: They nerfed Kalista so hard even the skin team forgets about her, lol. I don't feel any kind of way for her anyway so I guess I don't much care either. The only one that truly, TRULY surprises me here is Shyvana. Maokai has a lot of mini elements that makes it pretty time consuming, Azir is very niche playerbase, kennen is kind of linear design wise, how many ways can you make pikachu (1350rp worthy). But Shyvana? She has a lot of opportunity for skins and skin lines, including many already pre-existing, like Jurassic would be good (I guess that's boneclaw? Meh.). But most importantly - this is the season they hyped up dragons SO much, and would've been PERFECT for a Shyvana ultimate skin to go with it, perhaps a skin that adjusts itself with dragon kills, or when the map changes she does too? So many missed opportunities. I can only imagine the reason is because her pick rate is low, which I understand I guess. But Udyr and Sona both got ulti skins and they are bottom of the barrel picking too. Poor dragon baby grill.
Udyr and Sona were popular when they got their ultimates. They've just fallen off because of age ({{champion:77}}) and being nerfed 37 times in a row ({{champion:37}})
: I know I probably sound like a broken record with how often I say it but... **Kalistas only skin that is not seasonally worlds related is bloodmoon, her release skin**
: The Champions in the 1000 day club who missed out...
P.S. {{champion:106}} should be in the "hasn't gotten a skin for a long time but is going to soon" list
: Take a character you like and ruin them with bad writing.
{{champion:102}} 's father isn't part of the lore anymore ... oh wait
: The Champions in the 1000 day club who missed out...
{{champion:429}} is definitely the most egregious exclusion, especially if she really doesn't get a skin this year, which I have a sinking feeling she won't or they would have mentioned her. {{champion:154}} should technically be on the list too since team skins aren't supposed to count (just like Victorious Ori) and I'd argue Kha should be there too considering Ryze just got a Sandman skin even though he got Victorious at the end of last year. Kha has only had Championship since Dark Star in May 2017 (same time as Ori) Also, I think it's possible that (at least) ({{champion:268}} {{champion:133}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:61}} {{champion:121}} ), the bottom half of the list could still get skins. In the video they mentioned {{champion:48}} even though his skin was already on PBE, but not {{champion:2}} , who was also in the 1000 days club and was also already on PBE. That said, I don't see it happening for {{champion:429}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:57}} . Kali 'cause they hate her, Shy 'cause rework and I don't think anyone cares about Maokai.
: Another interesting note is RIOTs inclusion of {{champion:29}} in the list of "unpopular champions" since he got a snowdown skin last Christmas, although honestly I was expecting him to get one this year anyway since it is the year of the rat.
That's why he was included. He missed out on the Lunar skin that he really deserved since it's his year, so they were reassurring us that he'll get a skin to make up for it.
Snòópy (EUW)
: While you're at it, please revert the splash art for Gothic Annie. Old splash was so much better looking. {{champion:1}}
: VFX Updates for Annie and Nautilus
As a 100-thousand-something mastery point Annie main, here's some feedback, in order of how much things stood out to me 1 - Annie in Wonderland's unique VFX are wonderful, I love them with all my heart, thank you. 2 - Tibbers's burn AOE being visible is huge. Great change. 3 - Panda Annie's VFX look somehow... less unique?. I don't know, Q feels off, I can't describe it. 4 - Shield is a bit off. I think a lot of shield VFX in the recent updates have them fade out toward the bottom to give the illusion that they surround the person, and Annie's is just solid all the way around. I think if it was a bit fainter at the bottom it would look better. 5 - Idle flame looks way better on all skins, this is actually something I've wanted change for a long time, believe it or not. I think this improves her aesthetic a lot (at least when idling, she could still use another VU [but I won't get greedy]) 6 - Nice touch adding the *stunned* effect, especially on Frostfire (where they're frozen). I really like this. 7 - W on all skins but Wonderland and Hextech feels less impactful. The reason is, the effect used to linger for a few frames, which it still does on Wonderland, but now it's over way faster. If you could make it linger for a bit on all her skins (the same way it does now on Wonderland) that would be really nice. 8 - Tibbers's idle fire effects look really cool on base, but seem to be either missing or should be added to a couple of other skins (Wonderland-make them more visible; Frostfire-make them more visible, particularly around his hands; Panda-add them in). The burning Tibbers effects are a great idea and look the best on base, so it would be nice to see that incorporated into all the other skins. 9 - I don't know if this is even possible, but I think it'd be cool to have a unique effect for when she kills a minion with Q and gets a reset, like a unique hit effect of some variety. This one obviously isn't necessary, but just an idea that came to mind. 10 - I wanted to save this for last because it's kinda big, but... I don't know if Super Galaxy is just unfinished, but it kinda looks terrible, no offence. The Q is half the size of her other skins and the auto-attacks are also tiny, W doesn't look like it has the same hitbox as her other skins and I can hardly see the AOE burn on Tibbers. I mean, I never liked SG so I might be a bit biased here, but I think it looks considerably less good than every other skin. 11 - Just kidding, I had to say how great Wonderland looks again. Totally fab, I am over the moon about this. I actually have a reason to use this skin now! Overall, the changes are great. With a few tweaks, I think they can be perfect. I really appreciate the passion that obviously went into this (most evident with Wonderland's wonderful update) and I'm glad she got chosen for some newness. Oh, and Naut looks pretty good, but the W on-hit symbol is weird. PS - can you suggest to someone on the Splash Art team to either update her splashes or revert Frostfire pls and thank you
Jaspers (EUW)
: Based on timeframe it's unlikely we'll see Blitz (he's like 2), Viktor, Jayce, Zac, folks like that. Sadly Mundo included. I do wonder if we'll get cameos from Heimer, Ziggs (ageless) or Orianna (as human). And I expect, Camille, Caitlyn and Ekko in some form as cameos or more.
I'm pretty sure we'll see Ekko at least. I think it's one of his quotes where he talks about Jinx, and, y'know, a show about youths surviving in the depths of Zaun would be a bit strange to not include the one person who is that exact concept as a character.
: As an Ionia fan, please stop for a while when you hit 20 Ionian champions.
Unpopular opinion, but I'd really like to see some more Shadow Isles champions. The last big release was {{champion:83}}'s VGU in 2016. Last new champ technically was in 2014 ({{champion:429}}), but since she isn't actually a champion anymore, the last REAL champion release was {{champion:412}} in 2013. Seven years without a proper new champ is a bit much.
: Between Kayn and Jhin have also been Xayah, Rakan, and Ivern. There have been way more Ionian releases than you are accounting for here. Meanwhile there are other regions which have a gap of 6 years between champion releases.
Also Irelia and Akali reworks back-to-back and right after Xayah and Rakan.
: What are Skin Lines you think need expanding? (Excluding popular ones like SG, High Noon, PROJECT)
The super-hero line would be something I'd love to see more skins in. I think the lore they have for it already is really fun and I'd love to see more from it.
GreenLore (EUW)
: Anivia doesn't need a full VGU, but she could get an Ezreal-level VGU, thats mostly visuals, with only a few gameplay changes. Though I agree that Trynda definitely needs a VGU, probably more than Anivia.
I'm thinking more Morgana-level, where they just shift numbers a bit and maybe give her a new effect or two.
: Who do you think is going to be put into the upcoming rework vote?
If he's on there, {{champion:35}} would be my top vote. His art is all bad, his lore is nonexistant and his kit is one of those "I don't even want that on my team" cases. Other than that, {{champion:31}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:77}} would all be exciting. I'm pretty confident that {{champion:102}} is gonna be reworked in the second half of the year and they just haven't announced her yet, so any three of the ones I said here and Mundo/Nocturne would make me happy (though I really don't care about Nocturne, I don't think he's that bad)
: BUT THEY SAID {{champion:29}} WHO GOT ONE ON 2018 LMAO
They said Twitch because he was meant to get a Lunar Revel skin but didn't because of the theme change. So he's getting something else to compensate.
Kazekiba (NA)
: > They still make them Source? Last I checked, they havent made a 975 RP skin since Renektoy. In 2017. Championship skins since 2013 had new particles, VFX, and even some SFX at times. All 975 RP skins. CS Ashe looks worse than Thresh does, and is a 1350 RP skin. Theyre just short of giving Garen black armor and charging you 1350RP for it.
Blood Moon Eve was (I think) the last 975. It came in 2018. I think that price point is more or less retired.
: Especially because **she literally doesn't have a non worlds related skin, aside from her _release_ skin.**
That's what I've been saying for years!
: I mean, they did say that they aim for 120 skins this year alone. Kali could be included in there. She just wasn't guaranteed a skin. Also, they only guaranteed like 10ish champs a skin in that vid. There are still a probable 110 skins out there. Sure, most might go to champs like Kaisa, MF, Ezreal, etc., but there is still a chance for Kali.
We can only pray. But it does seem pretty sus that they'd mention 78% of the champs that have been neglected since 2016 or earlier and only leave off those three (and Shyv who I heavily suspect is gonna get VGU'd in Q3/Q4)
Sukishoo (NA)
: Kalista, Zac, Maokai, Shy, Voli, Quinn, Gnar, Kennen, Kha, Ori, Camille, Liss, Rumble. Those are all the champions not mentioned that either haven't had something in a long time or have a smaller (under 10+) catalogue. Of course Voli is getting a skin with his update, so he's kind of in his own category now. The rest though we just have to wait and see how it goes.
Jaspers (EUW)
: Oh, yes and I agree with them. Skins pay the bills. Yet, sometimes I feel that maybe they can look into other things to help the situation. For example, popular champs get big expensive 1350+RP skins, great. But why not give less popular skins 975 or even 750 skins that require less work, chromas for base skin models or some skins as well, things that at least give players of those less popular champs a chance to spend money. Not every skin has to be all singing and dancing. Tell us what what they are doing, admit this and we will accept it. While saying "We look at who hasn't had one in a while." and not making a champ who hasn't had one in years that fits the theme perfectly (Taliyah SG or Xerath Battle Boss) and giving Yasuo another skin just makes us not trust them.
No don't say that. They definitely should not cheap out on unpopular champs. It would be a terrible feeling to wait 5 years for a Skarner skin only for it to be 750 with no effects or a recall, when just about every other skin in the past 2 years has had all the bells and whistles.
: Zac also not mentioned to get a new skin. That's sad.
Yeah I feel bad about Zac and Mao, but Kali is just insulting at this point. I mean, I can still hope, but I'm more so expecting to have to wait for 'Skins in 2021' for them to say "We're finally gonna give Kalista her first skin"
Sukishoo (NA)
: Yeah, which held over for awhile but they do need a new one sometime down the line.
Yeah for sure. But he's definitely a step above Corki and Udyr.
GreenLore (EUW)
: As far as I'm aware they actually said the same thing about last year, which had 4 VGUs and 5 champs. So this year could look the same or maybe something along the lines of 3 VGUs and 6 champs.
Yeah we didn't hear about Panth at the start of the year and they also said then that they were slowing down on VGU's. I think it's entirely possible we still get Shyv in the second half of the year.
Sukishoo (NA)
: They don't just pick a champion and dive it, that's not how they work. They grab many champs and poke around ideas. So of those ideas are possible and others are a bit further out so they may not actually be possible to achieve. So through all those ideas they have to settle on what will work and what won't. Plus, what makes corki older than Mundo? Jax? Tryndamere? Ect. They are all part of the original 40 champs. There's so many possibilities to choose from.
At least Trynd got a VU in 2011 or 2012 or something.
: I also think it's kinda funny that everyone forgets the original poll was for one champion. Riot ended up doing two, one of which has been worked on with a passion and has nine skins for them to figure out how to make their horror concept work and another with where we get a free skin just for owning him. When is the last time another MOBA did that?
Yeah I really feel like there's way more passion going into Voli and Fiddle than went into a lot of the 2018 VGU's (just as an example) {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}} {{champion:266}}
: As much as I'd prefer VGUS over new champs, at least we have many previous ones that were done. Also, they may do some others as was stated above: Shyvana, Mundo, etc. Also let's not forget Legendary and Ultimate skins which essentially function as VU for champions. Sure you must buy it and its not for all skins but those tend to be the best skins for champs that need VU anyways and ppl buy those skins anyway. So TECHHNICALLY we are getting Voli, Fiddle and Mini VU thru Legendary skins like with Night/Dawn Soraka. We have that to look forward to. Plus older champs who still look good are getting vfx updates and gameplay updates. So in reality we have alot of work on old champs happening. Things will turn out great. Have faith.
The effects updates really do help. They're a nice substitute for the proper updates that we're not getting.
: TaLoN lOrE
: They also said they wanted to try and push passed 120 skins released this year. Just because she wasn't mentioned, that doesn't mean she isn't getting a skin.
I know it doesn't mean she's not getting a skin, but they mentioned every other champ that hasn't gotten a skin since before 2017 (minus Shyv, who's probably getting reworked at the end of the year, and Zac and Mao) which feels pretty bad. Also, she still hasn't gotten a proper skin since her release.
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: Who Is The New Lore Champ? Wrong Answers Only.
Lewanor (NA)
: Champions in Season 2020
I'm really disappointed that Fid and Voli are the only VGU's for 2020. I know they said they were gonna slow down on them after 2018, but this feels really bad. I wonder if we even would have gotten two VGU's this year if these two weren't so close in the vote.
Zoli Ben (EUNE)
: With VGUs becoming this discontinued I give up...
Yeah I'm really disappointed about this. On the bright side, the two we are getting are looking amazing! ...just wish it was more than two. After Voli releases this is gonna be the first time since the Sion update that they won't be actively working on ANY vgu's.
: Fiddlesticks dev blog, it's... it's beautiful
This is amazing and just about everything I wanted from this VGU. There was one single complaint I had with the dev blog, and that was that it sounds like the roadmap is not gonna announce any new VGUs... kinda sad.
: I stopped counting after annie.
: If one Region took control of the rest of the Runeterra, which Region would you prefer to do so?
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 16: The Voices of the Dead vs You are the Weapon
I thought You are the Weapon was really boring and I love Lucian and Senna, so the choice is clear for me.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 13: Silence for the Damned vs Child of Zaun
Damn, I really loved Silence, but Child of Zaun was my favourite story of the year... and that's not just cause of recency bias.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 12: Homecoming vs Roots of a Poisoned Tree
I'm going for the Roots, just cause it was so cool to finally get some Malphite lore. Also, I didn't really like that Yi story. Also I really liked that Malph story. It was nice.
Terozu (NA)
: Dudes and dudettes! We finally got a new canon lore skin! Freljord Sylas
: New Story: Child of Zaun
Yeah that is absolutely the same character. That little bit of continuity blew my mind when I read it. What a great story, I can't wait to see what comes next from Zaun/Piltover.
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 5: The Harder Path vs Fit to Rule
Voting for Ashe because I can't stand quiyianaia
: 2019 Lore Tournament - Day 4: Demacian Heart vs Turmoil
This one's really hard. I really loved the entirely of Demacian Heart... up until the ending. And I hate how they've followed it up, Sylas is boring outside of this story. Turmoil is great all-around, so I think I'll go with that because I'm not disappointed in it after the fact. I liked Demacian Heart more, but it's also disappointed me more.
Kene (NA)
: Shaco model rework
Well he's on the "Tier 1 VGU List" along with a *few* others... {{champion:9}} {{champion:106}} {{champion:102}} {{champion:36}} {{champion:56}} {{champion:33}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:42}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:77}} etc etc
: Solution to Riot Skipping Christmas
I love Snowdown but it's not worth it to play ARAM for it
Culinary (NA)
: Daily reminder that Xerath has not gotten a skin since April 2015.
: New Ionian Juggernaut "Sett" Theories
Are you saying the next champion is Incineroar?
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Zeanix (OCE)
: I don’t really understand the point of Aatrox’s toggle wings
There's no animation because it was an afterthought. Old Aatrox players were disappointed with the rework because it kept none of old Aatrox and their way of fixing it was giving him his banner wings back.
usul1202 (NA)
: Who has your favorite death animation?
{{champion:23}} has been my favourite ever since I started playing. It's so satisfying seeing him get impaled on his own sword.
Bultz (NA)
: A few leaks if you haven’t seen
I guess we'll find out next week if this is legit, but my prediction is that it is not. The last legit leak (I think) was all the way back when the Urgot rework was happening and they predicted his meat grinder ult. This doesn't feel any more legit than any of the other bs leaks that have popped up since then... real weird selection of champs. Then too, Riot has been known to select weird champs for skins in the past while.
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