: If your intention is for Morgana to be strong, then don't change her. If your intention is to make her more fun and interactive and enjoyable? She deserves changes. But giving black shield more optipns is a bad idea.
i agreed with you i want her to be strong, but not "more" strong, she is already in a good lvl in my point of view but comes with a problem, that you not really need to set too much effort on it to get results that makes a bad place for a champ that is actually pretty good, because in LoL there is a lot of champ that have a lot of what is call "skill expresion" and certainly morgana is not one of them if you have more tools to your disposal that makes the champ more enjoyable for sure, you got my point there but the changes of the shield (the first one) is totally opcional, i just not want to leave that idea out of the document for me the shield is ok and i just want it a change soo mid lane morgana and support morgana can exist in the same game thanks for your feedback can you please give me vote up for the forum and if you like my work plis share it i really need a contact with NA
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: Quick Gameplay Thoughts: October 19
yo meddler can i make you a invitation to check this post? https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/nW0KKj8P-fanmade-document-for-a-morgana-champion-update i give a lot of effort to make it ty
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: Intresting ideas, the only one I have major disagreement with is your rework to give black shield charges, as this would nearly completely remove the ability to bait it out, or pop it and then engage
that depends of the player of morgana and your ability to bait it every character must me strong if is use the way that was planned to be
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