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: Remove Cursed bow from the game
Whoever gets more recurve bows just basically wins.
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: How is your climb looking?
honestly since I've hit gold 1 , I usually place 3rd-5th everygame I've won 12 of about 80 games P4 91 LP atm
Kuponya (NA)
: Cursed blade shouldn't be 20% proc rate if it's permanent and stacks
: Patch 9.14 notes
Seriously Riot , lux buff's ? might hurt midlane lux a little , but seriously support lux is about to be ridiculous
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: he just got nerfed ur just bad playing against them dude, either learn to play against him or just ban him EDIT: MBBBBBB
: Cool bro. Delete away. Will keep an eye out for those a bit more.
Also another tip Tier 1 units seem nearly impossible to upgrade to level 3 , if you're trying to get level 3 units try to get tier 2+
: Cool bro. Delete away. Will keep an eye out for those a bit more.
elementalist most important , put items into kennen
: What are your records today so far?
like 7 game's 3 top 3's 1 1st place 3 without podium
: Full queue Tft?
if you have 6 or 7 and need another invite me ill join IGN Peel for my adc I'm wonderingt the same thing
: You have to keep getting multiples of the same champion. For example: 3 copies of a Lv1 Graves ---> Lv2 Graves 3 copies of a Lv2 Graves ----> Lv3 Graves Takes time & luck, but thats how it's done.
I just finished 2nd , I think its because i'm trying to get Level 3 on tier 1 champs , It think thats the mistake
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: What noob mistakes did you make starting out?
I actually use to click each ability with my mouse individually instead of Actually using hot keys , Fair to say I was never higher than 900Elo at the time which today would be like bronze 2
: I'm 35, have 4 college degrees and make $118k. 2. You literally just went for "Support Karma" to tell us people can't catch "IBG Top Karma." Do you see the problem here? Itemization/Runes totally different? IBG Top Karma auto attacks. Ie; she's in range. Support Karma pokes and stays far far back. BIG difference. If IBG Karma is staying safe and no one can "Catch her," she's definitely not using her IBG at all. Difference between Support Karma and IBG Karma is about 187 Move speed, 60% More damage, more team shield utility (For the support Karma)
Zardo (NA)
: I'm getting super tired of hearing people complain about "mages" being broken
: Kinda a shit buff to Randuin's
People just don't build it because , it Lacks Cooldown reduction. Thats probably the biggest reason and there's usually no more than 2 Crit users on a team MAX. Thornmail is just a way better option if you're going for a big Non CDR high armour item without CDR
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: Thank you for Sona nerf
Gut this piece of shit Easiest dumbest champion in the game make's {{champion:40}} main's in season 7-8 meme look like a joke
: 300+ consecutive games banning Zed - Heres a few things I've learned.
I'm just not a fan of the new zed skin pay to win miniature shadows lmao
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: Next patch
: When can we get some Sona nerfs ?
What If her W could only heal allies and not herself LOOOL
: Oh boy, you havn't played vs TK Sona lane yet if you think that Taric Sona is harsh one.
It's really that worse I've only heard of it never played against it lmao
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: ??? everyone plays her in pro Sona is just broken, she has the late game of an adc but can bully you in early game plus, you just can't do anything against her burst
Is the Kench Sona more toxic than Sona Taric ? lol , I've played against the Sona Taric lane a handful of time's finally now I just dodge those games. Zyra is the only thing that I play that does well into that garbage strat
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: she has 69% win rate in pro + 3rd most picked adc in pro but rejoice my friend she got nerfed on pbe yesterday! AP ratio on Q reduced from 50% to 40% AP ratio on Q aura reduced from 30% to 20% E ap ratio from 6% every 100 ap to 3% every 100 ap
Who in Pro play has been playing her? Haven't really watched esports this split. I'm so happy that's music to my ears That champion is so Toxic , with such little time investment needed
: That's just it! I don't care about promoting myself! You and yours seem to though, because you troll comments with tripe, call people kids, try to rank shame, etc. I care about FACTS. I don't care if the facts favor me or disfavor me. I care that they are valid, accurately reported, and constructive. If I tried to construct a resume before stating an opinion or replying, that'd be "promoting." No. I'm replying to troll spam.
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: Do you not read any of the posts or look up the actual damage (even the damage posted on the thread)? Morgana as a jungler DOES auto attack. She outanges all skirmishing junglers, and almost all junglers have an attack pattern of "diving." In other words, if Morgana lands a Q, she literally has 2-3 seconds to auto attack her target with impunity. Nashors is an 80 to 120 AP item.... by itself..... that also is one of the cheapest CDR spikes in the game. In 2-3 seconds of Q Root, Morgana can hit 3-4 auto attacks in addition to her kit. Each auto does around 130 damage post mitigation.... What do you think that does to Morgana's W? Oh right; instead of dealing with small high HP ticks, her opponent takes more low HP hits, for closer to 170% increased damage. Q> W +3-4 autos usually = either someone dead, or someone close to it. Furthermore, this escalates her CS potential drastically, because it brings the death time of large jungle monsters in line with small jungle monster death times. It gets drakes down in half the time. [img][/img] {{item:3146}} is basically an extra skill's worth of damage to execute..... the heals are not its only use, and the on hit damage is substantial as well. (I don't always build it, but the match had room for it). You're clueless if you think Morg isn't meant to tank damage. What is her ult again? Oh right...... And, the tank items I bought 1) deal damage 2) apply grievous wounds in a more reliable manner vs this team than does a Morellonomicon. More importantly, I can survive missing a Q. Your builds can't. ----------------------------- I've been playing Morgana since Season 3, and I know what I'm doing.
: You think I play seriously every game? This account is where I play 2 hours after a 12 hour work shift before my brain blacks out for sleep. This account is where I tried Yuumi in the 34% Win rate incarnation. The losses are in Adc/Top, not main roles. Subpar kda? Rarely. I don't go for kills. I take kills that come to ME. I do generally push objectives. But some games don't allow it in low elo. Some games do not even allow Drakes, because they are not 1 man objectives. You sure like to troll. but we've already been over why "so many games." 300+" were before Positional ranking was closed. I finished 67% Mid, 65% Jung, 68% Support. My losses were in adc/top (I didn't lose top lane at all; but I did have bot lanes who were feeding so hard that a leading Illaoi couldn't carry. And, I'm just not a good adc). If I had just played one role, I easily would have been Plat II by the end of positional ranking on this account. Instead I got stuck with a B I MMR Silver II Rank with an overall 52% win rate and 65%+ in main roles, that made 1 loss in LP = 3 wins. I don't get how that's hard to understand....... Good luck trying to climb in that situation. So..... I just started playing casual on this account. When tired. When distracted by my autistic son and OCD wife running through the house. When playing Yuumi.
Cool story bro tell it again . nothing but god damn exscuse's for everything
: This community is actually pretty wholesome
if you carry me ill take you to chucky cheese LOL
: What rank is a good rank for second season of League? What Should I aim for?
Honestly though , look an analyze your own game play and look at things you think you should try to improve on
: What rank is a good rank for second season of League? What Should I aim for?
I think gold 1-2 would be a good goal , thats pretty good it took me 3 seasons to reach plat probaly going to take 4 to reach diamond lol
: Nullifying Orb Rune, be able to choose to be a Magic or physical shield
: You're missing the point , 50% wr when you claim to be D2. I watched the reply too , you like to go for kills instead of pushing any lanes pressure drakes/rifts/or barons you do so many things wrong and just want to be handed wins because of your sub par KDA
If I can get 4 accounts to gold 2+ in 50games or less playing only support and i'm only plat 1 , why does it take you 500 just get out of silver 4. Yikes
: Why do people who elo-grief keep bringing up someone who literally only plays assassins who have extremely safe kits with high resettability..... There is a vast difference between playing Zed/Jax/Irelia and playing Morgana/Zyra lol. P.S. My Morgana on this account was 95% 40 games in as Morg. So um.........
You're missing the point , 50% wr when you claim to be D2. I watched the reply too , you like to go for kills instead of pushing any lanes pressure drakes/rifts/or barons you do so many things wrong and just want to be handed wins because of your sub par KDA
: > [{quoted}](name=Illabethe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=QEKtBma0,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-06-16T05:49:12.813+0000) > > The one time I got close to pushing out a turret, my team inted in bot jungle while I was trying to finish top turret. Was forced to recall or lose base. > > Every time I killed a laner, teammate recalled and let their lanes get pushed. Constant rotation of bot/top dying and mid pretty much afking. excuse, after a succesful gank you could have shoved the wave in and gone for a plate But you didnt, thats the issue you dont carry the game. My team this, my team that blah blah. Never hitting a tower is a massive sign you belong in low elo
Lol bro illabeth is the biggest troll on these forums , she claimed shit hits she hits 5 man nami bubbles. Her builds are the best meta changing thing to hit league , and that shes actually D2 but that rank changes day to day based on her/its mood
: that's why u take cdr runes on morg and w has a built in cdr reset if u use it correctly
You can't teach stupid bro , you're too bigbrain for this troll
: i dont care what people belief or whatever, what i want to see is your diamond account proof as you always bring it up to back up your points , if you truly dont want players to always *troll you* simply post your diamond account.
@Illabethe I'd fucking love to see tfblade lose more than 5% of his low silver games , and you're claming you can't even win 50%. P.S I'm about to break though grandmaster this is my smurf P.S.S You don't need my account's because i don't need to boast or draw attention to myself I prefer to be a big fucking liar instead P.S.S.S We will be seeing Morgana jungle thornmail in the LCK next week along with my new dogshit movement speed zyra build , be on the lookout for that one
: Did you even bother to look at the damage output? It's a dueling build. It outputs damage about 130% as fast as a full AP death cap build and has FAR more pressure. P.S. As jungle, I have nearly a 70% Win rate with Morg, even at this game count. You believe in metas too much.
Once again you know everything , nobody else knows anything . You should teach challenger players how to play the game
: what the actual fuck is that build, you wont win every game, especially when playing morg jungle, especially with that build but you can win around 80% of em simply by git gudin
This village idiot has been trolling on the forums with her builds for as long as I can remember pay no attention
: If you don't peel for your ADC: Don't expect them to survive.
It's nice when ADC's lock in a more mobile or stealthy ADC because it widens my champ pool a bit . But if you're playing something like {{champion:96}} {{champion:222}} {{champion:22}} The ADC player is defnitely relying on their team a bit more to keep Bruisers/assasians/tanks alike to keep them off of them at all cost because for the most part these immobile ADC's bring a little more DPS to fights than those with a little more mobility.
: If you don't peel for your ADC: Don't expect them to survive.
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: You already hard nerfed Zyra, it's Lux's turn now
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