: What was the thought process behind eliminating Snowdown this year?
I believe its just a matter of them not having the resources to do a good job on snowdown map changes with so much work being put into the elemental rifts. So they decided to skip it entirely rather than implement it poorly or distract from the more general map changes.
: Can Shyvana get something extra for killing cloud drake? Feels pretty bad that her dragonslaying gameplay paradigm gets absolutely no benefit from one of the four drakes. Feels SUPER bad on cloud maps, where as many as 3 objectives are literally useless. Extra fury/sec, perhaps? Also whatever you did to her Q in this patch broke her dragon form Q on wards, which is now only doing one damage. And her dragon form Q on turrets is still doing very small amounts of physical damage with an AP build.
Honestly I just really hope they go ahead and make her ult have a normal cooldown, and keep the fury mechanic for only when its active. She gets nothing from cloud drake, her ult doesn’t come back while she is dead, and the whole deal could work essentially the exact same if they just made it have a cooldown start when it ends and get lowered by basic attacks. They even have relative cooldown reduction mechanics as a thing, so they could avoid making her autos have a disproportionate effect on ult cd with high cdr without adding anything that isn’t already in the game.
: Riot be like: We heard people complaining about the lack of vision, so we decided to give support (the role that does the most warding) less gold so they can't even think or buying control wards! This is what you wanted right? Also why did they even need to remove gold gen on support items when they're removing Klepto? If it's because other roles are abusing it set a restriction that it can only be used if you play support. Good thing I barely play Summoner's Rift cuz I can tell these changes will guarantee me a not so fun time.
> [{quoted}](name=kaijukitten,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=r4N52yLX,comment-id=0007,timestamp=2019-11-21T02:45:51.557+0000) > > Riot be like: We heard people complaining about the lack of vision, so we decided to give support (the role that does the most warding) less gold so they can't even think or buying control wards! This is what you wanted right? > > Also why did they even need to remove gold gen on support items when they're removing Klepto? If it's because other roles are abusing it set a restriction that it can only be used if you play support. Good thing I barely play Summoner's Rift cuz I can tell these changes will guarantee me a not so fun time. Placing a hard lock mandating that only supports can build support items is basically impossible. If they determined it by selected role, then it wouldn’t work in blind and it wousld encourage people queueing as one thing but playing another. Imagine if old frost fang had no tribute lock out from csing early on. Suddenly people would queue support then go mid so they could get a bunch of free gold on a champ with stronger gold scaling than a support. If they did it based on champions, they would have to arbitrarily divide the game into supports and not supports. Not supports would be totally incapable of being used as supports, since they’d basically be doing the equivalent of jungling with no smite, and supports would frequently end up in other roles so they can abuse the support items while csing. Really not sure why they felt the need to change things the way they did, though. I don’t think support item poaching has been much of a thing lately with the other restrictions they have put up over time.
: you don't hjave money you say? support items usually got anywhere between 1000 to 1600 gold in a 40 minute game (thats the tribute + passive generation) now your item costs 1500 less gold provides more stats and still gives you 1000 gold yes you definitely don't have gold lol
> [{quoted}](name=Thingamajig,realm=EUW,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=r4N52yLX,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-11-21T01:54:40.956+0000) > > you don't hjave money you say? > > support items usually got anywhere between 1000 to 1600 gold in a 40 minute game (thats the tribute + passive generation) > now your item costs 1500 less gold provides more stats and still gives you 1000 gold > > yes you definitely don't have gold lol That assumes that 60 ap 150 health or 40 ap 300 health are actually stats I want. And even if they are, losing the gold generation late game just FEELS realy awful. You get a bunch of stuff early, and then suddenly it slows wayyy down and there aren’t really any actions you can take that feel particularly rewarding other than getting kills, as you shouldn’t be killing minions. You get all of your money by just sitting and waiting. They also took away the bonus damage and healing, which was worth a fair bit, and made the items more exciting. Now they are just cheap stat sticks that give you stupid stats that you likely would never have bought if they werent basically free and glued to your wards.
: > [{quoted}](name=Meddler,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=vaG0gRbU,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-11-15T17:45:47.679+0000)...though some of the things we were trying didn't solve her issues as intended so we've somewhat rebooted that work. Any chance you could share with the main issues the team has identified are? Always curious to see that sort of thing.
Riot maxw3ll talked about a lot of the stuff they were trying, and some of why it didn’t pan out, in this reddit thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/yuumimains/comments/dfahew/an_update_on_the_yuumi_changes/ He then had some sort of illness and had to hand the reins to someone else, so that is part of why its taking so long.
xReemx (NA)
: You're forgetting that later in the game there are less components available since the carousel starts giving full items instead.
Dragon, elder, and herald also don’t drop components, which was actually the main thing I was thinking about, though both are relevant. If you go into the carousel after raptors needing a particular component, and don’t get it then, you are in a pretty bad spot, as the next chance you get for that component isn’t until the next carousel, and there is a solid chance that the game has ended or you have lost by that point.
Xareav (NA)
: So... we're ok with Yuumi having the lowest win percentage of any support but the highest ban rate? Or were we waiting to continue the pattern of nerfing her directly or indirectly every other patch, or...? You cannot possibly feel like Yuumi is in a good place.
The fact that her ban rate is still high but her win rate is low means that she has some serious issues beyond straight power. Presumably the fact that she has very limited counterplay in a kit full of tools to shutdown divers means that she is exceptionally frustrating to deal with even when she is not actually all that strong. Fixing that will take more complicated changes than simple number adjustments, which means it needs time, as well as more information on how she plays out once people get more used to her presence.
: PLEASE FIX THE BASICS OF THE GAME before you add anything else! Champions will path to nothing, take the longest route possible to get into range, or sit there and wait before taking their next attack. In-game matchmaking is no better than when it first launched - still see the same opponent over and over again even in early rounds. How difficult it is it guarantee matchmaking when there are always 8 teams at least until wolves? Player damage is wonky - losing early means nothing but you can go from 3rd place to dead in 7th with a few bad mid-game rounds. Items are WAY TOO CRUCIAL and the RNG system sucks. Can you please publish stats on win/loss ratio when getting 0-1 items in the initial creep rounds? I bet it's staggering.
Matchmaking has the problem that it needs to avoid repetitive match ups, but also needs to avoid being overly predictable. Thus it can’t be completely random, but it can’t be completely fixed either. This makes it a non trivial problem. As for items, having played with the new system on the pbe, I will say it feels much better than the old drop system. Sure, sometimes you will only get gold early, or gold and one item, but its a ton of gold, and the maximum amount of items is not as high. I highly recommend you give it a chance before judging it so harshly.
: Why is nobody talking about: > Rare boxes contain: Spatulas, **full items**, gold, champions, or Neeko's Help It'd feel so terrible to be running a comp, and get a useless complete item instead of the two pieces themselves
Rare boxes can’t give 2 components though, so its not like the game decided it would give you a full item instead of 2 components. Its more like it giving you 1 item versus 1 component, and I’d totally take the item over the component, especially in the late game where the odds of getting the other pieces needed to make whatever item you are after is a lot lower.
: *addition* a couple of ways sorcs have chances against dragons claw/buff is Ahri carry because true damage and void sorcs bc of true damage. It just seems unreliable.
If you have 9 sorcs, dragons buff is just not that big of an issue. You have a ton of ultra high damage aoes that all go off at about the same time. Unless the enemy has several strong carries with the buff, you will either kill all of them all at once anyway, or kill everything but 1 or 2 units which can be mopped up easily enough. Far more problematic are things that keep your abilities from going off in the first place, like pyke, glacial, demon, or hush.
: Can we fix the ring? If I'm in last place I shouldn't vs the person in first 2 times in a row. Or every other time vs the same person... It isn't fun even in vice versa. Too easy for wins or loses.
My understanding is that riot is doing their best to make the in game matchmaking better. They haven’t succeeded just yet, but they are working on it.
Cräfty (EUW)
: Although I welcome your efforts to limit the influence of RNG on the items drop rate across the board, I need to say that TFT has a much larger problem that needs to be dealt with: **Pathfinding**. * Units, from when the game was still in PBE to this day, still go AFK randomly, costing us rounds, and even games! * Units, sometimes, don't follow the shortest path towards enemy units and get stuck in weird spots. * Units don't walk **smoothly** across the board. They move, hex by hex, stopping in each hex for a brief delay before continuing their movement, which cost us precious time during the fights, especially if the rest of the fight is happening on the other side of the board. * If the current target of my units die, while they were moving towards it, my units will stop, go AFK for a bit before resuming movement towards the nearest enemy available. This leads, in so many cases, to units going AFK permanently for the rest of the fight. * {{champion:102}}'s AI still sucks in patch 9.17. She still gets stuck mid transformation and goes AFK for a bit. This happens especially late game, when the board has too many units on it. * {{champion:63}}'s ability bounces more times than intended, on live servers right now, dealing too much unintended damage. And a lot of other problems that need immediate attention to them. So, instead of using your time on new additions to the game - which are always appreciated but not now - maybe you should work on the more urgent issues in the game, first. Imho, your priority should be to fix the AI of all the units, the pathfinding and the tracking of certain abilities (like Brand's ult). Movement should feel smoothe across the board, units should move and attack as they're supposed to and abilities should track units as they're supposed to, etc. Trying to limit the RNG influence over the game is OK, but a lot of us have already adapted and learned to deal with it. The problems that I mentioned are much more game breaking and needs to be fixed ASAP before adding anything new to the game, since they constitute the core mechanics of TFT!
While I 100% agree that the pathfinding/afk issues are a problem and fixing them should be a high priority, I feel the need to state that it is pretty unlikely that the changes stated here along with the new items being added actually conflict development wise with any pathfinding work. The number of devs working on tft is large enough for a reasonable degree of specialization, and the tasks involved in making pathfinding work better and making new item mechanics are pretty different, as one requires lots of technical optimization and one requires lots of game rule design. That, combined with the fact that adding more people to a team that is already working on a particular task actually makes it take longer in many cases, as the people already on the team need to spend time helping the newcomers catch up, means that unless riot has literally no one working on pathfinding already then they can’t really make it go any faster by reallocating resources.
Okain (NA)
: Well I for one,Welcome our new Yordle Overlords. {{champion:78}} {{champion:18}} {{champion:85}}
They even added a level 9 version of the yordle buff on the pbe, which gives 100% dodge. It takes a bunch of mittens to get there, but it is rather goofy when it happens.
: Why not just name them Brawler's Gloves like they are on SR?
Presumably to avoid creating confusion as to what it does. Brawlers gloves sounds like an item that makes a unit a brawler. Calling it sparring gloves avoids that, and also at least to me makes sense as the name of an item that gives both dodge and crit.
: thing is the more they add to this game, the less consistent it gets. and it gets more rng based.
It doesn't really work like that. The skill of this game is pulling consistency out of rng, by being able to make a workable team under a huge variety of conditions. Less consistency in items and the like actually increases the room for skill expression, as now there are more situations that must be dealt with to perform well most of the time. What may be a bad item hand for say noble gunslinger, could be great for sorc yordels or something, and being able to recognize that is where the skill is.
: Whole paragraph about game modes and not a single word about Nexus Blitz? BRING BACK NEXUS BLITZ!!!! No missions... no events... We just want Nexus Blitz... Pls.
Riot has said elsewhere that nexus blitz is slated for a return at some point in the nearish future, chill.
: I just believe that especially adaptive is so situational that building it in sub-par situations is beyond terrible since its stats and build path is very weak. I think that diversity is key here. Abyssal can also feel this way especial since some tanks due very low magic damage, and your team may have low magic damage so then its unique nature just feels useless.
Fair enough. Adaptive helm’s build path is certainly something that has never made sense to me. Why does it have a regen bead when spirit visage, the healing focused one, doesn’t? One non mechanic change that I think would help out adaptive and abyssal a fair bit would be ongoing trackers like some other items have. Just something saying how much damage has been prevented or amplified would be really nice for judging what they actually do.
beany (NA)
: Do you think Yuumi needs something about her core concept fundamentally changed? Even with the latest nerfs she is still pick/ban in pro. Have you entertained the idea of her taking a % of the damage her partner takes, in return for reverting some of her other nerfs? Or do you think that she's going to remain a champion that's just overvalued in pro play? (not having to worry about the support being caught out and dying is a pretty big deal after all).
As someone who loves yuumi and greatly enjoys being almost 100% safe at all times, she so needs to stop being 100% safe at all times. It is a horribly broken mechanic that makes her have inherently less counter play than essentially every champion in the game, and thus she will always be frustrating to play against unless she is so weak that she doesn’t actually matter. Not sure making her take % of damage would be the way to go though, ‘cause then that could make yuumi feel really crappy to play as (getting killed by a skillshot that your teammate should have easily dodged, for example), though I admit I am hella biased and have no better ideas.
: I really hope that this preseason is very much focused on items. The game really needs Tank MR items, AP Bruiser items, Mage items looked into since almost everyone goes {{item:3285}} and {{item:3165}}. Healing in game is super problematic. Also I think Riot really needs to make {{item:3165}} and {{item:3075}} two separate items. Like {{item:3165}} should be split into one Penetration item and one Grievous Wounds item, and {{item:3075}} was even talked about when it was reworked that it was a temporary fix. It needs to be split in two as well. One Grievous Wounds item and one AA damage reflection item.
Just wondering, what do you think is wrong with tank mr items right now? As someone who plays mostly tanks (and tends to build anyone who isn’t a tank as a tank anyway) I find the current setup of spirit visage for healing, adaptive helm for well, adaptive helm situations, abyssal for damage amp and mana, and wits end for an offensive option to be pretty solid. Sure there isn't as much diversity in options as there is for armor, but it still works pretty well, so I am curious as to what you’re seeing there.
: Non-Remake Remakes in Ranked
Problem with that: if you are still allowed to gain lp by winning a game in which this “failed remake protection” system were in play, then that state would actually be better than a normal game, and would thus likely invite abuse, and potentially discourage actually accepting remakes. If you can’t, that would suck when you don’t get rewarded for a 4v5 win. Is it possible to resolve this issue somehow or another? Probably. Would it be worth the large amount of added complexity and weirdness that would result? Probably not. It does sound like what happened in your game was pretty crummy, and losing lp as a result sucks, but it also is a pretty rare edge case of remakeable games, which themselves are a reasonably uncommon edge case.
KiddFly (NA)
: Add time to later rounds, shorten time in early rounds
On a related note, why does the first round even have time in it? The only possible action that affects anything is selling your only unit, which is essentially pointless and rather frustrating when it happens on accident.
: Come on Riot... You do realize that those changes to Yuumi, (particularly the Mana back removal) promotes the ‘AFK and heal’ Yuumi play style and removes her main weakness which is being detached to poke right? I can already see the “Yuumi is too safe being attached 24/7 so we’re nerfing her strengths” coming and the thing is it’s your fault because you made this one change.
I believe the justification was something along the lines of "Pros were able to use the passive on cooldown, so removing the mana restore from it made the nerf more impactful on pros then the average player". The fact that removing the mana restore on her passive and nerfing the shield to the point of only blocking one auto makes it so that fully utilizing her passive in lane now only results in around 3 pre mitigation damage per second, while infinitely increasing risk compared to sitting around being bored for the whole laning phase, was apparently not relevant.
Barkley (NA)
: Auto-combining items just feels bad.
> [{quoted}](name=Barkley,realm=NA,application-id=RaE1aOE7,discussion-id=MQhnzpKc,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-07-07T08:06:38.384+0000) > And while we're here, I just have to ask -- why are items champion-bound anyway? What's the point? Why can't I just swap them on the fly? I'm not sure this is a problem with item combination, more than it is a problem with item permanence. > > If items weren't permanent, at least I could take that redemption off my vayne and put it somewhere more appropriate. > At any rate, something here just feels bad, needs fixed. Items being pernament once attached is an important driver of a lot of the decision making that allows skill expression in this game. Do you take a unit you don’t need long term so you can stack all of your items onto it and sell it later once the unit you actually want the items on comes available, or do you put the items on a more core unit which you actually have synergies for, at the cost of not being able to get them to their optimal late game position? Do you hold onto all of your components without combining them in the hopes of getting the one or two pieces needed for an ideal build, or do you throw together what’s available now to keep a winstreak going? Do you grab the unit you need from the carosel even though it has an item component on it that is less than ideal for that champ, or do you pass it up in favor of a unit that is irrelevant to your build but has a good component? If items could be removed easily, or even worse disassembled into componets, a lot of that would be gone, and the game would lose out on skill cap it can’t really afford to spare. Also if my understanding of current changes on the pbe is correct, they are already adding the ability to combine items off of champions, which will help.
: Why not just guarantee an item drop from every creep?
This is a game where the primary skills involved outside of straight knowledge are in flexibility and adaptability. Knowing how to make the most of an item advantage or disadvantage is important. There are some champions who get comparitively more bang for the buck out of one or two items, and others who get comparitively more out of stacking. Elise for example is someone who generally isn’t all that great, and not usually a good choice for item stacking, but she can get a lot of milage out of a simple unupgraded tear, because it makes her ult go off far more consistently. Knowing when its better to go for a hyper carry type item distribution vs trying to get a few units the little bit of extra power they need to be more useful is an important form of skill expression. Further, it appears the way the system is setup is to make it so every bit of extra performace makes a difference. Getting 7th hurts less than getting 8th, getting 3rd helps more than getting 4th, etc. This means that unless the powers that be are actively out to get you, and deal you the worst hand in every match, then players who are good at taking the occasional terrible hand and managing a 6th place finish instead of an 8th place finish will be rewarded.
Jbels (NA)
: There needs to be bad luck protection
I generally find it to be pretty rare for a game to be entierly lost by rng. Sure it happens sometimes, but usually there are at least some options available to handle bad luck, either by changing strategies part way through to whatever is available or by making unorthodox itemization choices to make the most of what you have. Item rng is also already getting cut down substatially on the pbe, which will help remove what I feel is the main factor in games lost by rng, ie the ones where literally no items deop ever. There are also some builds that have less dependence on getting 3 stars then others, which can help make things more consistent. My favorite build is wild shapeshifter dragon, which Lets me win fairly often despite rarely getting any three stars, as they just aren’t needed for the build to work. Its also important to recognize that getting first should only happen 1/8th of the time, and is not required for the system to count a game as a win. 4th place or greater is all it takes, and that helps ensure that a game is not truly lost by one or two people getting exactly what they need.
: Can we get rid of sprite/little legend unit collision?
This is something I 100% agree with. The carosel requiring moving the little legends is something I find pretty good on the whole, since it breaks up the game a bit and gives a nice little oportunity for players to interact with everyone else in the game more directly, which makes it feel more alive, but the unit collision is just not needed, especially for players who have already picked a unit. A game where almost all of the skill expression is knowledge/strategy based rather than technical/mechanical or apm type skills does not need the only real mechanical skill involved to be something that is poorly illustrated by the ui and generally very hostile in nature.
: Worst TfT Champion?
Fiora is I think by far the worst, to the point that I think she might be intentionally bad to keep early nobels in check. She is super squishy, and her ult seldom does much of value. Elise is I think actually fairly decent in a shapeshifter build, especially if she is given a mana item of some sort. Literally just a plain unupgraded tear makes her much more useful. I do think her spiders should be made better units at the expense of the player damage aspect though. As she is right now she can lead to some really nasty early losses from being made to fight a 2 star elise repeatedly. Lissandra is a vital part of my emergency backup builds of elementalist sorcerer and elementalist glacial, which I go for if I find myself in midgame with barely any 2 stars or synergies of any kind. The fact that the elementalist synergy has the same strength regardless of the level of the units involved make it, and by extension her, really valuable for surviving midgame if things get off to a rough start.

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