: Nova Fire Gaming is recruiting for Mid Silver3-gold3
PhoenixwingzZ - Silver III Mid. Maining Zed for the next season
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: Riots balance team has been rather questionable for me since mid s7
Programming is tough. They are definitely aware and simply can't find a good place to start. I've been fiddling with Left 4 Deads' code in Offline Mode for Steam. Even though that game is from '08 and is pretty basic, there's so much code regardless. I edited one script of code one time and the whole program would not execute. Sometimes it's about having to go into the code for certain champs. Obvi buffing/nerfing items doesn't quite cut it when making balance. They must put in a ton of effort to code things in order for a season-worthy change to happen, then must realize the changes they worked hard on have to be reverted. It's much like putting up Christmas lights and then having to take them down in January. It was fun doing it early December. Taking it all down is the crappy job. I lost a game where half the team was support roles. Tanks doing hefty damage with no damage items is indeed something that needs investigating.
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Awnold (NA)
: 3 Refunds per season, upvote if you want 3 refunds per season.
If everyone could refund 3 things a season, everyone would just buy/refund everything using a bunch of different accounts, be able to experience the whole game with 50$ loaded onto a bunch of different accounts, and then the whole experience would be 100% complete then people would realize League isn't even THAT fun compared to some other 60$ games and then those same people would just get up and leave, leaving their memories of putting worth to the League title behind them I'm just lucky enough that I used my refunds wisely; Blood Moon Yasuo refund ( Cool skin but everyone with skill ace-counters this champ and Yasuo mains are toxic by nature) Xayah refund (one of the most expensive champs, recently just bought her using BE so it was worth) and then something else that i forget, but these two refunds simply were good calls. I'm glad I made wise decisions, as Rito expects the community to. If you didn't that's your problem. - Rito
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dominusx (EUNE)
: Buff towers it's getting sad.
You'd think that if there were more people playing league that they need to make games ever longer to delay people from getting to the end of the whole experience without being displeased. In short, if turrets did more damage, applied more on-hit effects as you took down more towers, and finally made the two towers guarding the Nexus a real threat to take out, this game could see a new light. I'd personally love League if the two towers guarding the Nexus were like Barad - dur from The Lord Of The Rings, while external towers were the weakest. I think towers could use a massive buff to equalize the new rune system. Imagine if the second towers did slow+extra damage, tower after that did slow+extra damage+ bleed effect, and the last two did massive damage+Magic damage+Burn damage? that would be very cool. It would bring this new kind of strategy where items have to be bought AND SOLD IN EXCHANGE FOR OTHERS in order to effectively win games, rather than whoever buys the most into end-game.
: Leveling feels bad, losing feels worse then ever, and you never expect anything from the capsules
I understand where you come from on a lot of this. League has turned into the United States from 1910 to 2017 with the new update - I'll explain how; Back then, Milk was 5 cents a gallon. There were less than 10,000,000 people who populated the US at that time. Now, it's $3.00 because demand has to be met for 300,000,000 Americans. The same has happened to League. Because the old system only adhered to the savvy League veterans in the amounts of a dozen million per year, now they had to make a new system. A system that was going to be able to pay for all of the new servers they have to sustain, supporting a larger-than-ever, 100,000,000 player-per-month player base. Notice how some games are really laggy? It's high player traffic. But, I'm not at my point yet. The point is that the old system was like Milk at 5 cents a gallon in 1910. League takes a long time to 100% complete; to get all the champs and to master them all to M7; but much longer now. There are more people demanding the experience of League, but Rito still only has the same amount of League to give to all. It still takes the same amount of time for League players to reach the end of the experience. So what do they do if the theoretical supply of League doesn't meet the demand of the players? What do they do if the experience of League for each player won't meet privately-invested expectations? Look- Champs take longer to get: Champion Shards are now more rare: Skin Shards come out of Hextech chests more frequently now, Champion Shards more rare; Blue Essence as a whole more rare to acquire without levelling up; it's simple. They dilute League. It's classic micro-economics. By making champions harder to acquire, they have more new players spending longer playing the game in order to get basic commission from telecomm companies. The players that are playing free-of-charge, are still giving Rito small amounts of monies via commission. With a massive player base, it will add up, even if profit from each individual player is as small as .001 cents per player. The number is probably bigger than that. Meanwhile, there are veterans like us, who pay money for the new champs, money for skins, money for everything; (I'm no Season 1 vet, but I've been playing on-and-off and Ryze since Season 3), Why do we do it? I'll tell you why; Ever notice how some American celebrities spend their time playing Xbox just like middle-class Americans do? Even if wealth separates social classes, there is only one League. In the Cryptocurrency world, whoever bought 300$ worth of BitShares on March 3rd, 2017, and sold all of them on June 10th, 2017? Has $900,000 dollars right now. And some people invested thousands at that time. In the stock world, FRZT skyrocketed from .0010 to .0130 and whoever invested $1000 (me) made something like $10,000 profit off of three days of waiting. I know it seems like money is impossible to come by for those young'un's out there, but once you turn of-age to do intricate financial things and have the audacity to make erratic financial moves that could potential be a golden age for your bank account, you make the money to be able to pay for all those cool Rito toys like *that* (snaps fingers). Most of the player base is people who are middle-class or lower who try to get as much as they can for free, and they still have the system there for that. I'm right in the middle. I'm upper-middle class, I made 1000% on a stock-market only run in June (missed the bitshare boom ;.;) and I bought only champions that are meta. Of course I'm not paying money for Tryndamere or Teemo since they are cheap, both money-speaking and gameplay-speaking. Banned a lot. I don't pay for Xayah or Rakan because each game of Summoners Rift is very circumstantial. I understand that buying expensive champs does not mean free wins, and I understand that enough to know not to waste money on out-of-meta expensive champions, like Aatrox. In the end, it's all about whoever has the money to try it all out. Some people love the game so much that they'll pay for all the champs, whether they can financially afford it all or not. Some find it a social obligation to buy minimum-expense champs just to keep an edge, like Akali or Katarina. Some find it fun to Main Teemo or Tryn because they are cheap, and lmao cheap. Can you imagine if I'm one of those people playing league who invested like $10,000 in Bitshares in march for no reason, then sold it all for $10,000,000 in the summer? I'd buy every Aatrox Skin and hold a charity event livestream celebrating every death I get with Aatrox and each death I get as Aatrox, 500$ goes to the Jimmy Fund lmfao the Jimmy Fund would be VERY GRATEFUL
: I feel like this game is falling apart and I hate that.
I agree. For my first time ever, I saw a bunch of people dancing by Baron because it was obvious that our team won the game simply by snowballing the other team to death. We danced for a long time. Then one of them accidentally clicked on our Ornn and their whole team got wiped xc I've never seen that before. Before, anyone could make a comeback if they could outplay. Now it just feels like, once someone out-trades the competitor by even one trade, the Snowball effect is exaggerated, and all the extra features prevents old-school outplay. Any bad trades and the other team gets so demoralized because they know the punishment given the new system. Outplay can still happen.. but, idk. It just doesn't feel the same. Now more than ever is the victor determined by whoever sustains the best connection throughout the game. It seemed like, all it took was one teamfight where I lagged to completely throw the game for my team and Snowball the enemy, even though it was 18 to 27 our lead, and I was 4 and 1 as Garen. They caught up in the weirdest way, All the ADCs' doing. That isn't right. Something is wrong. I just can't put my finger on it. Maybe that attack speed buff? It shouldn't be allowed for Jhin. He just turned into the new Vayne, and instead of invisible tumbling, he's just kiting via reloading.
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NiamhNyx (NA)
: Sounds like someone lost every single game they played.
> [{quoted}](name=NiamhNyx,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=p5T8I2lI,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2017-11-09T09:07:44.220+0000) > > Sounds like someone lost every single game they played. Literally, half of the games were people where I'd offer roles to people where I already got the role, they'd be like "oh thanks man, really? wow thats awesome-" ...and then they'd go 0 and 8 and ff @ 15, so a lot of the games were wastes of time because they werent even full ones. Consequentially, underconfident players cause the game to end early, less XP, EVEN LONGER to get to the next level. I had already gotten a Win of The Day before the update came out too, and pretty sure the WOTD did not reset when LoL updated
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: Calm down. You won't get banned. No one has EVER gotten banned solely for playing badly, at least in way they couldn't repeal through a ticket. As long as you avoid certain instaban phrases such as kys and homophobic slurs(even as a joke towards a friend don't risk it, I've seen someone get banned), then you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you don't flame, actually intentionally feed, and troll. The vayne and tf were dums waiting until post game lobby to avoid punishment I guess. Don't really let what they say bother you, as the game is over as you don't have to encounter them again. If it makes you feel better, screenshot what they said postgame and link the ss when you report them.
> [{quoted}](name=Daddy Issues,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=NVacO4dg,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2017-11-09T03:52:12.032+0000) > > Calm down. You won't get banned. No one has EVER gotten banned solely for playing badly, at least in way they couldn't repeal through a ticket. > > As long as you avoid certain instaban phrases such as kys and homophobic slurs(even as a joke towards a friend don't risk it, I've seen someone get banned), then you have absolutely nothing to worry about if you don't flame, actually intentionally feed, and troll. > > The vayne and tf were dums waiting until post game lobby to avoid punishment I guess. Don't really let what they say bother you, as the game is over as you don't have to encounter them again. If it makes you feel better, screenshot what they said postgame and link the ss when you report them. many thanks.
: You can. I play a ton of rammus/Mundo/sej. They're all tanks and can handle shit tons of damage and cc. But. If I'm rammus, and I intentionally get feared, and then 1v3d by three burst champs, I'm going to do. That's not a bad thing. There is a big difference between being a good tank and being able to stand in their whole team while taking no damage. Lol. The first exists. The second would be retarded. Lol.
it's unfortunate that no matter how much experience that anyone has with any of their champs, the fact remains that the new system has changed the speed of the game. It's going to be so difficult to learn just how careful we all have to be now...
: Why only 2 rune pages?
I don't want to call rito money hungry. But, all i can see is Renekton biting into a wad of 100-dollar bills with a Rito T-shirt on and he grew a beer belly
Owyn (EUNE)
: > Do you know how much you get for leveling up? 700 and do you know how much games you need to level up? lets see... 3500 exp needed for level up 100 exp per game only 35 games, making it 700\35 = ~ 20 IP\BE per game Absolutely generous rito {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
your sarcasm amuses me, do me a favor and share that popcorn!
Vasaris (EUW)
: Is there a way to remove preset rune pages? They're distracting and I'm never gonna use them
I use the pre-set pages just to have them for a fall-back if i get caught out in the open choosing role last. Without purchasing more pages, we'll only be able to customize 2. The 5 are there to act as fillers for playing a role you get stuck with. So I've come to utilize them for.
LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
Some players who main specific champions now have had their champions become useless, or very weak. I don't know if anyone noticed, but Vayne is like the new Kindred, and Bard is...well, Bard has always been Bard, but now Bard is even more crippled because his roam for shrines simply isn't worth it; judging a journey to get shrines just a tad too poorly results in losing the lane permanently over the ever-more-sensitive Snowball effect.
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: Better question, did anyone read ANY of it rather than posting toxic negative replies, and see that I mentioned having immunity from false report claims upon hitting such a button? jeez. I can mute all, but there are kids who report for "not listening" when i've really muted them. Broken system man, think about it.
Keep downvoting and disagreeing, toxic people report people for not listening and the reports show up. So, bury me in negative numbers, but the truth remains. It's a broken system. Stop pretending the system is perfect and I'm the bad guy.
: There is a mute all just type /muteall
nonono, man ur not reading what's already been said! gawh, i despise these quick "there is" comments. It's like when you try to send a long meaningful text to someone and you're that edgy goth teen that says "ok" after. read. You'll learn something.
Chermorg (NA)
: No, people go on normal blind pick to play a quick game (without the 5 minute queue+select period) that isn't ranked. This wasn't meant for the boards if you didn't want discussion between players. Riot provides you a mute all, you type "/muteall" in chat and every single player gets muted. You're free to type that the second you load into game. Riot is not, however, obligated, nor should they, be your babysitter. They don't have to make it easier for you to be less toxic. It's your job to change your attitude to avoid getting banned. ---- Oh, by the way? You were banned for your actions, not because of anyone else. Your failure to respond maturely and appropriately to a situation with a troll does not mean that it was the troll's fault.
I shouldn't be expected to know very particular console commands for the chat box such as this, when i threw LoL in the garbage can for 5 seasons and came back to see how it progressed. I'm a veteran from the very first seasons. I'm from a time when they didn't have this, or didn't care to know about it. Thanks. And again, someone not reading and I can tell. I didn't stop at JUST a mute all button. I insisted that upon clicking such a button as "mute all" a player is given immunity from all communication-related reports excluding the "other" option. If a person has all the others muted, and they still get reported for "other", a moderating, HUMAN team should check out what happened. A robot isn't going to be able to perceive a video of a match and see if someone was spam-emoting or intentionally feeding and buying 6 Tears of The Goddess. It just won't. I've already said I've taken blame, so shut your mouth and read before you open it and sound stupid. Please.
Chermorg (NA)
: That's not how the internet works. First of all, it'd be illegal for Riot to make unauthorized changes to networking settings on a person's computer. No Terms of Service would permit them to do that even if it's explicitly stated - once someone uninstalls League, the changes would have to be reversed (i.e. someone could reinstall and the ports would be reopened). DNS servers don't really have issues. My IP changes multiple times per day just because of two things - dynamic IPs in the building I'm in, as well as the fact that I move between buildings multiple times per day. Your comments about proxies/VCs are also inadequate. If you ban their IP, it will be the IP of their *router* or *gateway*. I.e. it'll be the IP of every computer/internet device in that house. And for many people, getting a new IP is as easy as typing and clicking a button (or resetting the modem, etc). VCs in and of themselves don't have different IPs than do the host computer. Proxies don't consume as much data/processor as you think. Microsoft Certified Professionals are not going to have any different ideas. To be quite honest to you, it *is* a big problem on the internet today - how do we block specific individuals without collateral damage and with some permanency. And the answer right now tends to be "we don't realy know". This is coming from someone who volunteered for a website for a period of time where I did have access to IP, useragent, and other data and it was my job (along with a small group of others) to get people off. We ended up either having to ban ranges of IPs (which have lots of collateral damage) or the people would just come back later. If a troll wants to troll, or if an addicted player wants to play, they will find a way to do so. I doubt you'll get your ban lifted. You show in this thread you still don't understand the purpose behind it. Grow up, get some self control, and that'll prevent you from being banned more than any mute all button ever would.
? How about you read ANYTHING that i wrote in the middle and beginning, so you know that this SNARKY comment at the bottom is more uncalled for than you realize. None of you people read or listen. Just run your mouths and talk your bird-smack. Glad to see you know how IT, but dissapointed to see you don't read inbetween the lines. No one is going to care for your past if you don't bother to listen to what they're talking about in the present. Suspension system is run by a robot, real people can do better. And with those millions of dollars Riot makes annually, you think they could get a phone line and a team to man-moderate the community, rather than just leaving a robot on community-voicemail and banning at its own terribly-automated discretion.
Escheton (EUW)
: Wait, can't you mute people from the Tab overview? And isn't that one simple click for anyone you want to mute?
if you read what i put above... But that condescending comment insinuates that you didn't, so go away.
Soulhavok (OCE)
: Yep the issue was that he responded negatively to a bully which you cannot do in this game. He is upset he was punished for his belief that he was standing up for a stranger.
I am upset for being punished for such a belief. Because, that kid is probably in a game right now being toxic still, and I'm here.
: did anyone read even half of this instead of just saying /muteall works perfectly?
Better question, did anyone read ANY of it rather than posting toxic negative replies, and see that I mentioned having immunity from false report claims upon hitting such a button? jeez. I can mute all, but there are kids who report for "not listening" when i've really muted them. Broken system man, think about it.
Soulhavok (OCE)
: Unfortunately that's not the rules and regulations that riot implement. They have a simple policy, don't be negative in anyway, shape or form. If you encounter a bully in this game you mute, report with details and move on. It's what you have agreed to in terms and conditions. You might not like it but those are the rules and have been for a while now. A mute all button is a good suggestion though and would make muting easier.
good to know that /muteall exists AFTER im banned. Am i really expected to know console commands for the chat box BEFORE i ever pick up the game
Chermorg (NA)
: So... your mom has a harder job when people are unable to listen and communicate. And you're asking for an easier way for yourself to not listen and communicate with your team? You were locked out of the things you buy because of ***your*** toxicity. Nobody else's. ***You*** are expected to have the self control to not be toxic. It isn't Riot's job to babysit you. It's Riot's job to remove people with ***attitude problems*** like yourself from the community. And considering you think the problem is everyone else and that Riot needs to fix your attitude, then yeah, you are the one with the attitude problem.
I'm saying that if the people who queue in are going to steal roles and be toxic to kids, then report other people when they cry crocodile tears for being called out, I want a button WITH immunity from being reported. people are on here reporting because they get called out. Did you not read anything written above. I'll forever have a problem taking criticism from people who don't listen. You,clearly don't bother to read NOR listen. Proof is in the pudding
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WinBoat (NA)
: LCS Matches Are Not Rigged/Scripted
People don't want to admit that some peoples' reflexes are so fast they make the difference between being in diamond and being in bronze like me. I'm quick to attack, just bad with positioning once I realized what i get myself into
: I got to 'reports from blind shouldn't matter' and my eyes glazed over.
They shouldn't. People go on there with flaming attitudes and assertive personalities before anyone calls a role. This wasn't meant for your eyes if you don't have the power to change it in-game. If you have an opinion, there's a vote box.
Soulhavok (OCE)
: Isn't /mute all, when typed into chat the go to answer. They already have the system in the game. All game modes matter according to riots rules which you agreed to. That's great you stand up for people but unfortunately the community doesn't want any negativity in the chat at all. The community made the system what it is, riot just designed and implemented it. The trick to this game is mute, report and move on. Don't take a pc game personally, that's when you stop having fun.
I'd personally rather have a mute all hotkey. I feel like not many would know how to use all chat, reply chat, private chat, until some months pass. I for one, did not know how to use it until a good amount of time. And I do take this personally. My mothers' Job is made more and more difficult every day by people who are unable to listen and communicate amongst employees. I think Riot should really fix this problem. It isn't personal to much of anyone else, it is to me. I had fun knowing that when I finished typing this, that there's a chance for improvement. I had a voice, I wanted to reiterate a problem, i looked on other boards. This is still a problem. It hasn't been fixed! Take my money for things I buy, but don't lock me out of my money over the toxicity of others when I stand for the man looking for a good time. It's a double standard. I hate double standards. It's personal because it's a double standard.
Okuma (EUNE)
: TL;DR: He's confessing his love towards Teemo.
> [{quoted}](name=Okuma,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=6H9q0yHm,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2017-09-06T09:34:50.855+0000) > > TL;DR: He's confessing his love towards Teemo. My love for the progress this game has made since I quit in season 3 over Garen. It's come a long way. More fun with Lucian and Jhin in the picture, for sure.
: Make a "Mute All" Button. I'm tired of getting banned for standing up to trolls. Banned over a troll
To wrap up one loose end, a dev could ask, "So, what do we do about truely toxic people when we perma-ban their accounts? Won't they just re-make new accounts and come back, like the recycling bin you described?" It's time to make a visit to Microsoft Incorporated and inquire on how to ban the Internet Ports of toxic players, rather than their profiles. This will enable you to ban players to the point where if they ever want to start from scratch on your game ever again, they're going to have to buy A WHOLE NEW COMPUTER! Doesn't that sound like a means to an end? I can tell you that, since the League games run on dedicated servers, that you can see the IP's of every connected player on the server by command-prompt execution of a traceroute on individual summoner e-mail accounts, or by using administrative tools that I won't mention to APR Poison your own servers in order to see all the IP's currently connected, including the IP of the server that is hosting the game, and perhaps the IP's of the relays that they players' computers are utilizing to make a linked connection to the game. The list can be lengthy, depending on the MS rate of the players. The higher the players' MS, the more relays they are probably utilizing to connect to the game and sustain a connection, respectively. This is as far as I can take such an inquiring development team. When it comes to discriminating which individual IP's belong to which summoners, and how to execute an IP block inclusion rule to the central server for that particular IP, that is a question to ask a Microsoft Certified Professional. When you guys are able to do that, it will stem the inflow of toxic players for this Information Technical reason; Trolls are more often than not intermediates of Information Technology. If you ban their IP, It will 100% chance be the IP of their real computer, because attempting to use internet proxies or virtual consoles while playing League Of Legends consumes too much data and CPU power respectively. the only way they'll be able to start anew and be toxic on a new account is through proxy or virtual console. They won't be able to sustain a solid connection because of the proxies, and will Disconnect over Console crashing. Eventually, those accounts on the proxy servers get banned because they DC too much, as well as the Virtual console accounts. Some computer trolls own high end Supercomputers. But with all computers, they can only create so many instances of a virtual console inside of a virtual console until no available data and CPU power remains. They can always attempt to manually change their IP's, but they could potentially run into issues with their DNS servers doing this causing a headache for Trundle that usually makes him go back underneath his bridge. All this work just to troll kids on league will no longer be worth it. You are, all of you, Admins and Development alike, entirely welcome. I'll accept my account-lifted ban in the fortnight, good sirs.
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