: Anyone else struggling to play Eve and similarly long setup champs in Nexus Blitz?
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: Challenge: Every Champ Can Support
So far, I've had some decent success with Evelynn support, it's a rough lvls 1-3, or a rough lane overall if you vs Ali, Leona, or Braum, but with the right lane partner, you can really pop off pretty well.
: Sultry Succubus Sashays Seductively into Simple Farmer and Crab (◕ᴗ◕✿)
: Dear Riot, I am a vet player and I find LoL very difficult to play due to dying too quickly
I mean, if you've been playing since S3, you should be used to dying even faster. Rengar, Ahri, Fizz, and Leblanc, most assassins killed significantly faster than they do now.
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Kelg (NA)
: What are some of your favorite things about your champion(s)? (Gameplay or Art related)
{{champion:28}} How the sound is lowered in demon shade makes it feel as if you're stalking prey. {{champion:555}} How he gains a firey look after executing someone with his ult.
: Champ Nerfs
If they could actually one shot an entire team, and no assassin has that capability unless they're ridiculously fed and the enemies are all low level squishies and standing together in a very small space, and even then Akali and Talon can't one shot them. Outside of feeding a Vlad until he's 30-0 by 15 min, the only one with a capability to oneshot entire teams is a ridiculously farmed Veigar in the extreme lategame.
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: What about Galio? What about Azir? There is clearly bias. They want certain champions in pro-play.
Azir is just abusive whenever he's strong. Galio forces the entire match to be played differently when he's meta.
: Riot Games really don't care anymore
Since when was Jhin supposed to be an immobile ADC? He's always been fast.
: I think pyke is too strong
His biggest weakness is that he's incredibly team reliant unless built full damage, but even then unless you play extremely carefully you'll just suicide.
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Gloric (OCE)
: Is anyone really surprised? (sorry another politics post)
Voice chat for randoms would be incredibly toxic since it can't be policed. I'd rather not have toxicity rivaling CoD or Overwatch VC in my ears while I play league.
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: Rengar and Ahri needed the buffs, and need some more
Ahri and Rengo are perfectly fine as they are, any more buffs will put them over the edge and make them too powerful.
: > [{quoted}](name=ReshiKillim,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=E2pvj7EQ,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-23T00:09:14.787+0000) > > I doubt that. okay just remove "few" because its riot. Then remove your word "doubt" with "Agree with" and boom!
The majority of the community never really played Aat pre-rework too.
: This is 1 of the few reworks where 99% of the community prefers the pre-reworked champion.
I doubt that. I much prefer the rework as it's much less binary to play and play against.
: I really must ask riot...
Adding more punishment has definitely reduced my frustration with toxicity in the game.
: what's the point of the boards
You can flaunt your total upvote count. Note: Laughing Fish will always win.
Nyvelle (NA)
: Does anyone actually have FUN with League? From what I've seen it's mainly just a time waster
Been playing since the end of S1/Start of S2. I still find the game to be hella fun, I've enjoyed just about every meta there's been in league, and all the shenanigans that come along with them.
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: Please double HP pools!
What's actually needed is more base resists and not more HP.
: Is that really a dash or just a gap closer? When people complain about dashes, it has to do with allowing them an easy escape or map mobility. Not sure this qualifies. Not sure what people are complaining about then. What _is it_ people consider mobility even? How is her gap closer in any way part of a mobility crisis? So its just any slight movement, no matter the context, all falls under mobility creep?
Technically speaking, Evelynn's dash has conditional unlimited range when cast. And dashes are anything that is coded as a dash. What people dislike are unconditional dashes for the most part. And Evelynn's not really an example of mobility creep, though she can have deceptive amounts of mobility. Examples of mobility creep are Talon's wall jumping or Kayn's wall walking, while there's not many low mobility champs being released nowadays, there's not actually that much mobility creep. The difference is that some mobile champs have less conditions to their mobility than others.
: "Mobility Creep"
Remove Evelynn from that list, she actually has a dash, empowered whiplash is actually a dash (and is also treated as an enhanced basic attack), though very short ranged.
RiotLamz (NA)
: Favorite/least favorite Running animation in League
Favorite - Evelynn {{champion:28}} Sleek movement and the way she runs fits her character and model very well. Least Favorite - Viktor {{champion:112}} Rigid, lacks motion, and sometimes seems wonky when moving at very high speeds.
: You infiltrate Riot's HQ. What is the first thing you do?
Micropatch Singed with a +100% AP Ratio on his poison.
: Meanwhile there are still no black female champions
What do you think about Taliyah and Karma though? Closest things we've got so far.
: Riot sppears to have secretly nerfed the minimum BE of the level-up capsule
: It could be pretty interesting if Zilean was capable of granting levels beyond Level 18.
It'd potentially be a situational strong buff to Zoe, Pyke, Darius, Cassiopeia, Viktor and possibly Camille if her True damage conversion could scale past 100%, theoretically possible given how the game works (and bugs out), which would make it amplify the actual damage as well as convert it to true damage. {{sticker:sg-zephyr}}
: Can Aatrox have like, actual taunts that are not so...lazy?
His best taunt is his response to Mastery emotes
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: I honestly can't remmeber the last time I took teleport
I still like Teleport. I still like Exhaust too. I still use both, I still think both are extremely strong and in some cases more powerful than ignite. But I'm just a filthy casual, so what do I know.
Ifneth (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Irelia Bot,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G11cLAZf,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2018-08-09T06:25:13.901+0000) > > I don't know what the importance of mid vs senior is and I don't know the personality of the person the article is about. > > If she is really quite and lacks assertiveness and then tells a guy who is highly assertive to suggest the same idea that would directly tie to personality traits and not anything based on sexism of the company. > > The comments like" here with us instead of your family" could be seen as rude and uncalled for though. > > We got one side of the story. I assume it to have some elements of truth to it but do not assume to to be a full truth due to my lack of information. Oh, there’s sooo much more than that, though. Guys farting in each other’s faces, grabbing each other’s genitals, slurs flying with the executives right nearby. The article makes it sound like the deck of Gangplank’s ship in there! OwO
> [{quoted}](name=Ifneth,realm=NA,application-id=yrc23zHg,discussion-id=G11cLAZf,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2018-08-09T06:31:03.884+0000) > > Oh, there’s sooo much more than that, though. Guys farting in each other’s faces, grabbing each other’s genitals, slurs flying with the executives right nearby. The article makes it sound like the deck of Gangplank’s ship in there! OwO While I do believe that it's inevitable that Riot has problematic employees, like just about every other company, bits of the article seem at least a little exaggerated to me. Like said parts you mentioned. I've never heard of nor worked for a company that would allow for any of that, besides the slurs, to happen in the workplace. Another issue is context. We have little to no context about what goes on in Riot outside of that article. The women that work at Riot definitely deserve all the support and respect they can get from the League community. But so do the men. Everyone who works at Riot deserves as much support and respect as they can get from the community, unless they've done something horrible. And no, CertainlyT having created Zoe, Kalista, Yasuo, and Thresh doesn't count as having done something horrible in this case. In all seriousness, as someone who's been on the receiving end of both sexism and racism, the last thing I'd say we need is for people to be more judgmental or biased. Towards anything or anyone. The lady Reds, the guy Reds, and everyone, really, deserves fair treatment and equal respect until they've given others a reason not to respect them. Regardless of gender, or anything else.
Ahris (NA)
: Can we give Ahri more skill expression?
Then the answer is that we should petition CertainlyT to give her a basic abilities update
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GripaAviara (EUNE)
: Because you have to be super competitive to have fun in this current game. When the game is so snowbally and damaged packed, a little mistake costs you the game. A split second that you didn't pay attention and got in a Lux Q behind your creeps in a safe spot, and bam you're dead (it's just an example) . Oh you didn't react to a Wu being a screen away? Well, you're dead. You didn't notice Pyke's water, bam you're dead. This is the game now. You gave first blood? Your opponent now destroys your lane. Not counter ganked that Yi when he went bot? Well now he's 2/0 and you nearly lost the jungle game. This is the game right now, it forces you to be highly competitive or you can't enjoy it
I entirely disagree with that. I have a ton of fun without being super competitive, and when people are getting super competitive it starts leeching the fun out of the game. While competitiveness is perfectly fine in ranked, the issue is that people are getting hyper competitive, and treating norms and the RGMs, both of which are meant to be easy going and for fun, like it's ranked. While the game is definitely high on snowball this season, Riot's nerfing much of the domination tree damage runes soon, which means burst, especially early game burst, will be getting toned down significantly.
: Removing comet and adding some sort of "PTA" for AP instead
: On the PBE, in One for All, any Akali could use any Akali's shroud. I could use my shroud, my teammates' shrouds, and my opponents' shrouds. Did they change that when it went to live?
: So... Mercurial Scimitar and Perfect Timing just got nerfed. For no reason.
I actually like that merc scim is getting nerfed. Playing a lockdown champ vs that item just feels bad in general. Also, Death's Dance is NOT a damage reduction. It's a burst reduction, which is entirely different than a damage reduction. It just converts 30% of the damage you take into a true damage DoT over 3 seconds, if it was actual damage reduction, literally every AD champ in the game would rush that.
Glîtchy (NA)
: This is the issue, it's ghostcrawler making the rework, so that may be why Akali rework feels unfair
It's CertainlyT, not Ghostcrawler. Everything is getting blamed on Ghostcrawler these days, 90% of which he's not even remotely involved. Ghostcrawler doesn't design the champions or balance the game. The WoW hate he receives is also mostly unrelated to him.
: > [{quoted}](name=Dineachaexor,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=TWPqvs0i,comment-id=000a,timestamp=2018-07-16T20:36:43.533+0000) > > Yall are fucking dumb. Its not immunity from anything but point and click and aa's. Under tower you can still see her location and if she hits you she takes tower shots. You can’t see her under towers, they made that obvious.
Her location is actually constantly visible under turrets, but she can't be targeted by turrets/point and click abilities/attacks while Obscured. Which is a huge difference. True sight interacts with reworked Akali like {{item:3364}} interacts with invisibility.
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InTheory (EUW)
: New mechanic on Akali rework: Obscured
That's the real question, and one we won't know until it hits the PBE. My bet is that it's a unique form of untargetability in that she's immune to all non-AoEs, but unlike the usual untargetability, it doesn't seem to cancel out projectiles that have already been targeted.
: Certainly T loves to cover his champs weaknesses
Akali can be revealed but her stealth makes her untargetable. But it seems to function differently in comparison to other forms of untargetability.
Purgë (EUW)
: baords bitching about true stealth just like if true sight is a thing already
Rather than calling it true stealth, it's stealth + a unique and more fair (from what I can tell) form of untargetability. So her position can be revealed but you won't be able to do anything about it.
: Here is what I can find on Akali's abilities since I have just seen guesses so far
Her twilight shroud's Obscure makes her stealthed and untargetable unless she's attacking.
: Remember when characters like Blitz and kass were permabanned
Remember when Kass had his silence and was the bane of all ability-centric champions? After the relatively spammable point and click CC got removed, Kass stopped being permaban material. His ult wasn't why he was so ridiculously powerful.
: are Rioters not allowed to talk during the game ?
No, it's because Rioters just get a lot of toxicity thrown at them for being Rioters, so it's not surprising that they'd rather just have fun.
: Can Rioters actually, and honestly, say that they enjoy the game?
I for one actually and honestly enjoy the game as it is now. I enjoyed it when I started right at the end of S1, enjoyed it in S2, S3, S4, S5, S6, S7, and still enjoy it just as much in S8. And in reality, the biggest cause for the reason it feels like there's been a significant increase of damage since the start of preseason is not really the damage itself increasing all that much, but that with the runes rework, average resists champions have went down by a chunk, in turn making lethality and mpen significantly stronger. Marksmen losing an additional 5 armor in the recent class change, also adds to that. Also, that smite support Singed deserved it. Not for breaking the meta, but for making playing with them a overall horrible experience for _**both**_ teams. Cheesy and meta breaking strategies are good, and still viable, however, in the case of that smite Singed support, teammates were not on board with it, he held random teammates hostage with his strategy, and people hated playing with him because he left their botlane at a serious disadvantage for a strategy they both did not consent to, and were held hostage into performing for it. Skill and strategy are still a factor. Strategy not quite as much as it used to be, I'll admit, but they're still very much in the game.
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