: Fair ban or not?
He called me more than an idiot though. He was calling me a lot of things. Idk how to get the chat but he was being 20x worse than I am. I look like an angel compared to what he was doing/saying. (Also I dont really report people for calling me an idiot. thats just kinda weird tbh)
: Fair ban or not?
How the fuck is it fair though? I'm pretty confused about how I'm banned but he isnt
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: not possible in the amount of time you have
Ah alr Ill stop trying then ig thanks for your time
Sukishoo (NA)
: Nope. Unlike last year where they gave people a chance to get back their honor by a certain extended time, they won't be doing that this year as people should have known that they would be requiring Honor 2.
Ah fuck I wasn't here last season.. thanks for your time though
: Hate to say it, but DartExplosion10's pretty much right on the money. If you're at Honor Level 0, Checkpoint 2, I'm afraid you don't have time enough to reclimb to Honor Level 2 before November 19th, even on your absolute best behavior. Would that there was any better news to give.
Alr man thanks for your time
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: Victorious skin.
Bro I feel you. I'm honor 0 with 2 checkpoints. I'm dying from the inside i'm so sad


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