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: I edited out part of your post. While you're free to have an opinion about League players, I don't feel like it's appropriate to talk about "suicidal players." Riot has a set of rules to abide by. As does any private institution, they have that freedom to set those rules and enforce them as they choose to. You can call it "catering to victims," but when I sit down to play, I want to win, and that means teammates working towards that goal. If you're negative, then you're not helping that teamwork, and thus you're working against that objective. Banter is fine, but no, threatening others is not ok in this game. It may be fine between friends, but realize you're playing with others in game who may not agree with that. If you have any questions about this moderation action, don't hesitate to reach out to the Boards Moderation Team via: * The [**NA Boards Discord**]( * The [**Discuss the Boards**]( sub-board
Everyone wants to win, and Riots are the "small indie group" that decides who actually wants to win LMFAO. League of Legends is not a fast pace game, but definitely not a slow pace game where you can sit down for 10 hours and discuss the strats, you can't sit down for another 10 hours to discuss should you go top or gank mid. You requires players to forgive or to be inclusive to everyone else ? HOW ABOUT JUST ADD a "5-MINS STRAT TALK" before EVERY SINGLE GAME. riot didn't, 'cause they know, it's fucking bullshit. We all have our own strats, and in-game it's democracy, the more people who thinks you're not helping, you're OUT. I just wonder, do solider in WW1/2 in a fast pace war, where in the next second your life could gone, never swear never being negative ? Right, because they've a leader. They're there to obey commands. Where playing with strangers, dude, who decide to lead? Yes the group with more people, If you queue up with 4 friends in flex, you're always the one who's wrong, obviously, 'cause it's democracy. E-sports, sportsmanship, ahh, yeah .... I never saw any real sports player in my entire life fights at each other or swear at each others' mistakes, that's right. But you're right they do get time out for serious one.
: Understanding why I was suspended
Well Riot also ban NB3 for 2 weeks for calling people "Bish" You can't have any negativity in game, not a single "Eh" I personally don't like NB3, but that ban is I've no idea why. Also banning Nubrac was stupid. But do you know why, because they run the company. That's why I never chat in-game, BIG BRAIN STRAT.
: Banned for necro-commenting?
And you should know one thing "Authoritarian doesn't give a fuck about you"
: Secondary Mastery Fix Please
no one has this problem ? nani
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oGlLionel (EUW)
: the fragility of the league community
It's the same, "discussing" and "trash talking" or "exchanging" results the same, nothing will change. In this world we learn that "I don't give a fuck" is the motto Same as facebook, youtube, anywhere on the Earth, where "negative emotions" are prohibited, you need to have a smile wherever you breath. So the only thing you could change this if you want, is to invest in Riot Games, that's it. and btw, your opinion is "irrelevant" {{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}}
: Verbal abuse is worse than inting
: PBE Login Queues
{{sticker:sg-miss-fortune}} Because we live in a society
: PBE Queue Reversing
because Chinese has a queue cutting culture, not racism, it's my experience.
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: Over 9000 is a scam
Wating from 1 hour to 2 hour to 4 hour, Riot, stop letting people cutting the line
: PLEASE HELP!! I don't want to be forced to wait another 12-14 hours again and I need help T.T
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: Update On Nubrac's Ban
Riot is abusing their power like everyone on Earth would if they have power, no surprise{{champion:79}}
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Pyrosan (NA)
: that'd be one way to kill the gamemode, next
I think it only kill toxic players to play this game mode
Ulanopo (NA)
: It already has increased dodge penalties.
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: > [{quoted}](name=RachelDawnAmber,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=b2cOtZ5G,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-08-10T18:36:29.752+0000) > > Assassin job is to assassinate opponent, assassin don't need to fucking wait for 1.5 second to assassinate their opponent, if riot decide that she's a mage then thats totally fine. BUT SHE'S AN ASSASSIN {{champion:76}} ??? {{champion:7}} mains be like "OH NOES... I NEED TO LAND A POINT BLACK SKILLSHOT AFTER I GO IN.. GUTTED CHAMPSION!!" {{champion:76}} mains be like - "cool story bro" also just going to throw it out there. a max range spear TAKES over a seconds to even REACH its destination
{{champion:76}} after she lands her q, she can jump in from very far, she doesn't assassinate with her Q, if you didn't know how to play her. {{champion:7}} that 1.5 second requires her to stay in range. that's the difference
: I dont get why Swain has 120 CDR on his ult considering its need 5 stacks to be good...
'cause Swain is a champion that was really good, he controls loads of Raven, but now all raven's gone. FUCK THIS CHAMP, FUCK THE ARTIST, FUCK THE DESIGNER, FUCK RIOT
: Daily reminder, Ignite now does 505 damage at level 18, 300 or so at level 12
Pika Fox (NA)
: He is The Fast. Cant nerf what you cant catch.
Parznip (NA)
: Revert the LeBlanc Revert
Assassin job is to assassinate opponent, assassin don't need to fucking wait for 1.5 second to assassinate their opponent, if riot decide that she's a mage then thats totally fine. BUT SHE'S AN ASSASSIN
D357R0Y3R (EUW)
: ah? explain then how is 53% win rate 30% pick rate balanced?
: There are so many things wrong with the way you presented your arguments here. 1. Comparing champions is foolhardy, they're not the same. Different kits and circumstances apply, none of which you addressed. 2. Yasuo _did_ use crit. His kit revolves around it. 3. Trynd is a simpler champion, his kit benefits more from the item than Yasuo does, thus it makes him stronger still even with it being nerfed. 4. _(edited in) And most of all, Trynd doesn't have a passive that Infinity Edge would eclipse and completely erase the value of._
I see, and Yasuo's R got buffed again, it's just many people likes the champion Yassuo more than Tryn, end of story
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: ***
> [{quoted}](name=TSMCrisObando,realm=NA,application-id=W0aEVjIo,discussion-id=hkyvy6qR,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-04-11T07:39:43.210+0000) > > Hi, im plat smurf, im supp, sent you a friend request if you are interested >< LFG not LFM
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: The new desktop clickbait "borderless window"
are there actual people have this problem
: The new desktop clickbait "borderless window"
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: How to add bots to a game in the new client
There will soon be a mode that it's VERY "custom" game, just don't know when will it be release
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