: Let's talk about these people who are getting banned for being "Toxic"
Really i think some of the people get banned for things that dont even seem that bad
Sasca77 (NA)
: I need your help!
If this is what they highlighted as why you're being punished that makes no sense.
: No because it'll probably end up like Santa Draven. A buggy mess that feels awful to play
But think about how cool it could be if its done right! Like the guy above's idea.
Sirsir (NA)
: I'm sick of every Ultimate Skin (sans Udyr) being futuristic. ...ok its only 3/5 but still {{champion:77}} {{champion:99}} / {{champion:21}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:37}} I want a Reaper Draven with scythes and dark effects, but a voice that still has that Draven panache. For his evolutions (ult skins need to change in game or they are only legendary) he would start the game looking kinda bland, but as he cashes in on his passive he becomes fancier, has more powerful effects, and by the end he looks like the god of death that he is! OR a Money Draven (open to names) that starts looking kind of like normal Draven, but every time he cashes in he gets more fancy, his axes get more gold on them, his clothes get fancier...
That actually sounds sick! I'd love to see either one of these!
Keyru (NA)
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189042259386302464 and i would like an ultimate draven skin to be created plox
Sasca77 (NA)
: Draven
I think this would be wonderful {{sticker:draven-pose}}


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