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: Riot games league client right now
When you start laughing cuz you think the post is funny, then start crying when you realize its true :'D
: Patch Notes 9.24 - Yuumi (RITO absolutely unofficial description)
: Odyssey in a nutshell
Was expecting an odyssesy in a literal nutshell meme. Take my upvote.
Kiryu (NA)
: these are the two most commonly used i think. I beat it using the Jinx one.
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: This is a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure reference, right?
Obviously its a naruto refference
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: Hexakill?
What is this new mode you speak of?
: when you want to get a turret but the enemy anivia is under it
I kinda wana doodle that in comic form now. what champ were you if you don't mind my askin?
Kryptone (EUNE)
: All League Champions appeared for a job interview.
{{champion:17}} Wasn't really a Teem player. {{champion:202}} Wouldn't answer more than 4 questions.
: {{champion:8}} is his own Champion Pool if you know what i mean
: Oh my sweet baby jesus this is OBVIOUSLY a Cory in the House reference!
Are y'all crazy? It's clearly a Fairly Odd Parents reference.
: If people were to ask you how "brain-dead" is your champion, how'd you describe it?
{{champion:30}} Walk into teamfight, die, press R, get penta.
: Caption This Image
"When you go to ult the enemy team as bard and accidentally hit your allies cause everyone moved at the last second"
: I Now have Leaverbuster For Something on Riot's End
I had a partially similar issue. Went to play the game, got the black screen of death, had to retry 6-8 times before it finally let me in 2 minutes after everyone else got in. Ranked promos.
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: Could it be?
Swolfree (NA)
: I'm really disappointed at the moment.
I was hoping for a GingerBraum man skin {{sticker:sg-soraka}}
: Describe a Champion in one sentence to somebody who doesnt play LoL
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: [Client] Missions do not valide
Same. Won an Aram and a draft pick 5v5 to be sure.
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: You are now in a slice of life anime staring you and 3 champions you have played.
Without repeats: Best friend: {{champion:37}} Love interest: {{champion:16}} Mortal enemy: {{champion:30}}
: My friend was attacked by a troll
but what if He is the police???
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Azadethe (NA)
: You butcher your own argument with your example. The very fact you tried to stay in lane vs a Diamond as a bronze proved you weren't trying your best (although you may in a tunnel vision sort of way believed you were). If you were going to lose every encounter, not be able to farm, and feed a whopping 25 times (omfg), any person with sense would have abandoned the lane and went elsewhere. While the Diamond may counter you, I'm sure there's some teammate you could have attempted to help to put you in the game. Instead, you fed your lane not only a full ride on CS, but the ability to remove you from the game 100%, effectively making the game a 4v6 with a hyper fed opponent who has 2 complete items more than anyone on your team. It takes some time to push a lane. It takes even more time once your team realizes you abandoned your lane in favor of trying to pick up the game elsewhere. If a team sees an abandoned lane, they will go help cover it, even if it means losing their own outer turret in the process. Then, it's possible your Diamond player is getting 1v'3'd before he can actually handle a 1v3. Instead, you tunnel visioned, tilted your team, at the same time as giving the "guise" that your lane was getting covered, when it wasn't. This is a general rule WHENEVER vs a higher skilled player. Don't feed their skill. Take advantage of someone on their team who is worse than them. Help get drakes. Kill supports. Do whatever it takes. Counters and skill levels are not viable arguments for huge feeds when you didn't even bother to search out ways to make the game more competitive.
I probably should have mentioned it was a diamond 5 team premade, my bad. Anyway, as for the reason I stayed in lane was A. I wanted to learn from my opponent. (it was a normal game, not ranked) B. I didn't have the sense at the time to consider too many other options. (bronze 5, didn't know what to do) C. Everyone on my team was being hella pressured by our opponents so no help was coming. (jg tried at the start when I was 0/2. The enemy top got 2 kills from him and another from me in the process, making him 5/0) Also, not all my deaths were to top. I did try helping teamates, joined teamfights, we were all just so underleveled it made no difference.
NiamhNyx (NA)
: How to get honored in League of Legends
Murl0ugh (NA)
: Exactly. My standard is usually 0/5 in lane. If you die once fine. Die twice you need to stop fighting the opposing laner and farm. Die 3 times....I won't report you but I'll directly tell you to stop feeding and hug tower. At 0/4+ you just don't have any sense of self preservation or you are trying to screw your team over. I will report that. 0/3 is a useless lane. 0/5 in lane is "I don't want to play safe. Screw my team and their LP."
Ah, but my question for you is what if after 0/2 or 0/3 you do play super safe, don't leave tower, never push, just try to stay alive, ect, but the enemy out-farms you where they can easily turret dive and kill you another several times. Or you playing safe allows them to roam, kill another laner, come back to you and now kill you more easily than before. Maybe you're doing ok but their jungler decides to gank every 10 sec so your death count only increases. What then? Also, 0/5 is a different thing than 0/5/2. #assists exist
Azadethe (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Dokueki Kenshin,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=cUmQgcWo,comment-id=000100000000,timestamp=2017-11-01T20:13:50.201+0000) > > See, I definitely agree with you to a point. The thing about inting is that there are some behaviors that are objectively inting. I’ve had games where I constantly get caught out, camped, and nuked down before I can contribute anything meaningful. Yes, I have had games where I went 0/10/0 and wasn’t inting. Tilted, without a doubt, of course, but not inting. > > However inting does and should have a definition, but it needs to be much more specific and less generalized. I’ve only run into one or two cases of absolute 100% inting. One of them was a few seasons back where my Alistar support, from the start of game, charged straight into the enemy bot tower each and every time he respawned. It was so egregious that even the enemy team understood. He also trolled in all caps on all chat and tried to get me reported. > > True inting is blatant. True inting is unapologetic. Some who gives up to the point of *objectively* sabatoging your team’s chances IS inting. People who just give up and refuse to help the team fall under “Negative Attitude” instead. "Tilted" is just an excuse if you managed a 0/10/0. The last 0 means you didn't give a crap about working with your team, deemed the game a loss, and just avoided your team at all costs and either autofarmed or stayed in base. You did nothing that game to actually try to win, after you fed, and THAT is what creates suspicion of inting. Otherwise, you'd have a few random assists.
Not necessarily. What if, say, his team only had 5 kills in general which were top or mid and they lost every team fight. Or he was camped all game and killed before he could do any damage. Maybe jg considered him a lost cause and just went to top/bot, letting him die trying in vain to protect his towers? My point is, someone can have a really shitty score with little to 0 kills/assists but still have been doing their best. I once went 1/25/2 as top, but was trying my best all game. The reason I did so terribly? I was a bronze vs a diamond + his champ hard countered mine. Not to mention my team only had about 5 kills all game. No one was inting, trolling, ect, they were just way better than us.
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: Justicar Aatrox
Neat! also, is this the new champ?
: Just leave their name out. But ya.
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Touka (OCE)
: how the heck does league animate their login screens??
Not sure why this question is in memes and games but here's Riot's talk on it
: When your friend is terrible at the game, but he is funny so you carry him anyway
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1{{champion:202}} 2{{champion:202}} 3{{champion:202}} 4{{champion:202}} 5{{champion:238}}
: I'm pretty sure anyone can ping anyone else's items, so maybe try muting other people next time. IIRC you can even ping enemy items.
its a great suggestion, but i did indeed mute everyone at one point, yet the haunting pings never ceased :c
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Magi Mayvin (EUNE)
: basic title mentioning adcs being op
: They fixed Evelynn's new splash art
: Seems like updated Xin Zhao is Frisk
: The snack that smiles back
: Good good. Let the lifeform disintegration ray flow through you.
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: > lower the difficulty of this mode This mode is already super easy when you know what you're doing regardless of quest.
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