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: adc smurf looking for support main for duo
B1 support main, in my promos to s5
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: Silver 1 grinding to gold today, also grinding my flex to silver
I'm a B2 support in solo/duo and unranked in flex, I would be down to grind to silver or gold with you
: ADC lf Support.
Currently a B2 support (placed S4 last season) ill play in a 5s team or duo queue.
: Connection Issues
: /ALL Chat | Name That Champ 2
Besides the obvious Draven I only guessed Sion and Cassiopeia because of their screaming.
: Experiencing Issues with the Updated Client Open Beta? We got you
I open the client and hit launch and it just disappears. I've tried everything so far and now it's saying I don't even have league of legends installed on my pc when it's clearly there. I don't even know where I should begin trying to fix things.
: s3 LF ppl to play ranked with
I'm an s5 support and jg main, i'm down to play, and I have curse and discord.
Önly4U (NA)
: Bronze 5 looking for good players that wont feed
You definitely should not be missing 3-4 cs per wave, lag or not, that's gonna really hurt your gold per minute and will cause you to fall behind your lane opponents every game. You might want to work on that first and you should have an easier time in ranked.
Lexually (NA)
: Ladies and gents! :3 Looking for a 5v5 team!
S5 supp and jg main, i'm down for 5v5 team.
: Silver ADC looking for team
: Need a partner in crime (Silver II)
Hey I'm an S5 support main. I'll definitely duo if you want to. My mains are: {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:412}}
: LF long-term Support duo partner (silver+)
IGN: Prometheon Rank: Silver 5 Champion Pool: {{champion:201}} {{champion:89}} {{champion:111}} {{champion:37}} {{champion:44}} {{champion:412}} I prefer tanky supports, but not unwilling to play ap supports.
Zito (NA)
: looking to start a dynamic que im s5
I'll add you, I'm a B1 support main
: CasualTies, New casual league club looking for members!
: Anyone looking to improve their game.
: Sliver V looking to grind to gold! add if needed
: Silver smurf fun smurf time check pic yaaaaayyyy
Hey I'm a B1 support, think you could help me into S5?
nitwitty (NA)
: Bronze Team
I'll join in, I'm a b1 support main
IAmCubby (NA)
: B3 adc looking for support duo looking to improve
Hey I'm a B1 support I'll queue with you IGN - Prometheon
: After getting 4 chests, key fragments no longer seem to drop for a lot of people.
Yeah I'm not understanding that key system, I got 4 chests really quickly and then stopped getting key fragments. So now I've got 3 chest and that's 9 key fragments and if it takes me like 25-30 games just to maybe get 1 fragment how long am I gonna have to play to get another fragment? And the more fragments I get the harder it is to get them?? If anything that's how the chests should work not the keys. I can get an S rank on my champions in any game I play so I'm just gonna be stuck with these locked chests for a month until the percentage resets?? This needs some serious rework.
: [Club] Band of the Red Hand is recruiting! (18+)
In-Game Name: Prometheon Age: 18 I'm tired of getting destroyed in solo queue so it'd be great to have a nice community I can rely on. Hopefully I can join.
: recruiting conscientious players of all elos to join club "Pikmin"
Hiro Clo (NA)
: Bronze 2 (Was silver previously) Looking for some ranked partners.
: Team Recruitment
: Team Recruitment
I main support, I'm up for it


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