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: Can we please keep malphite's new portrait forever?
yo whats the deal with those anyways? i just noticed them today and I was very confused. Either way lets not forget teemo and tarics <3
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: We need a mid and adc like right now lol
Vegetª (NA)
: LF for botlane adc/support
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: Silver 1 80 LP LETS MAKE GOLD!
Attempt number 2 going live again come check it out and see whats up check out my Jhin themed stream
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: Searching for a ranked 5s team for ranked and scrims.
Age: 24 Time Zone: central Preferred Role: adc/jungle Communications (Discord, Curse, TS): Discord S2 Last season S5 right now in solo/duo
: S1 Support main LF adc to climb
add me ill be home in about 40 min adc main 85% winrate on miss fortune right now lord of the rlft {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} <--- that is an l not an i
Ñasa (NA)
: look for a group to clime out of sliver+ or a due partner bot lane ( Support Main )
ill be home in about an hour. ADC/Jungle main in promos for silver3 add me and we can play LORD OF THE RlFT <--- thats an L in rift{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
: lf partner(s) to climb to gold before end of season
: lf partner(s) to climb to gold before end of season
I'm in promos for s3 right now ill be home in about an hour add lord of the rlft (its an L in rift not an i) ad/jungle main but i can play anywhere really
: EverLyfe Needing a Bronze/Silver Mid Laner
IGN: Lord of the rlft (it's an L in the last word) Rank: B1 Top 10 Champions: not sure what my top are i can play anyone and will play what the team comp needs. Availability: Monday-Friday after 5pm free most weekends Timezone: central Discord/Mic?: Have a mic Why do you want to be apart of Team EverLyfe?: Looking to play with a team and get better. What do you expect from us?: A team that plays regularly and can coordinate well together. Plus no hate/rage Any competitive experience? (you don't need any): used to play a few solo VG tournaments won at least one When can you tryout if accepted?: Same as availability. Strengths (you can be descriptive, the more you write the better): usually pretty good at map awareness (noticing ganks, dragon timers, etc) great general game knowledge, own every champion, can play passively when behind, I can play any role and do decent with any champion. Weaknesses (you can be descriptive, the more you write the better): I play too many different champions/positions instead of focusing on just a few, I dislike the lack of communication in solo queue and get frustrated when teams do stupid things due to the lack of commination ( like running to Baron when we can end or not grouping for team fights) I can play really well with a good team but can't always carry with a team that doesn't want to help. How many years have you been playing this game?: I've been playing since s2 I believe so about 5 years now
Xavomega (NA)
: New Silver Team Starting Off (THE TERROR SQUAD)
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LuniLumi (NA)
: LF Duo Bronze/Silver, I'm a Supp Main B1, add and we'll talk
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: im in for anything duo or solo or teams.
> [{quoted}](name=CLG Daftz,realm=NA,application-id=K6EGEal2,discussion-id=Q641l8gW,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2015-10-06T06:20:36.611+0000) > > im in for anything duo or solo or teams. I'll add you and ill be playing some games tomorrow throughout the day
: Looking for serious 5s team members.
IGN: Gyro Man Age: 23 Position: jg>top,ADC, MID>supp Top 4 champs: Shaco, Darius, Kog, Jinx Coachable: Yes Dedicated: Yes Shot call: No/prefer not too
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: Arise Esports
trust me if you need a jungler im your man. IGN Meramon
: jungle main can also fill any role LF dedicated team
: jungle main can also fill any role LF dedicated team
: Arise Esports
I'm a jungle main with large champion pool (I own almost all champs) I've been playing since s2 and have a good grasp and understanding of how this game works and what needs to be done to win I can play any type of jungle you needs for team comp and just need a dedicated team that wants to climb the ranks. IGN Meramon I'm at work until about 10pm central time today and will be on lol after that. If you have any questions for me post them on here thanks
: jungle main can also fill any role LF dedicated team
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: Serious team looking for a jungle main.
I'm at work right now and can't message you in client but if you want to add me my ign is Meramon I am a jungle main looking for dedicated team
30112335 (NA)
: Ranked 5s Team looking for more players
I added you I am a Jungle looking for a dedicated team
Scenn (NA)
: Recruiting 5v5 Team - Looking for All Roles and All Skill Levels
Im interested in Jungle im in Central time ( I live in texas) and i need a serious ranked team my IGN is Meramon Add me pls if you are still looking for jungle
Siii (NA)
: Serious team LF High plats - Diamond top,mid,jungle
if interested in a Jungler still add me IGN Meramon
: Need 2 serious players for team
I am not gold + but i am a good jungler, mature (i am 22 years old), I have a headset with a mic and i am looking for a serious 5s team. I am on League all the time (whenever i am not at work) and am willing to take coaching to improve my skills I added you in league and hoping you will give me the chance to try out ty
: Looking for Silver-Gold Jungle and Mid for Serious 5s team
Made it to silver once but got demoted to bronze again. But i can play any role my mains are jungle and top (in that order) and i am looking for a serious 5s team if you are interested in giving me a chance add me IGN Meramon
SkyVort (NA)
: Making New Serious Ranked Team! Bronze-Gold
IGN: Meramon Age: 22 Main role: Jungle Best champs in that role: Rek'Sai, Shaco, Sejuani, Xin Do you have a mic: Yes Strengths: Large champion pool to fit any team comp need (from carry jungles to straight tanks) Not selfish and will help the team. (also very active, almost always on when im not at work) Weaknesses: Sometimes have bad games, and still have a few things to learn but looking to improve as much as possible Time zone: Central Time Zone
DrkFrst (NA)
: Full diamond team LF Diamond Jungler for Serious Team
I am a Jungler this new season but I am only in Bronze in solo queue because elo hell sucks. If you are holding tryouts I am interested in at least trying out for the team. If you want to give me a chance add me my IGN is Meramon.
: Example of a good bug submission
[GAMEPLAY] MEGA STUNS AGAINST REK'SAI I noticed this playing as Rek'sai against a pantheon ( dont know if other stuns effect the same way) but when Rek'Sai is burrowed and panth stuns her after the stun wears off she still cannot move for more than twice the length of the stun. It is a huge game changing bug when stuns last much longer than they are intended. It basically makes rek not be able to duel a pantheon even if she has a clear advantage. This bug needs to be fixed because I do enjoy playing Rek'sai but this bug makes it difficult.
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
a lot of my rage usually gets directed at people who are raging at my girlfriend when we play together. Mostly its because others comments make her not want to play anymore so I try to take the heat for myself cause I can take the stupidity of random people online. Yay for being protective of my favorite support!
Lyte (NA)
: Rewards for positive play
Feel free to check mine! granted I know there were a few times that I may have raged a little bit so I hope you aren't too harsh. Everyone has a bad day every now and then lol!
: RiotPenguin's Fan Art for Fans!
Please do Super Galaxy Jinx/Caitlyn (based off of Yoko from Gurren Lagann) so that Super Galaxy Rumble has a friend!
: The Doom Bots have left the building!
I was disappointed to hear that you get the icon win or lose but you don't get anything special for beating lvl 5 doom bots D:


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