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d0riyah (NA)
: My ideas for a mini Trynd rework
I always though his ult was the biggest problem, not that he can't die during, but that he can just use it to heal for free or run a murder train and immediately QE out to safety. I have 3 ideas for how to deal with it, 1 he can't heal during and has grievous wounds for like 2 sec after, 2 a large part the damage he takes during ult hits him in after it ends like a sped up {{item:3812}}, or 3 his ult is pretty much turned into mariner's vengeance where if he would have died during he instead refreshes all his skills with max fury but always dies when it ends. Just my thoughts let me know what you would change or alter.
Tworie (NA)
: Aurelion Sol needs buffs
If we want to buff the old star dragon in a way that doesn't make him busted early but let's him scale smoothly towards the end game we actually should be looking at URF. Make it so as he levels his ult he gets 1 more star in his orbit per point. Pre 6 A sol is the exact same and he gets slightly better as the game goes on while making him more consistent.
: What's the most evil thing you've done to win a game?
Once I was jungling and looked up who was on a losing streak on the enemy team(top) and I was jungle {{champion:516}}. My laner was {{champion:133}} and the poor sap was {{champion:54}} I had taken complete control of top side jungle both sides and ganked this poor man any time he went out from under tower. Then made {{item:3512}} as my first complete item and put it in river bush and just hovered around it until his tower was gone.
: Yasuo's Early Game is Too Good
Honestly one way they could bring {{champion:157}} in line of not being so miserable to play against would be to just change his q to not proc as an AA while also having 100% lifesteal and healing against the first target hit and then the rest are reduced. His q is AOE and should be treated as such. Let that sit for a while and then see what needs to change from there.
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: The New Mord is a Dark Souls Boss
His new ult and the way his splash art makes it look like he is the center of this dead shattered world makes me think of Oryx from Destiny's Taken King expansion.
: Remember Doom Bots?
I always wanted max level doombots vs URF players and let chaos ensue. Hate auto correct.
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: AP bruiser itemization (Bring back and Rework DFG)
Why not tone down the AP to like 60 and give it a passive that auto attacks hit around the target like hydra. The cleave does no damage but marks targets and applies spell effects, hitting a marked target with an ability chunks for let's say 20% AP and removes the mark. Make the active detonate any current marks and makes them vulnerable for let's say 15% more damage for about 5 sec. 60 sec CD that gets reduced for passive detonations. Now we have a hydra and a black cleaver. Also raise the price to like 3500.
: Um. What.
One of the most recent Morde bugs that happens every time the dragon ghost dies that's all. Stay metal my friend
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FNC Jinx (NA)
: Riot "Balancing" Tanks
I'd say the best way for this to work would be giving the champions themselves defenses and playmaking possibilities and making tank items where they would get most of their damage tools. Im mostly talking about buffing {{item:3068}} and {{item:3075}} and making them more effective for what they are. {{item:3068}} I would just buff the minion damage if anything maybe like 75-100% total bonus damage to minions and monsters amd call it a day for that one. {{item:3075}} just needs to be better maybe change the damage from the tiny amount of flat we have now back towards a percentage of what's coming in before resistances and a small amount of scaling with your defenses like now. That's just my 2cents let me know what you would change or your ideas.
: Swain bird form
Tyrant Swain turns into a bird demon, go check it out my dood.
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Moody P (NA)
: Some thoughts on improving Aatrox
I still kinda miss his old W, maybe they could take the heal and ad on his E and make something similar to it? Like switch between healing on damage to champs or just having the AD. It's probably a bad idea but it was a fun part of his kit switching between survivability and huge damage.
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: What do they have in common!
: On this day, NINE years ago, Mordekaiser was released unto the live servers
This is a bit off topic but I hope it might get a reply, after what you played at Riot HQ without telling us anything about the rework I have one question. Do you think new morde could build {{item:3748}} without it being a troll pick? If you can't answer I understand. Stay metal my friend. Huehuehue{{champion:82}}
: A lot of champs would be straight busted with good AP bruiser items. Ekko, Elise, Gragas, Fizz, Eve and Rumble would likely all be problematic.
: Instead of overbuffing Sylas, can you like maybe add AP Bruiser itemization?
If they are so afraid that {{champion:105}} and {{champion:245}} will abuse AP bruiser items that they are willing to leave the class as a whole gutted, then why not just adjust them so they aren't such a horrible threat and be done with it.
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: I despise Riot's obsession with saving essence flare
So {{item:3161}} gets to make it in the game as a better version of {{item:3508}} and we still don't get {{item:3005}}.
: The reason I think that if it was a passive it would cause a lot of problems because of Assassins. If you are forced to use an active then it cuts down on assassins ability to abuse the item because they can not just use a ranged ability and stay far away until the passive stacks up and then go in or build tankier and be able to shred everyone's MR. This also allows for the item to be it's own unique thing.
Since it's melee only that already kinda kinda hurts the chances of assassins abusing it, the 2 I already know everyone will use to blow up this point would be {{champion:105}} and {{champion:245}} but because Fizz has no ranged harass other than ult and Ekko has his q then is in smacking range they would be in a pretty bad spot in terms of positioning. {{champion:131}} is probably the one I would be worried about the most if anything.
Kaìju (NA)
: The issue with AP Bruiser items is what stops Fizz and Ekko from taking them and just going into similar old tank builds? Let's take your items for just a second. Hourglass gives, what, 50 armor? Add on GUC and Fizz now has 90 armor and 130 AP. Get Morellos and Pen boots, and a Banshees and Deathcap and suddenly you hurt like crazy but you also are fairly tanky for an assassin. Similar deal with Ekko.
It probably wouldn't be too big of an issue in the long run if they get some adjustments to Fizz and Ekko when the items came out, similar to what they did for bruiser items. Also Fizz wouldn't be NEARLY as oppressive if when he goes on his pole he just wasn't targetable but could take damage a la {{champion:141}} Ult.
: New Ideas for AP Bruiser Items
I like both of these, wonder if the MR shred on {{item:3128}} should be moved from the active and turned into a passive. Giving us an AP version of {{item:3071}}
: @Riot, ideas for the Visual aspects of Morde's upcoming rework.
I'm hoping for his infernal skin we get some Soul of Cinder action going on, scorched metal twisted by the flames with embers and smoke rising from his body.
: (Over)analyzing Mordekaiser's Roadmap teaser
I find the ghostly war banners interesting, maybe they might be more than just eye candy.
Targon (NA)
: What AP bruiser itemization is lacking is a good first item buy. If you're an AD bruiser you can buy either {{item:3078}} or {{item:3071}}, both of which offer great dueling and sticking power, while also offers durability and a high amount of CDR for abilities. Comparatively, AP bruisers could first buy {{item:3027}} {{item:3116}} {{item:3151}} {{item:3152}} or {{item:3115}}, and none of these items alone offer the same level of dueling with durability and CDR as Trinity Force and Black Cleaver do. And by the time you get 2 AP bruiser items, your damage and/or durability has likely been outscaled by the counterpart 2 AD bruiser builds. Give an AP version of Trinity Force and Black Cleaver for champions like {{champion:517}} {{champion:131}} {{champion:79}} {{champion:31}} {{champion:76}} {{champion:32}} {{champion:68}} {{champion:60}} {{champion:82}}, and put any necessary handicaps on it so that it doesn't get abused by AP Assassins and mages. Make it expensive too, like 3000g-3733g: **AP Trinity Force** 250 HP 50 AP 40% Attack Speed 300 Mana 20% CDR 5% Movement Speed Phage passive for sticking power, and, Sheen or Nashors passive for dueling potential. Attack speed and sustained damage passive makes it less desirable on AP assassins who would rather burst you. Mana makes it less desirable on {{champion:55}} and {{champion:84}} specifically. If need be, tune it so that {{champion:10}} {{champion:17}} {{champion:96}} {{champion:145}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:110}} wouldn't be able to abuse it. **AP Black Cleaver** 400 HP 65 AP 20% CDR Phage passive, and 4% MR shred per stack, up to 5 stack for 20% MR shred. Make it so that stacks are gained at most once per second per unique ability hit, or some sort of limit so that champions like {{champion:69}} {{champion:268}} {{champion:13}} can't abuse it as hard. Or just make it melee only.
AP version of {{item:3071}} almost seems like something they could change {{item:3091}} to, maybe keep the MR steal and make it on hit instead of on ability.
: > [{quoted}](name=Relius D Ornez,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FAprdyM3,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-01-25T00:10:46.722+0000) > > But they are looking at doing some changes to crit items so that {{item:3031}} no longer gives true damage and conqueror seems like it might be on the chopping block as well. I mean. That’s a good start. But just remember. Every armor item has to have 24% of its gold effectiveness in armor ripped off. Because black cleaver is in just about every game.
That's true, but these changes are more to make it so {{item:3068}} can compete with {{item:3742}} and {{item:3143}}. {{item:3071}} is the armor shred item and honestly it needs to exist. Some characters abuse it much harder than others, yes but it does something unique and well defined. Just like how {{item:3075}} cuts sustain, {{item:3143}} is anti crit, and {{item:3742}} gives move speed and some stickiness. All these things scale pretty well into the game but {{item:3068}} just can't keep up.
: Tank items physically can’t be good at the moment. There are simply too many ways to ignore % portions of armor for it to be good.
But they are looking at doing some changes to crit items so that {{item:3031}} no longer gives true damage and conqueror seems like it might be on the chopping block as well.
: sunfire isnt meant to be a damage item. its meant to help tanks who lack wave clear get some easier wave clear due to the aoe damage to minions hence why it does bonus damage to minions.
This is true, I don't want sunfire to become a damage item but the health scaling would also help as minions progressively get stronger as well. I just want it to be better at what it does already.
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: Mordekaiser is aids?
As other morde mains have stated it's mostly playing around his cooldowns and chunking him when his w is down. Exhaust is a good summoner spell to use if you are unfamiliar with fighting him. I would also like to apologize if my comrades in metal have been on the toxic side, we've been a bit antsy waiting for the champion roadmap and I think it's starting to get to us.{{sticker:vlad-salute}}
: Who do you think is the best designed champion and why ¿
I gotta give this one to Morde {{champion:82}} for his lore and what he could be if riot ever gets around to that VGU.
: Well, we're getting a roadmap soon so let's hope the ol' bugger's on there.
Yo, as a Morde main could I humbly ask what you want to see out of Morde's VGU? Any parts of his current kit that you think are worth keeping? I'm hoping they make him into a true juggernaut. Hopefully his passive makes it in, wouldn't really feel like Morde without it.

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