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: So I just left a game at 6 minutes for the first time in ages
welcome to league of legends where you get banned for doing absolutely anything in retaliation towards scumbag trolls and get permabanned. While the troll continue unpunished. GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN.
excodar (NA)
: Im Pretty Sure People Wanted 10 Bans Because They WANTED Certain Champs To Be Permabanned
I think the 10 ban system is just a natural thing that was eventually going to happen and should happen because of the massive and ever growing champion pool. 6 bans is just not enough anymore when there are so many champions now.
: Only amusing to boys under the age of 12, though. Limited demographic.
I have some very immature friends tho.....
Dubya99 (NA)
: Cvnt smash3r
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: This will never happen. Riot supports trolls, AFKs, etc. as they all spend money on in-game content. The only reason they have taken such a strong stance against toxic people is because the community overwhelmingly demands it, otherwise they would leave them in the game as well.
sad so so so sad this game is going in the toilet slowly
: AFK's
shyv (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Desecrate,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=NLKXR4z1,comment-id=,timestamp=2016-01-13T03:20:22.122+0000) > Am I an asshole for playing him? yes
and why is that sirrrrrrr? :O
: I am really fucking sick and tired of seeing Zed and Lee every fucking game
So fucking true More so with lee. Lee is the most popular jg right now and by far the hardest to play imo. these players need to stop bringing lee into ranked that have NO IDEA HOW TO PLAY HIM. I refuse to play with a lee in normals because of that reason.
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: The Reality of every rager in league
i dont know if im playing a game in real life that will last 40 min and i cant quit and someone is purposefully ruining your chance of winning just to be an asshole. IMA SAY SOMETHING...
: Wanna Know Why League Is Gonna Last So Long?
: The Difference Between Being Muted and Being Reported?
it doesnt give a license but it makes no sense why you would have a verbal abuse report when you can just mute the jerk. right?
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: And the person on who you trying to shit will break your face for the great justice. I know your feeling about flaming really but Riot won't do a single shit to def people from trolls. U know why? Because of money.
If that violent asshole wants to fight ill fight him. And yeah thats the whole point im trying to make is that riot is letting this game go to shit i feel like on purpose because they refuse to stop the trolls.
: > [{quoted}](name=Project omen gr,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ENx5jy8E,comment-id=0004000000000000000300000001,timestamp=2016-01-10T22:01:08.240+0000) > I know I can't do anything about it. All I'm asking is that Riot takes reports for trolls as serious as it would take reports for verbal abusers. If the company does that, I am certain verbal abuse rates will drop a decent percentage. Remember that the verbal abuse that I am talking about is the one that is being caused by the troll as a reaction from the other players. Your issue appears to be that you believe that Riot doesn't take reports for griefers as serious as reports for toxicity. Now, Riot has stated they consider both equally offensive and punishable, and that they often escalate punishment for griefers by foregoing the warnings and chat ban phases and jump right into 14 day bans, indicating they come down harder on griefers by not extending them 2 strikes prior to a temp ban. So what we're left with here is your word against theirs that Riot is doing the right thing. My question to you is what proof can you offer that backs up your claim that Riot doesn't _"take reports for trolls as serious as verbal abusers"_ ? > [{quoted}](name=Project omen gr,realm=EUNE,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ENx5jy8E,comment-id=0004000000000000000300000001,timestamp=2016-01-10T22:01:08.240+0000) > I know I shouldn't give the troll what he wants, But honestly, I don't care. 30 minutes of my time will still be wasted. I just want him punished. You've made the choice to give the troll what he wants and spend the next 20+ minutes of your life berating him/her because that makes you feel good somehow, and believe this punishes them? This punishes the troll as much as pouring gasoline on a fire punishes the fire. Not only do you not care that you're empowering the troll, you also don't care that in doing so you ruin the experience of your teammates and often the other team that are dragged into reading your argument with the troll. So in effect, you're helping the troll achieve his goal -> spoiling the game for other players. Lastly, you don't care that your choice is against Riot's Terms of Service. However, you do care about the consequences of being punished for this decision. Correct?
You act like a troll is a troll just to upset others no they troll because they didnt get what they want or for some other dumb reason. So they stop caring at all and feed on purpose or just run circles in the base or go afk. Yeah being verbally abuse usually doesnt help but you seem to not even care to talk about the the subject of troll epidemic and more about why this its wrong to be verbally abusive. Trolls cause alot of anger and that anger can be reduced if riot was either way more harsh or trolls or they find a system to detect them better. And dont tell me they are cause they are not doing there job as best they can cause i run into a troll almost everygame and so do all my friends in solo q. And i know most of the people here also have the same issue.
: 1. I know I can't do anything about it. All I'm asking is that Riot takes reports for trolls as serious as it would take reports for verbal abusers. If the company does that, I am certain verbal abuse rates will drop a decent percentage. Remember that the verbal abuse that I am talking about is the one that is being caused by the troll as a reaction from the other players. 2. With the mute button I can just ignore the abuser and focus on the game. Then I can report him. If I have a feeder, my team and I are crippled and there is nothing we can do about it (assuming we can't go so far ahead from the enemy that the troll won't matter anymore). 3. I know I shouldn't give the troll what he wants, But honestly, I don't care. 30 minutes of my time will still be wasted. I just want him punished.
Yes i completely agree verbal abuse seems to always be punished as the trolls get away with everything all the time.
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: Harrasing was never a problem solvation. but a cause of. The difference between game and real life - only field of communication. Objectively it is the same sport as other types (chess for exp) but on internet. U still communicating with people. So what stops u from harrasing them irl? Fear of being punished?
Yeah the same things goes for people in real life most people wouldnt fuck over there team on purpose but in a video game they think its ok. If someone fucks over my soccer team on purpose just to be an ass then you bet im going to verbally abuse that dick as would everyone.
Sarutobi (NA)
: And where are you getting that Riot isnt banning people who troll? Ive seen people on these board come and complain about "trolling" their games and getting ban for it. What you fail to realize is that one is easier to detect than the other. Toxic behavior can be found by just looking at the chat. Whereas Trolling is such a vague word basically anything you do could be considered to some as trolling because everyone has a different definition to that word. But with Trolling like for example Feeding. You need to find out that are they actually feeding? Is it Intentional? Are they doing it continuously in all their games? Are they going into to lane just to die? Are they getting camped? Are they just having a bad game? Are they having a Bad Match up? So many questions that could make or break if the person was actually doing what they were doing. You dont get ban for just having one bad game. This goes for both trolling and being toxic in chat. Hence why you rarely see a chatlog from someone with only one game in it. Riot knows people can lose their cool with one game. its the moment you think you can do it in all (or most) of your games is where they draw the line. Then its the fact that a lot of people have different definitions on the word. What do you consider as Trolling, or moreso Feeding? To some, people think getting First Blood is feeding or that getting 2 death is feeding. Some people think Supports who get attack items, or Boots other than mobility, or getting kills is consider trolling. Some people think playing a certain champion is trolling. The fact of the matter is with a word that is so vague and different towards everyone makes its harder to find and punish.
You make good points. It makes sense now that trolling would be harder to detect than say verbal abuse. However it shouldnt be hard to detect someone who is literally running down every lane and feeding each one over and over. Yeah some people might not troll often and never get banned but ALMOST EVERY SINGLE RANKED GAME they show up like the dipshits they are. Why everygame then? Just from my experience alone they are there almost every single game. The numbers point towards a flawed system that needs a reboot. I suggest a system where after a small number of reports for feeding or afks(including just running around in the base) should be reviewed and punished accordingly to combat the obscene number of these terrible players.
: Feeders and leavers are already automatically punished by the system (Feeder Detection, Leaver Buster). Trolling is just much harder to detect in an individual match (than chat offenses) unless it is actually being watched; that's why you need to use your reports appropriately. They establish a pattern of their behavior, so that once it's determined they are probably doing something wrong that the system can't detect they will be manually audited. Just because you saw one person troll doesn't mean he usually does it, will get away with it, or that others get away with it just because you saw him. And no matter what happens to them it doesn't excuse your own behavior. You and you alone are responsible for your actions, so don't pin it on someone else when you get punished for verbal abuse.
Im not trying to blame them for my vebal abuse thats my fault however this system is super messed up. We need a better punishment system that can quickly detect a troll player and a feeder and punish them more harshly. Because every game in ranked seems like a nightmare with at least 1 troll every game, that is way too much. Most of the time there are two trolls or afks a game. Thats way too often to consider the system effective.
: I know Bjerg has played fizz a bit through preseason 6, so you might want to check out his games on Tekk's channel where he does play him, or just watch his stream because watching Bjergy play is a learning experience in it of itself.
Ok thanks apparently people hate fizz mains. Another reason to play him muhahahahaha
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: I read the post and the comments. I am more of a "respect me and I'll respect you" kind of guy, so I will agree with Desecrate but not entirely. It is pretty annoying, because the other player that trolls wastes at least 30 minutes of your time. I mean even now that I think about it, it frustrates me. And yes, I have flamed at this kind of people in-game (still no punishment on me though, maybe because I don't swear a lot), but at the end of the day, flaming at that person won't change anything. You will feel better though (I know I will) but unless that person gets punished, his behavior will remain the same. On the other hand, flaming does actually hurt feelings, and you never know what kind of person sits behind that screen and how personally he will get those comments. Just let it go and ask your team and the opposite team to report him, explaining in a calm way why he should be punished.
Wow a person who is actual honest about there opinion and the facts thank you. The reason i talk shit is mainly for the players who troll or refuse to listen to the team and feed out of control and blame everyone else. Yeah you are right most of the time it doesnt help it just ends up making me feel better. However. If riot made the same freaking effort to ban these horrible shit troll players as they do for the people who are verbally abusive i guarantee there will be less verbal abuse overall.
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: Yeah, probably **fun for you**. And Verbal Abuse reporting can also be assumed for players who **also mutes** annoying players before wanting to report them. Like, does that report requires you to hear every single bit of bullshit toxic players spout out? And also, at what point does trash-talking improves anyway? You think it would ABRAKADABRA your Jinx into magically going 30/5/7 for your team? It still does nothing beneficial for the whole game, and you're just saying just to make yourself feel better. Mute button does not equals to you having all the free rights to talk as much crap as he wants. When someone mutes you due to your highly annoying attitude, its a definite point that you should stop talking crap, no matter what you think. Do note this. **No one cares of you being "Mr. Macho" by saying everyone shouldn't cry over trash-talking**. Sure, it's only the internet where you can't see a person face-to-face, but they're still people. Even if you're trash-talking for fun, do note you're doing this to 4 other real people, and at some point, you will hurt their feelings if you're gonna continue like this.
I could care less about your feelings if your going to go 0-35 on purpose. Those people hardly ever get banned yet a person says one thing to them and bam they have a reason to report. A good example is asking rengar why he invades the enemy jg 10 times dieing ten times after every time the whole team is telling him to stop but he refuses to listen so we talk shit to him out of anger and we get punished not him. Yeah thats fair.
Nipple MD (EUNE)
: Talk to smb on the street this way - u will understand why verbal abuse punishment is present. In the internet nobody can whoop your ass so you are a hero. But it is the same society with same rules. If u dare to harrass anybody - be ready for comeback for your victim
What kind of arguement is that? You cant mute someone is real life but again you can in a game solving all problems instantly. Your arguement is completely invalid.
Widder88 (EUW)
: Miss Fortune E
Nerf her to the ground
: Worst jax ever
Those are the people i run into every game yet i get banned because i tell them to stop.....
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: I'm not going to lie.
I love it star wars in league boards love it XD
: game-play wise void, it is harder to see the ult animation but my vote is for cotton tail that splash is so adorable , and dieing to a bunny is very troll
Thanks for the advice and opinion that ult is harder to see i didnt think about that
: Pink Taric.
Thanks yeah that helped alot.....
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: Kindred was designed as a jungler, but she really doesn't have a lot of the criteria that makes for a great jungler. Don't get me wrong, she's fun, and if you get stacks you'll be melting people, but there are better choices. I would buy Illaoi.
you're prob right I'm no top tier jg either.
: Yep! Kindred is good as long as you know how to use him. He involves a lot more work than other jungle champions beause of the upkeep on his passive. Many people forget it exists.
i bet. I see alot of them never go into the enemy jg
: Illaoi is better in the top lane.
yes but kindred goes jg usually right?
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: The thing is, I get into arguements on the daily with people for insulting me, or getting mad because I offer critisism (actual 'you need to ward more' and 'lets see some map awareness in action' comments not 'you F**K'n SUCK D**K' comments) Nothing ever happens. Ever. Its not until both parties are swearing racial insults that anyones ever banned, and even then its not for weeks and weeks of repeat behavior. I should know, I swear at people daily when they act like a dick, and I've never been chat banned. Only twice in the span of last season did I get a warning, and nothing in the two years prior, when I have always been an avid user of swear words. (no hate speech or racial slurs, just the ones your kids shouldn't say aloud.) So, in big overblown speech aside.. is this really going to change anything for me? Or just the people who everyone is watching. Like You tube Streamers. who seem to get banned more than the average player.
Uh that's completely false on all levels. I have been chat restricted for trying to explain what not to do to a kid who didn't understand simple logic. I wasn't mean to him in the slightest but he got all his friends to report me at the same time and I got chat restricted. just because it didn't happen to YOU doesn't mean it doesn't happen to others.
: Instant feedback powers up
There shouldn't be a ban for verbal abuse when there is a perfectly placed easy to access MUTE BUTTON. It's insane how silly it is that I can get reported for telling a kid to stop trying to kill the enemy's Renekton in his lane after dying to him 8 times in a row in less than ten min into the game. Some kids need to be told what to do because they don't understand how league works.
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: [LFG] Silver 3 Support main, Just want a team.
: I've been playing a lot of annie, and it's extremely easy to 100-0 as her. Generally once get rod of ages and boots 1 I'm able to 100-0 the opposing laner/any squishy with ignite, I then rush a needless rod and can 100-0 without ignite.
I heard annie was really good but never see a good annie lol ill try her out tho.
MigYalle (NA)
: {{champion:1}} {{champion:7}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:127}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:238}} Enjoy your freelo.
i will def try them out again thank you
: >Is there any reliable champion that can consistently "one-shot" without being ridiculously fed? Why...? Why would you ask that? You're literally (hate using that ironically) asking for an easy champion to delete people without being fed. Play something that either requires skill, risk, or work in order to do that. Don't look for the easy way to be the annoying player that nobody likes, please. Try something like {{champion:9}} He's strong, one of the best junglers out there, but he still requires some skill and effort to reach his potential.
I ask for someone who can one shot still and you tell me to play fiddlesticks....I bet your a adc main hahaha
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: End of Season Rewards and the new Master Tier
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