: Getting flamed/Hover banned for hovering Sona in ranked
My bet is they've had a bad game with a Sona which just left a bad taste in their mouth for future games. Often it takes only one bad event to change someone's mind for the worse.
: Why was i chat restricted? (Any Opinion Welcome)
You will need to remove the user's name because there a no naming and shaming rule here. >BlossomBunGirl: draven can yoiu just stfu and play around this moment I would have suggested to mute him or them and keep playing then report them at the end. BlossomBunGirl: just fyi draven trolling BlossomBunGirl: i dont play with trolls Calling someone a troll, even if they are is considered harassment. BlossomBunGirl: lolololol so dumb This is considered argumentative. And overall, with messages like this, you're shown having a negative attitude during the game. BlossomBunGirl: jeez this guy is so toxic Calling someone else toxic is also considered harassment. BlossomBunGirl: say bye to your account draven baby Talking about a punishment for another user in game chat or post chat is considered a big no-no as well. More to the reason of my first statement, mute, play, report, move on. BlossomBunGirl: draven you should go to theropy baby BlossomBunGirl: draven what else am i? i love when you talk dirty BlossomBunGirl: lol oh man the proves how dumb you are and know nothing about the worlds politics lololol BlossomBunGirl: boy you dumb. you shouldnt have dropped out of hs This all is passive aggressive and you are now instigating an argument here. BlossomBunGirl: some people need to be taught things cuz they arew dumb like draven BlossomBunGirl: didnt know he was going to int Same with these. Overall, Draven sounds like a piece of work, and if I were in the same position and didn't mute, I'd wanna toy with him too, honestly. However, the punishment here fits. When you're punished they review only your actions, nothing anyone else says or did matters in a review of you. At least its just a chat restriction and not a suspension or a permaban. Next time, at the first sign of a toxic or annoyed player, mute them and keep playing.
: If they type "they called me the N word" or "They told me to die" both of which happened in my last game they wont have said anything that the Ai would flag as problematic language because unfortunately it only looks for the specific phrases it is programmed to which were avoided in both quoted statements. Therefore Slander needs its own report tag, it is a very specific behavior hard to detect with Ai and in most places its also a literal crime.
> [{quoted}](name=Aesirstorm,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=EpiEf4qo,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-17T12:59:56.427+0000) > > If they type "they called me the N word" or "They told me to die" both of which happened in my last game they wont have said anything that the Ai would flag as problematic language because unfortunately it only looks for the specific phrases it is programmed to which were avoided in both quoted statements. Therefore Slander needs its own report tag, it is a very specific behavior hard to detect with Ai and in most places its also a literal crime. The "n" word falls under Hate Speech, fifth on the report list. Just check it off as well and explain what happened. Telling you to die, I believe is still harassment, the second one on the list. If you go to google and search "League of Legends Report a Player" you will see screenshots of what is there for you to use to report other players.
: banned
Sorry for your loss, but it isn't a matter for sympathy to solve. The account has been dissolved, it cannot be revived from such circumstances. The only advice I can offer, is to own up to it and let the account go. You could try fresh and forget what you had, you now know what causes an account to be lost, so you've got that going for you and maybe you learned how to be the kind of gamer they want playing their game. This could be the chance you're looking for.
: Report players for lying in All chat
Report them for harassment. Verbal abuse, its the second one in the list.
: Suspension
Well, now she can make an account, learn the game, and by the time you get your's back, she'll have some good footing in. Also, be careful while that's on your record. I've read a lot of PB threads about how easy it was for all of them to get a perm from having just gotten a 14 day thing. I suggest not to try to get it appealed, especially with the details you've provided. Just wait it out, its only two weeks.
: > [{quoted}](name=exitforever,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pzEwL23Z,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2020-01-08T09:24:55.410+0000) > > there were pretty obvuous signs of toxicity, submitting a ticket is about all you can do, but most likely it wont get changed. good luck This is borderline toxicity.
> [{quoted}](name=Aphëlios,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=pzEwL23Z,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2020-01-08T10:02:09.160+0000) > > This is borderline toxicity. Aphëlios: are u guys dumb Aphëlios: hec are you trolling?\ Aphëlios: nice job qiyana Aphëlios: u solo lost this game Aphëlios: by holding it out Aphëlios: enjoy report Aphëlios: ur getting ur ass Aphëlios: hard carried Aphëlios: idk why ur taking my minions Aphëlios: go back to school. Aphëlios: report annie opls Aphëlios: u dumb Aphëlios: and this is a smurf account Aphëlios: u kids Aphëlios: have no brain Aphëlios: or maturity Aphëlios: annies ego =) Aphëlios: pls my support hard trolled Aphëlios: just ff This all is toxic. Toxicity isn't only about cuss words and slurs, its also about a negative attitude that you happen to present here in these game's chat logs. It doesn't really matter about the reason or what anyone else said, because Riot gave you the ability to ignore it and avoid any of this and keep playing by muting their text/emotes/pings. Also, saying things like "report annie opls" is punishable and toxic. I have a feeling that you don't know this, since most people don't know this. Avoid saying the word "report" in game chat. Saying that your account is a smurf account was not very smart and you were probably reported for that too. The rest is obvious and doesn't need a breakdown of why its toxic, I hope this helps you and good luck with your appeal. I really hope it goes well, I've lost my temper a good couple of times, so I get it. Some players can really get under your skin, but it really also does help to mute them.
: So someone told me to kill myself in game the other day... ( I forgive them) would Rito?
Was it like a friend thing? Like you were messing around and filled out a report then accidentally sent it?
: Why was I banned?
What Dusk said and probably this: "energesis exe: gg wp report cait for flame" Calling for a report is punishable as well, and its pointless. If you read through some other threads you'll see people talking about how many reports are the same as 1 report. Its not like games like overwatch where you need 50 to make an impact, just recap what happened from your point of view and that's that. Reacting back only puts you on her level. You can kindly make a statement explaining your actions, if you want to, but it usually doesn't feel worth it because it takes your focus away from the game. I'd also say it was your overall demeanor in the chat text. Having a negative attitude is reportable, and harassment, whether if you feel you're defending your actions or not, how you present yourself does matter. You don't need to sugar coat you words or anything like at, but coming out and saying "energesis exe: fucking idiot" or "energesis exe: ur braindead" or the such won't help anything and will only make for a tenser game. About her not listening to your pings, she may have muted them. Maybe, you in a rush, spammed her and she muted them cause both of you were in a flamer's war. Hope this helps.
Bazerka (NA)
: Oh hey, didn't see you there. This? Oh its nothing, just a little thing called: LUNCH TIME WITH BAZ
: Crack down on the fucking cheap ass champs pls
CyberPhobic (EUNE)
: What does 'botting' mean?
The account was being controlled by a bot. A program with specific instructions for simple game operations and movements.
Bagon231 (NA)
: I got a 10 day chat ban and lost an honor level...
Well, what if they got a chat banned and lost an honor level as well? It wouldn't show up on their profiles, would it?
: Where is my rewards?
Is it the season 9 ranked one? Did you participate in ranked? I found this article that says you need at least gold 4 to get this aatrox skin. https://www.riftherald.com/lol-skins/2019/10/24/20930433/victorious-aatrox-skin-ranked-reward
: Dear riot
Its almost like they don't want support taking the minions.
: just wanted a win for daily reward
Come bakc tomorrow, you'll feel better, the sky will feel bluer, you'll be more trusting of the world, then you log in and it'll bring you full circle---wait nvm save the sea turtles.
: I am having the exact same issue. I am gonna be super upset if I end up not being able to get the Qi skin now, I'm only 200 tokens away and was planning to spend my free time today grinding them out.
If you only need 200 and were planning to grind today anyways you can easily get them by grinding. My friend's doing that too. For the same reason for about the same amount.
: Venting out on boards does nothing. Boards doesnt even matter.
: 300 WOLRD tokens ?!
Eh, they're not really worth it.
: Do people actually activate their skin shards for 7 day rentals?
I thought about it once. Saw it as pointless, and never looked back till this moment.
But do you actually NEED everything?
: True Damage Qiyana Why?!
Not cool enough. her reason not mine.


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