Boomer (OCE)
: > {{champion:145}} : I kid you not, after the kneejerk buffs on the patch after her release, she's only ever seen nerfs. There's a reason she was the most played ADC for two worlds in a row. That patch was a monstrosity. Literally every part of her kit. Base stats, range, every ability, all buffed.
Kai'sa herself is already a monstrosity of a champion, let alone an ADC. She's basically what would happen if Riot were to give Kog'Maw any remotely reliable form of self-peel. I sometimes wish Riot stopped releasing generalist champions with +100 ways to overcome their weakness and gave us champions with actual definitive weaknesses (Ex. Sett being extremely weak to being kited and having very short range).
: Just revert Runes Reforged, we never really had an assassin problem back then (at least after they fixed the monstrosity that was the assassin update).
From a balancing standpoint, this would be the appropriate thing to do to (potentially) fix the game. The problem with this is that Runes Reforged is essentially a money dump. Riot invested a lot of resources in developing this new rune system. Instantly scraping it would effectively mean that they wasted a lot of money. Then again; it's Riot. They're a small "indie" company that doesn't make anything above $10M. /s
: I think Ezreal is pretty average but Kai'Sa is definitely overtuned
I feel like the trade-off for her having a huge amount of mixed damage is that she's supposed to have less defensive options in her kit and that the numbers on her abilities should be much, much lower. Sadly, this is Rito we're talking about. They like putting counterplay on top of the champion's counterplay, effectively mitigating the champion's potential weakpoints.
Zullar (NA)
: Every champion made/reworked after 2016 is a disaster.
Make that everything Riot has ever done to the game after the Juggernaut patch. The ONLY reasonably good thing they'd ever done after that dreadful patch if you ask me is the update on Ezreal because I know a lot of people wanted his kit to be updated.
: > [{quoted}](name=DoppeIganger Xy,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=VEHV2PUP,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-09-03T20:22:37.561+0000) > > Preach brother. Loved all of it, but his E is too strong because it's not used as a skill shot it's used as a free flash. I can totally feel that. I think the obvious solution would be to increase the cooldown drastically so that he either has to commit to an all in or use it to escape.
They already nerfed it where it's just as long as Yasuo's Wind Wall at level 1. How else are you supposed to nerf his E?
: {{champion:26}} mid is as much cancer as {{champion:157}} or {{champion:238}} mid. Sorry, he doesn't needs buff. He is even played in pro play every now and then. Plus, I don't see why the fuck they had to hard nerf lane Lulu, but you want Zillean magically buffed for solo lane. Like fuck no, Zillean is cancer. Kindly, an assassin player. The others, I don't mind. But fuck, no {{champion:26}}
Second this. Zilean mid (if even remotely viable) almost always has lane control because of his movement speed, waveclear and stun on his Q and his GA ult.
: When will Riot admit that modern assassins are too forgiving?
This is why I consider someone like {{champion:157}} relatively healthy design compared to most of the other mobile characters in the game, despite all the stupid gimmicks put into his kit. Here are a few reasons why: - Most of his mobility is fixed on the minion waves; so if you can pressure him to waste his dashes, then he's a sitting duck for the most part. - His nado is relatively hard to hit (I know this from experience) so always be on the move, even if you don't like it. - His ult animation is very long so if he only ults one person in a fight, take advantage of it. - He loses to matchups like Annie and Malzahar much harder than most other assassins (Ex. Zed, Leblanc, etc.) - He doesn't spike as hard as most other mobile assassins. Even if he does get his Shiv + IE, he still has to get dangerously upfront and close to get his damage off. - He's an ADC put into the middle of your team. Take advantage of his squishiness. - Wind Wall's cooldown is very long. If he blows it, take advantage of it. If the wall is out, reposition yourself. - He gets punished against CC much harder than most other mobile characters due to his low base stats and situational mobility. - Most Yasuo players are hyper-aggressive and dumb. That's a no-brainer. As much as many people (including me) dislike Yasuo's design, he forces his enemy laner to be interactive and on their toes, which I know not many people like but some people do.
: I agree too, there are many Champions, its all based on personal appeal. Which is why there are so many different Champions. For me, its {{champion:81}} Has a cocky, devil-may-care attitude, which I know some people find douche-y but I really enjoy it, douche-y-ness and all. His motivation is to become a world renown archaeologist, finding out all there is to know about the mysteries of the world and finding his parents in the process. He's extremely talented and smart but has a weakness of being overconfident and self-centered. He's also kind of in denial about his parents' deaths. His connections aren't explicit, but he knows a lot of the Piltovans and also travels the world going on adventures, so he could easily meet a lot of Champions similar to how Ryze can.
I second this. Ezreal's lore is very easy to expand on thanks to these reasons. His daredevil-like attitude along with his goal of becoming a world-renown adventurer leaves a lot of room for his character growth alongside with worldbuilding of League's universe.
GigglesO (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=RadeticDraws,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=LAhecANk,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-08-03T11:16:24.105+0000) > > she also builds Guardian Angel so if she is ahead, she will never die GA needs to return to a non-damage item. It needs that tradeoff of not having damage.
I second this. I like having a second life no matter which champion I'm using, even if it means trading off some damage for it.
Ahri Baka (EUNE)
: Ezreal is pretty good and a safe pick , when you pick him , you don't have to care that much if your support is a monkey Tho his late game with {{item:3146}} is BS , he is cool and handsome and fun to play , no wonder why he's popular on the other Hand , Kai'sa is one of the best champions in the game , she has everything an adc needs , why play Kog if you can simply pick Kai'sa? No her Early isn't horrible as people make it sound
Can confirm with {{item:3146}} being stupid on Ezreal during the late game. Tbf though, he has mixed scalings and most of his damage is single-target, so it makes sense to buy the item on him. At least with Ezreal though, he's ridiculously hard to solo carry with unless you're a god with skillshots. Kai'sa though, is a whole other kind of broken.
: Change this "support" shit
"Death is the best CC." - every "support" player ever /s
ßoro (NA)
: tryndamere ruins this game man
I still don't understand why Riot designed these "ticking-time-bomb" (or dubbed, "late game") champions (Ex. Yi, Tryndamere, Kayle, Nasus etc.) in the first place. I get that the strategy against them is to exploit their early game and end the game as fast as possible. But, that doesn't make them any fair to play against. These kinds of champions set a time limit to the game where if the enemy team strategizes for this, it punishes the person using that time bomb champion and their team. If the opposite happens, however, the enemy team gets punished for not taking the window of opportunity to punish that champion. These champions also essentially take away the agency of the actions of the other players and force them to play to their rules, which I think, isn't healthy for everyone.
: So is no one going to talk about how unhealthy Ezreal is right now?
He's balanced out by the fact that most of his damage is in the form of skillshots, which require the player to aim and lead targets. It's not like with people like Kha'zix who can just delete you with 3 buttons. You also have to remember that he's still an ADC, which means assassins can still counter him, despite Ez having a built-in flash in his kit.
Yenn (NA)
: My lane is 3-0-0 at level 6. I'm being 100 to 0'd in a single combo. I can't play the game.
I think it's safe to say that with how overtuned people like Akali are nowadays, even champions like Yasuo are considered more bearable and fair to play against than the likes of Riven and Akali nowadays.
: I don't understand why Kalista is considered toxic
Kalista is almost untouchable to most melee champions with her auto-kiting passive. No matter how many times Riot nerfs her damage, she's going to be unfun to play against because of her stupid passive. This is why she's toxic design.
: I love league for all of it's diverse champs and playstyles.
I am at the point where I have to ban Mordekaiser in every single one of my ranked games or let alone dread them. I sick and tired of this bastard dragging me into the shadow realm and one-shotting me and still being unbeatable unless I have some way to stall out his ult or I'm Master Yi, or that I bought a QSS just for him.
: Why are tanks the only role without a high impact item?
Normally, I'd say that damage/power creep is the reason why tanks nowadays are starting to get pushed out of the meta. Then again in sustained fights, damage at some point beats sustain and defense. The problem with the idea of "impactful" tank items is the existence of stat-check bruisers and juggernauts (Ex. Dr. Mundo, Volibear, Darius, etc.). While tanks can be pretty okay and strong with these kinds of theoretically "impactful" tank items, champions like the ones I mentioned would be pretty nuts with them because their base and even overall damage numbers are usually higher than normal and actual tanks like Malphite, Ornn and Maokai and that the only items they need to supplement them are ones that give them defensive stats. Which again, leads back to the very idea of the damage/power creep of the game. The only relatively reasonable way to put in "impactful" tank items would be to nerf the damage of every other champion other than the tanks. However, this may lead back to the tank metas in the past where the only viable top laners were practically Ornn and Poppy.
Mc Raton (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Trist mid opop,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=oOHEeRP2,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2019-07-07T11:09:55.463+0000) > > Demolish inting sion Inting Sion is meh in the current meta, they nerfed demolishing .
I still remember it being stupidly annoying to deal with back when it was viable.
wolvius (EUW)
: does this answer your question.
I mean, you ain't wrong with that. You can make almost any skin line or concept work with him.
: Any Yasuo player who denies this is lying.
No worries. I do this all the time whenever I see more than 2 people get hit by my nado.
: Vayne shredded tanks without rageblade so it wouldn't do anything. She would still be obnoxious without it. Same thing goes for yi as well. buy a bit more attack speed and you'll have mostly the same result.
I mean, tank-shredding and hyper-scaling to late game was always Vayne's niche. Same goes for Yi.
: Phantom Hits should have been removed after it broke Sated Devourer. It has only caused issues in the game and it is obviously not balancable with the current roster of champions. It is a crutch item because Riot has nerfed all the champions that abuse it, so that now they are forced to build it or they are useless.
Riot needs to understand that the stats and design make the champion, not the item/s. The items are essential yes, but they are not what makes up the core of a champion. I remember the Ardent Censer meta where every game revolved around having an enchanter support with Ardent Censer spamming shields 24/7 on the adc while they just right clicked everyone else to oblivion. Nobody else had fun nor remotely had some form of agency in the game but the people who were playing bot lane.
: The problem isn't rageblade. Vayne and Yi are both BS without rageblade. because they are both statcheck.
I get that their stat-checks, but they're relatively balanced if you count in the fact that they are very squishy and relatively easy to target if you're playing smart.
Comentários de Rioters
: The State Of The Boards March 2019
Tbh, all it would take to balance Vayne out is to remove Guinsoo's from the game (and possibly reduce her base attack speed, but increase the scaling of it). Phantom Hit is a cool mechanic overall, but it is disgustingly strong for any attack speed based champion. Even as a Yi main, I think the item needs to be removed because I personally feel like it's too much of a crutch item and that I'm useless if I don't even buy it. I'm fine with going back to rushing BotRK after my Bloodrazor.
UniSect (NA)
: When you know the loss was genuinely your fault...
This is me playing Ezreal. Then again, I'm pretty bad and that I play too conservatively with him.
Zed genius (EUNE)
: Yasuo literally has a 47% winrate
That's mostly due to the fact the most Yasuo players are shit at using him. Only the top 1% (like Moe) can use him to his maximum potential.
: This game makes me cry
Do what I do and slowly play less and/or stop playing at all. I used to enjoy League way back in S2 to early S6. But after that, the game's gone stale for me with the wacky and absurd changes to the game and even the mobility and damage creep are making me play less. I only play it nowadays if my other friends at school are online.
: Riven Mains: i learn combo, i press buttons, i build {{item:3161}}{{item:3812}} , after that me win ez, if lose just blame jungler Me, someone who has to play against fraudulent champions like Riven: I need to watch her closely, manage distance and choose my trades wisely, and if she manages to get ahead there's not much I can do. Her kit is filled with bullshit like dashes on dashes and a shield that lets her trade for free so the only way I can get damage on her is if I somehow manage to bait out her abilities ahead of time. Even then I have a very short window to capitalize, somewhere close to around 5-6s at most. I'll probably need to build armor early to mitigate her damage too. I'd better make sure wards are down just in case her jungler comes because if he does and I don't immediately back off I'm dead and this lane is over.
I don't really like Riven as much as the next guy, but at least it's not someone like Jax that can just womp you with his lantern to oblivion after 2 items.
wildfox9T (EUW)
: i feel the same allowing him to dash 6+ times in a teamfight and giving him a 105% AP scaling ult {{champion:103}} even worse if you are playing something like {{champion:54}} who is basically a walking R some champions have big tradeoffs for having a strong ult,but then sylas comes and can get them without having any of their penalties i've been saying this since the fist day he came out,his ult is bad designed and can't be balanced
Then what would you suggest? Gut the rest of his kit? Because I don't think that inherently solves the problem with Sylas's kit requiring to be a generalist one due to the mere fact that he technically doesn't have his own ult and borrows other people's ults.
Áery (NA)
: So are tier 3 boots ever going to return?
I mean, I wouldn't mind having Alacrity Enchantment back on my boots. I always thought that I'd get more value from that boot enchantment than the others due to the mere fact that it's relatively consistent.
: I don't get why girls and boys are separated in Esports to begin with.
> [{quoted}](name=SitPoopyPants,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tLix7OtV,comment-id=0009,timestamp=2019-02-23T01:23:06.329+0000) > > I don't get why girls and boys are separated in Esports to begin with. It's because society has developed the stereotype that girls inherently dislike video games, nerdy stuff (like anime) and/or any of the sort (in which I fully disagree) and that if there ever was a girl who had these kind of interests, they are often: put on a pedestal (if they have a pretty face), or deeply frowned upon on (if they're not pretty enough). I think this has to stop. I honestly don't care if there are girls who play League and/or like nerdy stuff in general. What matters most to me is how genuine their feelings are to these kinds of interests and hobbies. I honestly hate it if girls only like nerdy stuff just to sell or flaunt their assets towards others. Bottomline: Your sex (or gender or whatever) doesn't matter. What matters most is that you share a common interest with other people and if you do really care about it.
: akali is hot garbage
The problem with Akali is that she is inherantly unfun to play against because of the nature of her kit and that no amount of number changing is ever going to make her fair and balanced to play against. The biggest glaring issue with her kit is most definitely her W, even after the nerf where towers can now target her while she's under them. Then again, CertainlyT was the one in charge of her rework. And he made Yasuo, so there's that too. At least with Yasuo, it's possible to lock the bastard down.
Salron (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=TrustyRustyRuler,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=x4fr5Bxj,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-02-24T15:43:16.754+0000) > **Windwall now has a limited number of projectiles it can block before disappearing**, kind of like {{champion:201}} wall but with more 'health'. Maybe the number of shots it can take can increase with rank, like 5/6/7/8/9 projectiles or maybe something more generous like 5/8/11/14/17 to take into consideration teamfights in the mid to late game. Any change that encourages throwing shit into windwall is inherently bad
And even IF they were to implement a change like that, it would feel very unhealthy for both the Yasuo player and other players. Wind Wall with a change like this would basically be either one of two things: it would be a noob trap that forces you to expend resources, or it would be useless because it would blow up very easily or not block anything at all.
: I mean it doesn't encouraging using abilities on it, only autoing through it (and even then it usually would be better to hit someone if you're able to).
It still counts as throwing something into the windwall in order to destroy it, which is for the most part, unhealthy for both sides.
: I said low damage not no damage, tanks certainly do not need their current level of damage. As it stands tanks are currently not very tanky and can pretty much burst squishy champs. If tanks need damage for jungle you can simply put X does +% damage to minions and monsters on their spells. Pretty simple solution.
Except this is Riot Games were talking about here. **IF** they would try to implement your suggested solution, they're gonna try to beat the bush around it.
Bârd (NA)
: It'd be an improvement, but Fervor wasn't exactly a great design either.
I hate having to say this, but I agree with you. Fervor was either bonkers on ADCs and bruisers alike, or it just fell flat to the ground because it either: didn't give enough AD or it would take too long to reach its maximum effectiveness and by the time you did, you are probably dead. Although, that's mostly due to numbers, which are very easy to fix with through enough play-testing to give the right numbers so that it would be balanced and usable on both ADCs and bruisers.
: Everyone wants to see damage nerfed but no one's willing to have their class nerfed.
This is so true it hurts. But if it means losing a ton of damage from my favorite champions (being most bruisers and assassins) just so that the game is fair and fun for everybody, I'll accept any nerfs Riot decides to push through.
: From now on, only nerf strong champs, don't buff weak ones.
But this is Riot Games were talking about here; they don't directly nerf things. Instead, they give us a new gimmick/mechanic on another champion that's even worse to deal with than the last issue. Talk about beating around the bush and power creeping the fuck out of the game.
: -Every Riven main, probably
Moody P (NA)
: riot be like "let's make juggernaut viability entirely tied to tanks being good"
I don't get the purpose of the cow gif. I get that the arrows are meant to be upvotes, but what's the meaning behind the entire gif?
: I wouldn't say that. Poor design decisions are 99% of the game's problems.
I feel like the damage creep atm is an after-effect of Riot's poor decision making when it comes to trying to balance the game for everyone and accommodating to the lowest denominator.
: The game would also be way more enjoyable if you learned how to play against champions instead of begging riot to delete them
Yeah, because champions like LeBlanc and Tryndamere are so fun and interactive to play against.
: Tryndamere is the most non interactive, rng based, unfun and blatantly lacks agency for the opponent. He is a champion that is a battle of stat blocks. He may not be overpowered but he is the most annoying piece of shit in the game.
: Remember when Yasuo was the most hated champ in League?
Well, he's relatively tame and easy to deal with nowadays. It's still frustrating to lose to a good Yasuo though.
Comentários de Rioters
: Instead of making champions with identities Riot is just making good kits. Champs need to be designed with holes in their game. For instance Nocturne is great at getting in, but no great way to get out. He has a clear identity on what he is bringing to a game; Riot needs more of that design philosophy. Another example is Twisted Fate he is global with a nice burst combo but lacks the seige ability of a lot of other ranged mages. Xerath is artillery, Yorick is strongest split pushing, Leona and Amumu are engaging, etc. Champ identities are the best, just being all-around good (like most all reworks) isn't an identity.
The problem with that champions with generalist kits (Ex. Irelia) tend to outshine ones that have a specific use because, well, they're generalists. They can perfectly fit and easily adapt to any situation possible, where as champions with specific ones can't do that. It's kinda hard to find a situation where fighters like Xin, Irelia, Camille, Yasuo and even Yi and Nocturne (to an extent) are horrible picks.
: How can it be mobility creep when Leblanc has had the same amount of mobility for the past......what? 9 years almost?
I mean, so does Kassadin. What makes both of them different is that at least with Kassadin, he can't blink back to his previous position so that he can easily escape any bad situation in an instant.
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