: Ranked promos
I was literally in a promos. I was 2-2 and I needed 1 win to rank up but then a teammate rage quits 7 minutes into the game then we straight up lose 4 v 5. Riot needs to fix the disconnecting problem. They don't do us any benefit by banning the leaver. The fact that they don't do much about this issue is beyond me. This system would really benefit people like me and everyone else affected. One way for this system to not become abused is by rejecting the loss in situations like mine or when it's during promos. Overview: A system that helps players like me properly rank up in solo/ duo queue; * - If a person leaves after the set remake time or if a person leaves before 15 minutes. negate the loss for players in promos/ series. This kind of seems extreme and weird but I don't know, this is just my opinion.
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