: Reconnecting during a ranked game still results in LP loss!
Riot will not reinstate LP for any reason, that is their official response. So if you accidentally disconnect, no reason to go back. Seems like a breeding ground for toxic behavior.
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: Serious Team LF Gold+ Mid, ADC, and Jungler
IGN - R3d Impact Rank - Gold V but was Gold 1 in previous seasons Role - Mid Top 5 Champs - Ahri, Lissandra, Ori, Lux, and Zed Strengths - Strong teamwork, communication, focus on winning games rather than individual score (not worried about kill steals or dying in a teamfight if we come out ahead because of it) Weaknesses - Get frustrated at weak leadership and people not serious about being on a team and improving Do you have Skype with a working mic? - Yes Why do you want to join this team? - I have been looking for a solid team for years, want to find one focused on winning and making each other better players, not just trolling and talking to friends What is your ranked 5s experience? - Been on several teams, only one was actually fairly serious, greatly improved and was fantastic until the jungle and top left due to fights with our bot lane Why should we pick you? - Because I am an exceptional teammate and skilled player, I want to improve and make everyone around me better. I believe in working together and solid communication over toxic behavior.
: TACG LF Serious Mid Laner (high Silver - Gold)
PST I get off work every day 7-7:30 so I will for sure be able to make the regular practice times. I'm on almost every night without fail and have a large selection of good mid laners to play. I am very dedicated to wanting to continue learning and have the goal of reaching Plat this season, my highest rank obtained was Gold 1 and I am currently Gold 5. IGN R3d Impact http://na.op.gg/summoner/userName=R3d+Impact
: Ranked 5s (Serious Team) Read Below
Hey, added in game. Would appreciate a reply. We have mid, jungle, and support. Just need a top and an adc, silver to gold team, and seem to be what you are looking for.

R3d Impact

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