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: RIOT is a small indie game dev, give them a break guys Kappa
(Flashes back to Clash) Yeah, no
: As an Aatrox main, I'm trying to find ways to convince myself into liking this rework, but I can't.
As someone who's not an Aatrox main, I look at this rework and say "Another Riven?" Passive - AA buff Q - Three cast ability with CC W - CC ability E - Dash R - AD buff that grants a secondary ability (Riven - Wind Slash, Aatrox - Revive)
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: [Gameplay] Blitzcrank/Thresh 'Super Hook'/'Dream Shot' Interaction no longer working
Here's your Riot comment on it. It's in the comments section
: Items that needs a splash art update and what riot should do with them
Just to clarify what an Ohmwrecker is: "{{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker is named after a League of Legends player, Ohmwrecker (aka the Masked Gamer), as a reward for gaining over 1000 referrals." -League of Legends Wikia
: Items that needs a splash art update and what riot should do with them
Just to clarify what an Ohmwrecker is: "{{item:3056}} Ohmwrecker is named after a League of Legends player, Ohmwrecker (aka the Masked Gamer), as a reward for gaining over 1000 referrals." -League of Legends Wikia
: Im tired of change, not game
I would have to disagree 1. You cited Evelynn and Master Yi rework as a reason why too much change is bad. I didn't even realize that Yi had a rework, and the Evelynn rework made her into a proper assassin instead of a spam bot. 2. I assume you post this now because 8.11 brought a shit ton of AD item changes. I agree, I didn't like those changes. But cut Riot some slack, they told us what they were going to change in 8.11 back in 8.9. People had a full month to prepare for the changes 3. If you really think that your Master Yi - Cowsep strategy from 5 years ago is expected to work now, I don't know what to say except look at what has changed before jumping back into the game. I mean, we had 5 reworks and the tank update just in Season 7. Don't expect the jungle to be the same. 4. Riot has to release a patch every two weeks. It keeps the game interesting. And two weeks is enough for players to find a new playstyle/meta again. We started abusing on hit Kennen when AP Kennen got nerfed on the same patch. We abused Ardent Censor when other support items got nerfed starting on that same patch. And that gave me a window to somehow make Orianna Support viable, getting all the way to Mastery 6 and two Mastery 7 tokens before Ardent got nerfed at the tail end of Season 7. Hell, Malphite had one of the worst win rates before the Season 8. When Season 8 started, his win rates shot up to 54% because the new runes made him viable again. My point is, even with so much change, players are still able to create new metas and play styles right after a patch has dropped. And with so much change, you can't expect outdated strategies to work, even if you are a high elo player.
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Onotori (NA)
: If Ashe is so weak, why is she very commonly picked / banned in LCS? They play for literally nothing but the win. They wouldn't play a weak champ in that kind of mindset.
The same reason why Ryze is generally really popular in LCS. Amazing with coordination, shit in solo queue.
: I find that pretty fascinating. Its interesting to me to see these culture differences and even stereotypes take light in weird places like games. I've played exclusively on NA, and even around here there's essentially a community-wide running joke that if you're in a game with a super toxic individual then they're Brazilian or Russian (could be taken as European, "Russian" also means Slavic to most). And when I play with English speaking Canadians they are amusingly always apologetic about things.
Cowsep (NA)
: Cowsep's Response AND a great chance to talk about KOREAN SERVER toxicity!!
Just a quick thing, quitting while in the game, regardless of context, doesn't really help. I find it pretty demoralizing, even if you dc'ed on a death timer.
: It's really strange looking at how Korea has changed. Growing up, I'd visit my family in Korea every summer and they used to see English as this amazing godly language that connects us to the rest of the world. Koreans loved English so much they would incorporate words and phrases into their pop songs. There was a band named "투투/Two Two" (because when the band formed, they were all 22 years old). Back then it was an honor that someone would want to learn our language. You would see reactions on shows with non-koreans (mostly black or white people) speaking Korean and the audience is going "오오오우와!!!!" (the English equivalent of "oooh wow!!!!") and people are going wild and are super happy and they're getting asked why they decided to learn Korean and how they got so good at it and how their pronunciation is so great because trying to properly pronounce English is difficult because Korean and English have phonemes that are different and it's difficult for either side to pick them up and pronounce things correctly. When I go back to Korea, I tend to use English in casual expressions at things like "Oh wow that's beautiful!" but I use Korean when speaking to strangers. I tend to spend most of my time out in public with my cousin as she's my age and wants to get better at English, so I speak English with her and translate words every now and then when she doesn't understand. I often overhear people who think I'm a Chinese American man who doesn't know a lot of Korean and is dating a Korean woman when I'm just catching up with my cousin and helping her practice English. So I understand what you are going through. It's not just a toxicity that exists in the gaming community, but actually a toxicity that exists in Korea. Honestly I find it sad that this xenophobia and racism is still so deep rooted. Lots of people still believe Koreans should marry Koreans. When people talk about how the US has racism problems and think it's unique to NA... nope... Korea does too. Your Korean is great. I respect that. The particle system in Korean is something people find difficult to learn and grasp. If you want to blend in better, no one uses honorifics in video games. A combination of your IGN and the use of 요 to strangers in a video game is how people can instantly tell you are a foreigner who learned to speak Korean. People are a lot more casual. The most context filled translation of your opening line is "is there an honored person who would like to play Sion?" I can see you intended to be respectful to strangers to get them to cooperate with you, but it doesn't always go that way. Typically with the whole honor system, when you're older than someone you are expected to be treated as the 형 and spoken to in the honorific, but that also comes with the assumption that the 형 will speak casually to the 동생 and no matter what you say to the 동생, he will still be respectful and speak in the honorific to the 형. Speaking to a peer in the honorific instantly puts you at a social disadvantage and personally I would suggest not doing it on the Korean servers to strangers. It just doesn't work the same way on the internet as it does in real life. From my observations, speaking with honorifics to a stranger on the internet is treated as going belly up to someone instead of how in real life, speaking with honorifics to someone face to face is treated as respect. As for your comment about getting banned on the Korean servers for saying fuck... Koreans tend to tolerate swearing in English a lot less than swearing in Korean. I don't know why because there are a lot of colorful things that I've heard in public but most people just shake their heads but in my experience, when you hear an English swear... everyone around you gasps, turns to look, and drops what is in their hands. This might be the same way on Korean gaming servers. The competitive nature in Korea is just exacerbated in competitive games. Competition is rooted in the education system and also in the culture. You have to be better than others and always hide your shame from your parents and strangers. With the anonymity of the internet, people there are just as awful on the Korean servers as they are here on the North American servers.
> [{quoted}](name=YerroFever,realm=NA,application-id=ZGEFLEUQ,discussion-id=ErlwrFsR,comment-id=001c,timestamp=2018-03-29T15:33:48.580+0000) > It's not just a toxicity that exists in the gaming community, but actually a toxicity that exists in Korea. Honestly I find it sad that this xenophobia and racism is still so deep rooted. Lots of people still believe Koreans should marry Koreans. When people talk about how the US has racism problems and think it's unique to NA... nope... Korea does too. As far as I know, this kind of racism exists in Japan and China as well. Chinese, Japanese and Korean people all look similar, but the cultures and languages are all different. Thus they start ostracizing those who are different because no one wants a country where everyone looks the same but cannot understand what the other person is saying.
: > So, ie needs Attacks Speed and Crit to be effective. True but its not like ie is on its own. Besides there are a lot of items that need each other to be effective. In order to make full use of, lets say deathcap, you need a lot of ap and % magic penetration. > So almost every ADC needs 5000g worth of items to hit their first spike, I didnt know statikk costed 5k g. And btw thats not a first spike. That is the 2nd or 3rd. > whereas other roles need bc or duskblade or ludens Wherever the others role need to risk their position to make use of their kit (or in case of mages they have cds, mana and usually their spells have some form of counterplay usually in the form of sidestepping it) > They dont do the most damage, have you ever played this game? Mages always out damage ADC Well mages no not really. And even if they end up dealing more damage than the adc its because they have more aoe than adcs. Plus the fact that their enemies will rarely build a 2nd mr item. > Tanks can easily take down an ADC Too bad it wont happen if the adc has lifesteal or has company. Or is vayne. > Juggernauts usually 2 hit an ADC Not true at all. Unless the juggy is way ahead, he will never 2 shot the adc. On the same exp and same item number, he wont 2 hit him. And lets not forget, juggies lack the tools to reach the adc. (unless the juggy is a nasus with glory) > An ADC cant exist near anyone in this game without a full team that knows what they're doing Thats not adc exclusive. This applies to everyone. > And ADC needs support cause without a support, an ADC is useless til 6 items And after that they become the highest and most reliable source of dmg, essentially forcing the mage in his team to mostly exist so that (the mage) forces their enemies to invest in mr instead of armour. > People act like ADC is the most broken thing in this game when its the furthest thing from true, Well its a mix of that, and the frustration of being unable to act. That shitty feeling of having to endure a jinx's rockets. With a cd of a single second. > you all act like its 1 shotting everything without counterplay Well they dont 1 shot. They shoot a (usually) fast barrage of undodgable aa that deal shittons of damage unless you are a tank.
1. Wtf do you mean "risk their position"? His point you cited was talking about costs for power spike, not map control 2. No shit stattik doesnt cost 5k 3. The point of some champions is to exist next to the enemy so that they can't do anything. Have you heard of tanks? Maybe Braum? Or a golden Fiddlesticks? 4. Of course juggernauts won't 2 shot an adc, he's just saying that adcs can be killed if left alone 5. Juggernauts aren't just Nasus, they include Udyr, Darius and Trundle. And Nasus DOES have a tool that helps him catch adcs, its called Wither
HeresyHorus (EUNE)
: {{sticker:zombie-brand-facepalm}}
I mean he has a point. Adcs usually needs a combination of at least 2 items to have relevancy. Typically a Zeal and a damage item. Sure Jhin can get RFC quickly, Jinx IE somewhat quickly, but Jhin won't do any damage just from RFC and Jinx can't shred tanks and squishies with just a damage item.
: How about Addressing Shaco's Bugs/AI Issues before Nerfing Again Riot?
Holy shit when did Shaco become the new Mordekaiser?
: And now thanks to ADCs, the fun support quests are being removed from the game so that *YEUCK* we can have Sightstones free of charge instead.{{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
Well they've toned the down since and Relic Shield isn't as strong anymore with Ardent Censer nerfs. It's still pretty good if you're aiming for late game power spike like a Twitch-Janna bot lane
: I honestly need to know how adcs manage to abuse every, fucking, thing.
{{item:3071}} was for tank meta {{item:3147}} {{item:3814}} {{item:3142}} was when lethality was busted And {{item:3302}} was when Riot tried to make support more appealing and thus Ardent Censer meta
: {{champion:12}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:16}} ....come to think of it we have a purple cow in this game wtf.
> [{quoted}](name=Craft Zeppelin,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=wpteBjr3,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2018-01-17T08:58:08.484+0000) > > {{champion:12}} {{champion:38}} {{champion:85}} {{champion:72}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:110}} {{champion:67}} {{champion:134}} {{champion:16}} > > ....come to think of it we have a purple cow in this game wtf. {{champion:421}} {{champion:44}}
: I don't think the boards really grasp how ADCs should be nerfed
Correct me if i'm wrong, but the reason they removed fortification on bottom lane was to prevent bot and top laners from switching for easier farm and so that if they did switch, they would risk losing first tower gold.
: I'm just mad at the different treatment champions get. Jhin got 3 skins in a single year, while Aurelion Sol who released immediately after him is about to turn 2 without so much as an icon
I don't care that Jhin got 3 skins, they won't give him anymore skins, four he has four unique skins (excluding Classic)
: Petition for Ultimate skins to get free Emotes that come with them.
Here's my question, should they be given out to those who got them through chests?
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Avios1 (NA)
: I think it'd be neato if the rune converted the enemy minion to a little pet that follows you around and helps you. Grant like 5 gold and last for like 30-60 seconds or something, but target what you target, etc etc. Still grants gold and exp though. EDIT: Could have only like one at a time if its abused to swarm the enemy with a swarm of little costumes murdering everything.
[Imagines little minions coming at you like a swarm of bees] {{sticker:sg-syndra}}
: His old lore was the most generic revenge story ever tbh. It had been done a thousand times, at least this has only been done like... ten times.
Except this new version is just confusing. It doesn't solidify who his character is.
Necrozard (EUW)
: You can think what you want, but i believe that these changes are for the greater good. Lore-wise and Champion-wise
That's literally the entire basis of the Republican Party, but whatever, don't have time for that For the lore of Runeterra, this lore change was something they had already planned during Kayn's development, and was kind of needed anyways when they released Kayn. For Varus's identity, it destroys it. He was a man who lost everything while doing his duty as a temple guard, then tried to seek revenge even if it meant killing himself in the process. He was someone who people, especially military soldiers, could relate to, who have to make the decision of defending their nation or their family. Now you have not one, not two, but three souls fused in one body, all trying to control a body. Yes, the theme of avenging loved ones is there, but it's overshadowed by the fact that the Darkin Varus is trying to twist that motive into his own. Varus was centered around the theme of seeking revenge for the death of a loved one. Now it just seems confusing who he is; is he the Darkin attempting to steal a body, or is he the two Ionians who loved each other to the point they would do anything to save each other? If Riot is going to have multiple personalities, at the very least don't force it into something that'll blowup the Boards and reddit into oblivion.
: All Runes with cooldowns should have visible timers.
Here are the runes that I feel like needs a timer: Taste of Blood (20s cd) Manaflow Band (60s cd) Nullifying Orb (60s cd) An indicator for Absolute Focus (bonus adaptive damage when above 70%) Scorch (20s cd) Demolish (45s cd)
: As I said in the comment above i had 4 Chest available for this week and didnt have the chest for Galio and I own that champion, im not a newbie I know how this works , but I had everything what is needed to get a chest for a champion and still didnt received it
Sorry I didn't see that part in your comment My guess is that Riot servers are bugged out. I didn't receive rewards when I leveled up. Maybe your problem is related to that
: bug with emote project
Just do a full repair, it'll fix the error
: Did get S- but didnt received a chest for the champion
On your profile page, there's a little chest icon with a number on it. That number tells you how many chests you can redeem by getting an S- or higher from you or a premade. Also, you can only redeem one chest per champion (and it's gotta be someone you own)
: No level up notification or capsule bug?
Same issue here, I leveled up from 38 to 39 from a PvE game (for time sake) and got no rewards
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: Praise the sun. \[T]/ thresh can got caught out and the sun came down to greet him.
You screwed it up, downvoted PRAISE SOLAIRE AND PRAISE THE SUN \[T]/
: I want blue essence to drop at the end of the game, just like ip
After 9 games, I got my champion capsule, which netted me 810 BE. If this were the old system: According to the League wiki, the IP you get is generally as follows: Wins: 18 + 2.312 p/min Loss: 16 + 1.405 p/min Bot Win (Lvl. 30): 18 + 1.85 p/min Those 9 games were composed of 2 ARAM games (one win, one loss), 2 Bot games with First Win of the Day active, 3 won games and 2 lost games Game 1: Bots, 17:31 (49 IP + 150 IP FWotD = 199 IP) Game 2: Draft, lost, 27:10 (54 IP) Game 3: Draft, won, 34:06 (97 IP) Game 4: Draft, lost, 23:11 (48 IP) Game 5: Draft, won, 38:40 (106 IP) Game 6: ARAM, won, 21:51 (66 IP) Game 7: Bots, 19:28 (53 IP + 150 FWotD = 203 IP) Game 8: ARAM, lost, 16:54 (38 IP) Game 9: Draft, won, 32:55 (91 IP) Totaling 902 IP. And I didn't round the times up for Game 6, 8 or 9. If I did, it would probably net me maybe 910 IP So the new system gives you less IP/BE than the old system. Instead of grinding just enough to get a new champion, you might be a couple BE short of getting a champion you REALLY want and you'll be stuck 2-5 more days until you level up, and then you'll have an excess amount enough to buy 1 or 2 450 champions. Combined with the old players complaining that a 975RP skin way back then is now worth 150K BE, and players complaining (including me) that games have become way more snowballing now, this is probably the worst update that League as a whole has been given, at least of what I've seen {{sticker:sg-janna}}
LazyW0lf (NA)
: Is anyone else just not having fun?
I've played 3 games today, one PvE and 2 match made Bot game: Laning phase was actually horrible. ADC Graves and Nami nearly killed me as Jhin and Alistair multiple times because Nami gave so much sustain with Manaflow band. It wasn't until I actually finished Serrated Dirk and Caulfield's Warhammer that I was able to kill them as usual Game 1: Played MF with Janna against Ashe Sona. We lost lane so heavily, they poked me so much I couldn't find a possible way to Double Tap, and I would have lost the game had my team not had a snowballing Camille and Warwick. Game 2: Played Cho'gath against Warwick. I had no impact because Warwick took my wolves twice (experience reduction from wolf camp got removed), and he ended up snowballing all lanes while I struggled to find picks, stacks and experience. tl;dr If you have more snowballing lanes, you can win the game in less than 30 minutes! Oh, and sorry, but I also forgot to mention they removed rubber banded experience if you land a takedown and are below your team's average level. So have luck coming back from a failed landing phase.
: Hell, it started at level 5 for me. Enemy Hecatim got predator, then barrelled into lane and literally do over half my health on his E. Over 300 damage at level 5, and he instantly pops me. Meanwhile early game I get jumped on by a Lee or a Nidalee or a Rengar, and I just INSTANTLY lose all of my health and they ALL run Electrocute. Hell, even as Sona I'm just nuking people harder in general.
Makes me think that Lich Bane Sona will come back again, which is not a pleasant thought
: The new champion teased already?!!!!
Oh shit are we finally getting Abathur?
: Yu-Gi-Oh cards based on LoL Champions- Call of the Void Booster Pack
Just a quick question For Baron Nashor, when it says either player's graveyard, does it mean the total amount of both or the maximum amount from one graveyard?
: she seems like an AP assassin. Like Akali, Katarina, Diana, Ekko. From what I've played her so far. Which means: strong since lv 3+ until late game starts (which is generally at 3+ items, so, lv 15+ usually). Highly recommended items for Eve: {{item:3136}} {{item:3020}} As they give a lot of flat pen. I don't think she even needs to get void staff since she has %mr shred on her charm if she lands the charm. So, even if the enemy squishy build an MR item, she should still do a lot of damage. But after this your dmg output drops as the enemy team gets mr, shield and heals and group up. Also found {{item:3711}} quite important on her over other smites.
sorc boots seems eh. I prefer the extra roaming power from {{item:3117}}
Goatfish (NA)
: fuck that, new champs / reworked champs are ALWAYS op on release. i'm not playing against some overpowered crap that wins by sheer overtuning until they inevitably nerf it I can learn what it does in practice tool
Evelynn is NOT strong. She has a really good early game (surprisingly) so if you're team has early forms of hard CC (Ahri, Caitlyn, Alistar, Maokai), then you can pre gank pre-6 Aaaand then she basically sucks for the rest of the game. Mid and late game it's really easy to play around her charm since it reveals your position once fully charged, and if a carry gets charmed they'll just say "Let me hug my tank for a bit" She is only good at chasing people and dealing a lot of damage in a split second by late game. And that damage usually involves your ult since your E, even enpowered, won't do enough damage to one shot a squishy unless your crazy ahead. And forget Q in teamfights because it takes too long to get rid of all of your hate spikes. And once you ult, the problem is now that you have just left the fight, and it's very far away, so killing off the stragglers is even harder And let me ask you: How the hell does she fit in the current meta of tanks and Ardent Censer supports? She is pretty damn bad right now
: Elderwood Xayah [Concept]
But where's rakan? {{champion:497}}
: Let's play a game : Choose only 1 champion of each.
1. {{champion:203}} cool theme, their kit never appealed to me 2. {{champion:37}} Free poke, FREE POKE. And the meta is ardents, not ol' lich bane ;-; 3. {{champion:90}} Because Malzahar never looses 4. {{champion:157}} Give me Riven any day, all day, fuck this try-hard champion 5. {{champion:141}} Soul Hunter. Love that Bloodborne reference <3 Imma add some stuff 6. Champion you got Mastery 6 or higher by playing him/her in a non-meta role {{champion:61}}, support Orianna, love it, and it tilts my Orianna main friend (Don't try at home kids) 7. Champion you wanted to get good at but never did {{champion:21}}, reeeeee I wanna get gud at her ;-;
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