: The first quest completes at 500 gold (like before) and then there’s another one where you need 1,000 gold to complete the upgrade to the final form. But that’s not the issue. Why take away abilities like Mana Regeneration and 10% CDR from these items. It will only make it hard for people to manage Mana Regeneration and CDR early on. + also, people would take support items not just because of 3 wards but also because of abilities it provided and when you take them away, I have an item that’s just for gold and 4 wards? Waste of space. Last but not least, tribute gold gets removed so later on I don’t have good gold generation to build good items and can’t even CS now because there’s a ‘poach penalty’ for support players even though no one cares about lane CS later on in the game. So I get money to build Mana Regeneration friendly items but at what cost? Riot is just fucking it up. Honestly, I would have switched to Coin looking at the NONSENSE they did to Spellthief’s Edge since it gave Gold + Mana but that’s no longer there so like it’s just horrible for Support Mains (especially for those who play Enchanter Supports) -_-
As bad as it is, at least they could drop the poach penalty after level 6 or something. Were adc's whining too much? What if they are dead? What if you need to push the lane?
: I feel you misunderstand. You buy the income items at 350 gold. And then at 500 quest gold achieved, and after that at quest maxed out, the items *automatically upgrade for free*. That means you can back early for a Chalice or a Tear, if you really need that mana.
and have a slot used that does almost nothing except give you wards
: Thank you for giving Nami love by having her DIE XD in the patch video but I’m sorry being a support main who plays champions like Nami and Sona who are heavily reliant on mana, especially in the laning phase, removing Mana regeneration from Spellthief’s Edge is the stupidest thing in the world. First, you now want us to get 1,500 gold overall to upgrade our Support Items instead for 500 and then don’t even give Mana Regeneration. Like it’s so frustrating to play super aggressive and die sometimes to make that 500 gold and now you even reduce how much gold we earn from attacking champions/ buildings. Playing aggressive = Exhausting Mana. DUH! So without mana regeneration, I won’t be able to complete my first quest in 10-15 minutes (depending on who I’m up against) and therefore, will not be able to impact the map overall by being able to place more wards because I’ll need to build a Tear and what not to get than mana flow coming. + no CDR for Eye of the Frost and the final one is another horrible thing to do. It’s hard to get 40% CDR quick and this upgrade helps achieve that in the first 15 minutes. That’s 10% CDR + high Mana Regeneration was the reason people were incentivised to play aggressively and get the quest done, even if it meant putting your life on the line. And now you take it out like it’s nobody’s business. Then there’s the entire thing about penalty for Support players to not farm. Like are you serious? At times we need to clear waves and slow push them since we (atleast I do) generally build Boots of Mobility and can switch lanes fast and rejoin the team fight or when the ADC is back at the base or dead, there’s nothing wrong with me getting my CS. I don’t know but these updates are an attack against all Support Mains in so many ways it’s not even funny. It’s like we are made to feel grateful that we get to save the 1,200 gold from not upgrading items but then you have so many terms and conditions for that it’s like frustrating. S M H -_-
: Yes, the support item will be weaker, but the 450g that you would normally spend on Frostfang can now be spent on other mana regen items.
1 more slot lost = 1 less way to impact game
Conalll (NA)
: The war against mana regen continues. Supports have a harder time finding quality mana items as it is. The regen from the spell-theif made a pretty big difference. Don't like it one bit.
i agree - where is the mana regen - Can I not play sona as support anymore? They nerfed here from mid - now support ... I hope you feel guilty riot.
: Patch 9.23 notes
BOOOO. I Want twisted treeline back. Kill teamfight tactics or at least permanently move it to be exclusively mobile.
wolf jade (EUNE)
: how do i use nexus blitz finisher?
I wish riot had put a little explanation in the loot section where you 'buy' it with the tokens.


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