Salron (NA)
: It's a general statement, fact is that if you're not extremely high elo you can play whatever you want and succeed, thats still true even in my elo range its very easy to improve your skill at low elo because theres so many different things to work on
Not sure why you got downvoted, but you're definitely not wrong. This is what any pro, ex-pro, challenger, ect, player will tell people when they ask them for advice on what champions are good at climbing in low elo.
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Milan3z3 (EUNE)
: Is it me or LoL has became was too bursty
It has been a big problem for a while now. A single mistake will cost you your life now. You won't even get a chance to go back to base and fall behind in cs. You just die. If the mistake was bad enough, it'll just lose you the game. Some people find that fun, I personally don't. Dancing on broken glass for 30 minutes, waiting for someone on the enemy team to screw up worse than someone on your team, loses it's luster after a while. Games are either won in the laning phase and end with one team FFing at 15-20, or you're in for a 40 minute stalemate of neither team engaging on each other because they're too scared of getting blown up and throwing the game.
: Likely an unpopular opinion but tbf you get these items for 400g and time investment you no longer need to purchase the upgrades which allows you to go directly into items which will give you the stats that you will need for your given champion.
On paper that sounds awesome right? In practice, though, you have great income for the first 1000 gold until to get your Tier 3 upgrade, then you hit gold starvation really hard. Losing spoils and tribute really hurts the **_ENDGAME FANTASY_** (I say that sarcastically because that's the term they used when they first introduced support gold batteries) of a lot of champions that became staple support picks.
MickuPgBz (EUW)
: Please don't keep support items this way.
You have to keep in mind that you're now getting a free 1400 gold alone, just from not having to buy upgrades. Check your overall gold per match. Now add 1400 to that. That's how you can calculate the difference in gold from last patch to this one.
: Did the servers just die?
Nevermind...apparently there was scheduled maintenance and I was just uninformed.
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: No junglers released in over 2 years
Fiddle rework is coming up soon. That might as well be a new jungle champion.
: > [{quoted}](name=Jannanomana,realm=EUW,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TqfEB5hI,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-11-20T08:00:59.247+0000) > > Did you even read the patchnotes? Meele Tanks still use Relic Shielt, the Health/AP or Health/AD item which can execute a minion for gold. Do you seriously want to tell me you played Leona, Allistar or Blitzcrank with a Coin? na.. > > Meele champs use Relic Shielt AP or AD version > Range Champs use Spellthievs dagger AP or AD version The problem is that they are all flatly better on ranged champs because of the safety and are just trolling yourself aside from hp and wards once they max out because you can't do much of anything to get gold that wont get you flamed in a lot of games and that only gets worse if your team is behind. This is especially true for the non-tank items, at least 150 more hp might let you escape or get off one more ability before going down, but an extra 20ap/11ad on champs that generally don't scale well from those anyway is just pointless most of the time unless you never intend to interact with enemy team and even then you wont be able to afford the CDR or mana regen to stay out on the map and be useful.
Tank supports like {{champion:111}} and {{champion:89}} threaten all-ins. Ranged supports like {{champion:25}} or {{champion:43}} bring poke and harass. That's not going to change because of a few minor stats on the new items. You're still going to be royally screwed if you get hooked by {{champion:53}}.
: The Bots Have Invaded ARAM
Bots have been rampant in ARAM for a while. If you get your ARAM MMR (yes that's actually a thing) high enough, you'll stop running into them.
: Why is all of the true damage stuff linked with the worlds pass.
Yeah I had 76 tokens left this morning. No way I'm getting this skin in time. Even if I GRIND the game I'm not getting enough.
: Heres the one problem is have with Ryze.
I went against a Ryze just a bit ago that started {{item:2033}} , then built {{item:3070}}. At that point he was untouchable. If I missed a skillshot, he just ran at me throwing spells like a machine gun and I'd have to back. No champion should be able to buy a single mana item and nearly one-shot you. By the time he got his RoA we had taken the game over, but that laning phase was miserable, and it was solely because that champion gets too many stats for too cheap.
: Hey, just got banned, and i understand my behavior was unreasonable.
Well you sure changed your tune from like 2 hours ago.
It sounds like a fun design, but my god would an AP Steraks be broken. Especially the AP-HP conversion. Vlad would reach 90% winrate with this item.
vivimos (NA)
: Chat ban because other player is flaming? Seriously Riot!?
"vivimos: I got knocked over the wall... so that was gay" I'm going to guess this was the line that got you.
: Terrible mathcmaking
The matchmaking handles new accounts in a strange way. It tries to identify smurfs early and put them at a higher MMR as to prevent them from ruining low MMR games. If you went on a win streak early on, or you won a few while playing with higher MMR friends, your MMR is going to skyrocket.
Yasho Main (EUNE)
: unfair perma ban.
: Maybe you have a very different picture how this game goes: 1) I do farm. 2) Whatever farm I don't get, the item supplements. 3) I certainly don't hug the turret. I spend entire lane poking the opposing champion, so they feel uncomfortable farming. 40-60 damage hit after hit makes even a Garen miss CS. It IS a ranged auto attacker lane.... and she DOES gain a barrier for auto attacking. # 4) You do realize that bot lane isn't just enchanters and adcs? Bot lane is often a Swain/ADC or Swain/Mage. In other words, a support-less team. Playing support somewhere else patches that weakness. A lot of "lane" champs have better synergies with adcs than supports do. 5) You really don't play support if you think Top champs (most of them) are more impactful to a game than a high level support elsewhere. Only about 3 tops have more impact than a Support: Garen, Tryndamere, and Nasus. Anyone else, generally has shutdown capability, doesn't take enough team focus, and doesn't really have much impact on overall team performance. Ornn CAN, but his play rate is so low, and it requires a strong pre 12 performance.
Your example in point #4 is not a "support-less team". They have Swain support. Supports have 2 main roles in a game. Peel for the ADC, and help control vision. That's it. You don't need a Nami/Morgana/Yuumi to have a functional team comp. Not having a champ designed specifically for the support role is not a "weakness" that needs to be "patched" by having an enchanter support go to a solo lane. I assure you. I'd prefer a fed Jax coming down from Top after laning phase, over a fed Nami any day. As would anyone with any sense. I'm not saying support champs suck outside of their role, I'm just saying that champs designed for solo lanes fill that role much more effectively. If you have a support Swain, you have a support Swain. That's not a gap in your team comp that needs to be filled by a solo laner. I feel like this kind of devolved into you defending your personal playstyle to me, while I'm just explaining why it'll never actually become meta. I'm not judging you for playing Morgana jungle or Yuumi top, that's up to your teammates. I'm only telling you, that the support items are not going to make support champions solo-lane viable. If the support items are good, solo-lane champions will buy them.
: Why we should have ARURF over URF
I could not agree with you more. I have felt this way since URF came back and it was 100% pick/ban on Garen, Shaco, Fizz, and Yi. I sincerely hope that in the future when they bring URF back, it's ARURF instead of classic URF.
: No. I was saying they can SUSTAIN a lane until they can join a team. They won't CS like a normal laner; maybe half rate. But they can hold it, and give a team TWO supports; A kill bot lane support (Senna) and an alt lane Support somewhere else who has a higher gold/level/item lead than the actual support. Nami's kit is wonkey for dueling in other lanes. It's fine for sustaining the lane, and later joining a team fight. Keep in mind; The new items require post Quest supports to FARM ANYWAYS. After tier 3, these items no longer give 15G on proc. So the item is basically a stat boosted sightstone after that. So post 1000G quest, a Nami already will have to learn to farm, even as support.
You do realize that having an actual top laner on your team is a lot better than having a support with an extra 1k gold and 2 levels, right? In no situation is it going to benefit a team to have a support sitting in a solo lane, throwing away half the creeps and hugging tower, just because support items give gold. If the Support items are good, people will run them on actual champions that play in solo lanes, not Nami and Yuumi. If they're not good, then people will just buy a Doran's and go to lane like normal.
: Season 10: The Season of Supports playing any lane.
You playing one game on the PBE and not hard-feeding isn't evidence that the support-pocolypse is upon us. I would personally love to lane against a solo Yuumi. Especially as Aatrox. You can't even steer your Q when you're alone.
: What if "Conditioning" Worked Like "Gathering Storm"
I don't know, though. I think tank itemization needs to be looked into before buffing tank runes. You just run the risk of everyone running the good tank runes, and _everyone_ getting tankier across the board. I think we just need real, strong, affordable tank items that really give tanks some lasting power in a teamfight again.
: Is wanting damage lowered all the community wants?
I had a Qiyana that was the same level as me, kill me in under one second from full health yesterday.
: I m seeing all these negative comments and realising that some people just can t be pleased.Happy birthday riot and thank you for the rewards.
> [{quoted}](name=MihaiSocea89,realm=EUNE,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=u1d6aZVw,comment-id=0018,timestamp=2019-10-20T07:17:13.243+0000) > > I m seeing all these negative comments and realising that some people just can t be pleased.Happy birthday riot and thank you for the rewards. I'm honestly blown away by the responses in here. I guess we're living in the timeline where people don't appreciate free stuff.
Infernape (EUW)
: To be fair it's not like Riot could've gotten away with _not_ doing anything. It was inevitable.
> [{quoted}](name=Infernape,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=u1d6aZVw,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-19T12:54:13.746+0000) > > To be fair it's not like Riot could've gotten away with _not_ doing anything. It was inevitable. I know, but think about it. 10 days of pretty awesome rewards. They could have just as easily given us the icon, ward, and emote, and called it at that.
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: Ranked AFK Punishments
Yes. Because if you had lost that game, your team would have done nothing to deserve the loss if it had been caused by your disconnect. It's an automatic system put into place to deter people from leaving games, or queueing **if they have an unstable connection** as that negatively impacts the game for their team.
: Uh.. are you still talking about rank? Also, that is my main reason for having smurf, to play rank games with my friends and help them climb. I want to emphasise on the word help and not boosting. I dont duo q with anyone and help them climb to a rank where i dont think they belong in. Other player does it to practice a champ they are not familiar with on their smurf and that is something i dont know how i feel aboit either.
> [{quoted}](name=ExcaliburX,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=gpnlfRV6,comment-id=0002,timestamp=2019-10-09T09:08:39.946+0000) > > Uh.. are you still talking about rank? Also, that is my main reason for having smurf, to play rank games with my friends and help them climb. I want to emphasise on the word help and not boosting. I dont duo q with anyone and help them climb to a rank where i dont think they belong in. > > Other player does it to practice a champ they are not familiar with on their smurf and that is something i dont know how i feel aboit either. The problem lies in the fact that you don't belong in those games with your low-rank friends. It's not about you boosting them outside of the elo range you assume they belong in. If you're going into silver games as a diamond player, think about how unfair that is to the silver players on the enemy team. It's not that they don't stand a chance, it's that you have a very heavy advantage over them. This is why smurfing and boosting are such a big issue, boosting even more so.
: Smurfs are destroying the game and fun for normal players
Smurfs and Boosters really do damage the competitive feel of the game. Not to mention people can get banned, make a new email and account, and be back online within 10 minutes. Riot really needs to look into requiring an active phone number to be linked to your account in order to use it. That would make it infinitely more difficult for boosters and smurfs to function. I know the OP here was a bit whiny about it, but it really is a major issue. Silver-Plat is absolutely ridden with boosters and smurfs. To the point where most of the games in those divisions are decided by which team got lucky and got the booster(s) or smurf(s). It's one of the main reasons I've stopped playing ranked outside of placements every season.
Rage Ev0 (OCE)
: New Launcher?
I don't have it either. Some of my friends do. I don't understand why I don't have it, but I'm not too bothered.
: Where the hell are you seeing oh so many Chinese players? I've seen maybe two in the past 3 years.
> [{quoted}](name=DuskDaUmbreon,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=B2XXBldG,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-22T04:24:45.824+0000) > > Where the hell are you seeing oh so many Chinese players? I've seen maybe two in the past 3 years. In like every Norm Draft I play at this hour. Like at least 2 per game.
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Neriticc (EUW)
: Can you nerf Kayle Now?
"I went 1/8 against one as graves top. She must be OP!"
: Warwick needs QoL changes
They really just need to increase the size of his R hitbox and he'd be good imho. It needs to at least be the size of Nautilus Q. AT LEAST.
: People need to stop putting together all female teams it never works out and makes females looks bad in the process.
> [{quoted}](name=boricCentaur1,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=tLix7OtV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-02-22T21:00:54.714+0000) > > People need to stop putting together all female teams it never works out and makes females looks bad in the process. How many people have played long enough to remember Team Siren? Lol
: Crit items buff but where does that leave tanks? (Randuin's Omen)
Randuin's is -20% Crit DAMAGE, not chance. Add Tabi to that, and it's another 12%. 2 Items can lower an ADC's auto-attack damage by almost 1/3 with passives ALONE. That's not including armor. If anything, this patch made Randuin's more valuable than ever.
: Should you Riot company keep the actual ranked system?
I've said this for a few days now, but I'm on the other end of this. I did well in my placements, and now I'm playing against players over an entire rank above me. I guess it's due to so many people being unranked now, but I'm not sure. I think I might just quit ranked for a couple of months until things level out and I'm back to playing against players of my current rank to climb.
Yenn (NA)
: What the actual fuck are two Gold player doing on my team in this ranked game?
I got placed in bronze, and am working my way back to Gold, but I'm not going against Bronze players while climbing out of Bronze. I'm in Bronze, but playing against Gold players. I'll eventually get back to Gold, but it's looking like it's going to take 50 or so games to get back there. I'm maintaining around a 50% winrate, but only because I'm playing against people of my actual skill. Just put me against Bronze players so I can climb out and get back to where I belong. Don't put me in Bronze and make me play against Golds to get out.
JKikaz (NA)
: Inconsistencies with MM from game to game in Solo Q.
I was just about to make a post very similar to this. I got placed super low, due to not playing ranked in a very long time. I started after my first placement match at Iron 2, but was Bronze 1 by the end of placements. What annoys me, is that I'm not playing against Bronze players on my way out of Bronze, I'm playing against Golds and high Silvers. If the game thinks I'm Bronze, put me against Bronze players. Don't drop me in Bronze and make me play against Golds to climb out.
: You know, if insane burst in this game wasn't so high, sustained damage would be more viable
Don't you enjoy being one-shot for getting hit by a single skillshot?
: An Idea on how to get rid of Trolls and Feeders in Ranked
So you're saying that you should get LP for losing? Yeah, that'll happen... Try looking at it from this perspective: There's less of a chance that you'll get a troll on your team than there is that the enemy team will get a troll. Since you, yourself, aren't trolling, they have a chance of all 5 of their members being a troll, while you only have 4 potential trolls on your team. Getting trolled or inted sucks, but they're not going to promote you in rank because you had to deal with a troll.
: Will it always be necessary to learn the new meta champs to climb?
There are so many one-tricks in D1/Master/Challenger, think about that. People who play only a single champion, and make it to the top of the ranked ladder every season. You think they consider meta when picking? Find the champs that really click with you, keep your champion pool small, and master what you're good at.
: With Tiamat Getting a Nerf...
The thing is, they're not fixing anything by nerfing Tiamat. They're just nerfing the champions that need Tiamat to function properly. People buy Tiamat because it gives aoe waveclear to champions with no aoe. The active and auto-reset is just a bonus. It's the function of the item that makes it so popular.
: Watching old league videos makes me so sad for the way this game turned out.
I'm not a fan of the one-shot fiesta the game is right now either. That's why I moved to maining Top. At least my laning phase is somewhat engaging. I used to main support, but now it's just a matter of your ADC messing up once, and they insta-die. Falling behind in bot lane is so easy due to all of the free damage floating around. You either feed or get fed.
: The problem, like I said, is design philosophy. Assassins, bursters, and most new champions do both. Who was the last ACTUAL tank released? How long ago was that? Sustain ADC or mage? Bruiser? The philosophy they are using is what looks flashy, makes big plays, and nets stream viewers... not what is functionally needed for game balance in the champion pool. Of course, as the game has progressed towards faster damage, and more violent fights, you increase the overall complexity of play. When doing this, the old lumbering champions don't look as "fun." In order for a game of assassins to work, they have to out damage each other so it doesn't become a pitched battle. One has to get the drop on the other, and delete them. Therefore...
I think the last tank we got was Ornn, and that was last year. And the only reason he even saw much play back then was because he could shield himself and do % health damage. He fit very well into the tank meta. Now, however, I feel like assassins and one-shot champs just run circles around tanks, and kill the backline no matter how well you play the role. I'm agreeing with you on this. It seems like every new champion they come out with has to one-up the last one on bullshit factor. It's like they can't just release a champ that shoots a ranged weapon, or swings a melee weapon. Every new champ that releases has abilities that take 5 minutes to read over. And they're all like that so that they can overload the kit and give them more than 4 abilities, but squeeze them into 4 ability slots. Having said that, I still don't think items and runes are off the hook on this. There is certainly too much free damage granted by items and runes. Imagine trying to play the champions with base stats right now. Only items, no runes. It'd feel like a new game. It needs to be addressed one way or another. I remember complaining about tank meta, but the current state of the game is much less enjoyable. I enjoy trying new things with champs, but with how things are currently, it's not worth it. I'm going to get blown up instantly if I make any mistakes, so I might as well just play what I know I'm good at. Which gets really old.
: Items Aren't The Problem
Define the "problem". I'm seeing a ton of power creep in the game. There's way way too much damage in the game right now, and a lot of it comes for free via runes. Then you have these items with an entire paragraph of passives that just add more free damage onto your free damage, and you get what we have currently. People dying in less than 1 second, and tanks being functionally useless.
: For real... it stopped being funny
I've been coming back to support after a long-time break, and it feels awful. My ADCs are the same braindead chimps I was playing with before, but now when they mess up, they just insta-die. No chance to even turn the fight or anything. They misstep once, they die, then we're behind, then we/they die again, and it's time to ff15.
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Shock16 (NA)
: Will tank junglers be viable after 8.10?
You're gonna have to save smites for Scuttle, meaning you won't be able to red/blue smite during ganks. Not only that, if you miss a couple of scuttles, you'll be an entire level behind. They seriously need to revert this patch. It killed jungle entirely. It's not fun to play, and your laners are pretty much just on their own.
: afk or just DC
If your internet is bad, and you DC often, you're still hurting your team's chance of winning. If it happens so often that you're at a 20 minute low priority queue, you must DC a lot.
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