: > [{quoted}](name=Academy Kayn,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=OkTbEMMQ,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2019-08-27T15:20:50.229+0000) > > I'm a fan of all of most of them personally, though muted mostly by Zoe. Not particularly interested in her in general though, not my cup of tea. And that's alright, I don't need to like all of them. It's clear that this year that they've been trying to tell more stories with their skin-lines, as seen with the Corrupted players with Battle Boss, the forsaken Project skins, and now the corrupted Star Guardian skins. It's probably why they waited a year before doing another addition to the skin lines, because they wanted to do something different. > > And Riot not giving you what you want isn't Riot not listening to you. I'm pretty sure that's just entitledness. They wanted to do something different this year, and regardless of what you think, it's still Star Guardians. Just not up to your personal expectations, and that's all right. I think those examples aren't exactly the same. Battle Boss was already pre-existing as a coexisting skin line in the same universe. Forsaken Project I wouldn't even call different. In the project universe there are basically two sides those with Project corporation and those against. And both were pre-established before this year. The project skins also still fall in line with the characteristics of the skin line, the crisp mechanical feel in sound and animation. The difference here is the star guardian line was about sparkles, colors and all that. These skins are a larger break than your other examples. I think people would be more accepting if the corruption wasn't just all purple all the time, dark star already has enough purple blackness. And if they were named fallen or something. I'm hoping there is a variant or chroma that has the uncorrupted version still.
No to mention Zoe is already pretty "Cosmic" and Xayah and Rakan already have cosmic skins...
: WHERE IS OUR DESERVED STAR GUARDIAN {{champion:6}} SKIN AT???{{sticker:darius-angry}}
: They did listen, though. They listened to the part of the community that wanted Anti-Star Guardians. They just went in a different direction with it than what we were expecting. These skins are still Anti-Star Guardians, after all, having had their gems damaged by Zoe, thus corrupting them like she is. * Zoe is corrupted, and she corrupted Ahri's old teammates to make her own team of corrupted Star Guardians. * Neeko(the yellow gem) apparently survived, and so did Rakan(the green gem) to some extent, but Xayah(the blue gem) didn't. That's what Rakan gives his life for Xayah's, giving her his green gem to make her whole again(and thus turning her green, like his gem), because that's the only way to save her. I am running under the assumption that, in the lore, Ahri figures out a way to repair the gems or create new ones to save her old team, which is how Neeko comes back. However, perhaps Zoe damage's Xayah's again so she can't change back, which is why Rakan isn't actually using his gem, because he wants to use it to save her. They could very easily fix this by renaming the skins, though, thus making them a new line/new theme. Riot heard our pleas for something new and different for the Star Guardians, and they delivered, and I can't be mad at them for that. Am I sad that there are no normal SG skins? Sure, but they can't please everyone. Even if they released varients for these skins to make them true SG skins to make the people that wanted true SGs happy, the rest of the community would call it a cash grab and get mad at them over that. They don't release the varients, you guys are still mad. They scrap the skins entirely, basically everyone is mad. There's just no winning, because with this community, there is always something to complain about, and fixing it does nothing because it just opens up a whole new can of worms.
I agree that this does comply with the story, which is good. I think they did that well at least.
: They could've made anti-SG skins without them looking like Dark Star. Not to mention, we only have 4 Star Guardians this time instead of the 5 last time. And the choices are like "Let's throw in Zoe because she's popular, throwing in Neeko because she HAS to get a new skin given her release skin is going into legacy soon, and what else? Oh yeah, that's just fill 2 spots with Rakan and Xayah since they have to be together. Yep, so that's 4 skins. Good enough." It's just an overall lack of polish and felt VERY rushed, I feel.
THANK YOU!!! This is exactly how I feel. The number of skins doesn't really bother me... but my god do I dislike the champs they decided to give skins to.
: This is the first time I am not even CLOSE to excited for the new Star Guardians or saving up.
Just a note... this is very much my opinion :) I like the idea... but I would have rather them use different champs. Like Neeko is new so I think she gets a pass... but the other 3 are just so boring. Zoe is already cosmic so why put her in this skin line? Xayah and Rakan have cosmic skins... why give them SG skins as well? There are plenty morally questionable characters that fit the anti-guardian aesthetic... you just reworked 2 bad ass females that are sisters. Literally could have substituted Xayah and Rakan's story with Morgana and Kayle and made it about sisters... and they would look really cool too. I get it - popular champs get more skins and I am also VERY biased about who should be a SG (most support champs (excludes Rakan lol), Jayce, and Taliyah), but the picks are just... meh. Then again, even the project skins this year catered to popular champs. I miss the days when they have skin releases with like 1 popular champ and like 2 regular champs. I also think that this is one of those skin lines w/ a major following so maybe getting ppls feedback before you make the skins is better than just using popular and new champs.
: Because people dont like auto-losing games in the loading screen because the enemy has: {{champion:99}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:11}}
And your summoner name is not appropriate. I hope you understand that.
: Because people dont like auto-losing games in the loading screen because the enemy has: {{champion:99}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:74}} {{champion:11}}
then Riot needs to change the name to ARBYGAB... "all random but you get a ban" that way there is a disclaimer in the title basically saying "we know some champs are op in this game, and that's what happens when it's all random (duh), but we gave you a ban so that it's a little less random and you won't rage in a game mode that is LITERALLY 75% luck and 25% skill. And to those who like playing the champs that are broken bc you like to troll (teemo) or bc you actually like the champ and would like to have an equal chance of getting them in is fun, non-ranked, game mode (literally every other champ and teemo for some ppl), we apologize for the fact that this game mode is now being taken as seriously as ranked." And there are counters to these champs, you just have to be lucky. If you're not, then the game will end in like 10 mins anyway.
Kalikain (NA)
: Ah, you main lux, sona, morgana, brand, janna, zyra, karma, nami, soraka. Ya this patch was to limit accounts that only abuse mages (who have 60-70% win rates in aram) Gg rito! p.s., it is still all random. ARAM doesnt mean all champions must be available, randomly picked and all mid. its all random all mid.
The thing is, I am not even talking about just those champs. I don't want to deny someone Aatrox or Yi just bc I hate playing against them in ranked or normal. What if you liked someone that ALWAYS got banned? That wouldn't be fair or fun. Yeah some games are a drag bc the other team is full of amazing characters, but that's part of ARAM.
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: New champion Teaser !
A shapeshifter who somewhat looks like the other champ. Hence the odd Ahri tail and things on other Nunu's head. I am curious how this is gonna work
: ***
How about you leave your petty feelings about an event to help introduce and include others, that are not male, into our community out of this charity post????????????
: Thats weird...Usually when something goes out of stock it still stays in the store and it has a little window on it that says that is our of stock or in the vault or what ever..Maybe it is a bug or ...idk
> [{quoted}](name=Camille Ferrøs,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=ygxyekF0,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-31T22:42:47.991+0000) > > Thats weird...Usually when something goes out of stock it still stays in the store and it has a little window on it that says that is our of stock or in the vault or what ever..Maybe it is a bug or ...idk It's odd... I want to buy that along with the figures in order to get the free shipping.... and since star guardian isn't out for awhile... imma have to pay for shipping!!!
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KagureNai (EUW)
: Yi is weak early but can litterally 1v5 if he just gets the gold...which seems unfair if he has a shitty score. The thing that makes this champion unhealthy for the game is one thing. His Q. A point and click BLINK that makes him UNTARGATABLE. How much bullshit can you fit in one ability? There you have it. Old point and click abilities don't fit the version we know of League. Since League is constantly changing, its mechanics are evolving as well. Incuding new champions, and reworks. When I talk about point and click, I mostly talk about specific ones. As in, ones that are straight up just unhealthy and that are ridiculous. Point and click ( also known as "Unit targeted spells" ) can be either self-targeted, ally-targeted or ennemy targeted. ( also terrain targeted, but that only concerns {{champion:432}} and {{champion:91}} ). As of now, Yi's Q and Fiddlesticks Q and E are really problematic in my opinion. Also, Fiddlesticks has only point and click in his kit. There is definitely something to do about it. ( except his R ) Yi is given free damage and also free "i don't want to be hit by X thing so i'll use Q". And as the champion being targeted by his Q, there is no counterplay available. No time to react. Sure, an early game Yi is pathetic. Wait until you can't even blink and you're dead. What a champion. Fiddlesticks has just to be in range to get free damage. Also, his E is way too easy to get damage on. Well, the fact that he has 3/4 point and click abilities speaks for itself... All in all, these old champions must be looked at to fit what League has become. The latest champions/reworks are mostly more mechanical/fun/worked on and they feel rewarding. It's not dumb abilities. I get the point that getting rid of "easy gameplay to quickly pick the pace of champions" is not that great when we see people that invested themselves on those said champions, or just appreciated the ease of those champs. As in, some people don't want to play the game to grind skills. They want to have fun. And "easy" champs are their way in. However, these old champs that were good in their time are now completely outdated and they need something new. On my part, I'll always be the one looking for Visual Upgrades ( I like pretty things a lot and being in the art field, I can't stand outdated models to be on Summoner's Rift when I play... ). I'm not the best one on gameplay design, but I think every player can easily have their opinion on what is unhealthy in the game. By Unhealthy, I'll say that the champion concerned has "little to no counterplay". I think it's the best way to describe it. We can also talk about unhealthy stuff when it comes to Zoe ( thanks Riot for realizing that she shouldn't deal that much damage if she fails to land her abilities... I mean c'mon ) or Yasuo. In Yasuo's case, I agree on the fact that his kit counters every matchup possible. He has tools for everything. Against ranged champions? Passive + Windwall. His Dash will get you. Against melee champions? Double crit chance and armor penetration on his Ult. He melts tanks and squishies the same. I think the double crit and Yasuo is pretty dumb to be honest. He has a shield he gets for moving ( fair enough ) and also is rewarded with a double crit chance....for being Yasuo? Nani? I talked a bit more about what I think is Unhealthy, but yeah...about Yi : he is braindead and pretty much needs an update. FULL update. ( what was the design team thinking about his 7 lenses that can see the potential of people...it doesn't even look remotely Ionian.... )
Someone give this person the MVP award today. I agree with this and just left a comment about how YI can dodge cc. Maybe make Yi's q range much smaller? That way you have some reaction time. It also may be small already and there really is a good frame of time to counter him, but I'd have to research that in the practice tool. I will say that sometimes it feels like certain champs have a lot less to worry about when it comes to messing up (like every assassin in the game, but I digress). Like I may be able to snare and ult Yi before he gets to me (assuming I am like lux mid and we are 1v1 and at the same lvl and items), but if he can still one-shot me after all that, then that's an issue.
Kelg (NA)
: Okay someone has to say it
I think the biggest issue is the fact that he ults , runs at you like a monster, then when you're about to cc him, he q's and oneshots you. Basically, HE HAS A COUNTER TO YOUR COUNTER WHICH IS HIS Q. You're faced w/ 2 decisions: 1 - try to cc him before q and MAYBE land the cc 2 - wait for him to q and, when his q is done, hope you're not dead and cc him then. Also hope he is not in aa range, bc then you gonna die right after the q.
Janakin (EUNE)
: @Meddler: Let me show you what we mean by "The Damage Is Too High"
When a "point-and-click," which is supposed to deal a ton of dmg if kills the initial target and then bounces to you, does more dmg on the initial shot than any skill shot in the game... Pretty sure every skill-shot champ is crying rn.
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: Another generic onslaught hate post don't click
I agree with everything. This game mode is such a waste considering the payout is a ward skin or a new champ. Hopefully Riot will do something about it. I don't mind a challenge and losing a couple of games, but it's a problem when I lose every game!! It's like the hard mode for doombots, but I don't play that mode to win. I am playing onslaught to actually win, so give me a break Riot.
Stiler (NA)
: I love how un-solo friendly it is. In order to get the ward skin with any tokens it requires 5 man pre made groups so if you're a solo player you're shafted. Not to mention that to get ANY tokens it requires you playing it on onslaught, normal is already a huge pita that hardly any teams seem to beat.
I think you can still get the tokens in solo. There are missions for solo players. That being said, the first solo mission alone is that you have to win three games. One with an adc, one with a mage, and one with utility. I can't even win one game... how am I supposed to win three?
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Νichirin (EUNE)
: It's actually hard but possible with MF, Jinx, Janna, Poppy and Soraka. I think that's the only comp you can ever get trough the full corridor of vel koz's. Reached until the last stage but it was corridor again without poppy but a syndra. If anyone is interested, you should get like bloodthirster on the adcs, redemption on janna and soraka and full tank on poppy.
But that takes away from the game mode. It no longer is a star guardian fun mode but a "how do I cheese the system" mode... that's not fun. especially if I want to play a mage.
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XD haha (OCE)
: For now let's just start with politely nagging for her release.
> [{quoted}](name=XD haha,realm=OCE,application-id=A8FQeEA8,discussion-id=PZ1rE8Pr,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2016-11-23T07:53:15.079+0000) > > For now let's just start with politely nagging for her release. Yes please. It's frustrating that they do this to faithful players. Such a tease.
: Has elementalist lux released yet?
It's annoying how Riot will say that Elementalist Lux will be released with the update and then not release it for days. I know it's all marketing and they're trying to sell their new dungeon skins before releasing this one... but still... maybe you could have a better schedule on when skins will be released? Like an actual "this is the date this skin comes out" schedule. Happened with the star guardian skins as well. Riot I love the skins you come up with, just don't love the method you use to release them. I don't like being excited for a skin and then being let down everyday I look for it in the store and it's not there even when you said it would be!!!
: Why did you main your champ?
{{champion:143}} She is a sassy plant-lady and I love when her plants kill a champion. Plus, she is easy to play but hard to master. To me she is a {{champion:74}} that takes skill to play. Her skins are hella cool too. It is rewarding to get and S rank on her when you play her as a support. The only downside... she can kill steal. But most of the time I have one of the highest rates of damage-to-champions in the game so... I deserve those kills lol. {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}} {{champion:143}}
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