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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 23
About Akali - maybe you could change the functionality of her passive to not have the circles? I feel like having her mobility and sustained damage output being so conditional really hinders her in areas not Masters and higher, similar to how ryze was before the e and shield changes. I was thinking a good change could be to have the enhanced auto be available after a flat time, like 1 ~ 1.5 secs, and she would still get a speedboost (hopefully smaller) during this time.
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: Might not involve changing the HP -> AD ratio, but instead replacing it with something with a similar purpose. Example of that (just an example, we don't have anything in testing yet) being something like 'Pyke gets X% less stats from HP, Armor, MR and Y% more stats from AD' or something similar.
I'd think at toning down his huge base damages, especially on his ulti and maybe q. The fact that his damage is so reliable when having only a frozen heart and a support item kinda blows any other support out of the water.
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: August 22
Do you have any plans to change Malphite's q? It's very strong to max, but feels very unsatisfying due to his lack of waveclear when maxing it. This makes him forced to rush sunfire, and causes him pretty bad mana problems. In addition, he's overly reliant on it in ranged matchups. This is coming from a player who thinks e -> w max feels more satisfying and ties in with his theme as a unbreakable wall who smashes his opponents.


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