than have a champion be regarded in high tier play as viable.
: Tell me which champs always suck.
Morde is there for an easy phantom bonus. I have won many games by having a 2 star morde and a kindred out there to get the phantom buff and simply erasing one of the enemies' best champions from the battle.
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: Hush; Why does it exist in this form?
I've never had 2 full items in 80+ games I have had by the second monsters. If I even got the worst 2 items by then, I could guarantee myself a top 2 place.
Manxxom (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rose Muffins,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=xHg6oMfO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-07-14T17:47:50.713+0000) > > I can't deny the skin is absolutely amazing to look at... But I did audibly groan (in a room by myself) when I saw who it was in the trailer. Something about Pyke getting a Project skin didn't sit with me. Maybe I just don't like Pyke? A lot of people hate pyke for the wrongs reasons... Mainly his heal, but reminder he cannot build tank so he isn't as broken as terms as tahm kench.
Maybe it's because he has an easy to use ultimate that can potentially nuke 5 people at once while benefitting from being able to hide in the early game at a support role.
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: Normalize Item drops NOW!
I fought a Warwick in the first PVP round that had 3 complete items already built. How on earth that is possible, I do not know. (Not 3 item parts, 3 complete items!).
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: Because a total of 6 people play Ivern. Honestly should just be reworked into a support at this point.
A lot of people don't play him because he doesn't work. Would you play a game at the arcade that had a broken joystick?
: I tihnk i may quite playing toplane honesly. This role suck
As a jungle main that used to powerfarm, I concur that this is no longer a viable strat. The rewards from camps are way too crappy to play this way anymore. You need to be ganking all day.
: Riven can get a -1 AD "hand slap" nerf and /RivenMains will immediately go on a tantrum about how Riot ruined their perfectly balanced champion. At this point Riot is just afraid to touch popular champions like Riven and Yasuo because they are afraid of the backlash.
The game has always been about LCS ratings and skins sales. Nobody that does balance cares about actual balance. Anyone who thinks otherwise is either new or is a fool.
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: Mac takes long to enter a game
I am having this issue too. Let me know if you find a fix. Always about 96 percent it gets stuck on and i am getting into the game like 5 minutes after everyone else has started
Kazekiba (NA)
: Then zoom in? Skins are 90% splash arts anyway
If you zoom in, then you lose visualization of the edge of your map so it affects gameplay.
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: open letter to Riot; longtime player, extremely dissatisfied with the game's current state.
I would quit. I quit this season and go on the boards once in a while at work just out of interest. I have gotten to play about 30 other video games I normally wouldn't have had time for because of league and have had a lot more fun. League is an addiction that isn't even balanced around people like you. It's made for esports players now. I used to play tank junglers (is that even a thing still?) and last season only 4 champs were viable and the jungle was basically worth nothing at all points in the game so you had no option but to constantly harass lanes. Riot just wants people to get blown up and huge amounts of interaction to get their LCS ratings up.
EeliAzzer (EUNE)
: Look at the white knights go
The club should be banned for assuming that support is the position where you stick the girl who is wanting to play.
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Yokkers (NA)
: I used to play league to relax a bit... now its more frustrating then anything else in my life....
Riot doesn't care. Absolutely everything revolves around Lcs now and their ratings. I've moved on to other games because the staff simply has no desire to improve my experience. I laughed at the confirmation bias comment by rioters because it is true. Those guys abandoned lore for years and now every time they write something they cherry pick the 2 comments that commend them on something and decide to actually communicate about it.
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