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: Bots
They might get banned eventually but it's still prevalent enough that it's annoying. At least each game in Twisted Treeline seems to have multiple bots, sometimes I'm the only real human in the game or it's 1v1 and 2 bots on each side. 5v5 seems like 1 out of every 2-3 games has a bot. Never had an issue with running into this many bots back when I played years back. Especially in TT. This makes me think of the issues in Realm Royale with the games being sometimes almost nothing but bots just to help matchmaking along due to lack of players. Unfortunate that it's appearing in this game as well.
: Why is Triumphant Ryze such garbage!?
The less they have to do to the game while raking in money for skins in the first place = more money for them. The more money they spend making skins worthwhile = less money for them.
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: Sona Update
So nice to see that Riot is refusing refunds for Sona now. They used to provide refunds for champs and skins if they got a full rework, which Sona did, despite the fact that they didn't put all of it in the patch notes. Now they are flat out denying to refund her and the skins. To add insult to injury, the person who answered my ticket said he also plays Sona and enjoys the changes, so I should somehow enjoy them as well. Thanks for the slap in the face Riot. Since when do you start trying to force opinions on players? Cool that your guy here likes Sona, but I don't anymore, which is why I asked for a refund. Why do I need to listen to him banter about how visually appealing the changes are? Pretty sure I didn't email and say "Sona's art really sucks, I want a refund!" No, instead I said "I dont like her GAME MECHANICS" since she's been changed and ruined. See how those things are different? Never again will I spend another dime on this game. *Hello there Rawrscary, That must be a bummer for you. I understand that you want to refund Sona due to the changes for her. As a support player myself and also main her myself, I am even happy with these new changes as she is more visually appealing now compared from before. Please know that starting with Karthus's update, we no longer provide refunds for visual or gameplay updates. Our goal is to be more transparent with these updates so you'll know well in advance what sort of changes you can expect in a Champion. You can find out about upcoming updates here: And you can read more about our decision here: If you need to refund her or her skins, the only way around this is to make use of refund tokens. You are able to refund up to three of your purchases made in the last 90 days. To refund a purchase, you can check your purchase history in the "Purchases" tab of the store. A "Refund" option is available next to all eligible content, provided you have enough tokens to perform a refund. For more information about refunds, check out our FAQ: Let me know if you need anything else! Wolf Fang Riot Player Support Prefers Support Role*


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