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: now you have to think. does this apply to to health regen so he walks into lane with the shield. or does he have to smack some minions? and dont forget dorans shield
In the video they showed of overheal GP was full health for a couple seconds but didn't get the shield until he used his oranges. That makes me think regen such as Mundo ult will not interact with it. Then again, it's still early and they could change it. They could even do something like Garen's passive or Warmog's passive and allow health regen to build a shield past a certain point in the game.
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GigglesO (NA)
: Since we Just Changed Chogath
Since tanks naturally have bigger models and this item was designed for tanks, the only reason I could justify Riot having not already fixed this was the possibility that Riot only had the tech to calculate the static radius from the champion's center point rather than calculate an arc from the champion's edge. Since the item itself hasn't been popular much and the tank rework is coming up, even if they changed nothing else about the item this would be a fantastic buff for it.
: Add true damage to every champ without true damage
{{champion:40}} Q deals true damage to champs when fully charged.
: Talon's E isn't really a dash. Braum is a support, Rek'Sai's tunnel isn't a dash, nor is Tahm's ult, nor is TF's, or Shen's. Zed's is a blink, Ryze also doesn't have a dash. There's a difference between a dash, teleport, and blink. Yasuo's dash is targeted, can only be used on enemies, and has a fixed distance constantly, unlike Lee's, or Braum's.
There exist 3 forms of mobility in the game, movement speed boosts, dashes, and blinks/teleports. I combine the last 2 since the difference could be summed up as semantics such as cast time or interuptability. The main difference between dashes and blinks is whether or not the target travels to their location or just appears there. Things like Talon's E and Rek'Sai's E get stopped by Veigar's E because they have to move to their destination, while Tahm's R and Zed's W/R ignore it. The only dashes that this doesn't apply to are the untargetable ones like Fizz's E and Rek'Sai's R.
: isnt the whole point of URF being unbalanced?
It's supposed to be hectic but if everyone takes 10 times longer to kill, needing to be hit by 10 times the number of abilities in order to die, even fewer champions will see play since the only champs unaffected by it will be those that chain cc on someone until they die.
: Honestly, the most complaints I've seen are about Mordekaiser. No hate pls
Mordekaiser has had plenty of complaints, but I wouldn't call any of that "whining."
: What do people REALLY want from support itemization?
: Who counters your main
{{champion:40}} {{champion:1}} The only time you can safely hit either her or her adc is when she just used her stun on your adc. Your slow does nothing since all of her damage is burst in a single rotation. Your gale doesn't do anything because her Q+W+auto will all be airborne by the time your gale gets to her. Your shield can't eat her standard Thunderlord's rotation. Your ultimate can be easily, even accidentally, cancelled by either of her 2 AoE instant stuns. The only thing you can do is stay out of her range, and when she goes to stun your adc is shield them, zephyr her, try to gale the adc, and hug your turret until it falls at the 10 minute mark.
: I think the most infuriating thing about Supports is when they become untouchable. I have the bigger tornado.
Ay, welcome to the Breeze Squad
Sussiex (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Sraeg2013,realm=EUNE,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=wvP1Mxyx,comment-id=000c0000,timestamp=2016-12-13T23:14:13.754+0000) > > Still better than telling me to play Kalista bot lane. > > Who the hell would pick Kalista anyway? It told me to pick her too :')
Riot:We recommend you play Kalista... Please?
: Karma W indicator
People have been asking for this for so long, I'm starting to get suspicious about why they aren't doing this. Is her W too spaghetti? Do they consistently keep forgetting this? Is her W indicator just that low of a priority relative to other tasks? Any insight would be welcome if implementing this isn't a possibility for now.
: If you could stop one champion from being created, who would it be?
{{champion:5}} It's not a matter of me not liking the champ or thinking he's strong, but the fact that his passive, q, and w all have no interactivity and negligible depth behind them leave him in a questionable design space that Riot likely won't address until the diver update. His kit has remained mostly the same for this 6 year period and I feel that he's a relic of a time when Riot was more focused on releasing champs regularly rather than making champs unique or interactive. I can only hope that when the diver update comes around that he's one of the bigger ones so Riot basically deletes him and replaces him with his good aspects intact but more interesting options for his other abilities.
: Supports also have to build sub-par gold income items. And Riot is trying to figure out why people hate playing support, lol. At least combine vision and gold income items ffs...
Combine them? I assume you mean something other than {{item:2303}} {{item:2302}} {{item:2301}} ?
SSJTribe (NA)
: Player One: "Top" Player Two: "Mid" Player Three: "ADC" Player Four: "Jungle" Player Five: "**********************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************************" Seems about right either way.
: It's not about toxicity, so chat ban is pointless.
It's not about toxicity, but if someone is reported for being drunk while playing, not telling your teammates that you're drunk will reduce reports against you. People won't think you're drunk, they'll think you're just bad and you can't report someone for playing poorly.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: So riot considers brand a support champion.
It's not called the banana-burn index for no reason. {{champion:16}} {{champion:63}}
: It's not a hard reset though. It's broken and bugged. Some people went 5-5 and placed high plat.
Meanwhile someone the other day (Master tier I think) went 10-0 and got placed into bronze.
: AoE stun
Don't forget the part where the stun is instant and can be up again in 8 seconds without cdr.
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: I refuse to give into trolls like this. They want to go top, they are going to have to share it with me, and I am not going to make it easy on them. I'll take the loss and wasted 20 minutes just to prove a point. NEVER NEGOTIATE WITH TERRORISTS.
I do the same thing. If they want to genuinely give duo top lane a try and the current queue system won't allow it, fuck it I'll give it a try. More times than not though they try to muscle people out of their role and do so while flaming and blaming you for what happens. People who refuse to cooperate in a team game deserve to have a "forced break" from the game until they're willing to cooperate.
: Actually, I think the OP is saying that the AI for daisy is really bad. In that case he's in the right place.
While the complaint is still a valid one based on in-game occurrances, as someone with FEK I have the memes section blocked so that I can see genuine discussions instead of posts created solely to make people laugh. This post is a one-liner, not actually trying to create a discussion nor suggest a fix, so it's about as much a meme as "Zilean is so annoying to play against because you need to kill him a Zilean times."
: I saw the upvotes, the title, then the post. I expected something like "when your jungler steals kills when you are behind" or "when your jungler doesn't have smite up for drag" I was surprised
: People don't want to play Supports
Let's not forget that it's the lane where you have the least amount of control (technically this extends to the Marksman as well, but this still adds to the factors of playing support). In top, mid, and jungle, it's typically going to be just you and your opponent, but bot lane has a constant 2v2 going on. If the Marksman wants to just farm and not hit the enemy champs at all, you can't go aggressive because it'd be a virtual 2v1, forcing you to play passively as well. If your Marksman goes aggressive constantly, you almost have to follow up lest you leave them in a virtual 2v1. So the best top or mid laner in the world should consistently win lane, but the best support in the world would still need to hope that they don't get Leeroy Vaynekins or Mohandas Corki and lose lane due to something entirely outside of their control.
: Assassin Update? Where's My Nocturne Rework At?
I remember seeing posts about this a while back. People basically said that Nocturne fits more into the diving fighter archetype than the assassin one. His RQ+Passive doesn't do a ton of damage in a single rotation unlike most assassins' full combos unless he's gotten very fed, which already can be said about most fighters. His utility is intended to let him stick to targets for as long as possible, meaning that he's intended to deal his damage over an interactive duration. Where assassins often have the ability to hop into and out of a fight, Noc has no way out other than surviving whatever damage is thrown at him, requiring him to build bulkier than assassins while utilizing his passive lest he only use his ult for picks instead of engages. So he is _able_ to be played as an assassin, but he's intended and designed to play as the diving fighter.
Ralanr (NA)
: It's funny when they think it's their decision. I love saving people as Tahm Kench. It's like I'm a big brother dragging my younger sibling away from doing something stupid.
Well technically it's still their choice. People love to spam right-click themselves towards danger the second you eat them.
: If Lee Sin's ultimate is overloaded, the base damage and ad scaling should probably stay, but the enemy health scaling should probably go.
As someone that's been 100-0 by my own team's tank, I'm all for this.
: The most broken champion in LoL History; A theorycraft.
I don't play Varus so excuse me if Riot changed this interaction a while back, but isn't Varus able to proc 4 stacks of his W by having 3 stacks, using E, then autoing immediately after? The way this is written makes me think they only stuck to the standard-max of 3 stacks.
Cloud273 (NA)
: When the enemy team invades and your team is in the fountain
I can kind of accept if someone hasn't bought items and sits there for a few as I've had games start while I do something quick IRL while in the loading screen. I'll typically ping someone if they're not out after 30 seconds or so, but even this is a rare thing for me. What gets me started is when our marksman or worse our mid just stands AFK at their turret until minions spawn. Standing in literally any bush in our jungle helps us. You can run if you see the enemy, or better yet drop a ward and run towards your team so you can fight back all at once, but don't just let the enemy team walk into our jungle and start a 3v5 fight from the fog of war just because you couldn't be bothered to issue more than 1 move command before the 1 minute mark.
: Ask Riot the Ghostcrawler edition
There are a number of nuances to the design principles of this game and I was wondering if I could get some insight regarding a few particular ones. It feels like with recent champs Riot tries to implement new mechanics or casting paradigms to help add variety, but there are some mechanics Riot either won't add or have actively removed (namely Kassadin used to be able to steal mana) due to it being considered bad design. Firstly, are there particular mechanics beyond mana stealing that's been considered bad design, but been stopped before it was put into the game (in other words, one we don't know about)? I remember hearing something like Jhin having a beta ult where he one-shot any target hit with his ult being removed because it one-shots are fairly unfun as well, so what other spaces have come up that Riot would like to avoid along similar lines? Secondly, I recall a brief PBE patch where Tristana had a change to her E where the ability's damage would increase the more she stacked it, but the lesser the slow would be. As someone who sees some unexplored potential here, what's your stance on negative scaling's potential in the game (either on abilities or even items)? I've made a post myself thinking about the potential of making items with particularly high stats in one area that decrease the stats in another, providing more game-to-game adaptability options based on what a team needs or can afford to give up.
: Does anyone really NOT still call it Spray and Pray?
I still consider it that... the one time a season I play with a Twitch.
: Taric has only been reworked once. Ryze, i dunno, depends on the season. Same goes for good old soraka.
He was only reworked once, but I recall him receiving multiple ability changes before that. Having looked at the wiki now, I see that it was his ult that had multiple changes with us being on his 3rd ult now. That's ignoring the multiple changes his old W and E had too via passives and functionality quirks.
: I don't think it's possible with the current game client, although i do wamt to play old taric sometimes.
Which old Taric? Hasn't he had like 4 passives by this point? I also wonder how they'd handle other champs of that nature like Ryze.
: > [{quoted}](name=GreenLore,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=fK8r31HE,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2016-09-18T00:54:44.892+0000) > > Well the thing is that alien heimerdinger was in the vault already. > Galio will be the first champion to receive a big VGU who actually has a legendary skin that is still in the shop. Why does that have to do with them not getting updates to preexisting Updated skins that do not meet the Legendary quota? By that notion Galio as well wont get any new stuff for his Legendary.
People have talked about them not being worth the money, and with the market for skins being what it is now, they would need to be sold for less RP if they were still in the store now otherwise they'd be too expensive and nobody would buy them. That in mind, old legendary skins are on average worse than newer legendary skins, so people aren't satisfied that Riot has depreciated skins that cost the same amount. Since Gatekeeper Galio is still in the store, it would be in Riot's best interest to make sure that it doesn't fall below the quality curve like previous legendary skins. Riot has no real incentive to update the legendary skins that are no longer in the shop unless they plan on having a sale some time soon, otherwise people will be getting them for free via hextech crafting. A skin being unavailable can make it more desirable to players inherently regardless of quality (see Black Alistar), so if players want old legendary skins regardless of their quality, Riot has virtually no incentive to update them.
Rozair (NA)
: I cant stand how negative we all are towards each other
You say to the most toxic community in gaming. The percent of a percent that even visits the boards at that. There are going to be people who straight up enjoy ruining other peoples' time in this game, so intentionally feeding, trying to get others to rage so that they can report them, and buying accounts so that they can do it all again will not go away. There are no systems in place to proactively stop these people, so players need to deal with toxic individuals for multiple games until the system registers them as more than just "rarely toxic" before these people can be filtered out, but by that point upwards of hundreds of people could have been affected by that one person. Being nice to people is a good idea, but when people don't respect convention (champ select assignment>premade calls / pick order>call order and such), when people intentionally try to tilt their opponent (spamming emotes/BMing), or when people have wildly different ideas of what's acceptable and what's not (spamming pings on an ally when they make a mistake), you have people that don't necessarily have bad intentions lessen other peoples' enjoyment of this game and bring out their more volatile sides. You see popular streamers and youtubers spam emotes at their opponent for the sake of entertaining their audience, suddenly all Udyr mains try to tilt their opponents by spamming emotes. People will spam emotes under turret, get caught, and throw ranked games because they wanted to mess with their opponent rather than play the game. People worship players like Mr. 20 Permabans and say that he doesn't deserve what happens to him or that he deserves to be let off the hook because other people are toxic, showing that people have very little interest in creating a positive community. I appreciate the positive intent here, but the only way the community can get better as a whole at this point is for Riot to implement new systems since we as players are able to get our beliefs out to only a negligibly small part of the community. The ability to mute a single ally's pings, the ability to hide all other champs' emotes, the ability for Gold and lower tiers to not be matched with people that they reported within the last month, Riot cracking down even more on account selling, and Riot actively promoting entertainers that could act as positive role models within the community are all ways that they could have a positive affect on their community. Some of these ideas have been floating around for over a year with Riot not making a stance one way or another on them, so unless they were to just come out of the blue with similar fixes, I can only assume that Riot is satisfied with the current state of the community.
: I want to win and I have Seen so crazy throws you won't believe it
I had that mentality about 2 seasons ago, then my tolerance for people in this community dropped ala the "everyone is flaming" in the original post. I still force myself to click against surrenders in ranked games, but now the game can get so frustrating that I can't justify the anguish my teammates can provoke in the other modes. I've won off of someone on the enemy team spontaneously disconnecting late game, I've won off Baron throws, I've won off a teammate backdooring through 3 turrets because we stopped backs while their map awareness was a little too late. I understand that these didn't happen much, but it's become common now for our team's premade Ezreal to ping our jungler non-stop to gank from level 3 onward, our mid lane Heimerdinger thinks he should be camped by our jungler because he uses his turrets as a fall back defense rather than a safe harassing spot, and our top lane 0-3 Nasus has less than 100 stacks at 25 minutes as he's waveclearing with his E and slowing anyone that comes near him because he doesn't need mana. I used to play this game like there was always hope to win, while I know that there is always still a chance for me to win, hope is much more difficult a word to use.
: A mute button for emote spam would be nice too. Nothing like lux/lulu/annie supports with nothing better to to do than spam their laugh button.
I've been supporting the idea of hiding emotes for so long now. I wouldn't mind it being in the options menu and just have it apply to all players. Seeing an enemy spam text in all-chat can be hidden because it's annoying, why not be able to hide emotes for the same reason? I've had the "champion voices" volume down all the way as it's the closest thing to this feature.
Poetanky (NA)
: Won Silver 1 promos to Gold. Did not promote, making me redo promos with no free win bonus.
The only things that pop into my head are dodges and remakes. Have any of those in your promos? Remakes can punish more than just the leaver if someone on their team also went afk, and dodges will count as a loss (and I'm not sure if a premade friend dodging would also count).
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: In preseason, it would be a good move to change this behavior so champions couldn't flash>skillshot, and then have their kits balanced accordingly.
Exactly. Remember when Thresh was able to wind up his Q then flash to hit his target? Riot quickly got rid of that interaction because it gave him too much power, yet this is nearly a must-know combo for Gragas and Shen that made them nerf-worthy in competitive.
: 100% of the highest ban rate champions build boots
Mods, you've really been letting a lot of memes and games posts through on gameplay today.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dank Memes 333 ,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=EhE6Eusl,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2016-08-28T15:58:06.337+0000) > > Shouldn't this be in memes & games? its not as fun there.
But those of us with FEK wouldn't have to deal with this stuff that we try to block.
: Petition to change lvl 7 Urgot "Sniper" to "Urgod"
As much as I like this idea, we all know how it's going to end. Rioter: Something something China, something something religion, we'll consider it™
: I know I what I said about him being annoying, but I don't think hes really worth a ban, I hate lanning against him but so many Yasuo's make the mistake of ulting at horrible times and get themselves killed cus of it, I see that all the time. And if he gets caught close to a couple of enemy champs with no minions too dash on, he can get pretty screwed over. I'd just like to see less of Yasuo, so many people play him cus hes easy to pick up and do well with and hes fun
I like to use bestbans to decide who is banworthy as is takes multiple factors into account when determining who is worth it, and Yasuo is currently a the most recommended ban this patch in all elos except bronze where he's the 2nd most recommended. He's both a very common pick in all tiers and a little stronger than he was a couple patches ago due to indirect buffs/nerfs, whereas a lot of his direct adjustments have just been bugfixes that make him marginally more consistent.
: 1. Add more pings. The ones i have in mind are a warded ping, pinging how much gold you have, and a "Found them" ping for when somebody goes MIA but they came back or somebody else spots them. 2. Doom Bots and Black Market Brawlers return (still time for that this season though). 3. Give Intermediate bots and Doom bots Keystones. 4. Fix Orianna bot, she ults at some VERY strange times. 5. Kill Tank Assassins. 6. Make players you muted in game stay muted post game 7. Give loss forgiven in Ranked if you get a S- or higher but still lose (im salty about a game from yesterday where me and another pay both received S ranks and we lost the game lol). 8. Give use some kind of indicator to let us tell if a dc'd player is attempting to reconnect or not. 9. Bring back the Tribunal. 10. Make Support a desirable role to play. 11. Please get on top of problems faster. Things like Tank Fiora, Queue times, etc were things that needed to be addressed much faster then Riot addressed them. 12. Remove all Best of 2 series from pro play. I used to watch the EU LCS but the standings are so awkward with best of 2s that it's become a pain in the ass. 13. Make reworks feel good to the players who played the champion before the rework. We should NEVER have a repeat of Juggernaut Morde or the 1st Cass rework. Those did nothing but crush the players who loved them. 14. Release an official apology for lying about Solo Queue for so long. 15. Biggest thing of all, DO NOT HAVE A REPEAT OF SEASON 6!!!!!!!!!!!!! This season was unplayable for months, and while I know that the pre-season does take time to clean up, Riot just kept making things worse for a while and refused to take care of some of the bigger problems. I mean cmon Riot, 40-50 second death timers at 20 minutes, really? On top of that it felt like Riot as just ignoring the community 95% of the time and just doing what they wanted, and on a certain topic they flat out lied for months about releasing it. This season killed nearly all of my trust in Riot and i know many other players feel the same. damn this list snowballed out of control, just like everything this preseason did (got em XD)
A number of good points here. - The ping changes are something people have been wanting for a while, so I have no idea how that one slipped under my radar. - Advanced bots having keystones just makes sense, but I do feel like some masteries on Doom Bots could be detrimentally restrictive and be something they nerf/balance bots around having (Amumu minion tears applying DFT and such). - I'm sure there are a number of interesting problems with the bots right now, but even as someone that doesn't play the mode at all I can vouch for AI improvements. - I feel like Riot would need to create an entire system around muting/unmuting players outside of games in order to have them stay muted in post-game, but I'd be more than happy to see Riot give more player-protection tools to the community. - I could see them easily implementing a system to show someone trying to reconnect. Make someone's portrait gray when they DC since they're not a factor any more, then when they try to connect to the game have a number on their portrait rise to 100 to show what % they've loaded in. For some reason I still have a little doubt that I understood this point, so correct me if I interpreted it incorrectly. - I'd love to see the Tribunal return. As someone with a 100% successful judgement rating on it, I feel like I was able to help do some good. Riot mentioned people abusing it for the IP, but it'd be possible to fix it like having one's access to the Tribunal temporarily revoked if they dip below X% successful judgements, and restricting access to every other day or weekly if it dips below Y%. A few things that I'm not as sure about. - Firstly, I feel like I need more context to point 12 as I don't watch the pro scene and have no real frame of reference on this. Do you have a video or post that could explain what the problem is if you feel like they give thorough explanations? - The game mode requests, while they haven't shown up yet I figure that will just be a matter of time. They probably want to add new quirky items/mechanics to BMB before releasing it again, and they probably want to code additional bots/abilities for Doom Bots, so I don't mind them taking their time with that (but if they hurried up with that, that'd be nice too). - I am going to assume that Riot intends to continue balancing champs for quite a while, so tank assassins will probably be fixed in time if not during the assassin rework, making support desirable seems like a twist on balancing as things like shiny items and more interesting kits would be necessary for this, making reworks feel good to people who played the champ before dabbles in both the area of balance and subjectivity so I feel like people that liked the feel of unhealthy gameplay may need to be disappointed for the good of the game, and the getting on problems faster is something that I agree with but seems like it would never be enough unless they disable a champ for the remainder of a patch due to its balance. - Loss forgiven with S ranks is one that I may still be able to be sold on. While this game is very much a team game, players doing well numerically may just be playing selfishly and not be making the optimal decisions for the team. It is a shame for someone to be doing fantastically and through either a team's collective inability or happenings beyond their control, end up with their loss. Things like preparedness, cooperation, and communication can dictate the difference between a win and a loss but wouldn't be accurately picked up by the mastery ranking system. I do see upsides to this such as incentivizing players to not surrender in ranked, but I still feel like this idea may give out forgiveness disproportionately based on the champion someone plays/mains. - I think Riot has stated that they didn't _exactly_ lie about solo queue, but there were so many people at different levels of awareness making claims of varying informedness that they ended up being genuinely unsure if it would come back early on, then when some of them learned that it wasn't coming back the various other departments weren't updated so they gave out inaccurate information. - Not having a repeat of season 6... considering how Riot justified all of the changes they made and stood behind them despite community backlash for months, it seems like their ability to gauge changes before shipping them are a tad off on a basic level, so this request is one that I don't even think we can appeal.
Kiharon (NA)
: _**Add a way to reliably queue for a game to play a particular champion in a particular role**_ This is useful when new champions come out, when reworks happen, and when you want to learn an existing champion that is new to you. Draft modes don't work because you must queue for multiple roles and the champ could get picked or banned away. Blind pick doesn't work because you have to hope you don't get dropped in a lobby with someone else that wants your lane or champion. Custom doesn't work because there is no matchmaking to fill out the game. If adding a new queue is a problem, I could see this being some sort of change to the blind pick queue, allowing selecting a single role/champ before queuing if desired. _**Improve spectator to better show dragons each team has**_ The spectator client was never really updated with the mid-season update to handle elemental/elder dragons instead of old stacking dragons.
With that first one, are you thinking something more along the lines of Team Builder? I personally adored the feature and would love for Riot to re-implement something with a similar feeling to it. Assuming that they'd be able to tack it on to Blind Pick optionally, I don't see this being much an issue at all aside from increased queue times for those that want to play a new/reworked champ for the first patch or so. Updating the spectator client really does sound like something Riot would want to address soon after releasing the new client since I recall something along the lines of Riot having stated that they'd like to add spectating options back to the main page of it. This one I'll definitely add to the list.
: The reason grave's expands his powder is because it's exploding. If you ignite gun powder it explodes it doesn't just burn like a camp fire
I do suppose that it's a more realistic effect having it expand like that, but this game already has a large number of interactions where realism is sacrificed for gameplay.
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