Kazekiba (NA)
: Why? Whats wrong with it? What about the players who can ACTUALLY PLAY Aurelion now?
There are more people who gave up Aurelion Sol than picked him up due to Riot's attempt to allow Aurelion Sol to appeal to a broader audience and be picked up easier. I'm paraphrasing but essentially that was the mission statement. They failed at their goal and have just made him less popular than before. He doesn't strike players as a "majestic godly space dragon." He fails to live up to his persona in game.
: The rune is good because it forces your opponent to constantly adapt. Skilled players should be able to use Omni Stone efforts to keep their opponent off their guard. Saying every champion has a best keystone isn't right. There are different ways to play champions, even pros don't always do it right. I took Trist top a year before Korea did. There are lots of ways to play people just need to think for themselves for once and figure it out.
I would agree with you if the keystones were actually powerful enough to need to adapt to. Riot has been slowly chipping power out of almost every keystone (and in most cases rightly so). Omnistone isn't useful for the person who picks it because they can't predict what comes next. The keystone user should have a significant advantage over the enemy when they picked a keystone that works with their champion. Omnistone just doesn't offer this at any level.
: This would be a MAJOR ASol buff. I love the guy, but he’s at a 52% winrate _overall_. If anything, he needs a nerf.
According to Lolalytics he has a 56% win rate but less than 1.25% pick rate. This means that the only people who are playing him are probably those who main him, so you would expect the win rate to be highly elevated due to the player bias. You can't trust the statistics for his win rate. But you are right about OP's proposed changes being a MAJOR buff. But he most definitely does not need a nerf. He's just not a fun champion and thus no one plays him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Xavanic,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TwhXnTMm,comment-id=000200000000,timestamp=2019-10-27T01:31:35.704+0000) > > shes really not, shes just a bad version of nocturne rn if you build her AA based, and if only one person can play the fucking champ, then they need a rework, the only way she's viable now a days is to go ap because of her ludicrous ap damage on E and ult I would say something to you but that would get me forum banned. Just know that the player playing the champion makes all the difference. A bronze player might think a champion is bad, but in high elo, played by a player who knows how to jungle, position, and use her ult, will find her to be quite good. I've only played 2 games of shyvana on this account, but I have a 100% winrate in diamond 1 + with a good score given the games were extended. She isn't bad. you can't just go in and face roll like tryn who has a undying ult. I know it won't go through your head that it's possibly not the champion but the players, but you know, I try.
It's been a while since I've played her but I had quite a bit of experience playing Shyvana. It isn't that she is necessarily bad, it is that in order to play her correctly you have to run at people in a meta where every other champion has dashes, cc, blinks, gap closers, etc. A champion like Shyvana who has none of that (except on her ultimate) and a mediocre movement speed buff tied to her W and who must keep bashing people over the head in order to succeed cannot reasonably compete. Don't get me wrong, because of her ability to run quickly with W she can dodge skillshots pretty darn well but it comes at a price of not applying your DPS and thus losing your movement speed buff early. And frankly, she just isn't that tanky; not for someone who has to sit on top of the enemy to be functional. If any part of her kit needs a rework the most, it is her passive. In no world is it ok for her to have such a bad passive that is completely team dependent. Sure, you can maybe sneak the first dragon in lower elos early but as you climb the ladder that gets harder and harder, all for a measly 5 mr/armor per dragon. Looking to pre-season it honestly looks like with dragons having a renewed focus that her chance of really doing well on the objective control is going to go out the window. A champions power budget is is normally correlated to whether or not their kit has some kind of potent CC. Shyvana has a single, short knockback on her ultimate, that's it. There is definitely room in her budget for something else to at least make her interesting as a bruiser.
: So which Legendary Permanant did everyone get?
Battle Academia Ezreal. Not too shabby.
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: Be Victorious - 2019 Ranked Rewards
I appreciate the effort to reward gold+ players but this is not a champion I care about at all.
Sukishoo (NA)
: You still gain gold from attacking enemies or killing minions based on which one you have. You just lose 2 gold per 10 passive. So you're still getting gold.
You lose the 'targon' or 'spellthief' effect, not the passive gold gen.
: > [{quoted}](name=Profirix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=xpVrE9tE,comment-id=0004,timestamp=2019-10-23T23:24:24.913+0000) > > Shyvana in general needs an update for pre-season. Her AP build shouldn't be a more viable option than her intended bruiser build... > > That being said, her passive should never have been based around team objectives in the first place. The higher rank you become, the harder it is to impact your own passive because it starts to rely more and more on your team's ability to come together for objectives rather than your own individual skill. Her AP build is fine. You have to commit to it fully in order for it to do anything and it has major draw backs. It's one of the more balanced kits in that regard.
I never said there was anything wrong with her AP build, just that her bruiser build (the one her kit is actually built to exist as primarily) needs some serious work.
: Shyvanna's passive needs updating for PreSeason
Shyvana in general needs an update for pre-season. Her AP build shouldn't be a more viable option than her intended bruiser build... That being said, her passive should never have been based around team objectives in the first place. The higher rank you become, the harder it is to impact your own passive because it starts to rely more and more on your team's ability to come together for objectives rather than your own individual skill.
: > [{quoted}](name=Profirix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zVWxxBmY,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-23T20:46:01.268+0000) > > It rotates randomly, but you can't get the same keystone in a row. Ah. Randomly. Ok, worse than useless.
When Riot released the concept of Inspiration keystones back during runes reforged, inspiration was supposed to offer 'indirect' ways of modifying champion power by 'rule bending'. Klepto, Glacial, and Unsealed have all offered that. Even unsealed, effectively allows you to use multiple summoners in a short period of time. Kaleoidostone offers nothing even remotely rule bending to advance champion power. It screws you over.
: how does it work? if you can hold on to a keystone for as long as you want, i'd imagine taking klepto in lane and switching to a combat keystone afterwards would be ok
It rotates randomly, but you can't get the same keystone in a row.
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: lets talk about the kench
One of two things are going to happen: 1. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until someone comes along and decides to COMPLETELY rework his kit (Aatrox level rework). 2. He is going to stay the worst champion in the game until Preseason, when Riot no longer cares about an anti-flashy-play champion and they put power back into his kit (which is still in shambles and honest to God needs a rework anyway lest players complain and complain about him again until he's nerfed again.) It is no secret that Riot did not want TK to be picked at all at Worlds. Fine. But what I cannot accept is that they are willing to make ANY champion unplayable for the sake of "entertaining gameplay."
: Wait. More diversity? I exactly recall mages bitching that there was too much, and they wanted their buildpaths to mirror assassins (aka streamlined), hence why the items got reworked.
The issue was around abuses with certain effects. There is a reason people coined the term "League of Stopwatch." Or why support items were nerfed following their use by mid lane mages.
: "We’re also looking for other small improvements we can make across the item system"
Your changes seem a bit heavy-handed to mages. I get that damage is too high right now but that is a per-champion issue and less of an item issue. Removing all that CDR from mage items makes it so mages scale far worse and can counter resist-stacking a lot worse. The solution is to give mage items more diversity and perhaps unique effects that aren't just "here's more damage".
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: [QOTD] What Champion do you think is underated?
{{champion:31}} without a doubt. This champion has one of the strongest burst combos in the game and is balanced around the fact that he is slow and relies completely on skill to execute his pattern. Not to mention that he gets physically huge and provides a significant intimidation factor when he gets stacked. Riot generally tries to keep high damage and tankiness separate but I think they have really done a great job balancing his strong burst with the rest of his kit. The champion isn't considered OP because every meta going forward is going to rely on dashes/blinks to be the main flash point for League pro play. Anyone who has mobility can get away from Cho'Gath and prevent him from doing a full combo. So unless Riot does something to make tanks incredibly powerful he will be left alone and underrated.
: There is loss by destroying tahm. It's more epic that the person who tried risky stuff got away thanks to teamwork, coordination and strategy. If the enemy team is brain dead and doesn't know how to strategize around tahm that's not every tahm player's fault. It's like the pros are little babies whining to their parents about tahm. Keep it on the rift Riot not in the patch notes. I would love to see the interesting dynamics tahm brings to a game in worlds. Fuck me I guess
I was speaking primarily sarcastically about Riot's attitude towards that champion. It infuriates me to no end watching them demolish him for the sake of pro play without even trying to make him a 'healthier' champion.
Jikker (NA)
: Tahmmy's been dead for so long now that they are just beating on his rotting corpse. It's kinda hard to believe that he would still need nerfs...
He doesn't "need" nerfs; Riot just doesn't want him at Worlds, period.
: Ok first of all, stop using Downs as a way to insult people. It doesn't add anything to the discussion other than telling people you can't think of something original. Second of all, Annie's "buff" last patch lowered her winrate because her E's cd got gutted, making her recharge rate before teamfights terrible, and making her survive less burst from things like assassins mid. Finally, don't post things when you're on a loss streak in Ranked Solo or else you might appear to be much more badmouthed and angry than you really are. You clearly don't understand why Annie deserves those buffs. The Fiora buffs can be debated. Calling her "more broken" needs some reasoning though.
It's ok. He told me that I didn't have evidence to back up my claim in a post further up the list. We are clearly uninformed, especially since we refuse to insult the handicapped in our posts. His name is literally "TheTrollingMeme." There is a good chance he is just here to start drama and has no real idea what he is talking about.
: Shyvana...
Shyvana's bruiser build is too easily kited. The AP build is the way to go because it doesn't require you to sit on their face to do damage. I have always preferred the tanky/bruiser build for her and wish Riot would come up with a way to make it more viable (maybe make her passive not be team-dependent). I personally despise AP Shyvana because I just don't find it fun, but I don't think there is anything wrong with the build. I don't think it is too powerful and I don't think it lacks counterplay.
Savvyal (NA)
: So making riven's e cooldown shorter is a nerf? In what world?
I think it was a typo, they nerfed Q instead.
: Exactly. They have been fucking talm’s body with no mercy. Sooner or later talm is going to be the new Galio, and Aurelion Sol.
Galio and Aurelion Sol are workable. It is clear that Riot's sole intention with Kench is to make him disappear. Maybe they will rework him in the pre-season...unlikely but the fact of the matter is that no one plays Tahm Kench anymore except in pro play. Pro play makes Riot money and Tahm Kench slows the pace of the game down by averting risk. Riot can't have that. There is no great loss caused by stomping the champion into the ground.
: They fixed Shyvanas W! Now, if only we could get them to fix Elder scaling and gain Fury while dead.
Now if they would just adjust her so that the bruiser build isn't more of a meme than the AP Shyvana build.
: Patch 9.19 notes
The Tahm Kench nerfs are completely unnecessary. Riot really just likes to beat a dead horse don't they? In general the other changes look ok. Karma changes seem a bit heavy-handed. Maybe return some of her support utility that was taken away.
: Tahm is getting nerfed again....
Riot has proven now without a doubt that the only thing they care about is viewership for Worlds. Buffing champions unnecessarily, gutting terrible champs for no reason other than they want them to be a joke pick because they aren't _fun to watch_. Riot will not be getting another dollar from me
: Then ill keep playing him so riot has no choice but to ban me for trolling? Off meta pick is punishable apparently.
It's way more than "off meta." He was gutted on purpose.
Profirix (NA)
: More Tahm Kench nerfs on PBE
I guess all the TK mains have moved on...
: So what do I do against pyke + cait as tahm kench support?
Honest answer: Don't play him. Riot has no idea how to make him better so they keep gutting every aspect of his kit. Next patch is his E sustain "75% at all levels -> 30-100% levels 1-18." The champ is gone.
: He's not a frog tho.
I know that. But the memes are better.
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: The void assassin roll strat is toxic
Don't worry, they are nerfing void pretty hard next patch. You will have to play all four of them to get the bonus, making it one of the worst synergies since only brawler synergizes easily with void now. You will be forced to get spatula items to get better synergies to work with it.
: Idk if this applies to more champs, but Aurelion Sol's attack move is very unresponsive
He has always been relatively clunky on his auto attacks but with the changes to his W it is a lot more noticeable since you have less wave clear early.
BigFBear (EUW)
: Who else enjoys "League of 15 Champs" as much as me this season?
I will say that games are just not as fun to watch anymore. Everyone picks the same champions and they do the same exact things...mobility over everything else, high burst damage, tanky/cc jungler... This meta is trash.
: How can you escape his combo when a dash/blink mid lane if his W is a hitscan skillshot?
W isn't hit-scan. If you leave the AoE before the channel time ends you dodge the ability. It didn't used to be that way but Riot rightfully made it so there was counterplay.
: > [{quoted}](name=Profirix,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VEHV2PUP,comment-id=00030002,timestamp=2019-09-03T19:10:57.987+0000) > > Any champion who can reliably poke early with very little cost (mana-wise) is going to be a problem. Kai'sa has less issue with the poke because it costs a bit more (though this is mitigated by Tear of the Goddess). Ezreal's poke is not inherently reliable. On the contrary, its skill-shot nature makes it inherently un-reliable. What's good is that it's spammable and even then, it's not a guaranteed hit. Ezreal's strength comes from his safety and the fact that ADC itemization doesn't affect him. If you make true late game ADCs more rewarding and worthy of the resource investment, that would be an actual balancing action.
Each individual poke may not be reliable (debatable based on player skill), but he can fire one off every couple of seconds. You can dodge as many skillshots as you want but eventually you will hit someone.
: Ok but can we please for the love of god stop asking for nerfs? Strong champσ are merely pointers to the poor way in which riot is handling their more obsolete champs. Ezreal's playstyle is always going to make him good. You either nerf his numbers to the point he is trash and depressing to play, or you remove his strong mechanics and turn him into every other worse ADC. Just find new ways for worse champs to compete with the better ones and tweak their power budget accordingly.
Any champion who can reliably poke early with very little cost (mana-wise) is going to be a problem. Kai'sa has less issue with the poke because it costs a bit more (though this is mitigated by Tear of the Goddess).
: have u ever seen a 6k 200mr cho got **oneshot **by an eve? u havent. otherwise u wont ask such a dumb question.
That seems to be the trend these days: tanks can build all the resistances in the world and they still get wiped by burst. It has reached such ridiculous levels now that playing tanks is more or less not a viable option.
: Why is Cho'gath W still a long silence
Because he is designed to be a champion that is hard to land the skillshots but follows up into a powerful combo. Most champions today can escape his combo with dashes or blinks.
: A Sol’s early game was destroyed in order to make him another late game scaling champ. Riot also hates roamers pre-6, so they hurt his wave clear and roam potential to force him to stay in lane. Late game he definitely does his damage faster, but to scale up there is quite painful.
See, I don't get that...how can he be a better late game scaling champ when they killed his passive scaling, nerfed his W damage, and didnt touch his ultimate? How is his improved E gank potential going to affect the late game at all? You know? Teamfights
Dynikus (NA)
: I keep seeing the same arguments repeated over and over with his rework. - bad wave clear - worse roaming - completely different play style And I'm just confused what you're all talking about, and can only assume that you haven't really been playing a sol right from the get go. How do you have no wave clear? Are you not positioning so your w hits every minion? How are your roams worse when you can literally e to either side lane from mid, or from base to either lane? Then with more burst damage and movespeed, and not getting completely cucked by the slightest cc, how are your ganks worse in any way? How is his main identity changed (roaming mage, not dps mage) at all? You still play him in mostly the same way, shove wave, roam, rinse and repeat. You still need to star dance, you still need to time your roams, aim your q properly, etc etc The main difference I've found is build path, as a more damage oriented build works better. Which frankly, given a sol's atrocious scaling, is overall better for him than his old core build. The only conclusion I can come up with is the people complaining about it never really roamed correctly. Which given the elo most of the complaints I've seen come from, doesn't surprise me. It's a complicated playstyle, and there's a reason a sol one tricks are on average one of the highest elo players.
At least it seems Riot is acknowledging they left him a little weak and are planning to buff him next patch.
: You can still go Rod+Rylai, stop being ridiculous. The speed increase in stars far outweigh the old toggle. My kite comment was the fact he can use the speed boost to reposition and then turn them back on. It’s 2 seconds CD. It’s almost always available. You can now lead with Stars, then stun when the stars retract (Rylai still slowing btw), and then expand your stars again while they’re stunned. WITHOUT any CDR.
Rod/Rylais takes too long to get going. Just go full damage and you make more of an impact that way, especially in today's meta.
: What? The Q CD gained 1 second in exchange for 3 less CD mid game, which is significant considering most ASol builds don’t get CDR (unless you actually think GLP is superior to Rylai, lmao), but that isn’t “extremely high” from what it was before. He kites better now, he has his great roam still (TF ult range at rank 1 btw, Pantheon can only wish) and still fulfills the DPS fantasy. He is no longer hard reliant on landing his Q to do damage and assassins are no longer are a free win against him. He’s gonna be too strong in 1-2 weeks time. Go complain about what they did to Kayle instead
He doesn't actually kite better since the movement speed was put at the END of his W. Building tanky is no longer optimal since you don't really need to survive for long periods of time anymore. You W to do damage, build Rylais if you must, and then lead into a stun. If you can't kill them before two or three cycles of W then you disengage. To be honest, the changes to Q really don't mean all that much. You rarely get more than a second stun off and anything more than that is just a lucky gimmick shot anyway. Personally I just went Spellbinder, Death Cap, Sorc Shoes, into Liandries. He is all about building AP now since you don't slow burn them down. They completely changed the way he works. Much better early game (probably overtuned and will see nerfs) and significantly worse late game (the opposite of Riot's intended changes with him). To clarify, he isn't bad, he was just turned into something that people really don't appreciate because it is a copy/paste archetype for burst mages with windows of opportunity and significant down time on a champion that requires 3 seconds of close proximity to apply most of his damage. His new role is bad and people aren't too happy about it. I also noticed while playing him that hit boxes seemed really off with his stars now and his auto attack wind up just felt off. I missed so much CS because I couldn't last hit with my auto since it took so damn long to fire.
duje (EUNE)
: Aurelion sol rework is so bad
He has way too much counter play now without any strengths. His W being on all the time allowed him to zone but what is the point now when it ends after 3 seconds? It isn't that his damage is bad. It is just that they completely changed his role now. He isn't a zoning mage anymore. He's a burst mage. We have plenty of those already.
: If he has to compete with burst mages as a burst mage then that's the problem right there. He's not a burst mage and shouldn't be a burst mage
That is what I am saying...they are giving him windows of damage instead of the slow and steady burn. It is just going to hurt him in the long run because he doesn't have the burst to compete. League right now doesn't favor long, drawn out fights anymore.
: Asol is all about positioning to have his balls (giggity) hitting as many champs as possible at all times. This removes that and just turns him into another typical burst mage. Stun, press W for ball burst, back off. It completely kills his unique identity and just makes him another "why play x champ when y is the same but better?"
The why play X champ argument is exactly what I felt when playing him on PBE. Hes just worse than every other burst-type mage out there and has higher risk.
: No Asol main wanted this..........
These changes are generally nerfs to his entire kit and playstyle. Longer roam cooldowns, less general mobility and lane pressure, significantly reduced up time on his main and almost only source of damage, nerfs to his base values with little to no compensation. He can't compete with the mid lane assassins or mages at all. What is the point of this champion? I get that they said in the patch notes: "We're making Aurelion Sol more vulnerable to counterplay in the early game so that we have room to buff his scaling and presence in the late game..." but they DIDN'T buff his late game at all. Are they planning to let him be 'meh' until they can come up with meaningful buffs? What is the point of this? No one is going to play him over someone even like Syndra. Higher damage, less risk, what is the point?
Stratixx (NA)
: Tahm Kench support winrate
Tahm Kench is probably never going to see buffs until his entire kit is reworked a few years down the road. Riot's balance team has no idea what to do with him so they decided to take him the old Evelynn/Olaf route and just gut him to the point of not being playable until they figure out what to do. He is an awful support champion with an awful win rate and has become so clunky to play now. Every time I see someone pick Tahm support I consider the game an auto-loss because it pretty much always is.
: Very unpopular opinion: Chine(Tencent) should step in and redo how Riot office works(at least in NA)
Tencent is probably the reason Riot is pushing these ridiculous cash grab schemes like Eternals and the copy-paste "events". No thanks.
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