QaznGod (NA)
: Can't see the runes in the client
Oh and now I can't even see them in champ select. Great!
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Khâmul (EUW)
: If you can't win against him, maybe you don't deserve diamond ? Be confident in your own abilities and stop bitching everytime you lose.facing stronger opponents is what makes you stronger .if you want to climb, you have to realize you won't face bronze people forever
Diamond??? I'm in silver homie lmaooo
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Eedat (NA)
: They say 'high skill cap champs should have lower win rates'.
QaznGod (NA)
: First game after getting B1,Autofilled To Supp
SURPRISE!!!! Our ignite yi went 2/9 and our mid went 3/12. Gg wp (:
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SSmotzer (NA)
: [Rework Concept] Malphite, Voice of the Mountain
Let's make the most broken champ possible - everyone who makes these types of posts
: Can we in the very least TALK about Darius?
LOSE LANE WIN GAME. That champ is very lame. Goes 1-5 in lane , ends game 17-4 because bleed lulz
: Alright, fucking rework tryndamere already.
Trynda is like Yi, you pick a bad comp with no hard CC, they get a free win and you exclaim they are broken
: Reasonable Ahri Nerf Idea
Or maybe she doesn't get to use her second dash if her first dash doesn't damage an enemy
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: Question, OP, why the fuck did you censor his name? Why censor anyone's name? I wanna slap you for that!
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: I think towers need a buff
MY DREAM : Towers target the lowest health champion/ no aggro switching. Dives would take more skill if our turrets would attack the lower health champion. When 3 people dive you it just targets whoever is hitting you I believe. If it would simply hit the lowest health option then we would be much more safe
: Is Lucian's absurd pick rate and strength going to be addressed?
They either give him a new passive or don't address it. Which do you think will happen?
: You don't find Gragas hard to gank?
If he uses his gap close while fighting his laner he is not that hard to gank
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: If he literally didn't click on you once and you died three times, it's because you're terrible and sat in his ghouls without fighting back. Yorick's ghouls take such little effort to deal with.
If he walls you then you have to take the damage from the ghouls
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I Q (NA)
: Does anyone feel like League has been overall worse this season?
I feel like every game is decided at champ select
: Was he 0-10 before the game started?
No that happened under garens tower mostly. That's where teemo took most of his fights
: >I literally knew we were gonna lose when my top picked teemo. And that's when I stopped caring. I don't care if the guy fed or not, automatically assuming a loss because someone picked a champion you don't like is already a losing attitude. You know, there's a common denominator in every one of your games, and it's the only one you can control. Try improving it.
Well guy, he went 0-10. He picked teemo into garen soley because he thought he was counter picking. It's not wrong to assume an out of meta pick won't be good?
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: Sorry, but I'm not autofilling.
THE MOST IMPORTANT PART THAT PEOPLE NEED TO REALIZE. If someone gets autofilled as support and they're totally upset about it. They aren't going to play well. I don't wanna jungle main support that is already super angry before the game starts
: @Riot Why hasn't there been a response about Shaco
Let's nerf shaco into the dirt and buff people like fizz. Oh let's make shaco's Q terrible, and make twitches Q even better. Let's take away the crit after Q. Let's ruin the back stab on top of crits. And hey, maybe give Rengar a game breaking passive? Not only sad that shaco is nerfed so hard , but to have all these champs getting buffed ....
Numb3rs (NA)
: Can we all agree that plants aren't as bad as we thought they were going to be?
Only feels bad when people get away with low health from the blast cone. Besides that they are fine really
: It's a normal game. Sometimes the ranks are disproportional due to the server population and to be honest, is a lot more loose due to the fact that there are zero repercussions to losing in ranked. Get level 30 and play ranked, you'll be matched with people your level. Since you seem so afraid of golds, maybe bronzes or silvers would be your speed. Good luck!
Seem so afraid of golds. Lol people just gotta throw shades at post no matter what
: Yes we know, Jesus hates you so every game you're the underdog and that's why you lose.
I said nothing about luck or unfair gameplay. Didn't call myself an underdog. Talking about people duo ing with brand new players. Way to be the classic dick response tho
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Jon1174 (NA)
: Is "Being Drunk or High" an excuse for Feeding
Not an excuse but IT IS an explanation
Kr1sys (NA)
: 'We don't want URF to burn players out by having it in RGM frequently'
I would LITERALLY play more urf than ranked and norms. People are there for fun and it's not stressful. Honestly would make league 100000x better if we could always URF
: It's Official, Riot has made Shaco an AP champ.
AP shaco is in a good spot. He's really fun to play and his ult boxes do much more than people give them credit for. I beat every Rengar I see as shaco and constantly able to tower dive wth him. Pretty shitty that you can't get much out of the old shiv build but AP shaco is fun
R18 (NA)
: Riot, Thanks for the Akali buffs
I just wish they would change her passive so you get damage first and the heal second. Makes much more sense
vaderpl (NA)
: Karma seems a bit too strong.
Karma In general is strong? Or mid Karma or support? She's annoying bot lane but other supports do what she does better and her q can be avoided though it does chunk
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: Is this your first preseason? This happens every preseason.
Yup I'm just salty so salty
: Don't be that guy man. Normals are for testing out new roles and champs and for newer players. It's also where people play their first few games of the day. P.S your KDA is horrible, you should be yelling at yourself for feeding.
Yeah because a bad kda totally isn't a result of trolls
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: wtf how did you wait 10 minutes for a game at all? Even if you go intensive roles like mid or jungle I've never waited that long for a single que pop.
All my fill times have been at least 5 minutes. It's so ridiculous.
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QaznGod (NA)
: Snowballing is just ridiculous
Currently in a 13-3 game. Basis got first blood and I knew we would get blown out. This is absolute bs.
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