: Did you have any punishments previously? If so, this could be a normal escalation. If you didn't, I'd love to see the chat logs -- there *are* occasional rare errors, so if you had not recently had a 10 or 25 game chat restriction it's worth posting the logs so we can see if you should send in a ticket about the escalated punishment.
I don't remember there being chat restrictions. Maybe there were, but weeks prior to the perma.
: Another person that thinks you can only be toxic by using specific words. You don't need to actually use any of the "naughty no-no words" in order to be toxic.
Then explain to me what "toxic" is and how a computer can interpret it accurately, Einstein.
: why do toxic players act that way?
"and i have my hate shield up so i look forward to hate comments " Can you get any more cringe? Your whole essay is so pathetic lol.
: i think the "inting sion" strategy causes more harm than it does good
Even riot doesn't want to be riot in this situation, nor in any situation since as you said "manual reviews are hard to come by". They leave their work to robots because they're too lazy to do anything themselves.
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: yes you are toxic, you asked for reports and called someone else toxic, thats toxic its an endless stream of toxicity
Asking for someone to be reported for doing something that's ruining the experience for other players is considered toxic? That's news to me.
: > [{quoted}](name=Råkån ßøt,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=gPIQVRmg,comment-id=,timestamp=2018-06-07T23:56:18.733+0000)Råkån ßøt: you cuck > Råkån ßøt: thanks for fucking our lane > Råkån ßøt: we can win if we aren't fucked over by you > Råkån ßøt: which already happened > Råkån ßøt: so > Råkån ßøt: enjoy the loss > Råkån ßøt: since you don't know how to let adc carry > Råkån ßøt: it's shits like you that keep us stuck in silver > Råkån ßøt: yo useless jg > Råkån ßøt: Bg > RRåkån ßøt: report jax for griefing This is all definitely toxic behavior, yes. There are a few insults, some poor sportsmanship, and a lot of targeted blame-placing.
So I can expect that the people who were griefing also got punished? Or am I the only one punished for calling someone out?
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: Save chat for messages that are actually useful. Most of that is just arguing or whinging.
That's not answering my question, though. Is what I said actually toxic??
: ***
I never typed an essay.. those were spread out over the course of the full game, and I rarely typed 2 or more messages together every few minutes.
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