Kai Guy (NA)
: The arrow only triggers after its fully charged. You don't remotely need W fully charged for it to be used for a skill. I am a Garbage Eve and I know this.
still gives a warning sign before the arrow, as soon as you press w it warns them. becuase of this eve is unusable. every eve is a garbage eve since the rework. its not you, its the champion
: Get good? But seriously throw out your Q before the mark finishes cooking, so when it hits, it procs without giving a warning sign.
It give a warning sign as soon as you press w. dont try to talk about a champion you have never played
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: She literally just got nerfed because she was too strong. What.
No she got nerfed because riot doesnt know whats good and useless in their own game. Evelynn is useless in her current state.
: Pretending Eve is bad atm lol
She is unplayable. A liability to her team. If you think eve is good, that says a lot about your elo, bronzie.
: It's been over a year since Taliyah was ruined, time to revert.
: This season feels so exhausting and boring to play in
AL000 (NA)
: rune is so broken... not jax... just removed rune system.
The enemy team had an evelynn. Of course you won, of course you are ahead, of course you can make these plays. Thats what happens when your playing a 6v4
: Premades listen to what the team has to say and makes their opinion through discussing it in their skype/discord. Also if you think they always suck than that says more about the skill-level you're matched with than the fact that they're premades.
Notice how i said most of the time. I didnt say always. Its funny how you read one thing but somehow perceived something else. No doubt an SJW of some kind.
: Why is a comment like this tottally fine wih no warning but when you say this in game you get a chat restriction LMAO nice standards riot.
The reason this comment is fine with no warning is because every word i typed is 100% objectively true.
: Why do people hate premades?
Because you only ever listen to each other and most of the time fucking suck.
Amachy (NA)
: Why does it feel like I'm playing against certainlyT in every game?
Thank you for mentioning evelynn. She’s inferior to her old self in every way and every champ with a stealth is able to use their stealth to more effect than her and that’s sad. Fucking disgusting rework. They raped her, they raped my loved one.
Bârd (NA)
: An idea to update Pyke
Heres my idea to make pyke balanced. New passive; Pyke has all of his damage dealt to champions reduced by 100% and also has his HP permanently locked on 1, thats it just 1 hp. anything toches pyke, pyke dies. This is the only way i can see pyke being fair.
Kabraxis (NA)
: Riot please give Talon something useful for an E
How the fuck is talon not good enough already???? Hes literally impossible to catch unless you chain cc him in the middle of lane and can 1 shot anything. No you know who really is useless and really NEEDS her old kit back, Evelynn.
Moody Jazz (EUNE)
: Guys don't worry about Pyke
They fucking better nerf him, brutally fucking hard with no compensation. Or else i will find you and carve "liar" into your chest with a fucking blade.
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: So about Eve...
I really wold just like them to revert the w entirely, buff her other spells damage to compensate and keep her scaling as it is. I hate using that charm so so so much, thinking about it makes me angry and sick. This character used to define stealth and surprise but now she literally has a giant warning sign built into her kit that she needs to land or else shes useless. It ruins the whole champ for me. The hybrid scaling would be fun but the loss of that doesn't hurt nearly as bad as trying to use that garbage, telegraphed, obvious, shitty shitty charm. #MakeEvelynnGreatAgain
AntonioLM (EUW)
: Yeah i agree, they must revert Evelynn!! Now she is just one of the most broken, unbalanced and unfun champs to play against on the entire rift
Wrong. Shes a joy to play against because all she does is feed and is a free kill basically all game. She's impossible to do well with.
Dr Dog (NA)
: im playing mid currently but ive main eve all season lmao shes BEEN top tier for a long time she just hasnt been blantently op, she got nerfed recently for a reason, shes a great jger you just obviously cant play her correctly considering half this post is just false
You are clearly living in a fantasy and it is pointless attempting to communicate with someone as willfully ignorant as you.
Dr Dog (NA)
: god that champion thats been a top tier jungler for ages? im not bad at her, its her kit!
What character are you playing? Lmfao she is nowhere near top tier and hasnt been since her rework. she *was* top tier before she was raped by riot.
Nekorus (NA)
: {{champion:107}} :Welcome.
Literally the only other good champion.
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