: Okay guys, I have a REAL problem with hard feeding ADCs.
games are considered roughly equal skill, but that doesn't mean your silver lane bot gets to play against a silver lane bot. No....your silver lane bot might be against a plat bot, while your plat mid plays against a gold mid. Apparently it all balances out in the mmr though.
: After FOUR years of playing this game, I finally own all the champions.
Start another account and farm them all over again! And then be sad you spent so much time farming champions when the IP dump time comes around and you reaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllyyyyyyyyyyy want that Sona icon...
: hmm how are you silver in NA when you are diamond + in 3 other servers?
> [{quoted}](name=MrFawknSunshine,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=LhnYm1vI,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-13T00:56:32.936+0000) > > hmm how are you silver in NA when you are diamond + in 3 other servers? new account?
: What Are Your Predictions For This Year's Victorious Skin
How about a Victoriuumi? The kitty cat had such an impact they either had to let the meta fully reform or bury her into the ground until they find a way to rework her. Edit: I didn't realize she was disqualified from it.
: i hate to be *that* person, but with how often your posts get downvoted what makes you think board members will support you?
> [{quoted}](name=Inkling Commando,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lZdvmJBp,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-12T20:12:44.092+0000) > > i hate to be *that* person, but with how often your posts get downvoted what makes you think board members will support you? Haters gonna hate.
: new client login is AWFUL
I get a F2P P2W MMORPG vibe from it. Like...look at this cool dragon, if you wanna fight it gimme money.
: Well, I’m officially stumped about Karma.
I don't think it's so much about her as a champion as much as her concept. a calm, determined mind.
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: Kai'Sa is extremely sexualized for no GOOD reason
You're late. The forums have already been over this. Like a long time ago. You're super late. Like I'm fairly certain they changed her original splash art because of SJWs? I don't recall if it was this one. You already won this battle though, so congrats I think.
: I tried it, it doesn't work for one very obvious reason, supports can't take CS, and nasus is all about the CS.
Barkley (NA)
: Can we as a community band together
Are you telling me to play Nasus tank support? I'll do it, don't tempt me. Edit: Actually I'm going to try it next game. The absurd slow, the e poke, and I can stax with relic shield? Lets go!
: You think if we flood the ticket center with
Only if our tickets try to Naruto run through the automated response bots. many will get responded to but those who make it through will reveal the truth.
Reksee (NA)
: A tiny sneak peak at Season 100 Patch notes
fake. no Ahri / Kai'sa / Xayah+Rakan skin reveal. no Jinx emote added. Where are you pulling these patch notes, the Onion?
DalekZec (EUNE)
: Am i crazy or is there this bug where in post game chat name are showing ally's name in red?
Riot has chosen to accept the fact that your allies are your enemies as well. bronze league was right all along; The allies are as bad as the enemies!
: > [{quoted}](name=Chainman3,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4WiNNByb,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-03T23:49:02.985+0000) > > Just for you they should make it so when you have a dc or an afk you cant remake so you take the free loss instead. What you're saying is being ungrateful for the things that were implemented. Before if you had an afk at the start of a game, well you just lost or attempted to win a 4v5 (Maybe they would reconnect). Now you're complaining about remakes happening. Yes i know you're referring to the players who are afk, but no one is intentionally afking to cause a remake. So toxic. Youre the guy people mute right away in games, right? Where did I say they shouldn't remake? I said they should be in their own queue. Why is that such a bad idea? Where do they go? I have yet to have a game I couldnt load into, but they can't load properly. Why not put all the people that habitually AFK or magically dont make it into a game in the same queues? Why lump them together with people who never AFK? Or do you just defend everything this game/company does for the sake of being a toxic? Geesh. This little boy keyboard warrior wouldn't have this attitude in the real world. :)
It's not a single group of people that disconnect repeatedly. Everyone DCs every so often. Get over it.
Lapis (OCE)
: What's more fun to you? Playing lots of champs, or just one?
one-trick-ish. I have about 10 champions that I play. I've bought brand new champions right on release and never played them (Yuumi and Pyke for example). I guess I'm just picky.
: Blitzcrank Q Buff and Some Reflections on the Current State of League of Legends
if i remember, they said this blitz change was to keep some builds in check in worlds. They had also said they knew this was going to increase his win rate. Edit: oh, Phreaks patch notes commentary.
Kat XD (NA)
: It doesn't appear to be enough to keep high-plat / low-diamond players out of silver/gold normal games.
> [{quoted}](name=Kat XD,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lrEx0eYV,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-01T22:08:26.502+0000) > > It doesn't appear to be enough to keep high-plat / low-diamond players out of silver/gold normal games. feelsbadman. unranked to masters in norms, it doesn't even matter anymore. As for the OP, TFT is bloated because it has rewards. I feel that once rewards for playing ends, so will the playerbase.
: Depression in gamers, the original Shenmue, Epic games, and effective marketing
Got a theory on this? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/player/NA/AllenPCarlson
: let me disable the 5 second quit game timer
alt+f4 closes it without the notice. I leave almost every game before victory/defeat screen, you can honor and check stats a little earlier, or just go new game.
Remove the crystals granting vision when they're activated by the enemy and I promise I won't ban your skarner pick. Never dealing with a skarner losing my pink wards ever again.
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: (cosmetic) let us choose our icon borders
Just want to bump this in hopes a Rioter sees it. The red one goes okayish with Heartsplosion and Katarina, but it's something I really want. Have a nice day!
: Helping Your Friend to Buy Little Legends Like Shisa and Jeweled Protector
I think the one I want is locked behind gambling. Great video though! 10/10 worth watching
: It's Easier To Win By Banning Out my Team
I'm one of the best leblanc supports in terms of warding (top 0.01%)
: Soraka's reaction when the ADC complains for her stealing a kill/CS
On the outside: {{sticker:sg-soraka}} On the inside: {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
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: Just look at those Riven buffs on PBE. Lmao
{{sticker:fiora-cool}} : Riven is a little on the weaker side I feel. Let's give her a slight buff. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} : Do you even play this game? {{sticker:fiora-cool}} : On occasion. I mostly analyse the statistics of it and base my balance theories off that. Win percentages, loss percentages, ban percentages, hovered-in-champ-select percentages... {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} : BUT DO YOU ACTUALLY PLAY IT? {{sticker:fiora-cool}} : No, I just like to say I do a little to make people think I'm not completely clueless. {{sticker:sg-lux-2}} : THIS IS WHY THE GAME SUCKS. YOU ARE TRYING TO BALANCE SOMETHING YOU DON'T EVEN UNDERSTAND. PLEASE GTFO I HATE YOU SO MUCH. {{sticker:fiora-cool}} : Sylas nerfs. {{sticker:sg-lux}} : OMG I LOVE YOU SO MUCH MAYBE I CAN BE A MID LANE AGAIN THIS IS GOING TO BE AMAAZIIIIIIING WOOOOOOO
: can we put some shorts on this lizard
LMFAO I'm so creeped out now. I thought the people who noticed things like this didn't actually exist and it was just that laser eyes meme.
Grace (NA)
: When the two worst players on either team are fighting in a side lane
It's all fun and games until he pokes you in the eye for dozing off during his story.
: Qiyana can dash through Cass gas?
I'm confused what you're trying to point out? Ooh i see.. I think it's because she used it before entering the cloud. It's not like a Poppy bubble. If she were INSIDE she would be silenced (and grounded) so she couldn't then. This isn't much of anything.
: As a sustain support, I've about had it.
Enchanters feel like they're in a pretty bad spot at the moment but I might just be losing my touch from playing much less than before. But I believe in you! Keep the enemy wards down and yours up! {{sticker:katarina-love}}
Spotty (NA)
: i said it before and i'll say it again
I'll say it for the first time: I will pay $100 for a 2020 Lamborghini Diablo
: I would like a full refund of every dollar bill I spend on this game
: Please add Scaling Mana Regen to Tier 2 stat runes
One offensive: AD, AP, AS, One defensive: Armor, MR, HP One utility: CDR, MS, Tenacity Screw balancing at this point. just get it closeish and let it ride.
: Is it just me on this for Ravenous Hunter?
I think the healing granted is 1/3 for aoe. So I would think it does (if not it should), but it's super low.
: > The concept of defense applies to a bunch of other sports, and it especially applies to League. Wait what? League? A Sport? That is like saying Golf is a sport because of the defensive aspect of golf.
The typical defender in Golf is called Wind. The best defender in golf is called Thunderstorm; People literally call it a day and leave when he's around.
Cellucor (NA)
: Can you close this game out?
At the end it looks like Renekton is trying to fight their team under 2 nexus turrets instead of taking the turrets. Why would he do that instead of trying to take nexus turrets? He even uses his two dashes which got him so far away from his own team. He could use one to intimidate, and one to escape? In baddie leagues i see people do this often but when I watch good players they seem to focus on turrets and only engage when they can either take another kill or are forced into it (enemy ryze/kled ult or such). Observation from a support main though, I really don't know why he'd do that. I guess I got 1.5 right. I wasn't sure if the enemy was going to engage on baron for the second one so I was kinda between the two. He'd play front-line renekton if they did and fight. or he just tries to buy time being scary if they don't.
Shahamut (NA)
: What Skarner mains REALLY want...
They HAVE to remove his crystal area control. The moment he goes above 5% pick rate I'll perma ban him to defend my pink ward in bushes. My own skarner will take a crystal for 5g and let them enemy take it back + reveal my pink. Fuck that, skarner is out until rework for me.
: Monthly reminder this game is dying
in the top 5 for like 10 years straight = dead.
: Please up the username cap
"Order of the Banana Soraka" We need 26 alphanumeric characters.
SE404 (EUW)
: lol the twitch. poor guy unrank but play against plat. Imagine how bad u feel when u see that.
Truthfully I think he was a smurf as he was always in good position for fights and trades. I couldn't prevent or sustain their poke; all I could do is prevent a kat dive which even that was a struggle.
: Riot is the Problem.
Wanna see some real matchmaking catastrophe? https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/match/na/3134308443#participant4 I was like a beginner bot. Thank god this was a normal game at least.
: Intuitional questions: Does it give you *An inherent advantage above other people* ? Does it *Scan into the game itself and give you advise* ? Is it a *Pay for* System ? Does it let you *See the enemy team's name and their stats* ? For the most part, If the answers to all of them are "No", Then it Should be allowed, As it wouldn't be that much different than straight up looking at your team-mates reccord and studying them, or pulling up Champion.gg and looking up a simple bit of info. If the answer to any of these are Yes (Except the third), You really shouldn't use it because it *Could* put your account at risk If the answer to the third one is yes.... Honestly, Why? Why do this?
> [{quoted}](name=ZenithEevee,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=cev80bxQ,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-08-06T04:58:59.132+0000) > > Intuitional questions: > Does it let you *See the enemy team's name and their stats* ? > Is this against their TOS/EULA? I actually used to run a website that you'd simply type your name in and it gave different statistics for every player in that game (win streak, lose streak, just stomped, got stomped, first game of the day, good player with their champ pick etc.). It never gives real-time information like how much gold they have at a point in the game or how long they have their summoner spells left on cd like some UI add-ons do. Those I kind of consider a cheat so I never downloaded them. Edit: sorry didn't realize how old this was! It was top of recent lol :(
Eyesack (NA)
: Games literally end at 5 minutes.
Well idk if I played in s3 or s4 but I did enjoy the game years ago. After a few thousand games I don't really see and POG moments as I've seen them a hundred times before. I don't think the games gone bad so much as us with years of play are just like....eh.
: Hello hi please stop hitting wards
It grants vision of the person attacking it and her immediate area. They cannot see the dragon's health or how many people are actually there (unless they're literally all standing on eachother). I prefer to kill them to prevent a direct TP into our team most cases. I also try to keep vision further out in case they are in fact coming, but I'm a ranged support kinda player, so I'll often be near the entrance to their blue while attacking it.
: Bring back the uniqueness that old runes provided
I mean there was nothing like getting that 1% crit change proc and saying "skill" in all chat. They could just redo the current system as well; those offense-defense-defense choices. Give it more options or break them down a bit.
: What is the absolutely best support of the game?
{{champion:267}} Her passive is really strong, especially matched with a Draven for instance. Knock-up/stun +ally MS boost if it hits them as well. Healing/damage +ally MS boost ally damage/slow on hit +ally MS boost ult that takes up half the lane that slows/knocks up enemies. +ally MS boost You can build AP for fun or utility for tree-hearding. Nami Tank can be fun as well. If I had an IQ higher than a chimpanzee I'd probably say Nautilus/Thresh, but I can't make those big LCS plays.
: What are the 10 hardest skillshots to land?
no swain eyeball listed yet? people walk through it and it still misses.
usul1202 (NA)
: What's your 'it happened in a dream' skin?
Order of the Banana Janna. I want to expand our council.
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