Bultz (NA)
: I get it's URF, but ffs remove the damage buffs to ap champions
except tons of the adc champs are some of the highest win rates in URF and are so wrong. 1 AA shot doing mroe than any of my AP shots and it is faster......
: Pretty tired of seeing Shapeshifters winning almost every game I'm in.
I have beaten them a bunch, but have lost too many times in dumb ways. Honestly, the only real problem I have with it is how nuts the size of gnar's ult is. I had a monstrous gunslinger/blademaster comp with 2* jinx and 2*draven and a solid front line, and it got down to 2 of us at the end and we both had 50+ life left. We went so many rounds where each of us won by 1 or 2 units, but I was coming out ahead. I had a 3star Kass that I kept moving to counter his Gnar. If he could get his gnar protected he could win, but if gnar was too far back I killed the rest of his team too fast so he was in a tough spot. He started out killing me, but then once I got a couple things in place I won 3 in a row to put him down to 2 life, but I was low as well. The last round he put his gnar in a little too deep, and so it didn't pop right away and I started shredding his front line, but then gnar popped when he had still had a few units left, it landed almost 2/3s up the grid, and my draven was in the far bottom right corner, so I thought I had won, because he would pop my front line all off, and my draven would finish his Gnar, but when his gnar ult went off, it reached over half the screen and caught my Draven which wasn't anywhere near his animation or what should be a reasonable range. I had killed both his Swain and his Shyv, but the insane range of the Gnar ult did me in. While Swain and SHyv can be annoying, the only beef I have is with the size of the Gnar ult. I think that shape shifter comp would still be solid, but not so insane if they jsut reduced the size of the gnar ult.
: You know what's still fun? Void Assassins.
Honestly, ever since they nerfed void, there are multiple ways to counter this. It was so much worse when the void bonus applied to the whole team. Glacial still can absolutely curb stomp assassin/void (those procs are so broken). Rangers pop them super fast as well (especially paired with glacial). Yordle/ sorc can do well also if built right. And while 3* don't make an auto win, 3* with a good comp does. Or if you had gotten your Kayle to 2 star, that makes a monster difference (she is broken AF). I just went against void/assassin and one Varus arrow with a 2* and seraph and deathcap killed half their assassins in the first shot. I also find a CC comp also does well as you can lock up a lot of assassins, but the you usually need 1 or 2 seraphs to get spells popping off fast. Nobles will struggle because they just don't hit hard enough fast enough. In your case you might have done better if you had 3* as well or at least had Kayle more built (not that you can always control that) or if he was at 2*s. Basically he landed a comp that was a complete counter to yours. It happens sometimes. It was like a time I landed an amazing Yordle team with a 3* veig machine gunning people with his ult, but then in the last rounds somone finished a full sorc combo and I lost half my team in the first second. Or I had a ranger team that was nuts, but someone had a CC team that shut down my back row long enough for their Gnar to get to me. And I will still take a 4 ninja / 3 assassin / void team over void/assassin. Of course one time I had spatulas rain from the sky and made a 6 assassin/ 4 ninja / void (had to glitch on the last piece with the full bench) but it was nastier than nasty, but also a 1 in a million chance to get them all. TLDR: you just got countered and had no way of countering his team.
: Beta pass
Quite honestly, if the rewards are what they have been, I don't care if they add any more. Being twitch prime gives you 3 LL eggs, but playing for hours and being loyal to the game gives you icons and emoticons. I am not saying they even need to make all the LL rewards, but for players that have played through all the beta missions, they could give you something more than the most worthless rewards in League. Maybe give some water sprite variants as rewards so they don't have to give up any of the $$ for the premium LL.
: Fix Draven, tired of getting rolled late by luck.
2star Draven laughs at hextech. For Draven it isn't even the items, it is how easy it is to get blademaster stacked on him.
: I figured out a way to beat 6 nobles
This strat works because it isn't nobles that is the problem, it is Kayle. The fact that you can plug kayle into almost any team and there is such utility is dumb. My favorite is to throw a SoS and a Seraph on 2star kayle on any team and you laugh as you win, even if your team sucks. Making multiple champs immune to any damage is just dumb. I just went against a solid comp that had a 3star akali with 3 full items, she dove straight to my 2star kayle and could do any damage. It took a while to kill her since she gun gunblade, but eventually she died because shejust could get past my shields, and the rest of their team couldnt take down the other champs kayle was shielding as well. Down with Kayle, Draven, and Jinx. They are just to easy and strong to slide in almost any team comp.
: Noble is ruining this game
I really don't think it is nobles synergy that is the problem. Most good comps can nuke past the buff. Gunslingers/blademasters/sorcs, the only one I feel like that struggles is a tanky comp that can't burst (brawlers/void). The problem is Kayle's ult. Almost every round I will blow away half the noble team in a second but then kayles ult starts going off and I lose because all my champs are attacking 1 or 2 champs that can't take any damage. I will have like 8-9 champs vs their 4 left and still lose because I cannot do any damage and the ult is up too often. A few suggestions: -Make Kayles ult only affect 1 champ at a time. or -Reduce Kayles attack speed or -reduce overall how long or often the ult can be up. or -make Kayle's ult take longer to charge after the initial cast (make her mana pool high, but start with some mana.) If someone is stupid and puts kayle in the back corner so you can blitz, nobles melts so easy once kayle is out. But if Kayle has decent position it is almost impossible unless you get a lucky AoE that pops Kayle first. That is why sorc does well vs because Sol or Karthus can nuke kayle no matter where she is put.
Axxuka (NA)
: Right it' the one that get 6 nobles OR the one that gets a jinx 2* with a nice comp. Draven, asassins, void ans brawler suck compared to a Jinx supporting comp rolf.
> [{quoted}](name=Axxuka,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=AAf3EoPV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-08-18T16:34:48.260+0000) > > Right it' the one that get 6 nobles OR the one that gets a jinx 2* with a nice comp. > > Draven, asassins, void ans brawler suck compared to a Jinx supporting comp rolf. Lol, I am calling it that for now on. The "Jinx Support Comp". It is so true. So many games where it comes down to the top teams were all the ones with a jinx, and the one that ends up winning is whoever can kill the other person's Jinx first.
Ragsalot (NA)
: Who's your moneymaker?
prepatch I was rolling Lucian in so many games destroying people. Post patch just play Jinx and win.
: Is it better not to win early matches to get good items?
I rarely see the people who start out with 100 win tbh. They do well for the first half, and then everyone else destroys them as soon as their comps are built. The only way I see 1st places winning through is when RNGesus visits them and they get all the perfect shops so they can build their comp out of luck and still ahve gold to level easily.
Enstrave (NA)
: Hextech and the new patch
yup,it pretty much makes gunsliingers and blademaster into gods. Just had game where I had 6blademaster with 4 gunslinger, and destroyed the competition. Took me a bit to build and I was down to 6 life, but the second I got jinx I won my way to victory. In reality I dont think it is that strong, just jinx and draven or too strong if they ramp up.
: Very Tilted
I argued against this idea for a long time, but after this patch, I am joining your side man. I felt like there was still some really good play in this game despite all the naysayers, but this patch annihilated any chance strategy had of beating RNG. Yes this game is RNG reliant, but I have really felt that you could strategize about the RNG before because there were certain macro decisions that would still win you games be understanding the nature of the RNG. But now??!?!? Hell no, it is so random you can;t even play the RNG anymore.
: Comparing relative value
Um, sort of. It matters on the champ, if all lvl 1 champs were even of equal value, or any other level were balanced then it might make more sense. But not all top champs are even comparable. Jinx and Kindred are both 4, but Jinx is so much stronger atm. Katarina is a lvl 3 assassin, but pyke is so much better at a lvl 2. I would take almost any lvl 1 over a Rek. Lulu is a level 2, but is one of the best CC champs in this mode. So whatever. Half of it makes no sense.
: TFT is the Strategic equivalent of rolling dice
I felt that while there was a lot of RNG, there was some decision making involved that you could still average out alright. If it was really RNG then I wouldn't be consistently in the top 4 and 1st plenty of times. BUUUT......after this last patch what part there was that was in your control is out the window. I am changing sides on this. With the increased champ pools, more broken champs and passives, it is an absolute crap shoot now. 1. The pool is already getting too diluted. Where before it was all about who got lucky with RNG item drops, but you could still get in the top 4 because you could at least build solid comps 9/10 games that could get you in the top without items based on your decisions, NOW not only is item RNG brutal, but now you have to deal with RNG and even building a team that makes sense. Before the patch I would see 2-3 3star on most of the top 4 teams, and if a team didn't they usually were all 2 star at least. Now, half the teams are wiped out while half their team is still 1 star. Then the occasional lucky person lands 2-3 3 star and its an instant win for them, not because they are good, just because they got damned lucky. 2. The increased player damage is making players just get buried and limiting certain strategies and comps. Some comps take more time to develop, while some are cheese plays and you get whiped before you ever get to a good position. It used to be you would get a raw deal to start, but you could work your way back. Now if you start bad, you are pretty much screwed. 3. Even more broken champs/comps. The good news is glacial is not as fearful anymore, but only because other comps are even more broken, not because glacial is actually balanced. Pretty much any mediocre comp and then a 2 unit hex with Jinx. Well pretty much any comp with Jinx and you win. Draven coudl get hairy at times, but jinx is on a whole different level. I had her doing almost 10k damage a round. I am not saying hexed is overly broken, although the duration should be much shorter on it, but Jinx makes any team broken. Then throw in your typical cancer plays like Kayle or Cho and it isnt even fun anymore. You build a solid comp? too bad, 1 champ outdamages your whole team, or 1 champ mitigates all the damage you do and turns 3 champs immune to any damage with almost no downtime. I honestly have been a pretty big fanboy of this mode, but this is the least fun I have had on this game since it was released. PLEASE FIX.
Squiggle (NA)
: Why is it possible that after raptors, people can be down so many more items than others?
They really should put a minimum drop for minions, like at least 1 each round. It is so dumb how uneven n some games are. I had a solid comp my last game and so did the other person, but I still got wrecked simply because by end game he had like tons full items and I had only had 0 minion drops, no krugs drop, and then finally raptors dropped me one.....
: Blitzcrank don't pull anyone and loses mana
Also make sure he has a spot to pull to or he doesnt pull
: Can we quit it with the overly long missions?
the games to go long is funny, because lately with the new changes, the games have been ending really early. Even if you win you still don't get the mission ahha.
Busty Demon (EUNE)
: Unpopular opinion : TFT bug on PBE made the game enjoyable
imagine if they just made a min and max cap on item drops so that people were at least within a couple items of each other
Brodka (NA)
: Will Draven ever be nerfed?
He used to be worse, and quite honestly there are way stronger units right now that should be addressed first. Draven pales in comparison to the damage potential of Jinx
: Ideas to balance hextech
Honestly, I don't find the mechanic itself game breaking, just the duration. Even if it was taken down to 2 and 4 seconds it would still be useful but not as broken, especially wen you consider it is a 4 unit comp only. By itself it is not that great, but the fact that you can easily slide it into other comps makes it too big.
Cräfty (EUW)
: I was 1st with 97 HP all game long, then someone got 6 Nobles and I just auto lost every time!
Once again I do not think it is the synergy that is the problem there. Both Kayle and Jinx are so OP its crazy. When you get over 8k dam on ONE champ in one round....Kayle needs either an attack speed reduction or a nerf to his shield. I think if they reduce those, there will not be as much of a problem.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Here is why the Hextech origin is so unhealthy to the game and a really bad designed trait!
Honestly I don't think most of that is a problem. I think the duration is the only problem. Cut it in half and I think it would be perfect. 2 seconds would give a decent early buff, but not overpowering for 2 units. 4 seconds late game is pretty strong for a 4 unit comp, but is not unbeatable, as items shouldn't be the sole reason for you to win. The units themselves are not overpowered EXCEPT Jinx. Vi is solid pick, but is a one target melee champ with limitations. Jayce can have some nice itemization, but once he bursts his load he is pretty useless. Camille just feels like another Fiora. Jinx can level a whole team before the debuff is over. I was doing around 8k damage a round with her in a game this morning as only a 2 star. So I think the 2 fixes would be just to half the debuff duration, and then nerf the hell out of Jinx damage.
Cräfty (EUW)
: I was 1st with 97 HP all game long, then someone got 6 Nobles and I just auto lost every time!
I don't think it is actually a noble problem, Kayle is just broken AF. If you get him 2 star your team turns into god mode. I had a 6 assassin/3 chovoid/with 4 ninjas, with a leveld akali with 3 items. That is really hard to get that full comp, and it is absolutely devastating when you can pull it off. I was destroying this dude, and then he got 2 star kayle and then his team was unkillable. It wasnt the noble, I could burst half his champs in 1 shot, it was just kayle shielding so many champs. I am okay with his ult shielding a champ, but it really should only be able to shield one champ actively at a time. I mean the dude had a crap comp, it was one champ outpowering some massive synergies with items.
: Whelp, no more TFT for me this patch....
I think he is being a bit dramatic, but honestly 8 seconds is forever in late game. With strong comps, a lot of battles are pretty much over in 8 seconds. They need to half the duration.
: Yup. Someone posting a win is always egotistic. *rolls eyes. The higher you go the more reactive your play has to be. You can't sit on 50 Coins and hope to win. In Low elo, people think that getting a synergy or getting 3 stars wins. That was the whole point. None of these guys did anything but try to create a single core synergy. I'm not trying to shame them. I'm trying to illustrate the difference so maybe a few Silvers learn something and begin climbing.
> [{quoted}](name=Illabethe,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=BpEW6n8t,comment-id=00060000,timestamp=2019-08-14T16:19:03.297+0000) > > Yup. Someone posting a win is always egotistic. *rolls eyes. > > The higher you go the more reactive your play has to be. You can't sit on 50 Coins and hope to win. > In Low elo, people think that getting a synergy or getting 3 stars wins. > > That was the whole point. None of these guys did anything but try to create a single core synergy. I'm not trying to shame them. I'm trying to illustrate the difference so maybe a few Silvers learn something and begin climbing. If you can't see how you have all negative things about the other players and nothing constructive in your first post, then you have bigger problems. Multiple people are pointing this out to you, maybe learn from it. You may not see it, but you are shaming them while you are smurfing.
: When u play TFT and realise its...
unless your opponent has half a brain and runs some combo of glacial/void/GS/Yordle/Sorc/Brawler and he never moves or is knocked up so much he has tons of baby Dravens.
: Winning in Silver is unsatisfying.
Honestly if I could downvote more, I would. Mostly an egoist rant, even if true. Honestly the lower elos were more satisfying for me because skill did seperate. From my experience, once you get high enough it is less skill based because this game is capped by META and RNG. Once you get to where everyone actually knows what works, it falls more into RNG of who gets the lucky item and champ drops. Who gets void to pop out the fastest on their champ select, who gets twice as many items to drop etc. With the new changes, it is going to be even more of a crapstorm.
: Orb of Enlightment
: Can we turn off the new player notifications on the right side?
I don't care to see who is leveling. I do like to know what champs are being leveled, but I am not going to sit and stare for the 1 second to see what changed. Put the combining back in chat. Then I can look at it when I want to and can focus on what is most needed. This was not a good QOL change.
: gunslingers with hush & sword breaker is way too broken
This is a problem I agree, the simple fix is just make the effects only apply to primary attacks, and none of the bonus attacks, or greatly reduce the chances for bonus attacks. Or one solution I saw someone suggest, was only let the debuff affect 1 champ at a time.
: Sick of Immortal Champions.
I played to take down Draven with hurricane and bloodthirster, he just put Draven in the middle and Draven basically killed my whole team by himself before I could get either champ with counter items to attack him. But that is more of a problem with just how stupid strong Draven is, not the life leach.
: Teamfight Tactics needs to be round robin when picking opponents
This has been complained about so much, I am not sure why it has not been addressed yet. It really shouldn't be hard. The worst in when you get down to the final 3. I had a match where all final 3 had like 50+ I got the harder guy 4 times in a row and we each won 2 of the 4 games, but I only fought his ghost while he fought the easier guy all 4 times and won. Because I fought the ghost I dropped down to 30 winning 2/4 and he was still full. So we then go on to battle 5 more games, and I win 3/5, but because he had the easy wins he had more life and still won the game. If they had just had it switch who was having to fight the ghost, then he would have been taken down, and the ending would not have been so frustrating. Please fix.
Myrmiron (EUW)
: Someone else experiencing lower LP gains?
It is so random it is nuts. I will get like 100 LP from a 1st place, and then the next 1st place Ill get 15lp. Then I will get 20 lp from a 4th place, and then lose LP in 3rd place. I lost like 10 LP in 3rd place, and then just now lost 4lp in 5th place. Is this Riot's idea of a joke by adding RNG into the LP gains for this RNG fest?
Rynart (NA)
: Glacials Need a Nerf or Reworked
It is a fine mechanic, it just shouldn't proc so often. Add in Sej ult which is still too strong, and the frozen crap is too overbearing.
Comentários de Rioters
: Soooo.... why use anything other than Yordles, Glacial or assassins.
I feel like I can counter yordles, a strong glacial comp is near unbeatable, and assassins are counterable, but they are so strong they are still ahrd to stop.
Comentários de Rioters
: Sorcerer shouldn't have long range attack zone, that's ridiculous lol
There are a lot of ways to counter, and a strong well balanced sorc team is hard to get. Not to mention you also get killed by Dragon. I played one round where I finally got the good front line and a solid sorc team, but I had 1 life left. I was destroying everyone at that point and then the dragon killed me off haha. No but for real, its a hard comp to build and there are ways to counter it. If they wern't ranged, they would be almost as useless as the knights.
YambrinZ (NA)
: Item stacking invalidates the idea of class/origin bonuses
Because locket doesn't heal on top of the shield? And Pyke is very killable, yordles with a good side comp will take care of it no problem. Synergies is everything, but you can't focus on just one. You itemize to power your synergies.
øHaruø (NA)
: Am I the only one...
I usually am in the top four and get 1st frequently. It was more random until I started reading up on the mode and watching some other people play that do really well. There are some key strategies in econ, champ selection, and decision making that have a huge impact. Of course some rounds you just get pissed on, but you should be able to get top 4 more than half the time if you are playing well.
NY64 (NA)
: Should an item shop be added to teamfight tactics
Maybe if you could cash in two of an item for 1 basic item. This way when you get like 4 armors all in the same round, you can toss 2 back in hopes of something that you can utilize.
: Who do you put PD on?
I either put it on frontline tank or a carry. But honestly Id rather use the bow for something else on a carry if I can.
: Please Nerf Locket Stacking and Nobles!
I feel like early locket is annoying, but near useless late game. Damage gets so high that 200 life is nothing. Nobles is actually pretty weak late in game and pretty random early. Assassins, yordles, sorcs, blademaster, glacial will all crush nobles. At first I liked nobles, but the more I play the less I think they are useful. Nobles have very little strong AoE or CC or damage. Any damage just comes from item stacking. Glacial is weak damage but perma locks. Assassins, are just massive damage. Yordles have damage, CC, and AoE, sorcs just melt everything in 2 seconds (assuming you get some magic items). blademaster do massive damage. Hell even Demons are scary (mostly due to Varus having huge AoE damage). Even some of the 4 comps are stronger. Wild, Elemental, Ranger. Overall I rarely take locket, and even more rarely take nobles except if it rolls in easily when I am doing blademasters, glacial, and rangers. And then it is a subthought.
Porglit (NA)
: I completed the "Level 6 my second carousel" mission.
I tried it so many times, and should have gotten in multiple times, but then got it one round when I wasn't even trying and wasn't even leveled by that level. It is so screwy.
Shahamut (NA)
: When is Skarner going to get some love?
I actually really like skarner LOL.....I think with just a little tweaking he could be very doable again. I don't think he needs huge things done.
: is there any counter whatsoever to glacial comps?
Honestly the best 2 counters I have used vs them is either assassin (with a way to get that back row ashe even if you need to grab blitz.) The other is a fast cast sorc comp. With a good sorc comp, their whole team is dead on the first round of casts (assuming your build focus on a Asol cast.
: Completed LvL 6 By round 11
I just did the mission and it just isn't recording. Pretty much had a perfect econ and still nothing.
They need to just reduce how often it procs and effect sizes for SOME glacial champs: 1. Reduce overall proc capabilities for Ashe (don't let hurricane proc or reduce its chances) 2. Reduce the size of Sej ult AOE. Almost a whole map freeze that lasts way too long. 3. Fix whatever bug it is when a champ gets frozen for over 5 seconds from 1 shot. I have had it multiple times. If it is intentional, then it is absolute nuts.
: > [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=g6ExJjds,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-07-09T22:11:47.911+0000) > > You literally have to gimp yourself to accomplish this, so I'm good. I tried that also, I have even had no one on my bench or the playing field and am still unable to get enough gold to get level6
> [{quoted}](name=Gut Smacker,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=g6ExJjds,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-07-09T22:13:17.177+0000) > > I tried that also, I have even had no one on my bench or the playing field and am still unable to get enough gold to get level6 You cannot get it without the pirate bonus, it is as simple as that.
: Patiently Requesting Champion Skins
I agree that skins would be awesome in this. The only problem I see is that you have a limited time to overview everyone elses teams, and if they were all skinned, it would be very hard sometimes to figure out who everyone has in time.
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