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: Why remove the mini map color indicators?
Probably the same reason they're removing twisted treeline and they removed the legacy cursor. There isn't one, Riot just does whatever they want and loves shitting on the playerbase this season. Unnecessary, nobody-asked-for-this changes all season long, and now the game is in probably the worst state its ever been. Its fairly common to come on these boards and see people griping about this, that, or the other -- but I've NEVER seen so many HIGHLY upvoted threads about how Riot is just turning to an absolute dumpster fire.
Derako (NA)
: Corner Fight Tactics
I almost never put my characters in a corner, and I'm plat. I usually line them all up along the bottom of the screen. Forces those people that have corner-comps to walk out, which usually means my assassins can get to them.
GigglesO (NA)
: I miss Defense
What is this strange word you're saying... D...Def.... Defense?
: Just wanted to bring attention to the Twisted Treeline removal
The only bad thing about TT being retired is that all the bots are gonna come to ARAM and SR. Other than that I don't care.
: +37 for first -70 for last
means you're currently sitting higher than your hidden MMR thinks you should be. I get about 30 for 1st and lose about 30 for 8th in plat 3-4/gold 1 I'm kinda bobbing up and down at the moment. Hovering around that area. I win-streaked up to plat 2, then started experiencing what you're experiencing. 15-20 lp for 1st, -40 -50 for 8th. It all evens out eventually.
Miqi GS (NA)
: The tough choices in life
clearly you want the if you picked the you'd regret it.
: It's so sad because 3v3 actually has a LOT of potential. Certain champions that never see the light of day on Summoner's Rift are actually very strong here, more of an ability to solo carry, due to having fewer team mates, and jungling being a lot easier, so you don't have to absolutely dread getting autofilled to a role you hate, but since Riot has completely ignored the mode for years, they decide that instead of putting in the work to improve it, they'll just retire it.
This feels like its been intentionally coming for some time. I have some pretty extreme doubts that riot just looked over at TT one day and they were like.... "Would ya miss it if it was gone?" This is a decision that took months, years to come to. And a decision that's been on peoples desks for probably much longer than that. Explains why they never do anything about balancing it. Don't wanna write throwaway code. Don't wanna waste time on something that might just be scrapped.
: Save the Twisted Treeline!
I don't give two flying rats asses about twisted treeline -- but I do have an interest in this topic. Why? Bots. Where do the bots go when TT is gone? Co-op vs AI? ARAM? SR? I don't wanna deal with bots in these queues. Nobody does. In my opinion Riot has 2 options: 1.) FINALLY address the elephant in the room that is account creation. Stop users from creating as many accounts as they damn well please. This solves SO MANY problems. Smurfing. Toxicity. Account sales. Botting. The list goes on. Literally nothing good comes from people being able to create new accounts whenever they want just by going and making some stupid fake email address on gmail that they use literally only for making a LOL account. Its a stupid, botched, failing system that's just being exploited to hell. 2.) Leave TT as a game mode and let it be a bot-infested cesspool, accepting the fact that you don't have an answer for the account creation problem. At least then the problem is contained to a game mode nobody plays. (Except the like... 1000 people that gripe about it on these boards. Less than a percent of a percent of playerbase.)
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