: > [{quoted}](name=Pryotra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=000200000000000000000009,timestamp=2018-11-08T13:47:03.649+0000) > > Just so I understand you, would you hold a women responsible for her actions if she was having sex with a drunk male? Would that still be rape? #Yeah. cause that's the fucking law. Implying anything else is an insult to people for thinking they're magically biased without any justification.
> [{quoted}](name=AirKingNeo,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=0002000000000000000000090002,timestamp=2018-11-08T23:31:08.555+0000) > > #Yeah. cause that's the fucking law. Implying anything else is an insult to people for thinking they're magically biased without any justification. Hence why I asked instead of jumping to conclusions. The tone of the poster I was asking left this unclear.
: > [{quoted}](name=Pryotra,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=000200000000000000000009,timestamp=2018-11-08T13:47:03.649+0000) > > Just so I understand you, would you hold a women responsible for her actions if she was having sex with a drunk male? Would that still be rape? Yes, that would still be rape. Why wouldn't it be rape?
> [{quoted}](name=DrCyanide,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=0002000000000000000000090000,timestamp=2018-11-08T14:36:10.250+0000) > > Yes, that would still be rape. Why wouldn't it be rape? You would not like to know the number of times I have heard a different answer to that same question. I don't think that being drunk is an excuse, honestly. If the woman or man knowingly chose to drink, then seduce someone else, then they should still be held responsible for their actions. If they didn't knowingly imbibe, like in a spiked punch bowl situation, that's rape. in the event both are intoxicated, then it's not because how can one party be more responsible than the other? Reguardless, this is one of those heavy accusations that, unless there is evidence, is a baseless claim. I guess more will have to come out.
Vacus (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Lv60 Retri Pala,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=0002000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-07T07:50:08.748+0000) > > Since it's - as far as I understood it - not the allegedly raped person filing the lawsuit it's most likely another case of "drunk sex" that got interpreted by the ones filing the complaint as "drugged and raped". > If someone was actually raped, I'm pretty sure someone else would be in jain by now. A) Sex with someone too drunk to consent is rape just as much as if you had roofied them. Keep in mind that legally, if you are drunk enough, nothing you can do counts as murder, because when you are that drunk you cannot form the requisite criminal intent. (It can be manslaughter, but not murder.) (PS - No, this doesn't work if you intentionally plan to get drunk as a defense before killing someone, because that demonstrates intent made while sober.) B) The vast majority of reported rapists are never even charged, much less convicted. And that's even ignoring the percentage of unreported occurrences.
> [{quoted}](name=Vacus,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=h6AVXeQr,comment-id=00020000000000000000,timestamp=2018-11-07T08:18:36.315+0000) > > A) Sex with someone too drunk to consent is rape just as much as if you had roofied them. Just so I understand you, would you hold a women responsible for her actions if she was having sex with a drunk male? Would that still be rape?
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: now {{item:3001}} {{item:3157}} {{item:3165}} {{item:3152}} {{item:3100}} all have CDR BTW{{item:3152}} is a short dash that throws out missiles, you can build it on anyone and it helps out immobile mages. Pretty much all mages are viable ATM except for {{champion:268}} because LCS.
Cool, I remember Morrellonomicon having CDR, but Zhonya's is cool too. I thought that they didn't like the concept of a blink dagger?
: Last assassin update shat on a lot of mobile assassins. Right now as long as you play your cards right on {{champion:1}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} etc you can one shot someone with ease.
Good to see ranges as diverse as lux and annie in that mix. How is itemization for mages as a whole? I know that there was an issue with CDR being hard to obtain.
: >As for whether or not I have fun, I literally quit because immobile squishy mages, my fav archtype, were effectively the same as choosing to play with a Handicap. right now, a lot of immobile squishy mages are very powerful.
Interesting. How did they fix the power discrepancy between hypermobile AP assassins and their immobile bursty counterparts?
: Lot has changed, some good some bad. Watch some recent gameplay videos or just try the game yourself in its current state. Everyone is going to have a different opinion but as long as you're having fun that's all that really matters.
This seems like the best idea, but unfortunately my current situation is very internet-less. It will get better in a month or so, but until then I was hoping to gauge perceptions of the game from the player base.
Sarutobi (NA)
: Maybe you should upgrade your computer if you need to delete games in order to make more room for other games. In all seriousness though i don't get why you need an incentive to play this game. The only thing that matters is if you are having fun. If it's not stop playing, or stop playing as regularly as before. The problem most people have with this game has always been in this game. You just finally see it because of how often you are playing.
I've been filling this Terrabyte since it was the largest drive you could get for under $100. It's just time for some spring cleaning. I don't need garbage that I don't use anymore. As for whether or not I have fun, I literally quit because immobile squishy mages, my fav archtype, were effectively the same as choosing to play with a Handicap. I had over 2 years of that with Heimer previously, and wasn't interested in round two. I had planned to come back after the immobile mage rework, but life kinda happened. I'm on my feet again, so I thought I would take a look at a game I used to spend alot of time on. Apparently, I made the right choice in taking a break before assassins building tank became meta. I am just wondering if it would be worth trying to pick it up again, or if the same issues persist and not much has changed in the time I have not been playing.
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Comentários de Rioters
: Tonight on the news at 7, the NA server for LOL cannot be reached by players. They are frothing at the mouths, demanding an explanation. https://media.giphy.com/media/E3xXqq617AaFW/giphy.gif At least there are some other games to play in the meantime.
As someone who played on the NA servers, I guess I would ask "why not HOTS?" It's free, and is, compared to league, Balanced with a decent matchmaker. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}} Oh, and the serevers aren't down. {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: That was a thing? I want that back. DO IT RITO!
Yeah, Rito felt it was too harsh to the people learning to jungle and not stand under towers. Pretty unfair to hear "HUMILIATION" when your team mate fails to finish their first run.
: > [{quoted}](name=PyroInfernus,realm=NA,application-id=Ir7ZrJjF,discussion-id=T4WnfHL2,comment-id=0000000000000000,timestamp=2016-06-26T23:44:51.745+0000) > > If you died to a monster/minion, it deserves to be on your score. > > Edit: this is coming from someone who has done it. we live, we learn. What happens if you die to deny your opponent a kill? or in a tower dive where you don't take any damage? You know, like most executes are. God these boards never cease to amaze me with how bad they are, op is a scrub, his teammate has a point, these boards are clearly full of bronzes who are capable of upvoting this crap.
You did not escape. You may have evaded handing gold to the enemy team, and for that they have 1 less kill than your team has deaths, but you still died. Death is Death, and every death is tallied. Time spent dead is time not spent last hitting, not spent on taking objectives, and time that your team is a man down, allowing the other team to push the advantage. It deserves to be tallied, because it is time that you and your team were not at full potential.
: > [{quoted}](name=Troll Garen,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=zaxnlZUB,comment-id=00050000000000010000000200000000,timestamp=2016-06-27T02:23:59.019+0000) > > "ur mom" = harassment? LMAO grow a pair dude Posts that have nothing to do with the topic of discussion and serve only to derail a conversation or attack/insult a player are deemed harassment in every section of the Boards.
I've been gone for a while, didn't realize that mods posted now. Cool. Btw, I totally approve of how you are handling all this. Sticking to the rules but not afraid to post. I like it. Not that my approval means jack or shit. Just thought you might like a pat on the back.
Koharix (NA)
: A Thank You to an Awesome URGOD Player
I remember the last time I played urgod top. On a dare, during jhin's first free week, I think. Anyways, absolutely sodomized their top Jhin. Post game (we lost because the game lasted longer than 50 minutes and I was playing urgot) The Jhin tried to boast about his skill, to which I pointed that he lost his entire lane to urgot before the 10 min mark. It was pretty brutal. Urgod is Ur god.
: Do you like free art? I like free art. Free art!!
Album cover for Queen II with a twist: All Piltover Scientists. Heimer, Jayce, Ziggs, and I guess Corki? I mean, not as big a science type but definitely did contribute to the R.O.F.L. copter.
: You're free to make that decision all you want, and I'm not judging you for it... but what do you have to gain from still looking around on the forums of a game you haven't played in a month?
2 years ago, this was an upvoted sentiment, while those that were encouraging leaving were downvoted. I think this speaks volumes.
: It's still salvageable, but when we think about changes Riot does to overly toxic additions, only then is it unsalvageable because getting rid of something, reworking it, or reverting to an old state is something they don't want to do if it's not something from 5-6 years ago unless it's Ryze. I'll use Kalista again as an example. Anyone with half a brain could look at that kit and say it's ridiculously unhealthy and shouldn't be in the game. However, Riot hails CertainlyT as a genius and therefore she's somehow going to be a great release. When you consider how many patches she's been straight nerfed over and over again, driven into the dirt and stomped on, yet she was still being played and continues to win, that screams "this is a broken design!" It was only after the last nerf that people stopped playing her almost completely, and you can bet that once she's buffed even a little bit, she'll be back to being everywhere. The main problem, something that Riot refuses to accept, is that Martial Poise is easily one of the most toxic abilities ever created...and they want to address everything _except_ the problem. I mean she has 90% AD effectiveness...REALLY?? She needs a rework that actually makes sense with her character. She's a malevolent spirit of vengeance, not a fucking kangaroo - fix the problem by doing a small rework, but that's sacrilege apparently. You got my hopes up when you said there was going to be an ADC update Riot, you really did...psst, that was your chance...and you did nothing. Community: Kalista is toxic. Riot: We'll monitor the situation. Community: The nerfs did nothing, please get rid of the passive. Riot: We like the passive, it adds fun and unique elements to the character. Community: That's not excusab- Riot: Here's some champions that do decently against her. Community: You said you don't actively change the meta, and you release a champion who's very existence warps the meta just to accommodate their release, and you don't have a problem with that? Riot: We don't want the game to get stale. Community: All of these nerfs don't do anything, as long as she has her hop, she'll _never_ be healthy! Riot: We'll monitor the situation. In a few months, that abomination will be two years old, and your solution after all this time was to nerf her to the point of unplayability, and still refuse to accept that this kit is toxic and needs a rework. Put her on the rework list, it doesn't have to take the place of those who have been waiting forever, but she needs it, and deep down, past the pride and arrogance, you know it. But until then, I almost want to bet money that we'll see some buffs _conveniently_ before Worlds ~~just to make it more exciting~~ because that was deemed the right time for one reason or another.
Assuming the multiple holeceptions they have dug for themselves are somehow fixable (Protip: would take sweeping, accross the board changes to get right, as in just dumpstering balance for the rest of this season and implement all the changes at once next year in the preseason. And even then, likely a hail mary), There are far too many unfixable ones left. Their new player experience has been garbage *literally* since early Season 1, and has only gotten worse with time. They've abandoned lore, one of the few things that pulled in new players in the first place, and are currently riding coattails of their own previous success by catering to the flashy plays. By doing this, they have also jeopardized their fanbase, as one of the best parts of riot was how they interacted with their players. Not to mention the continual cashing in on their oldest players trust. The moment the professional community abandons this game due to the utter contempt of balance, this game will decline *fast*. And don't think it won't happen, because it wouldn't be the first *MOBA* to fall into the trap. In order to prevent that, they will need to balance the game. In order for that to even matter, they need a player base that isn't on it's way out. And seeing as this is a highly upvoted thread, with upvoted comments suggesting other games, I don't think Riot has the time to pull that rabbit out of their hat.
: I have it a bit easier (it was pretty easy for me to walk away) because my disgust for what League has become started like two and a half years ago. I wasn't nearly at the level of "disgusted" back then, but there were times where I would read the patch notes just to think: Wait...what the fuck did I just read? Are you kidding me Riot?? Suggestions at the bottom if you don't want to wade through the lake of salt. I watched their favoritism for champions like Lee and Zed warp the meta to the way they want it - to appeal to spectators. I watched those spectators scream when flashy plays happened, prompting Riot to invest resources into making mobility-creeped monstrosities. I watched Thresh and Yasuo be released who indirectly set the standard for new champs and reworks to be overloaded to Hell and back for the sake of being unique, fun to play, and fun to watch, all at the expense of the old standard of champions. I watched the season 4 jungle chances where most struggled to clear, (except Lee Sin - God forbid he'd have problems) and off-meta picks got the hell beat out of them for having the audacity to show their face where they aren't welcome. This shouldn't have been as surprising as it was to Riot. I watched mobility metastasize with the reassurance that "Mobility creep is definitely on our radar"....then came Kalista. At first when I saw the reveal on S@20, I honestly thought it was a sick joke. When I saw CertainlyT was the designer, my heart sank realizing this was a real thing, and that he's going to introduce another tumor to the roster. I watched Ekko, who took the form of an un-killable, un-kiteable, un-bearable "assassin" who also happened to have 3 slows - one of which was from a 3 hit passive which chunked you AND gave him a speedup, an AoE stun, percent execute damage, a dash blink combo, and an Oops button that gave an AoE AP nuke and HEALED HIM. All the while, his mana costs let him spam relentlessly, because as we've seen this season, having cooldowns are apparently anti-fun. I watched the healthiest and most balanced state League had ever been in during the middle of Season 5 disappear with the Juggernaut catastrophe, which wasn't dealt with because it wouldn't be fair to the pros for drastic changes to happen so close to Worlds. If anyone reading this happened to be involved with the decision to hold off, seriously, fuck yourself. I watched Preseason 6 and all of its cancerous changes pollute and corrupt everything that made this game fun to play after we screamed bloody murder that everything was broken, unhealthy, Yasuo and Trynd were going to be out of control from your bullshit Keystones, Graves was walking over everyone, Soraka was even worse to deal with, ADC's were in every lane not because people wanted to test them, but because it was the most optimal way to play...etc. And Riot did nothing except steamroll ahead with it. I watched Kench and Kindred released. Why? Why would you allow these champions to exist? Did you hear our complaints that having both teams line up mid and vaporize each other in 2 seconds and think "Welp, I guess dying is anti-fun lawl, here ya go!" not even mentioning unnecessary passives included. And then there's Jhin with his book report essay for a passive which lets him outplay people with a 1400 damage right-click late game. But I guess he's unique right? Mission accomplished? I watched this Dynamic Queue shitshow knowing full-well after so long of being lied to and disappointed that they had no intention of bringing Solo Queue back, but remain angry with them for the same reason as everyone else, in addition to seeing them lead players on, reminding them that it's still on the way, don't worry guys, we're not lying to you, just wait, it's coming, it's definitely coming, no, we're serious, lol fuck you we lied. The last thing I watched before I quit was the projected mage update. I'm just going to ignore the broken champions that came out of it and focus on one particular addition that ultimately made me walk away: Protobelt. Since Riot is so stubborn in their refusal to tackle mobility, their solution to immobile mages...is mobility. Holy fucking shitballs what a great idea. Let's not do a goddamn thing about mobility creep other than accentuate the problem, and you know what? Let's make it shoot rockets so mobile mages have another thing to add to their burst combo. "But they don't buy it." _They want to buff Protobelt!_ It's the same problem as Duskblade, which was introduced with the same rationale as they used to remove DFG! You don't see collateral damage right now, why would you? People are building full tank on assassins for Christ's sake. Once you get rid of that, who's buying it now? Zed? Riven? Pantheon? Talon? J4? (Which was done in LCS recently) Rengar? Just wait for it to happen. There's plenty more I could go on about, but those are some of the major points that led me to question why I'm even playing because going through all of the nerfs and buffs and the contracting reasoning to justify them would be way too long. Right now, I'm just hoping Season 7 will actually be fun. I might come back at the end of the season just to get my Victorious rewards again, but that might be all for S6. /rant Personally, Civ 5, XCOM, Vanilla WoW servers, Darkest Dungeon, and modded Skyrim have kept me company recently, and since my tendinosis has been healing, I can actually play guitar again. Not sure what you're into so I can't help much.
As a S1 Heimer Veteran, Oh my sweet summer child. I watched multiple champions get dumpstered for years at a time, one of them my main. For the sake of the greater good, and because actually balancing the champions was "too hard". I watched the jungle flip flop between "Only the strong may survive" and "Only the mobile can fend off starvation". Lee could always do both at the highest tier. I watched the game warp around Lee, Vayne, and Fizz, and later champs like zed and kalista were allowed because "How else could they keep up with their targets?" Lee is going to be on this list alot, because he was the first champion with two dashes, Hard CC, and the first champion that defined "overloaded". Deal with it. I watched entire classes get passed up because as a class they had become invalid, with the SOLE exception of Marksmen of today. Why? Cause towers still need to fall, and there just isn't anything like an ADC to topple a tower. Even today, this stands true. First the tanks disappeared. Then they traded places with bruisers. Then Assassins just pop anyone, so almost no one played them. Today, it's mages. Specifically immobile mages. Because it doesn't matter if your range is nexus to nexus, you need to be able to kite people that can literally leap 3 times in two seconds. And considering that the mage itemization is now objectively worse than ADC's well, yeah. I watched lore be dumpstered, with promises of a better way to tell it. LoL. It doesn't need to make sense, so long as Riot gets their 4th money castle. I watched promised content for loyalty be entirely scrapped, and skins that were exclusive to the past be brought back, because "it wouldn't be fair to the newcomers." That was literally their excuse for going cashing in on their word. I watched Reds fight tooth and nail against their own community against a *name change on a forum*. Seriously. And even after 2 separate, open polls, one hosted by a red, they still needed another poll and "time to consider the impact." Bullshit. It was literally a difference of 15 letters on the page. With no difference to meaning or context. I watched reds publicly smite down players with glee, and then get offended when it was their turn for a roast. Seriously, just look at Pendragons posts over the course of the game. Perfect example. I watched reds gleefully dismiss issues with pictures of dogs when the community had legitimate concerns. I watched as people turned the old forums into 4chan 2.0: league edition, while the mods did litterally nothing. Then I saw the mods suddenly start to ban anyone/dumpster threads that talked ill of Riot or kept bringing up certain issues, like the state of the forum and community. Then I watched as players figure out ways to moderate the old forums by creating armies of profiles, and watched them get banned for doing what the mods refused. I watched as a forum no one wanted was forced on a community under the guise of being easier for the reds to use. And promptly watched them retreat to reddit for over a year. Seriously. And I didn't just watch. I vocally participated. Member of the Heimerdinger Resistance, Creator of GDNight, and one of the ones at the for front of sparring with reds. And never, not once, got banned, forum or otherwise. Why? Dunno. Maybe I got lucky, maybe I didn't cross some imaginary line. Don't regret a damn moment of it. Just utterly disappointed that a game with such vast potential somehow managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. If you want a casual game, play heroes of the storm. At least it's balanced. If you want a competitive game, play Dota, because not only is there a sense of balance, individual impact actually matters, and you can put a bad team in your backpack. If you want a game that is just fun, I suggest overwatch or TF2, pretty fun. If you want a challenge that is tough yet fair, go Dark Souls or Chess. This game is just garbage, and while I will poke my head in next season to see if it is even worth picking up again, I highly, *highly* doubt that this mess is salvagable.
: There are definitely times where I want to go the extra step and really bring behavior like this to someones individual attention. Unfortunately, this is not something we can help with in a ticket :( The best ways for us to look at toxic behavior in-game is by using the report feature at the end of match. In addition to this, we do have tools that look at in-game behavior (even without reports) to get an idea of who is being toxic, and levy any appropriate punishments. Rest assured, if this guy is being a dick consistent game to game, he will be found, and he will be punished!
Is there a way to report someone pre-game lobby? Because I haven't played in a while and it wasn't possible to do when I did. If things are the same, I did this exact thing with screen shots using the support tickets. It may take some filtering, but it eventually got to the right area. This may not be smiled upon, but if someone is like this in pregame chat, but is saved by someone backing out, I should still have an option to report them. As I recall, the reason the tribunal didn't include pregame chat was because it was a separate system entirely and couldn't be added to the case. If you have a better suggestion for this, please let me know. I probably won't play again, as currently I feel highly disenfranchised by Riot, but it would be helpful knowledge for me to have if I do come back, or someone else experiencing the same issues.
: A follow-up on the "Offline Status" feature request
>What would you want us to avoid? How about not making it complicated? >What potential problems would you foresee? If away is automatically available for people to see, as is currently, then you will get invites, as is currently. Some people get butthurt if they think you are avoiding them, when really you may just have the client open and looking at god knows whatever else in another window (or for people like myself, on another monitor entirely). You seem to already know this though, as you made the exact same reference in your OP. >To deliver a chat invisibility feature, we'd have to answer some nitty-gritty questions about how exactly an invisible mode would work in practice before we prototyped the feature. Need an example that is functional? Xbox live has this exact feature. I mean, it has since the early days of the 360. Appear offline means you appear Offline. If you initiate the message, they can see the message and message back, but if they look in their friends list it says "Offline." If you are in a party, everyone can hear you and see you in the party, but if they look next to your name, it will say "Offline". If you happen to stumble upon them in matchmaking, they can see and interact with you in game, but to them your profile will say "Offline". If they are a stalker and watch your gamer score and play times of your games to watch for any changes, they will see the changes, but your profile will still appear as "Offline". Steam has literally the exact same feature. It works literally the exact same way. I honestly don't think it has a single difference in how it works. Been there since I downloaded it years before league was a game. Never once have I heard a complaint about it that was founded in reality. Honestly, marking as offline has kind of been the universal sign to leave someone alone. You can leave a message, but don't expect an instant response. You can invite someone to a game/party, but you shouldn't expect them to join. If someone *does* expect these things, then they should probably be removed/blocked, as that shit is literally the definition of an abusive relationship. But that is a very, *very* rare occurance, as people generally get it.
: So really it's the "Have a decent team comp and you'll win" meta? Sounds perfect to me...
Except you can neglect an APC. Seriously, tanks that do primarily magic damage will most likely be sufficient to force people to build MR.
: Tbh seeing the downright immature and sexist reception the thread has gotten (not by everyone, but by many people) I have little desire to go through with it. Might go full dunkey. Sorry.
I'm sorry you felt the reception was sexist, but frankly after reading the thread I saw very little of it (outside of a few posts that got downvoted to oblivion.) Considering this is a forum that used to regularly host porn, the reception has been fairly tame. If you ever feel up to it, feel free to respond to what sexualization is in males? If skin and form isn't it, then what is it that makes you frothy in terms of male characters? Keep in mind I'm really only trying to figure it out, and not come off as offensive.
: Most of them are not sexualized at all tbh. Not going to start the idealized vs sexualized debate though. Also I understand your issue. Would have included it in the OP but people are spamming about it every day and I felt it was too much to ask for in one post. EDIT: Shirtless with bulging muscles =/= sexualized.
So help me understand here. What is sexualized in males? How is Vlad on your list? I didn't get it tbh, but I based my list off of the group you mentioned and your want for a bad boy archetype without being a beefcake. And then from there, point out the ones on my list that don't make the cut, and tell me why. I garen-tee I can find a list of characters. Thing is, this game doesn't have the story depth that star wars or the marvel universe that you need to make a real Anti-hero, male or female. So if that's what the characters are really missing, then I'm afraid you won't find something to make you moist in runeterra.
: @Riot, you need to start fanservicing female players too. It can only bring revenue and popularity.
{{champion:266}} {{champion:119}} {{champion:245}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:104}} {{champion:126}} {{champion:64}} {{champion:236}} {{champion:90}} {{champion:2}} {{champion:80}} {{champion:91}} {{champion:23}} {{champion:4}} {{champion:77}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:5}} {{champion:157}} - A good cast of mostly morally ambiguous males that have been sexualized in some fashion or another, whether via skins or just raw form. Honestly, the reason it isn't really noticed is because, well, most of their stories have been retconned. I can't tell you the last time I was "intrigued" by any league character, because frankly none of them matter anymore. Even the ones that haven't been release I can safely say that for, because lore is so shitty right now that literally nothing in this game matters to itself, much less the audience. I know this sounds like I'm trying to make this about lore, but here is the issue - Why would moral ambiguity matter when mages can sling the magical equivalent of nukes around? We know thanks to the Bard promo that the magic capable of leveling mountains still exists in Runeterra. Keep in mind the power to do that is likened to an atomic bomb. The league is no more - the one thing that stopped these spells from being used willy-nilly is gone, retconned. Without it, it doesn't matter if Garen and Darius brawl, because the whole field could and most likely would be leveled in an instant. The only creatures that MIGHT survive would be Cho'gath, Rek'sai, and potentially Xerath, and even then that's a HUGE maybe. TL;DR - Characters can't be morally ambiguous when they simply don't matter. And none of League matters to anyone or anything, itself included.
Brascus (NA)
: "If we win early game, enemy team shouldn't be allowed to turtle and turn it around"
I think that there should be a balance. You shouldn't be able to turtle indefinitely and automatically, but at the same time it shouldn't be impossible. Last season you could turtle with 1 champion that had waveclear under each tower, maybe 2 champs if you where really behind. This season you can only do it if they have only 2-3 champions pushing and you bring your whole team. Ideally, 1 tower + entire team should be able to hold off 5 man push for a while, but the turret should get whittled down if it doesn't stop.
Kyrrion (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Pryotra,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=AnaNWvEm,comment-id=00070001,timestamp=2016-01-31T19:44:56.228+0000) > > After crunching numbers on Kayle, Fervor is objectively worse than Thunderlords on her. Her E means it double dips on the stacks to set off thunderlords, and add even 1 Q or a second AA or even nashors/Rageblade and you have auto procs basically every 20 seconds. Meanwhile, Fervor just doesn't increase your DPS enough to compensate the difference. I wanna see your numbers.
So, I'm not at home and don't have access to my actual numbers. However, I can give you the reasons why Thunderlords won that I remember. Firstly, Both the CDR and Flat pen options under thunderlords are by default better than the choice of % pen under Fervor. On Kayle, you already get a good amount of % reduction, which makes the % pen choices really bad on her as she naturally reduces the value. The only real time you want to invest in % pen on Kayle is when someone is stacking resistances, and even then the extreme to which % pen becomes a good buy means that it is best purchased in game rather than invested in masteries. For Fervor, the Champion-only ramping aspect really hurts it all game. Kayle naturally has a low AS early, and even with runes and masteries it doesn't get very high until items are purchased. Even then, you don't really want to start with AS items right at lvl 1, so until your first B Fervor is only netting you a couple points of damage every other second, and that without factoring resistances. Late game, it maxes out at 112 an attack, but takes a few seconds to get there. By the time you are fully ramped on it, you should be doing so much damage that the fight is almost over already. Only if you manage to pre-ramp before a fight somehow, which btw is the best case scenario for fervor, you can feasibly outdamage Thunderlords by a noticable margin, but by this point resists will hurt you more with Fervor as it is easier to obtain armor vs MR and you have done alot of damage during the ramp up even without fervor. In Thunderlord's court it's basically at the start of the fight if it is off of CD it will be painful. Early game it does enough damage to be noticed, and easily surpasses the damage of Fervor without scaling until the midgame. By then, you should have some items that keep Thunderlords above Fervor in terms of damage until roughly 16, though that all heavily depends on how fed you get as AS and CDR really matter for Fervor. If a teamfight late game somehow lasts 15 seconds or longer(I think I used a benchmark of a 15 sec fight with a 5 second poke phase to do my calcs), and you start the fight/poke phase with a thunderlords proc, then it catches just short of fervor. Which, by that point in the game, you should do enough damage that all the keystones should lost in Kayle's innate raw DPS. A couple things that tipped the favor were that Gunblade's active, and Nashor's / Rageblade's passives counts as it's own damage source for Thunderlords, whereas they don't for Fervor. Even if you only build 1 of them, Nashors or Rageblade would make it an automatic proc on the first Kayle AA with E active. Also, while on paper it looks like the Fervor and Rageblade synergy is too good, Rageblade actually builds off of non champion damage, meaning that you could hit 8 stacks early with it if you hit nearby minions/monsters with Kayle's splash or by pre-ramping on minions and prevent Kayle from really ramping Fervor to it's maximum potential. This isn't something that Thunderlords suffers, because the burst only happens on champions and in instant. In summary, Fervor is only good against a team that can survive Kayle wailing on them long enough to fully ramp it up, and even then Thunderlords isn't so bad to make it useless in comparison. The upfront damage of thunderlords makes it automatically win early game, and late game it evens out, slightly in the favor or fervor.
Quepha (NA)
: Deathfire needs some level scaling and a longer duration on aoe spells. Fervor is comparable to Thunderlord's and in some instances is clearly better but Deathfire is just garbage unless you have a very rare DoT or single target spell.
After crunching numbers on Kayle, Fervor is objectively worse than Thunderlords on her. Her E means it double dips on the stacks to set off thunderlords, and add even 1 Q or a second AA or even nashors/Rageblade and you have auto procs basically every 20 seconds. Meanwhile, Fervor just doesn't increase your DPS enough to compensate the difference.
: > [{quoted}](name=DeloricVI,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=WTxEInWh,comment-id=00050000,timestamp=2016-01-29T17:57:26.574+0000) > > Yeah, Fiora needs to be more like Yasuo, the champion that everyone hates. > > I think the hatred generated by making Fiora, a champion everyone already hates, more like Yasuo, someone that everyone arguably hates even more, would be enough to make Teemo say, "Well, shit. I thought I was the source of all hatred in League of Legends..." > > Bottom line, I can't think of any resourceless champion that people don't hate. If you have a rage bar, flow meter, or just nothing at all below your health bar, the community wants to ask you to please crawl into a hole and die, for the most part. half the population of this game who even plays ranked plays in bronze and silver. yasuo has a kit thats not very straight forward to play against. you have to pay attention to a lot of details. most people cant do that. but he isnt op and actually has enough counterplay to his abilities. plus, he specifically counters ranged champions. so naturally all people who play that kindof champions already dont like him.
: The {{champion:74}} is BIG and HARD. You just gotta use the donger right. Got a penta with him last week.
I didn't say they were unusable. I said that compared to other champs with wave clear and/or burst potential, whatever investment in a mage would almost always be better spent elsewhere. The reason for stressing waveclear and burst potential is because that is what mages traditionally bring to a team comp. Pick up Kayle (hybrid) or Zed(AD) and use them as a comparison point. Basically, for what they do, mages take to much investment to be worth the choice.
: Mages deserve it have had the best itemzation forever and zhonyas was is still is the best item in the game mages have the only penetration item that is total penetration ap and ad itemization aren't meant to be the same they both have their ups and downs.
before their rework, adc's had the same amount of itemization in the game. Zhonya's has been powerful, but you know what else is? QSS. Guess who has had a build path for that? Adc's. Guess who get their active faster and cheaper? ADC's. Never asked for them to be the same. I asked for mages to be a fair investment. Which they aren't. You end up investing more for less.
: Ah yes,Riot's response to us asking why.
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Stesso (NA)
: This is absolutely uncalled for, and a huge mess for high elo players...
I know this is a terrible solution, but... well, have you tested their accuracy? This could be a case of the new system being inaccurate with it's predictions. I know my unranked scrubby butt gets queue times of 0:00 but waits for upwards of 5 minutes. Maybe the system just doesn't have enough data yet to accurately predict the time it takes to queue.
: The State of Jax, Xin, etc and Guinsoo's Rageblade
I litteraly tried Kayle yesterday with rageblade. Honestly, it's a great item to extend your lead, but if you are behind it doesn't help as much as you'd like, and would almost always be better off going with gunblade or even Rylais when behind. And if you are ahead, well, that means you can carry alot harder. For example, had a game yesterday against a morde. Rageblade was my second item. Morde was a refugee camp. I left lane with 7 kills and a gigantic CS lead. Even though our bot lane was struggling, it didn't matter because the enemy team fed a _hypercarry_. Did I use rageblade? Heck yeah, because it stacked with Fervor and was an easy pickup to extend my lead.
: still no fix
I assume OP means pathing, which has gotten terrible as of late. >Protip OP: You can add a jump straight into any time of any youtube clip by adding "?t=**X**m**Y**s" without the quotes to the end of the URL, where **X** is the minutes and **Y** is the seconds. >Youtube will actually even do this for you if you pause where you want them to see and press the share button > click the start at checkbox > Click URL and Copy Pasta >EX https://youtu.be/icFTtXi0RlA?t=5m1s
shyv (NA)
: i didn't read this post correctly before i voted lol no, riot shouldn't make a "rule" so that you can only pick certain champs in ranked. but in general you should try to learn as much about your champ as possible before you take them into ranked. that's on you, not riot, not your team, don't pick things you don't know how to play
I think his point is that you can't control the team, just you. And you can't stop your team from being dumb in champ select.
: So many feeders in ranked. How to help this.
I think 20+ is a bit arbitrary, but I also don't like the mentality of "X champ is newly purchased because Y pro was streaming them so lets spam them in ranked." Maybe make it more like 10 matches?
: well... akali is a bad example of an assassin because shes extremely limited to having her w be a source of safety but pink wards completely negate her, even then she actually one of the slowest assassinators (thanks to her e nerf not proc'ing q) ekko, the only thing hes got going for him is his ult but he certainly cannot assassinate without the enemy champs being stupid enough to stand next to his ult eve, pls, shes more of a ward more than anything kass, well he certainly can assassinate but he needs a lot of preparation before a fight and plus hes really situational unlike his more popular counterparts such as {{champion:238}} {{champion:105}} and {{champion:7}} who can really be picked whenever
It's actually because of mage Items ATM. 40% cdr is really hard for mage types to achieve now that the masteries changed, and Assassins need that. Even harder on energy champs like akali because the main 2 CDR + AP items are both Mana regen items, and expensive ones to boot. They aren't alone either, because non AS Scaling AD champs are feeling it too. Look at riven, Talon, and the like. All felt a win rate drop after the preseason went live, and it's because CDR isn't very accessible to them either. Basically, When riot changed the items this season, they had champs like Yi or Tristana in mind. You know, the ADC's? Everyone else fell by the wayside, although due to the Juggernaut rework those champs felt it less. By the way, Leblanc, the one champ you mentioned that is purely played AP unlike zed who is AD and fizz who can be played either or, is doing terribly in the preseason.
: That's true...now i'm just going to use the mute button a LOT more.
I recommend this. It really makes this game playable.
3Power (NA)
: >I'm pretty sure there is a line between playful jabs and getting into arguments/actual verbal abuse. IN LEAGUE? BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH What do you think half of these reports are for?
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} People like you? {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
3Power (NA)
: The point is that it's hypocritical for riot to demand that everyone be all buddybuddy and respectful at all times, and then have shit like this that is implied taunting in a single image.
I'm pretty sure there is a line between playful jabs and getting into arguments/actual verbal abuse. This isn't verbal abuse. Verbal abuse (also known as reviling or " verbal bullying") is described as a negative defining statement told to the victim or about the victim, or by withholding any response, thereby defining the target as non-existent. I responded, but without anything negative or defining. Taunting someone would be to provoke or challenge them with insulting remarks. This isn't taunting. There is no insult, unless it is insulting to you that I am reading all this while enjoying a nice batch of popcorn. Even then, I'm making no challenge or provocation. The two aren't the same either, as one is simply to harm, while the other is to provoke. There is a distinct difference, and knowing is half the battle. {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}}
3Power (NA)
: See, now why isn't shit like this reportable? Isn't taunting a form of verbal abuse?
{{sticker:slayer-pantheon-popcorn}} <- I'm about 95% sure this was created for *exactly* the purpose I used it for. Look up "Pendragon smite" on google if you don't believe me. So many threads like this while people got their popcorn ready for Penny to come in and lay down the truth.
: Abusive/Sexist player beware!
Seriously, just report/mute and move on. The internet has literally always been like this, people on it attack others for literally any reason, true or not. I've literally heard the exact same shit for picking Heimerdinger, my main since Season 1. There was no reason to make this thread except to attention whore. Stop it.
: Should Riot allow chat restrictions to be controlled by other players?
: No that's a Galley. You're thinking of a really strong wind.
I believe the term you are a thinking of is a Gale. Galio was a type of music/dance from the Renaissance.
: Karma's, Sona's, Casseopia's, and Mordekaiser's champion identities were fucked over with their rework. I actually believe this.
You forgot trundle. That's straight up character deletion there, even if it was primarily a lore rework.
Solideus (EUNE)
: Expectated outcome for immobile Mage reworks
As a Heimer main, he likely *won't* get huge sweeping changes. He's had 2 reworks already, both with sweeping changes, and one fairly recently. He's in a good place, has pretty good and clear counter play, and the only thing I even see them really touching much is his passive. If he gets a new passive, his current one will likely be just incorporated into his turrets and possibly even scale a little better. He is only really played by die hard fans for 1 reason; he was left in the gutter as a joke for longer than any other champion, Urgot included. Most people consider him a gimmicky joke, and I still hear complaints when I pick him on occasion. He really is healthy now, just think of him as the anti-assassin mage. To put it in Fire-emblem terms, he is one of the weapons that works opposite the triangle of pike<axe<sword<pike. Except in league, the triangle is assassins/flighty mages<tanky mages<immobile mages<assassins/flighty mages. Send tanky mages or even just immobile ones with good wave clear and he suffers hard in a 1v1 scenario.
: 5 Things I don't understand about this preseason. 1. A jungle objective that doesn't benefit junglers. 2. Turrets feel like free gold and xp and not an actual objective even worth defending. 3. No one still uses wards even though they are all free, cheaper, and supports get it streamlined into their builds. 4. Dr. Mundo has crazy high win rate despite all ad champs get counter sustain with 800g 5. Xin Zhao is building Rageblade.
As a Heimerdinger main, I can still solo defend mid turret against the entire enemy team. #2 is something that is both worth it and doable simultaneously. As a Heimerdinger main, I am able to solo light half the map by myself. That hasn't been the case for me since season 3. And I love it. That should invalidate #3. Blue trinket OP, Please leave it alone. As for #1, I think Heimer can solo it early. If I end up top Heimer, I'll try it. I already know that Heimer + the new buff = automagically winning a lane. IMO, I don't know why people feel that every buff available on the map *has* to be optimized for the jungler. Certainly a jungler won't say no to the free stats early, and the extra pushing power means that ganks/counter ganks will be much stronger and more punishing. Even if the buff could go to another champion and do better, the jungler can still use it adequately. And I think that is good enough. Actually #4 is pretty simple. Even though everyone has access, doesn't mean people are building it. Even if they are, the mechanic itself got nerfed quite a bit, and Mundo was balanced around a stronger GW. Whenever GW takes a nerf, Mundo gains a buff. It's his direct counter, and it doesn't stack with itself. Pretty obvious IMO. And finally #5. Xin Zhao likes AS. Rageblade scales it's passive off of AS. It gives 200%+ gold efficiency in it's slot on stats alone, not counting the passive. Xin can use the Ap for things. Therefore, Xin builds Rageblade.
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