: Aren't Kayn and Rhaast partners? Without each other, they aren't a champion. Both are integral parts of the kit. Without Rhaast, Kayn is nothing.
Kayn is just using Rhaast because Rhaast is just a really good Scythe. Unless Riot says why exactly Rhaast is better then a normal weapon Kayn could just use a normal scythe and do exactly what he does now besides the obvious transformation into Rhaast.
: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=Yd76NEJb,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-06-22T18:43:11.686+0000) > > Here's the thing though. I say this with all the love in my heart, Rhaast isn't that interesting. He's a **Fantastic** character with great personality, but overall, the dude was just some jerkbag conquering stuff and enslaving people. People are mixing up a fun character, for an interesting character, cause Rhaast is equally, if not possibly greater, a one-note character like Kayn. > > Why did Valmar and Kai get their own lore? Because uh, they're still a major factor for the story against the darkin Varus, trying to wrest control from him. They're the focal point around the character, these two lovers forged into one. Their love is the entire reason they currently stand against Varus. If anything, until Riot extremely slightly fleshed out Varus by giving him old Varus lore before he was a Darkin, Varus was the one with no lore and background. Why? > > Because the Darkin aren't the main character of these stories. They're antagonists, and while they do need to be fleshed out a little, they are not who the story revolves around. Kayn is the main character of his story, Rhaast is the obstacle between him and his goal. If Rhaast was a deeper character, maybe more lore would be needed, but as he is now, Rhaast is an extremely one-note character. His motivations: To be free and go killing stuff. His past: He was free and killing stuff. His ideal future: To be free and killing stuff, and then maybe getting depressed like Aatrox. > > Aatrox has lore, because he doesn't have any host to care about, and hosts become a use and discard aspect of his life. Aatrox is the actual character here, not the conflict between Darkin and Host. This applies for all Darkin updates. They just made them mustache twirling brutes. Varus, Rhaast, Aatrox, all angry yelling purple/red hulks. Compare to previous Aatrox before the Darkin revamp. The guy was a manipulator, menacing without wailing into the wind about it. A cold avatar of war vanishing across battles, bringing ruin by goading people into blood lust. This new one is just permanent, comically angry trash.
> Compare to previous Aatrox before the Darkin revamp. The guy was a manipulator, menacing without wailing into the wind about it. A cold avatar of war vanishing across battles, bringing ruin by goading people into blood lust. Aatrox before the update was some dunce who liked war because he did. He also was trapped in a sword too because he was. New Aatrox actually makes sense and is a cohesive character. Sure he screams and is very angry, but why wouldn't he? He used to be a Hero infused with the power of a god who slowly lost his way through fighting an evil that wishes to end all life and ended up being defeated by those he once protected, put into his very weapon he used and forced to live in agony. Sure he kills people but he does it to hopefully end his pain, much in the same way as the evil he once tried to kill. In his brief moments of lucidity he even reflects on this, realizing he himself is equal to the Void. If you get past all the angry you find some of the best quotes this game has.
: It's just a shame Riot doesn't recognize him though I think? Riot named Nunu, Nunu **and Willump**, meaning they recognize Willump as a champion too. Right? People say that Rhaast is a one note character but we don't know anything about his past to conclude that. He might've even been the opposite of what is now back then.
Because Nunu and Willump are partners and both are a part of their kit. Nunu uses his flute to summon snowballs and help his allies/Willump while Willump hits people, eats things, pushes snowballs, and roots people Nunu hits. They also both use their powers together for their ult. Their kit is very much the both of them while Kayn's kit is just Kayn doing things and Rhaast just doing evil scythe things. Rhaast is meant to be a one note character, his purpose is character development for Kayn.
d00mface (EUW)
: Hopes for future Aatrox Lore
On the Pantheon thing Aatrox probably knows how Pantheon works (he basically wipes you out and takes your body to use as his own) so he probably means brotherhood and friendship as a mocking way. He has a few more quotes like > "Pantheon, I see you! Like a lamprey you attach yourself to a host! I will carve you from this mortal's form, and eviscerate you both!" > "Pantheon! I will crush your godhood, I will eviscerate your ideals, even your memory... I will trample!" > "Targon sends an aspect against me? Prepare yourself, Pantheon, I will end all that you hope to be!" Aatrox also has fought/maybe killed Pantheon during the darkin war so he probably doesn't like him too much.
: Conq is the current highest winrate keystone for twitch jungle, for example.
Ok so that's 1/2 an ADC because bot Twitch gets PTA as does Draven now. Still not breaking the books considering the rest get Fleet/PTA/Lethal.
: Can we for the love of god nerf conqueror.
Garen and Nasus are taking Conq? Zed is taking Conq? Literally any ADC besides Draven is taking Conq? The only champions using it are duelists and divers which is exactly who it was made for so I don't see what's the problem because a lot of them still go other keystones too.
JonneeG (NA)
: I agree that they need to handle this very delicately, but isn't this the reason that they have an internal testing environment and PBE? If it is as you said, and riot says it's "literally impossible" because of the spaghetti code and X,Y, and Z, I'd personally be fine with them announcing it somewhere and directing us to that announcement when the issue is brought up. Communication is key to me, and is what builds trust between company and consumers.
[You do know about Google right?](https://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/news/community/q/ask-riot-league-client-update-and-death-recaps)
: Hard agree, that sounds awesome. Honestly, with the way Yuumi's kit works, she could've easily been a parasite enchanter. It's so perfect. Imagine a void creature who can latch onto allies and fire void missiles from their ally's location, while being able to heal/speed them up to make sure they don't die. Like for real, Yuumi's kit would be sick with that thematic.
: So the 975 RP skins Sinful Succulence Morgana and Transcended Kayle still lack VFX.
I cannot find a direct source from Riot saying the have to have new SFX or a backing animation. The only words they use are ["Pushes the champion a step beyond a simple costume change, with more immersive qualities"](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752874-Guide-to-Skin-Price-Tiers) which would be model changes and the sort. Furthermore Bewitching and Ghost Bridge had particle changes before the VGU so they kept them while Sinful and Transcendence never had them to begin with so that argument doesn't really work.
: I should point out that Yuumi is not invulnerable. She is simply UNTARGETABLE. These have entirely different connotations. Let's take {{champion:8}} Vladimir as an example. Vlad is untargetable when he uses his blood pool ability. However, he can still take damage, and any lock-ons will remain locked on until the ability, effect, or channel is completed or interrupted. Yuumi will still be entirely vulnerable to AoE attacks, and things like Cait's ultimate or Fidd's drain. The hard counter here, I think, will be champs who excel at doing large amounts of AoE damage, like Ahri, Anivia, or even Singed.
I don't think you understand what untargetable means. The only thing that can effect a untargetable champion besides DOTs and tethers is {{champion:13}} /{{champion:16}} 's ults.
nelogis (EUW)
: AP Bruisers will always be a balance nightmare with the current set of items
Why do we need AP bruisers again? It seems kinda redundant to arbitrarily shove a class into building items that wasn't meant for them. Look at {{champion:131}} , you know how much easier she would be to balance if she scaled off of AD/HP rather then AP? She could actually stand as a diver and not some horrible Frankenstein of diver gameplay slapped into a full damage build. Let's flip the script and say {{champion:122}} is now AP, what depth does this add besides making his AA's do no damage? What has his kit gained from it? Now lets think to the other side, how would you stop {{champion:245}} /{{champion:105}} and probably now {{champion:84}} from abusing AP bruiser items? How about mages in general?
: Except her W and Q essentially work like Lulu's W and Q. I am WELL aware of the stupidity of making a general comparison of champions kits and writing them off as the same thing but that's not my point. My point is that this champion doesn't have anything that really makes use of the hiding in another champion mechanic that can't already be done with other champs. It's disappointing is my problem, it doesn't do anything creative with the mechanic, instead just following what other champions can already do or making arbitrary restrictions to make the mechanic work. Her E could just be a heal that's targetable on anyone and accomplish the same thing but it's made to just act differently when inside an ally champion to make it so the W has a purpose.
First off this is a leak so it could be easily fake. Secondly how could they go any father with a mechanic that is extremely strong without making her impossible to balance? Her kit might seem not the complex but depending on her numbers she could possibly jump to a tank on the front lines, get multiple people rooted and then jump back to her ADC and buff them out all the while healing anyone and slowing down champions at weird angles due to her Q being a controllable projectile. Rakkan has already proven mobility and enchanting is a powerful combo and you can't stop her from doing it.
: So ... She's just a Lulu that can go in targetable? The move set just seems like a waste of potential for a champ that can merge with an ally.
Yeah she's Lulu besides the fact that her passive, Q, W, E, and R are all different.
: > [{quoted}](name=The Ecdysiast,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=lpsw7tAw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-19T23:04:47.487+0000) > > It was actually removed years ago because it was useless. No one was buying it because after Trinity had its crit changed to more AS, it became a better option in every single scenario. True, but now Zephyr has more Attack Damage (albeit less Attack Speed), so perhaps it could be useful again. After all, Riot brought it into Nexus Blitz, which is something to show for.
It still doesn't change the fact that it served only as a late game replacement for boots for ADCs because realistically no champion would prioritize the combination of AD, AS, MS, and tenacity. Plus Nexus Blitz had {{item:4403}} which is a joke item that costs triple of what Trinity Force costs.
: 9.9 nerfing supports all around?
They aren't nerfs, they're power adjustments. Rakkan is losing his reliability on his ult for better surviabilty and a faster W while Tahm Kench is getting a better everything for nerfs on his W and early game ult. Both those things kept them from being balanced in pro and solo and they aren't supposed to be a one and done thing because Riot will hopefully give them buffs if they succeed at reducing their Pro strengths.
5050BS (NA)
: Top Lane: So much Diversity. Kayle, Yorick, Riven, Vayne
Hasn't toplane always been a 5ish champion shitfest? Like when the Renekton bar was a thing for almost a year.
Naalith (NA)
: It seems highly likely. When I was rereading I looked closer at his description at the start of the story when he is interacting with Thresh. The dude is massive, big enough to shield slam a horse to the ground and take a sword to the chest area. He is also in all black heavy armor, is described as a "wrathful" man in life, has no face or bones like the other dead but instead a featureless corpse-light coming from in his helmet, when Thresh has the trinket he swings around and glows with anger, and he is described by Thresh as a sort of oddity even within the Isles. My guess is they moved the timeline of the Ruination backwards several thousand years and Mordekaiser founds proto-Noxus AFTER leaving the Isles at the end of this story in search of a way to end the curse. He frees himself from the Mist somehow while maintaining his immortality, and as he conquers the known world he dies thousands of times which warps him into a cold and hateful being hellbent on domination. It was said in the story that every time Hecarim died he came back more monstrous so that's kinda the basis of my theory there.
I doubt it, mainly because the story directly references The Harrowing, Ryze, Illoai, and Leona. Also Mordekaiser already has a place in the lore so I doubt they will change it. > He roared as a purple-skinned sorcerer cast him back to the darkness, tearing him asunder with runic magics.The savage joy he’d felt as he joined the slaughter in the streets of a festering harbor city overrun with the Black Mist gave way to sudden pain as he was blasted to nothingness by the faith of indigenous witches. > He laughed as a sword impaled him on its length, but his amusement turned to agony as the blade burst into searing light, burning with the intensity of the sun. It's strange though because Targon hasn't been connected with the black mist at all, neither has Ryze but Ryze gets around.
: No, that's just Yas. Qs CD scales with AS, and gets absurdly low, to where u literally dont AA u cast Q instead.
> [{quoted}](name=Romans VI XXIII,realm=NA,application-id=LqLKtMpN,discussion-id=4heaxFEG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-04-07T05:24:53.496+0000) > > No, that's just Yas. Qs CD scales with AS, and gets absurdly low, to where u literally dont AA u cast Q instead. Watch the first clip, he Q's in his E-Q's animation.
: Potential new champion?
He has to have a connection with Morde. The story just lines up too much with the Morde teaser, the Hecarim/Kalista stories, and just overall champion schedule. Combine that he has an active part in the story with him setting off to go stop the black mist at the end of his story (I can't think of another character that has gotten that kind of ending). It feels really similar to Sylas's magehunter story too which backs up my theory.
: {{champion:86}} also builds straight tank items. It isn't what the character builds its the role they have. Cho doesn't have the engage tools of a vanguard or the peel of a Warden to be either tank class. He's a damage-dealing 1-on-1 Juggernaut with extra casting range.
Cho'gath is a tank, but a specialist tank. Saying he's a 1-on-1 juggernaut when 3/4th of his spells are primarily there for CC and the other one is a execute that scales with health. Garen builds tank but he only really does damage, Cho'gath has a slow, a longer silence, and a knockup (all AOE mind you).
: As a Darius main
Can people stop saying mobile=less damage? Mobility has not and will never mean less damage, it means less tankiness which Riven has. Sure she has her E but her HP per secound is abysmal as well as her armor and actual health.. It also doesn't help that Darius is meant to counter tanks, not squishy hit and run champions and are meant to get in your face and then out. Is Riven too good? Yeah but Darius shouldn't be good vs Riven to begin with. Vayne is countered by Frozen Heart/Thornmail because they slow down her AS plus she's a duelist so fighting her 1v1 has never been the best idea. Is it perfect? Not by a longshot but the counters do exist they're just horrible.
Dasdi96 (NA)
: Why do Riot's counterplay standards not apply to adc?
I don't think Twitch can kill a whole team, let alone 1 person, in .25 seconds.
: Ranged top laners are such a nuisance to melee top laners.
Why should Nasus be able to deal with Quinn/Teemo/Jayce? They're lane bullies that get outscaled and mess up team comps, they aren't even great lane bullies because 1 or 2 ganks can cause such a huge shift in the lane the melee champion can just run them down or survive their harass and outscale them.
Kaisha (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Thefrostyviking,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=msEYflbc,comment-id=0005,timestamp=2019-03-24T21:41:52.749+0000) > > It would result in another tank meta snoozefeast with stuff like a cho, a maokai, a malphite and a gragas standing ontop eachother doing nearly no damage and only really stunning eachother until their mana runs out. There was never a 'tank' meta. There was a short window of a few months where tanks weren't complete trash. All the assassins cried that they had to use combos/teamwork and couldn't 100-0 them on a whim, like what everyone else has to do to them. Couldn't have our poor assassins requiring skill, coordination, positioning, or teamwork so instead we now have everyone running around insta-delete'ing each other.
As if sitting on somebody slowly chipping their HP away while they can't do anything unless they have a kit solely to deal with tanks takes any skill either.
BleupizZ (EUW)
: Trundle and his troll tribe looking so big "giants" in the comics
Most champions aren't close to size to their lore counterpart an example being Malphite. Look at his spashart for half a second and you'll see his finger is the size of a dude. You also need to consider that Trundle wasn't made with his current character in mind. He used to be a swamp thing that was constantly rotting away and could heal himself as fast as he did so I imagine he can't summon frozen pillars or absorb energy.
: My thoughts on 9.6 removing double tear build & Riot lessening item diversity overall
There was no other reasonable way of going around Ezreal building double tear. Any other option hurt his other play styles besides nerfing his interation with iceborn which also destroys diversity. Plus double tear hasn't been an actual strategy on anyone besides old Ryze/Kassadin and I'm talking around season 3 and that only happened because both got Frozen heart/Iceborn, similar to current ez. The chances where another spamable hybrid champion who is heavily insensitive to build CDR and Mana crawls out of the woodworks is so low that their current approach is fine.
: voli is bugged? Takes more damage than he should
Volibear just has garbage stats. I think he's like one of the squishiest juggers in the game.
: New champions don't have spells...
That's because old spells tend to be more straight forward and honestly more powerful then newer spells. Say what you want but no champion in the game wouldn't want fiddle's Q.
Nadiri (NA)
: Maybe it is because some people feeds her? They do not understand her passive so they just go for fight and feed and feed? Riven also has highest counter champ rate you can literally counter her with more than half of the top laners. I mean if you pick temo in her thats your problem
What champions counter Riven exactly? Because according to basically every website she is kicking Darius, Fiora, Jax, Sylas, Renekton, and Yasuo out while the only champions who are beating her as hard as she beats them is Neeko (just got nerfed), Garen, Teemo, and Kennen. Most of her counters are squishy ranged champions who tend to mess up build comps and honestly aren't even that fun to play as. It also still doesn't change the fact that she has a huge play rate and win rate as a champion who is meant to be hard to play as.
: Is there a reason that Kayle's rank 1 ult has one of the longest CD's in the game?
Because you're not supposed to deal with people, you're early game Kayle. Sure other late game champions have shorter cooldowns but their ults don't have something Kayle's has; a 2 second window where you say "no" to any damage they throw at you which is huge.
: So how much of Zoe's decision making and mental development is the little girl and how much is the alien?
Probably as much as the rest of them besides Pantheon. The old aspect was a bit of a maniac.
Clαps (EUW)
: whats the reasoning behind this insane sylas buff?
> could you imagine if sylas could work conquer and deaths dance into his ap bruiser kit or even gunblade, he would be unkillable. It would be insane but he can't, therefor he needs to have high numbers to offset him being melee and squishy. Plus it's only a benefit to his normal build, not his tank one which is the one most people go for.
: Dogs vs. Cats Event
It's defiantly not just going to be 2 skins, i'd probably guess around 6 for the event because it is "Dog**s** vs Cat**s**". Zoe is not completely impossible because it does take a while to make a new skins and this event has probably been in production for a while. Honestly though I'm hoping for crazy cat lady Yorick.
: Sylas has too much good stuff
Too bad he doesn't have any items that are good on him.
Blåsigt (NA)
: Why is Morgana so angry?
It's less her dad dying and more the whole becoming a demi god who is the physical embodiment of justice when she never asked for that. Also to everyone who is saying Morgana is the good one; she did kill a dude because he was trying to arrest her and caused mass riots that killed their father. Kayle didn't actually _kill anyone_ around that time.
: > [{quoted}](name=Snake of Avarice,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=uxNNcdtw,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-25T03:43:02.520+0000) > > True damage exists exactly because nothing can reduce or alter it in any way. true damage actually gets mitigated by % damage reduction effects, it only ignores Armor and MR, what your thinking of is Pure Damage, which is only used by fountain turrets and Sion Passive
No it's not. True damage doesn't interact with any damage reduction or amplification. Pure damage is completely different as it ignores shields and invulnerabilities such as Kayle's ult which true damage doesn't do.
: proof that riot doesnt learn from past mistakes and WANTS to create new bugs ("new" teemo q)
> "Hey mains, Riot Jag here with a set of experimental changes for League’s cutest demon. The stuff I’ll talk about here will be on PBE for early feedback, but it’ll disappear for a couple of months after that while we work on updated VFX to go with the gameplay changes. In the meantime, we’d absolutely love for you all to scout ahead how it all feels on PBE." You do know that the whole point of the PBE is to test bugs and get player feedback right?
: You got Mordekaiser rework in there, but then ya, probably.
Are you saying Mordekaiser won't be turned into an assassin?
: Earn Essence After Every Match
Not only has it been proven over an over again that you earn around the same amount of blue essences on average as you did as IP you also get discounts based on champion shards, the missions during events which can give you 5000 blue essence alone, and the fact you don't have to worry about runes anymore. It's never been easier to get champions and good ones too because of reworks.
: Wait, since when are tanks not supposed to be late game? I know there damage falls off as the game goes on, but isn't that because they get really hard to kill late game? I might be wrong of course, but I find it weird that I feel that tankiest when it's in the laning phase and I barely have any items.
When I mean late game, I mean everyone is at 5/6 items late game. League was made so that tanks are supposed to be strong mid game before ADCs can get enough AS and armor pen to punch through them and combine that with them not getting a {{item:3031}} /{{item:3089}} equivalent they're supposed to lose a lot of umph late game. Now if a team doesn't have someone who can actually chew through a tank though then it's a whole different story.
: > [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LFk1KEUP,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-24T01:16:46.667+0000) > > He's received nothing but buffs, yes...Except for how he's been pretty consistently indirectly nerfed for every single patch. > > Also, no, he's really not a late game carry. He's unable to do much in a teamfight but beat on anyone dumb enough to get in his range, so all he ends up as is basically a high-damage low CC tank who peels through murder. Unless you let him stack to absurd amounts (Roughly to the point where he's actually two-shotting tanks), of course. "dumb enough" has a point and click (almost root) slow, which is back up when it runs out.
I hate Nasus as much as the next guy but he does nothing in teamfights except get blown up.
: "1" nonsexualized female champs (you forgot Annie, Zoe & Rek'sai) in a game with 47 female champs. Meaning that there's still a majority of female champs with that are sexualized. Did League really need another one?
Zoe and Annie are _children_, they go without saying nor is the list all inclusive. I don't have the time nor care to make a list but almost every single humanoid champion has some sexual part to them in some degree including old Kayle.
Arakadia (NA)
: Leona has highheels and certainly was designed with sex appeal. Have you seen Lissandra's skins? Camille has huge hips and is certainly designed with sex appeal. Vi isn't much better, especially with her skins. Quinn isn't sexualized but her face and body are the same generic video game standard. Anyways, the vast majority of female champions are sexualized whether they should be or not. You can list the exceptions but they are very much the minority.
Want me list all the attractive male champions too? Because that list would also go pretty long. Sex sells, don't blame Riot blame human psychology.
Raoul (EUW)
: Poor Kayle...
Which Samus are we talking about? The one whos wearing armor and exists solely as a vessel for the player or the one wearing _a skintight bodysuit, shaking her boobs and her butt around like some playboy bunny_? Because I'm pretty sure more people are familiar to the later. I mean wait {{champion:429}} we {{champion:254}} only {{champion:420}} have {{champion:131}} one {{champion:89}} strong{{champion:133}} nonsexualized{{champion:113}} female {{champion:163}} champion {{champion:164}} around (any yordle here) right {{champion:127}} guys?
: > [{quoted}](name=Poop Johnson,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HiGhtsre,comment-id=000200000002,timestamp=2019-02-23T20:49:32.802+0000) > > Ok I'm gonna have to stop ya there. If you haven't noticed Kayle isn't a tank, she's one of the squishiest champions in the whole game who's reliant on her ult to not get blown up in .5 seconds so why does it make sense for her to look like she's supposed to take a hit. Imagine if Twitch or Vayne were walking around in full plate armor. Also don't forget she also has always been exposed however splashes also do a very good job at hiding the fact her abdomen (the part you'd probably get impaled), elbows, and thighs are covered in cloth. > > I'm not saying her current armor looks good, especially in the splash art, but saying Kayle should be wearing full armor because she always has is a bad mindset to be in. I'll give you that the armor isn't practical and doesn't make much sense for her gameplay-wise (except if you consider she needs extra protection against the gods and legends she's fighting against). However, it was her identity and the reason players liked her. Does it make much sense for Poppy to be able to swing such a giant hammer? Is it practical for Garen to have pauldrons the size of his actual torso? Why is Akali's back exposed at all? These are questions we can ask ourselves, but does it really matter if it makes us love the champion even more because that's who they always were? People like Kayle because she wore this awesome suit of armor and sometimes people would mistake her for a dude on first glance. It was the Samus effect, and people ate it up. Now the people who liked Kayle for her identity are suddenly alienated in favor of another Fiora archetype who wears the latex body suit but seemingly forgot to wear the armor on top in some areas. For her character, it makes even less sense because she's wearing shoulder armor and leg armor, but really nothing else that's remotely protective, and her thighs are exposed in such an awkward, unnatural way. That's not the Kayle players know and love.
Let me get one thing out of the way; Kayle should have armor and I don't exactly love how new Kayle looks however, current Kayle isn't good either, especially to new players/spectators. Kayle is big, bulky, and has a sword which tells me she's probably going to be a bruiser which she is most defiantly not. Nothing about her says what she is or what she does besides she has wings so she's probably an angel which explains the heal, fire, and ult but not the ranged or the attack speed. New Kayle looks sleek so I know she's probably going to be squishy but she also has light armor and an imposing sword so I know she's gonna hit hard and probably fast (she hits really hard and really fast when she splits it into two) + all the angel stuff from before. The changing forms is also a huge part of her kit because it tells me she's different now and probably stronger. How a champion looks is extremely important, it gives players a way to quickly tell what they do. Using your examples {{champion:78}} /{{champion:86}} are both big and heavily armored so I know they're tanky and they have both big weapons so I know they're probably gonna do some damage if they hit me. I don't even have to spend 5 seconds in lane and I can already get a gist of what they're gonna do to me. {{champion:84}} is very small and lightly armored so I know she's squishy and probably very quick. Champion designs are not supposed to be practical, they're supposed to tell you what to expect from that champion and most of current Kayle tells me nothing of what Kayle does.
ZokAdoX (EUW)
: and the basic autos while using ult now u cant do that :) theres some good stuff wont deny that but these are important skills that they changed
They got rid of it for a reason. It made her almost impossible to balance and made it so using it on herself was almost always the best idea.
: > [{quoted}](name=Silly Neeko,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=HiGhtsre,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-02-23T20:07:53.543+0000) > > > And your audience for this arguement is the same type of people who turned > > https://goo.gl/images/QyAtPH > > Into > > https://goo.gl/images/R95Yhs > > And > > https://goo.gl/images/tXF8p5 > > Into > > https://goo.gl/images/RKAH6Z > > {{sticker:zombie-brand-clap}} > > Ill wait for the understanding to click. Not sure what your exact argument is other than "people on deviantart sexualize stuff." Those are community-made, and one of those is a meme meant to satirize the whole trend of sexualizing characters not meant to be seen that way. However, we are talking about Riot here. >> So let me get this straight. Your basis for calling Riot out this time is that they "sexualized" a character who is still in armor... still has NOTHING showing.... Ok, let's backtrack for a moment here. Kayle is a character who used to look like this: https://www.leagueofpapers.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/Classic-Kayle-Splash-Art-Old-league_of_papers.jpg https://ddragon.leagueoflegends.com/cdn/img/champion/splash/Kayle_0.jpg And now she looks like this: https://static.altchar.com/live/media/images/625x416_ct/12792_Kayle_86c9ff598aa5cb94b2c41ed36ee2cf44.jpg I'm sorry to say it, but the difference is like night and day. Previous Kayle could weather a beating with that armor. Current Kayle would get impaled on the first strike.
> I'm sorry to say it, but the difference is like night and day. Previous Kayle **could weather a beating with that armor**. Current Kayle would get impaled on the first strike. Ok I'm gonna have to stop ya there. If you haven't noticed Kayle isn't a tank, she's one of the squishiest champions in the whole game who's reliant on her ult to not get blown up in .5 seconds so why does it make sense for her to look like she's supposed to take a hit. Imagine if Twitch or Vayne were walking around in full plate armor. Also don't forget she also has always been exposed however splashes also do a very good job at hiding the fact her abdomen (the part you'd probably get impaled), elbows, and thighs are covered in cloth. I'm not saying her current armor looks good, especially in the splash art, but saying Kayle should be wearing full armor because she always has is a bad mindset to be in.
: Can we make Conditioning scale like Gathering Storm?
I mean the point of a % increase is so that you get more of that stat as you buy them an considering tanks aren't supposed to be late game. The whole tree does need some buffs but not for it's late game.
: Does kayle have to be so tiny?
Have you've seen any art Aatrox is in? The dude is massive. Kayle being small is also a good thing because it means she has a smaller hitbox.
: Riot - we told you this with Prestige Blood Moon Aatrox - WE HATE PRESTIGE POINTS!
I mean considering the Prestige skins _aren't for the average player_ it doesn't matter very much. It's not even like you just get the skin for 120 you get it from buying chests so you have the potential to get multiple skins from it meaning its less you paying 120$ for a skin and more like a bonus for spending that much.
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