: so then I shouldn't be able to get them in lootboxes because me rolling a prestige skin in a lootbox isn't a grind on anything but my wallet
I mean, they stated at their time of release they'd be available in loot boxes, which requires you being extremely lucky, as are like gemstone and ultimate skins from loot boxes. That's fine. My point is, they stated the event tokens would be the only sure-fire way to get the skin.
: So, lets employ the logic here, say I wanted prestige Irelia, I ground for tokens at an earlier event because I was going to be unable to play during the Irelia event, so now I have 100 tokens that I don't want to spend on getting 6 skin SHARDS for champions I probably don't even play, so because they are also expiring I can either choose that or just to not use my points and they expire, this is greedy and stupid, why should my grinding a different event make it so I can't access the other event skins? I wanted the Akali one, I ground out the prestige points for it, but now I guess the only way to get it is by buying more of the lootboxes and hoping against hope that I roll it with no other way to achieve it, at least the hextech skins have a way to unlock through grinding, this is just terrible to fans of the game who can't pour every second of their time into it
I think their system here is fair for once. For each skin, they specified how you'd be able to obtain it. They stated token skins would be specific to their events. They did specify the process for getting Irelia in advance, that she would be for tokens and not prestige points. To go back on their statement that the 2018/2019 token skins were specific to their events and bring them back at the end of the year would be discouraging and dishonest towards the people who grinded the specific events thinking this would be the one time you were able to get the skin. That would be super unfair imo. However, they're changing it going forward, in a manner to satisfy both parties. I think how they handled it was fine.
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: New skins: Arclight Brand and Prestige K/DA Ahri
Legit 90% of players aren't okay with this new prestige point system? So why aren't they changing it or addressing it? Make an easier cheaper way to get the points but have them take that full year to get. My proposal is to make a way players the money have the option to buy them instantly _BUT ALSO_ the players without $100+ to spend on one skin will just take a while to get it, but it'll be worth it in the end. Like say you give out a certain amount of free points per event or every level or something. Find a happy medium. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-unamused}} I'm just so disheartened about this whole thing. Players have only been criticizing this since the Aatrox skin release and Riot doesn't seem to be listening at all.


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