: We need this music in champion select again
I was thinking about this the other day. Makes me nostalgic about old League. This theme is so good it's criminal they stopped using it.
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: Teamfight Tactics Scouting Problem
Naalith (NA)
: PSA: don't buy Little Legends when TFT releases, this pricing model is scummy even by Riot standards
We are so lucky LoL was conceived before the rise of lootboxes. If LoL was released today we would undoubtedly have to hextech craft the most coveted skins. (I mean, we kind of already do). I still find it criminal that you can't just buy the skin you want in Overwatch.
: Why does LeBlanc still dress like a dancer in Las Vegas to conduct espionage?
About that Tron lighting... https://i.imgur.com/w9Au6mr.png
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: Ever since vanilla Lux's new voiceovers I don't trust Riot to voice anyone right
> [{quoted}](name=DrippyBrownHole,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=lo4JZOYm,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2019-03-06T20:44:15.914+0000) > > Ever since vanilla Lux's new voiceovers I don't trust Riot to voice anyone right As someone who has been using elementalist this whole time, what did they do to her voiceover?
: Can we get a compilation of all of these in the main post?
Ask and ye shall receive {{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
: Ivern was actually an extremely cruel and bloodthirsty warlord.
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: If team Vaevictis was comprised of solely midgets, would Rox get a warning for banning 5 yordles? This fukken PC safe space mentality is seriously going too far, it was a tactical choice that actually made sense.
> If team Vaevictis was comprised of solely midgets, would Rox get a warning for banning 5 yordles? They absolutely would get a warning for banning 5 yordles against a team of midgets, what kind of question is this?
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: "They wanted to make Kayle more fan-servicey" really isn't the reasoning behind Kayle's new design.
: Is this considered Bannable?
Unless your name is Ern and he wants to let you know he had a good game, yes it's bannable.
: What is going on with Olaf's ult icon art...
Just another remnant of LoL's awkward teenage years.
Ahpe (NA)
: Talking about his rework dumby.
> [{quoted}](name=Ahpe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=00dAaQeA,comment-id=000000000000,timestamp=2018-08-18T22:02:57.454+0000) > > Talking about his rework dumby. Yes I know... Nunu is a rework not a new release which means we still have a shortage of easy/simple champions.
Ahpe (NA)
: https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1b/Nunu_OriginalCircle.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/48?cb=20180815001018 #Simple.
> [{quoted}](name=Ahpe,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=00dAaQeA,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-18T13:22:54.405+0000) > > https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/1/1b/Nunu_OriginalCircle.png/revision/latest/scale-to-width-down/48?cb=20180815001018 > > #Simple. But he's always been in the game.
: Janna Visual Update
Looks way better than the lingerie she's wearing now
: We Have Nunu & Willump Now, so Where's Quinn & Valor?
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: Irelia looks like she's from one of those really crappy Asian mobile games
> [{quoted}](name=Witch of Babylon,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=QGiEKofN,comment-id=000c,timestamp=2018-08-10T18:48:33.014+0000) > > Irelia looks like she's from one of those really crappy Asian mobile games That describes all the mystical-asian skins.
: Why are champs with big boobs, a slender waist, and curvey hips "sexism" or "objectification"
Who exactly is the title quoting? Is anyone really arguing if sexualized female champs are "sexism" or "objectification" ? The argument I'm hearing is that there are far more sexualized female champions than there are male, and I definitely agree with that. We have 3 female champions who are built around their sexuality: {{champion:21}} {{champion:103}} {{champion:28}} It's even in their lore. We have {{champion:76}} pole dancing as her dance, {{champion:40}} used to make a joke about selling herself for sex, and battle bunny {{champion:92}}. The community had to ASK for a woman-knight in full armor to get {{champion:89}} and they gave her these ridiculous looking shiny, smooth, rounded breast plates. When it comes to male plant-based champions, we have the beastly {{champion:57}} and friendly {{champion:427}} But a female one? Make her sexy a la {{champion:143}}. so you see, Riot has bias for sexualizing female champions which isn't _inherently_ a problem, but it narrows the design scope considerably. {{champion:145}} could have been awesome, instead we got another barbie doll in spandex with pouty lips and a plunging neckline.
: I feel bad for Xerath
Picture Cosmic Xerath. It would have been immaculate - but we all know Ashe needed it more. It fits her more thematically too. /s
: This is apparently a common misconception. We even reworded the bio to make it clearer, based on concerns that were voiced to the writer by (a VERY SMALL number of) players when the draft story was leaked... Syndra is not "stealing" magic. She is not pulling magic from other people, or the land, to fuel herself. The difference is in he term _leach_ (which is used in the lore) and _leech_ (which is not). They are very different in meaning. Her power is unique. It comes from within her. She doesn't fully understand it, because no one ever taught her how it works... but it seems to get stronger when she is in a "negative" state of mind. And when it is at its strongest, and she uses it and walks away, the residual effects on the magic of the land around her are quite disturbing. Without understanding how or why, she is creating "magical fallout" that permanently (?) sours the spiritual energies of the environment nearby. This is why, presumably, the Spirit of Ionia itself seems to have tried to imprison her. IMO, Syndra is now a character with a thematic conflict, where before she was rather lacking. She is a personification of not being aware of the consequences of your own actions, but also of the dangers of marginalising people who don't fit into the dominant worldview - can you imagine if she'd been born in Noxus with this power? They would have been very impressed, and nurtured and trained her, and let her loose on the front lines at the first opportunity. She's not evil. She was just dealt a difficult hand of cards, in the grand scheme of things.
> She's not evil. She was just dealt a difficult hand of cards, in the grand scheme of things. Oh man, I am always so impressed and inspired by the Lore team!!
: > Unique Passive - Last Resort: After taking lethal damage while your **ultimate is on cooldown**, take on an immobile, untargetable spectral form. > You can **only use your ultimate** while in this form. Getting a kill with your ultimate revives you with 1 HP. Wouldn't that be kind of useless? In that it only procs when you don't have your ultimate and you can only use your ultimate while in spectral form? The most broken thing about this assuming you somehow made it work would be channeled ultimates which would then be basically impossible to interrupt like {{champion:90}} {{champion:20}} {{champion:30}} ((Oh and how would it work with {{champion:34}} ultimate I wonder))
Whoops, that was typo. Meant to write while your ultimate is **not** on cooldown. Channeled ultimates can still be interrupted. If you die while channeling your ultimate you don't take on the spectral form. You only take on the spectral form if your ultimate is not on cooldown and not being channeled. Also, I should have mentioned that you only take on the form for 5 seconds. So as {{champion:34}}, if your ult is currently being used or on CD from recent use and you die, you don't take on the spectral form. If it's off CD and you die, you take on the spectral form and can channel your ultimate for 5 seconds. It's meant to be a counter to assassins for immobile, backline mages like {{champion:161}} {{champion:99}} {{champion:45}}. They either have to wait for you to use your ultimate or bait it out. If you die during a fight without having used your ult, this gives you a second chance to provide as much value as you can with your ult.
: What kind of item would you call this? And what kind of item would this be?
Builds from {{item:3113}} + {{item:3916}} Stone of Spite +200 Health +60 Ability Power +7% Movement speed Unique Passive - Touch of Death: +15% Magic Penetration Unique Passive - Last Resort: After taking lethal damage while your ultimate is both not on cooldown or being channeled, take on an immobile, untargetable spectral form for 5 seconds. You can only use your ultimate while in this form. Probably OP, but as a mage player, I want this as an FU to assassins.
: Tell me your 3 most played champions and I will tell you your personality and greatest fear.
: Who are your favorite champs what do you think they would do if they found a world rune?
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what's the easter egg?
: Octopath Traveler is basically Anime Cliffnotes
I was excited for it... until I played the demo. Incredible visuals, but if the story was a spice it'd be flour.
: Boruto should've been set generations later
Naruto should have ended with Shippuden
: So what champions are fun?
Not sure how we're supposed to suggest a new role when we don't know the roles you already play...
: Can someone explain to me why Riven would want to go back to Noxus?
I don't think she could ever settle down and live quiet life in Ionia, she would be forever plagued by her past. I think she'd find redemption fighting the corruption in Noxus and doing good for the world.
: Disagree. Riven still represents the best of what Noxus is and could be. Currently she is being _tempered_ and reforged by Ionia.
> [{quoted}](name=WAAARGHbobo,realm=NA,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=6JWHilrN,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-04-25T19:49:19.926+0000) > > Disagree. > > Riven still represents the best of what Noxus is and could be. Currently she is being _tempered_ and reforged by Ionia. Now this I like. Well done Riot.
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GothicV2 (NA)
: I'm out of the loop, what's the issue with Kai'sa?
I would hardly call removing the V-line a "redesign".
: Sexualization: What's okay and what's not
No mention of Leona? She has one of the worst cases of battle bra. The exaggerated shape and shine screams "LOOK AT ME, I HAVE BREASTS".
: What ethnicity would Kai'Sa be if she was living in our world?
Gapybo (EUW)
: The pose looks a bit awkward. I understand why they omitted it.
> [{quoted}](name=Gapybo,realm=EUW,application-id=6kFXY1kR,discussion-id=HfqkXeht,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2018-03-28T19:34:33.047+0000) > > The pose looks a bit awkward. I understand why they omitted it. That pose is tame compared to Sivir's current splash art...
: (Teemo) HELP!!! -- having whooole lots o' trouble getting the S
Use wards/sweepers. vision score is taken into account when being graded. You could have perfect damage, CS, KDA but if you have a poor vision score you'll end up with A+. Many Teemos ignore warding because of shrooms (which don't count toward vision score) and flat out don't sweep anywhere.
: Nautilus lore - what's most important to you?
Welp, I guess this is how I'm spending my morning! I'm a huge lore nerd and LoL has some incredible lore, Nautilus being no exception. Nautlius has one of my favorite horror-themed lore. It draws from our fear of what lurks in the deep unknown of the ocean, far below the point light can no longer penetrate the surface. Playing Nautilus fulfills the fantasy of being a monster that epitomizes that fear. It's so fitting that Nautilus is such a CC-oriented tank because the intense fear of swimming comes from the feeling of having your movement impaired. We've all had that frustrating nightmare where we're being hunted by something but no matter how fast we try to run it's like we're moving in slow motion. Nautilus's anchor is so important to his character. Not only is it awesome how he drags it down with him and uses it like a weapon, it's rife with symbolism. > He tumbled into the ink, grabbing the anchor in futile desperation. & >In his hands he still clutched the anchor that belonged to the men who had condemned him. Evident by Nautilus's voice lines, he's obsessed with vengeance against the men who long live the king'd him. When Nautilus grabbed the anchor as a last ditch effort, was he trying to save himself? Or was he trying to drag those men down with him...? The anchor serves as a permanent reminder of how Nautilus met his end and the revenge he ultimately seeks. After resurfacing and finding no life to return to, he only has one motivation left: using the anchor as his only lead, find the men that condemned him. In that sense, it's his anchor literally and figuratively. Every single updated lore has made my inner lore-nerd squee with delight. (My particular favorites are Lux and Galio. You guys really need to write a book on those two. rito pls.) I can't wait to see how Nautilus turns out! {{sticker:sg-lux}}
Fasmodey (EUW)
: What are the most brutal champion interactions?
(Star Guardian) {{champion:103}} to {{champion:6}}: "O... M... G... it speaks." {{champion:50}} to {{champion:119}} : "Fame has gone to your head... and found ample room within." {{champion:50}} to {{champion:24}} : "The mind is a weapon. You are unarmed." {{champion:28}} to {{champion:32}} : "Ugh, I wouldn't torture you if you were the last person on earth."
: Do you have Ezreal on your roster?
ƒrostγ (EUNE)
: Who is the least and most annoying Yordle in the game?
Most hated: {{champion:17}} Least hated: {{champion:78}} Most ignored: {{champion:42}}
: Frostblade Irelia splash and ingame tweaks
It definitely looks better than before, you can actually see the skin without a gigantic fur collar obscuring most of it. I don't mind that the cyber aspect of frostblade was removed, but she still kinda looks like she's more suited for the runway than a battlefield.
: I guess i will stop playing lol
Sorry about your situation ): that really sucks. You could always just do bots until your situation improves. You don't have to live where you are forever. Also, your English is better than a lot of native speakers. Best of luck!
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