: > [{quoted}](name=Rowanstar,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=zwZlv4n2,comment-id=,timestamp=2019-10-31T03:27:02.359+0000) > >their builds in like 10 minutes. Being one shot the whole games isnt fun. IDK how to deal with URF. The concept is fun but i dont get how ppl get so OP so fast. A lot of the problem is the objectives...i keep trying to tell people urf was not like the first time urf came out. if used to range from short to 40+ min back and fourth games...now 100% are 10-20 min stomps due to the op objectives. most people seem to underestimate/forget them but gold,exp,stats from elder buff/baron.are huge. turret plating elder dragon baron and even the cannon are speeding up the mode way more and causing snowballing. this effect from them is massive. and also is anti-fun. the dragon being the biggest problem.. each dragon gives a 20% damage swing, plus true burn damage, plus all the other stats. PER dragon is a lot of power to be given free at the 10 min mark of the game. add baron on top of that then its pretty ridiculous. the objectives are turning 100% the games in to 10 min laning phase followed by a stomp and forced end at 20 or ff after dragon goes down. this is anti fun when the game is so heavily dictated from one objective at the 10 min mark. and this makes the mode a far cry of what urf used to be when they first released it. when you consider before elder was added to urf there was at least a chance for some of the games to make it past 30 min and to have to have some back and fourth fights on longer games. those were always the more fun games at least for me even if i lost.. the dragon and turrent plate is also warping the picks massively and limiting them a lot. as you need to pick strong laners so you can contest dragon get plates..people would be more willing to pick more weak lane champs/for fun picks. if the mode was a little longer or if they dident have to worry about contesting objectives or getting stomped so hard immediately once the other team gets an elder. the pick warping from the short forced snowball games due to objectives is causing a lot people to complain...but most people ever acknowledge/realize that the objectives are making the mode way worse. the sad thing is riot may even use these complaints as a reason to only do arurf from now on or worse not bring it back at all..rather then just remove the the snowballing from the objectives. in the PBE people were telling riot that elder dragon was a problem and was anti fun and the games were snowballing to hard..so i am not even sure why that was never addressed. the forced objective interactions over op objective is also encouraging people to more competitive rather then to just have fun.that is not something you want for game mode that are just meant to be fun.. there is also the problem that since the mode is call ultra rapid fire people are under the impression all the game should be super short and decisive. however i believe that the mode would benefit a lot more fun wise if the games were less decisive/snowball and aimed for the 30-40 min range and to be a bit harder to close rather then 10-20min. this could be done pretty simply by slowing gold maybe exp, removing or just delaying the snow ball objetives, and urfing up the towers(attack hp ect..) till it hits a later point in the game.THEN make the objective matter a bit more. so the game dont stall out after the 30-40 min mark. but most would probably disagree since people think it need to be fast... even though earlier versions were a lot slower then it is now..
Yo honestly. baron is a meme. If a team goes for baron. Laugh and take dragon. That shit is insane.
Meriipu (NA)
: URF - I like it. That is all.
Jhin damage isn't instant so you can escape it. While Teemo and ziggs traps deal instant damage. Allowing teemo to place infinite shrooms would be mega fucked. They have tried to make urf fun without being overly infuriating. And Lets be honest here. Trap champions placing a metric fuck ton of traps is incredibly infuriating. Id rather be one shot by a jhin 4th auto than step on 3 teemo shrooms.
: > [{quoted}](name=Keiaga,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FAAEk6Iv,comment-id=00000000,timestamp=2019-10-31T06:32:54.858+0000) > > The cancer of pro play ruins this game's balance? As opposed to what? Balancing champs around low elo players and everyone that's good at the game just has to silently agree not to do too well with any given champ? It's not possible to play like pro players because we don't have coordination to make to make team comps, thousands of scrims practice with the same teammates, we don't have voice coms, we don't play in a 0 ping enviroment. It's not only about skill level the whole "wOuLd u RaThEr HaVe RiOT BaLaNcE aRoUnD bAd PlAyErS???" Argument is irrevelant. Why do we balance around a standard that is impossible to achieve for most players? It's ilogical. Riot could balance around high elo or maybe plat+ but it should be balanced around Soloq that is the game everyone plays, that is the game that everyone will continue to play if the pro scene died tomorow and that is the game that the players who actually gives Riot money play. They are the ones who care about champions, do you think pro players care that Aatrox is garbage? They will play whatever is strong everytime, its the average player that gives a fuck.
Pro Play Makes Riot games Millions in sponsorship deals and merchandising. And pro play has to be balanced around or it crumbles due to how volatile it is. An unbalance in SoloQ can be dealt with because most players cannot take a champ to its fullest potential. So they try to keep the significantly more volatile environment healthy. SoloQ can deal with a few imbalances, but a few imbalances in pro play just ruins it. Now I definitely do not blame Riot for these decisions as they are a company that employs at a conservative estimate hundreds of people. They need to focus on making money first and foremost. And If there are SoloQ imbalances they will still retain their players (despite what the boards would have you believe) and they will still have people buying their content. While on the pro play side if things get too imbalanced it becomes less interesting and they would lose out on a massive revenue stream.
Bârd (NA)
: "Damage from Energized procs now stacks, rather than using the strongest one"
Well.... I guess this is a buff to Shockmaster Hecarim so that's cool I guess.
borger (NA)
: What is it with mage items?
It's because AD Assassins have stronger early-mid games. They tend to also have higher mobility. This means that an AD assassin has a higher likelihood to stomp everyone between 8-25 min. After that, the immobile mage scalings start to kick in.
Kazekiba (NA)
: How to make karthus have a 90% winrate
champs will have to be adjusted but let's be honest here. That's nothing new. Just give karthus a neutral monster damage penalty to kick his ass back to the lanes where he belongs.
: I have a couple issues with this. Where your first 2 paragraphs hit the nail on the head, you lost focus of what we're aiming for after that. You proposed fixes which didnt actually fix, but nullify the jungle. These changes would make the game based on the laners and the jungler would have no impact. Ill explain why. 1. No reward to good play for junglers besides theirr lanes being ahead of the enemy lanes. They themselves wont be stronger, much like if one laner outplays another theyre rewarded with being stronger. 2. Early game junglers would become unplayable, if no matter how much the jungle does they stay even then eventually they'll be outscaled and alot earlier due to not needing to play catchup. 3. By buffing camp xp you're then promoting control of the jungle to overlevel yourself. Currently a jungler can keep up with solo laners in levels by full clearing effectively. If you buff camp xp and one jungler is controlling 3 quadrants of the jungle you'd easily have a jungler 1 to 2 levels above solo laners, imagine what that would do to your bot lane if he went bot at level 10 against a level 6 bot lane.
Early game junglers shouldn't be about getting themselves ahead and shit stomping 1v9. They should be about making their lanes stomp. This doesn't make early game junglers useless, It makes them do what they are supposed to do instead of dominating the entire meta and the whole game. Late game junglers aren't played because there is such a tiny chance they actually make it there. The clear deviation should be that the Early game jungler is Lane focused, while the late game jungler is carry focused. I said a slight bump not a full on super buff. The camps should be like they were in s5-6 where dominant control of jungle camps will put you roughly 2 levels ahead of bot lane, but to do this you need to be basically hard farming without regard for your lanes. For this to work tho they would need to reintroduce a scaling jungle item. Thing is this is a tradeoff. If you farm this hard, you are neglecting your lanes and that allows for the enemy jungler to be lane focused and get the rest of his team ahead it doesn't matter how strong you are.
Paroe (NA)
: Couldnt you fix the jungle by reducing monster stats, XP, gold, and respawn timers so we can have jungle diversity again? The way riots done the jungle its basically a "if you dont have built in sustain you cant farm effectively, and if you dont have mobility and burst you cant gank effectively". Changing THAT would go a really long way towards reducing the sheer power of the current jungle roster and bring variability back to league.
The problem is if you nerf Monster XP and Gold, then it isnt worth it to farm the camps and you may as well spam ganks. And that is why we are here. Its not about sustaining through the jungle. Its about gank power. If camps were actually worth more than dirt then farming them would matter.
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Yenn (NA)
: How is reducing jungle EXP supposed to address any of the issues jungle has?
IIRC they are buffing early jungle but nerfing its scaling. This makes the early game impact of a jungler easier but tones down its impact throughout the game if they aren't already doing well (cause snowballing is flavor of the season) Really it comes down to the question of how long do you want game times. The proposed changes (To my understanding at least. We will have to see how they play out) is to empower jungle early game but reduce their dominance as the game goes on. The major problem with this as I see it is that all its going to do is make snowballing as a jungler even more potent. The reason for this view is that if you get ahead of the enemy jungler, because catchup XP is reduced, and jungle camp XP scaling is worse. This means that once you get ahead you can begin to chain ganks and get much further ahead, where the enemy jungler is fighting an already uphill battle, but now with a 100lb workout vest slapped on for good measure. While I disagree with their changes, we will have to see how this pans out. One of the key issues with balancing the jungle is that you need to balance the value of the jungle to incentivize ganking vs s5 Devourer jerk off in the jungle for 30 min and come out of the jungle with the ability to 1v9. they want to reduce its impact on games, but in doing this they keep nerfing the jungle XP and gold. All this does is force junglers to play gank heavy if they want to stay relevant in a match. This means that the changes are having the opposite effect as they are forced into a more game impacting position if they want to even exist. fixing the jungle isn't a 1 and done task. People want to reduce a junglers impact on games. And they keep looking at junglers with crazy score lines and say "reduce their XP and gold so they stop doing this" But in reality all it does is force junglers into spamming ganks which means that one jungler gets ahead of the other, and since their source of farm is getting nerfed repeatedly they cannot come back to contest the enemy jungler leading to the inevitable "better jungler wins gg". So fixing the jungle is a huge process. You need to make the jungle role less impactful so that it doesn't outright define the game, but as I see it the reason it's so impactful is because both teams start with 4.5 players and whichever jungler gets ahead negates the other making it a 4v5. In my opinion, the key to fixing the jungle is to make the jungle less snowbally. You do this by actually buffing the jungle. If you crank the fuck out of the catchup XP and slightly buff its base XP numbers what you get is a role that unless getting super fed, is relatively stable. Your jungler will be equal with their jungler as long as they aren't getting 10 kills. While the question still stands, "what to do about their impact" It's my opinion that the reason the jungle is so impactful is not that the jungle has a giant impact on the 3 lanes. its that it has a massive impact on their opponent. If you get ahead as a jungler, this means your lanes are getting ahead. This means that not only is the enemy jungler set behind, ganking is even harder for him, Meaning that he cant have an impact on the other 3 lanes. ------------------------------------------ TLDR: Jungle is a very complex role And I believe that the counterintuitive concept of actually buffing jungle XP and catchup XP is the key to balancing it because the main problem is not that the jungler spanks 3 lanes. Its that the jungler makes the enemy jungler irrelevant so that game is just a 4v5.
CurS1VE (NA)
: Wait...Ashe has a 55% WR???
Everyone looks at ADC and goes "ah yes. Damage" But that isn't Ashe's strength. Ashe is a utility carry which means that while she is far behind many other ADCs in damage dealt she can carry games purely by enabling other champs on the team. Ashe as a utility adc wont hard carry like other ADC champions, but you dont need to hard carry when you are enabling your teammates. So what if you dont get the crazy damage number, you won. This is the key difference in mindset when playing ashe. Its not about getting the crazy pop offs. Its about ulting priority targets so that your teammates can deal the damage for you.
: I'm sad you think URF is too risky to bring back in the future, but...
people get mad at them prioritizing profit over "dedicated players" but in the end its a business. These "fringes" bring in much more money and allow them to pay artists, coders, and shoutcasters. Them being focused on their profit line allows for hundreds of people to chase their passion of making games or being a shoutcaster.
: > [{quoted}](name=Tr4shB4NSYST3M,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=4bAYuEVO,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-10-18T18:58:27.935+0000) > > Qiyana also has similarly high stats in worlds, not quite 100% pick ban but close. But its OK, shes not OP or overloaded she's actually weak b/c she has a low solo Q winrate ;) can't balance her for pro play because ppl will complain that they aren't good enough to do the thing in yoloq.
Was it right to nerf Rek Sai Q down to a .1 AD scaling (yes. it eventually got nerfed to .1). Probably not, but she was so mega oppressive in pro play that she required the nerfs to make her not pick ban.
: Kalista Mains... If You're Out There~
its not that kalista is weak. Its 2 different things. She is hard to learn so she doesn't get picked up, and Xayah and Kaisa are oppressive as fuck. Why play an above average champion that takes an incredible amount of skill to play well if you haven't made the champion muscle memory, when you can face roll on those 2 mega oppressive champion and win games.
: Nerf Xayah
honestly every ADC since Xayah has been overloaded as fuck. There is a reason in the Pro league its like 2 champs. Xayah, Kai'sa. Their kits are so overloaded. Do I Hate Caitlyn? yes. that shit is annoying as fuck, but at least her CC requires me to fuck up, and her escape isn't amazing. Kaisa just goes invisible and runs super fast while have super long-range poke, being a hybrid champ that can be built with literally anything and it still works and amazing close range fighting as well. Xayah has CC that comes from her damage so she doesn't have to interrupt her damage to do CC and her CC does a fucking bazillion damage as well as her escape making her LITERALLY UNTARGETABE and that escape sets up her CC. Fuck Xayah. Even when Xayah has a bad game she out damages 3/4 of the people in the match. Those 2 ADCs are just so overloaded. I don't care if Draven literally 1 shots me with an auto, because in the end. If he walks too close he dies, He doesn't have the get out of jail free cards those other 2 have.
: Just watched a replay.
there is a bug where his Leap animation doesn't happen and he just runs really fast. But it is the leap even if it doesn't look like it. and likely the replay bugged.
: Level based match maker
levels mean nothing. It's not a question of skill. Im level 70 and handily smashed a level 300 M7 Riven (and I don't even play lane. I got filled out of Jungle/support somehow). They have played a shitload of the game but haven't improved. Time played =/= skill. When I played CS:GO I put in 100 hours and was a silver 1 player. I was trash. Then I sat down and decided to improve played CEVO (community competitive where I played against people far better than me) for 30 hours. In those 30 hours, I went from a Silver 1 player to an MG2 player. Time playing the game doesn't always correlate to time spent improving. To improve in anything, it has to be a dedicated effort to improve. Just playing won't do that.
: Some kits that could use updates this year
Nocturn has a great kit tho one dimensional as it is. He is an all in champ. There is no going back, but he is good at that. A spell shield on command for stopping CC as that is the biggest weakness of an assassin, a delayed fear that gives plenty of counterplay while still being a very strong ability, and a Q for chasing and jungle clear, and a passive for jungle clear. His Ult is one of the best gankning ults in the game. The problem is in this high mobility meta where everyone else gets instantaneous CC his still takes time to activate. While I think that an instant fear would be bullshit, it would put him in line with all the other bullshit champs in the game nowadays. Skarner is a fucking god champ for 2-3 patches every season until he gets a direct or indirect nerf. Trundle is strong still, but the meta just doesn't favor his playstyle. He needs to thwack you a bunch and in this current meta that just doesn't happen, too many changes and you will just repeat the problem he faces now. Trundle has been reworked like 3 times already, just leave him be. Zilean is what zilean is. there is no changing that. They added a bunch more counterplay to his kit but he is still rarely played so if anything he just needs buffs Diana doesn't need changes. Itemization needs changes.
Speeedy (NA)
: From a design standpoint I don't think junglers should be equal to laners in EXP since they are playing a PvE game with the exception of bot lane since there are 2 people there. I think they should be slightly behind (2 lvls at the absolute max) and be more or less a supporting character to assist in getting a kill on the gank lane.
uhhh. 2 levels behind....... what? What do you do to your lane opponent if he is 2 levels behind and not jerking off behind his turret. You fucking instakill him. If junglers were to be 2 levels down consistently, then you would just ward up their jungle and any time they went to clear something near you, you would just waltz on down and get the free 300g. Because when someone is 2 levels down on you, they cannot fight you at all. This would completely gut the jungle. I get where you are going but this is not the right direction to take the role. You would turn the jungle role into such a helpless mess that even if he were to gank for a lane, he would likely die in the process making the gank more or less pointless. Strong laners would be even stronger as junglers wouldn't have the strength needed to help out their weaker laners. Darius would become insanely meta because atm his biggest weakness is that he has no escape and is highly susceptible to ganks, But if the Darius has a free 2 levels down target to get an execute on, then he can just turn and get the easy kill on the laner. I'm not trying to be rude, but you obviously haven't thought this through.
: buff jungle xp, blue-wolves-gromp dont give you lvl 3 and take a bit to clear/Yi feedback :C
1) Riot is driving jungle towards a purely gank role. They don't like farm junglers and so they are nerfing those junglers, and nerfing the XP gained from camps to completely pigeon hole every single jungler into a hard gank meta. 2) Yi has always been a Semi truck going down a pass. If the enemy team can put the breaks on him, he isn't an issue. If they can't tho, Yea that game is pretty fucking over. It's a pretty toxic and that is why Yi is being nerfed. They want to make completely 1v9 stomping games with crit yi much harder. They are trying to push the champ into the Frozen Mallet, Titanic Build over the On Hit. While you may not like this direction, This is where Riot wants to take Yi.
: Compensation. Where is it?
You aren't entitled to anything from Riot. This game is free to play. So this means you aren't paying for a service. So if the service is unavailable, You aren't losing value from an investment. This means Since Riot isn't costing you anything. They don't owe you anything. Japan is a very different culture to America. In Japan this may very well be the way they do things, But not in America. And new content causing old content to break?????? what????? do you mean new champs making old champs obsolete due to power creep? Because that's a dumb argument to demand compensation. "Japan has games 10 times as polished" Ummm what? Unless you are referring specifically to the companies of Nintendo, Konami, and From Software. Then I'm gonna be honest here. They probably aren't "10 times as polished" because if they were, they would have a larger market in the west just as American games have a market around the world. Konami, and Fromsoftware I've never heard doing this. And Nintendo occasionally does it, but I've only heard about it in their mobile market. Hell even if they did it in the console market. This is a different market. This is the Western PC Market. When Riot has server malfunctions they are on top of it immediately. Because with a company the size of Riot Games it's not an unreasonable figure to say every hour that their server is down, costs them Millions. So if they need to do maintenance and the server is down for 1 hour. They have already lost well over a Million USD. So why would they give out free shit after taking a large hit to their bottom line? You can have your opinion on what you think is better, but they aren't treating you like your obligated to be here. You are treating them like they owe you something. Which they don't.
: Um i need a champ that is a jungler and is 4800 BE
{{champion:19}} Is a really strong jungler. Has a lot of skill expression from his Q (it makes him immune to CC and travels along dashes. You can actually follow flashes) his E is great for ganking. His W gives him a fuck ton of movespeed. All in all a fantastic champ. And my first That I hit M7 on. {{champion:120}} So many ways you can build hecarim. You can play Horse C**k Hecarim which is crit. (if you fall behind don't worry. you E does a bajillion damage to turrets so you can just split push endlessly) Then you can play full tank, or bruiser. And with bruiser you can do both Cinderhulk or Warrior depending on how much damage you want to do. Hecarim has endless possibilities and is one of my favorite champs. {{champion:2}} So Olaf is a special kind of fun. There is really only 1 way to play olaf. Bruiser. Olaf is almost impossible to get away from. He can chain slow people with axes. And just run you down. He is one of the best ADC killing junglers in the game, because they just cant kite something that prema slows them while also chunking out 1/6th of their HP each time. His clear is also amazing. He can clear raptors super fast with Q. {{champion:29}} So yea..... twitch. you are going to completely Int feed your first 10-20 games. But once you get the hang of him he is basically Ranged Evelynn. Twitch is the champion ive had my best ever jungle game on. Because this champ is just mean. You stealth into a lane and just start shooting. Jungling on twitch helps mitigate twitch's only weakness. Early game. {{champion:20}} I dont play nunu. I dont like nunu. But stats dont lie. He is fucking nuts.
: Logged in just to up vote. I haven't gotten the new client yet, but seeing screenshots of it terrifies me. Is there a population of people out there who just LOVE extremely white and bright ui? I've been hit by Discord -> Twitch -> now LoL to come in UI changes. All of them are displeasing at best and revert worthy at worst. Hoping it doesn't stay forever, or at least has a dark mode like people are requesting. I'm someone who LIKES light mode for most of the things I use (all historically), but I've been having to switch to dark mode because the light theme UI updates become obscenely bright and difficult to navigate lately... Really sad times when global warming is making my screen lighter than it needs to be.
I can't even stand normal discord. use an addon called Better Discord that allows me to have special themes. So mine looks dark blue and semi-transparent to an image behind it.
: I would also like the Server Notification color to be reverted. Before, the exclamation mark was blue, yellow, or red, and corresponded with the indicator on the Boards and post login screen. These colors are straightforward and intuitive. Currently the new login screen displays a purple exclamation mark instead of a yellow one.
This. Its ingrained into our society that blue is just "hey check this out" Yellow is a warning and red is danger or very important. Purple is meaningless
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: My opinion on why people think Yasuo is broken
He is annoying. thats why. The Double crit allowing for mid game power spikes and crit being a fantastic late game stat, as well as the ability to just shutdown ranged champs with W Thats why people hate him really. I dont particually care, but yea that double crit is annoying as fuck. makes his powerspikes come so early.
I think Kayn is in a good place. I think Shadow Assassin is in the good place. I think Rhaast is a little weak. Kayn is supposed to be weak early. And when he gets his transformation have a massive power spike. Which when you go SA you do..... but Rhaast has a lot of weaknesses. With Rhaast Id like to see his base damages bumped a little bit. Like his Q. Id like to see it bumped up .05 (from .50 to .55) and bump the healing to 75% from 70. I think these changes would be a nice little bump to help rhaast which is his weaker transformation.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rewt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=FA129W8t,comment-id=0000,timestamp=2019-09-25T00:33:27.209+0000) > > "Unable to solo kill in OW" Lol > > I made it to Plat in OW by fucking around on Mccree solo killing everything in sight. sure I needed to hop back to a healer every once in a while, but in many cases I would go off and get picks so we could push sites. Tracer is flanking? headshot, flashbang, headshot. genji is flanking. Bait the reflect, Headshot, flashbang, headshot. But you had a reason to say: "I needed to hop back to a healer once in a while." You also only went for squishy duelists like Genji and Tracer, who are also Damage flanks. We talk about LoL and guess what? Why have {{champion:40}} if {{champion:145}} can shield herself? Why have {{champion:16}} heal in a teamfight if {{champion:114}} can do just that? Champions have been made to care more about themselves than the team, of course not counting enchanters. {{champion:103}} Ahri can heal herself and has 3 forms of evasion. ( passive bonus, E and R. ) {{champion:92}} Riven can shield herself ( for a shitton mind you ) and has 2 reliable forms of escape as well as a self-buff. {{champion:266}} Aatrox can sponge and heal rapidly, has 3 knock ups and a dash ( still be it small. ) {{champion:350}} Yummi can't barely be hit. {{champion:517}} Heal, Shield, Dash. {{champion:246}} Dash, Dash, Dash, Dash. I see no reason why any of these champions would need a healer or tank. In OW, if you pick Tracer; you go behind the enemy and flank knowing the healer and tank of your team pushes the enemy down. In LoL, if you pick Kai'sa; you can go into any lane without question, solo-kill anything and have no need for a support or tank.
Healing is shitty stat in League if its not life steal. In 90% of cases a 400hp shield is better than a 600hp heal. Since shielding can be done preemptively. Now you could say that TTK is league is too high, but honestly.... I dont see it as a problem. I remember Lethality on release. THAT was too fast. I also remember S5. That was waaaaaay too slow. While maybe nowdays league is a little too fast. Its much more playable than those other 2 periods. Of all the times of league of legends Im happiest with the TTK of today. When I play tanks I feel impactful, When I play assassins I feel impactful. You can play every role effectively nowadays. Sure healers can be a little weak outside of lane phase, but that is when they are supposed to be strong. Also. There is no way to heal in OW outside of a healer, Health pack, or running all the way back to spawn. In league of legends. Recalling/Lifesteal are actually quite effective for sustain. So it naturally changes the way that the game plays. Comparing OW to League is kind of dumb because of how differently they play. Im not even talking about the mechaincs of an FPS vs a MOBA. The games have almost no similarities. Plus even then. Lets talk about the League community. When teamplay is necessary everyone screeches that you cant solo carry. When teamplay isnt necessary everyone screeches about people just solo carrying everything and funneling is too powerful. Right now the game feels like its in the most healthy state its ever been in. And this is someone who has played since S2
: Warwick had more than just a few core concepts kept, Warwick has the entirety of his old kit in his new one, with the major difference being that his ult is a skillshot now, and he has a few new toys that keep his gameplay refreshing. He's really not much different, aside from being less frustrating to be up against. As someone who's played both old and new Aatrox, I can tell you that they absolutely do not play similarly. His changes, most importantly the removal of his old W, have drastically changed how you play Aatrox. I will admit, Aatrox's new Q feels good when you land the sweetspot of his Q2 and Q3, aswell as when his new W actually manages to pull. But it definitely feels more like playing Riven than playing Aatrox since his kit revolves around his Q now. The revive being gone only makes him more foreign.
His Q is completely different, The only similarity is that it heals and is single target, The W is completely different. The only similarity is that he gets attack speed from it. His E is completely different. His R's only similarity is that it suppresses. They kept high-level concepts, but completely changed the mechanics of literally every single ability
: A quick explanation and questions about the teamgame.
"Unable to solo kill in OW" Lol I made it to Plat in OW by fucking around on Mccree solo killing everything in sight. sure I needed to hop back to a healer every once in a while, but in many cases I would go off and get picks so we could push sites. Tracer is flanking? headshot, flashbang, headshot. genji is flanking. Bait the reflect, Headshot, flashbang, headshot.
: The Aatrox VGU has left an Aatrox shaped hole in my Aatrox shaped heart.
The Aatrox and Warwick reworks are very similar in their execution. Take 2-3 core concepts. Keep them, but change literally everything. So I don't get how you can say they kept the idea of Warwick but killed the idea of Aatrox. Warwick had the healing on his Q kept. Healing on Passive kept, Ult is a suppression kept. But everything was changed. The kept concepts but changed everything mechanically. Aatrox. Kept Healing as a concept, kept his ability to knock up targets, So while they kept one less thing, they maintained the core concept of him. Lifesteal. They just moved everything around.
Keiaga (NA)
: What type of champ are you still waiting for?
I would like to see another stance jungler like Udyr but a mage. From a Lore perspective, Id like to see another Darkin or an ancient Icathian who escaped the fall like Jax.
: Karthus jg low elo
He has always been a high elo pick. Now you definately can do well on him in low elo but the problem is that low elo players dont know what to do when they get shut down or how to play from behind. that is karthus's weakness in low elo. he can't brawl early game like a lee sin, Vi, or warwick. he gets eaten alive. and in low elo a fed jungler = win 90% of the time.
: Auto fill is fine. TLDR @ bottom
pick order.... oh god I forgot about that. "mid" nope sorry m8 you are 3rd pick. you get jungle, adc, support. Modern league has made me fat and lazy. I can play Jungle support literally every game.
: What happened to stun?
trist has always worked this way. you have to hit her with CC after she has left the ground. she has unstoppable while on the ground. Ezreal is a blink and all blinks in the game work this way.
Moody P (NA)
: mordekaiser is everything a juggernaut shouldn't be in 2019
uhhhh. what? While I agree morde is a little strong I wouldnt call him a stat check. His Q does actually quite low damage, unless you are isloated. This actually creates counterplay. fight within your minions and he is drastically weakened. His E which is his only way to get to you is quite easily dodgeable. His ult gets cancelled by QSS. Morde has tons of counterplay. and is in no way a statcheck. Stat check refers to the champ's damage being unavoidable and so beating them is much less about skill (while this still applies because there are things you can do) and more about your damage - health ratio being better than theirs.
Bultz (NA)
: AP needs to be toned down a lot
ehhh. i dont really feel that way. when I play Rhaast. I get a SV and thats about enough MR to keep me from melting. sure the syndra will drop 3/4 my hp with her ult, but that is because she is blowing her Ult on me. Also just gonna say this. around 200 of a resist it stops being useful to get it. 200 of a resist is roughly 70% damage reduction. Then ofc magic pen comes in with its flat and % values. so if they are rolling a {{item:3165}} {{item:3135}} {{item:3020}} and you have 200 MR you will effectively have 200x.6 = 120 - 33 = 87. so as you can see its not that Magic Damage is too high. its that Void Staff is too impactful. Armor is easier to build and the % pen item for it is only 35% to Void Staff's 40% (iirc it used to be 35 i dont know why they changed it) So while MR is yes much harder to build with only 3 items being truely relevant {{item:3194}} {{item:3065}} {{item:3001}} (which honestly I think are fine, because on top of being 55MR each, they all have amazing passives) Also btw didnt realize this. Void Staff and Guinsoos dont work together for Pen. they both have the same Unique Passive and so the MPen bit of Guinsoos will actually be turned off if you have Void staff because league takes the higher value.
Xavanic (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Rewt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iluby5Ek,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-03T00:22:44.687+0000) > > I cant tell if you are being Sarcastic or not. > > But Morde.... yeah he is just hella strong. Im fucking trash at laning. I literally only play jungle. But when I get filled to top lane (cause How that fucking happens when I Queue Jungle/Support is beyond me) I just lock in Morde and win lane. its so free. > > Vlad on the other hand...... Eh. Just build an executioner's Calling and smash his face into the ground with something like Panth, Olaf, Rengar, etc. just something that is really good at dueling. I've beaten lots of mordes, he's def not free, just his massive level 6 power spike with ult is a huge issue, early game mordes ult lasts far too long but it falls off late game as the duration doesn't scale with game length
2 things with this. While technically no he isnt free. I honestly think he is kind of nutty. Id like to see his Q damage reduced to groups, but increase the solo multiplier, this would put more of an emphasis on smart Q positioning. This could have unintended consequences, but id like to see where it takes the champ. The ult falling off is a two fold issue. 1. yea.... the duration doesnt really scale all that well and so it stops being as impactful. 2 you cant ult the carry. cause if the carry has 2 functioning braincells left they should be able to figure out that a QSS is going to basically make morde ult irrelevant. (not that many league players have 2 functioning braincells.... especially ADC players)
: My midlaner rage quit last game and i cant honesly say i blame him....
Jungle is forced into a gank heavy play style. no choice in the matter. Junglers will often fall behind bot lane unless they are just autist ganking lanes and getting kill XP. This is because the jungle XP is already so low that by level 11 if a jungler were to jerk off in the jungle all game and a bot lane were to jerk off in the bot lane all game and not interact. The Bot lane would be hitting eleven when the jungler hits level 10. Thats how bad the jungle XP is. this kind of hardcore ganking wasn't a thing before the camp xp got gutted. Camps used to be very important. If you ganked someone, the enemy jungler would roll in and steal 2 camps and this would severely hurt you becase the amount of XP tied to camps was so high that hard farmers back in the days of stacking junglers could out level mid lane by just farming. Now I dont really know what is better. having jungle relegated to spam ganking to maintain relevance in the game, or having the raid boss yi come out of the jungle 2 levels ahead of your mid laner after having literally never showed up on the map and having 45 stacks on his devourer and 1v9ing the game. in the past it created a dichotomy. Either you were a ganking jungler and you tried to end the game before 30min. or you were a hard farmer where if the game went to 30 you could basically just auto win the game for your team. ------ From what im reading from you is that you want to gut jungle to the point where the role is so bad that it might actually make more sense to duo top because of how straight up awful the jungle would be. Your view of removing scuttle crab, and gutting XP, as well as lowering share XP when carrying a jungle item would make it so that unless the jungler is spam ganking and actually getting kills with those spam ganks they would likely be level 8 by the time bot lane hits 11. Hell just compare 2 junglers hard farming. one takes both scuttles every time they spawn. The scuttle taker will be level 11 when the enemy jungler is around halfway through 9. thats how much XP is piled into them. EDIT: so basically what im saying is. you have literally no understanding of how the jungle works or why it is that way. and therefore. please stop talking about jungle balance. you clearly need to take the time to understand the history of the role as well as dedicate some several dozen games to the role before you have a strong understanding of what actually defines the role. "While yes better jungle wins gg" is often quite true. You dont seem to understand that there really is no changing that outside of removing the role entirely. The Jungle role literally clears neutral camps and rolls into lanes creating 2v1 or 3v2 situations where the ganking side has the advantage. that just means numerically that the jungle will always have a massive impact. and the nerfing of jungle xp actually only makes the problem worse as it makes junglers even more reliant on kill XP.
: what do you think happen by end game?
depends on what your jungler was doing and who it was. If the enemy jungler was a lee sin he very well could have just been walking from lane to lane ganking endlessly because well.... thats what lee sin does. His clear isnt anything special, but his ganks sure as hell are. if your jungler was a diana. Yea.... she aint doin much till 6. or if you had an amumu. he could have been doing so base level ganks mid till 6 for his big bot lane impact gank. Honestly if a jungler is jerking off in 1 lane and your jungler is a strong ganking jungler with good openings for ganks he could have swung two lanes in your favor to their one. Honestly. No idea what happened in your game.
: Kindred
Kindred is hardcore feast or famine. If the enemy team doesnt deny you stacks...... oh boy. Its over. its gg. Its not even close. Prepare your asshole for Tristana levels of range with Kaisa Levels of burst. So i mean...... I dont really know what they can do with her without reworking her passive again cause buffing her would just make her OP.
OgSc (NA)
: Crit jungle item?
I feel that it would just be weak. Even with 25% crit chance this item would be 2500-2700 (based on the standard costs of other enchants) Statikk Shiv is 2600g it gives 40% AS 25% CritChance 5% movespeed and then a damage passive on top of it. This item would just be so underwhelming that it would be pointless. while freeing up a spot for a crit item for onhit junglers would be nice, I think that Bloodrazor would just be more stat efficient. You would basically have to make the item straight up statistically better than bloodrazor for it to be worth building.
: DIsconnections ruining games
So the reason they havent implemented this system is to avoid abuse. Now I do think that there should be a system of If Team has had a player disconnected for 5min concecutively (flag) reduce LP loss by 50%
: League is in a bad spot rn
eh..... i remember when the entire jungle roster was 2 champs. J4 and Vi. And Riot's response to this was to nerf Warrior enchant by 5AD
: > [{quoted}](name=Rewt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=iluby5Ek,comment-id=0001,timestamp=2019-09-03T00:22:44.687+0000) > > I cant tell if you are being Sarcastic or not. > > But Morde.... yeah he is just hella strong. Im fucking trash at laning. I literally only play jungle. But when I get filled to top lane (cause How that fucking happens when I Queue Jungle/Support is beyond me) I just lock in Morde and win lane. its so free. > > Vlad on the other hand...... Eh. Just build an executioner's Calling and smash his face into the ground with something like Panth, Olaf, Rengar, etc. just something that is really good at dueling. im not being sarcastic here. morde he needs his hook to chain his damage up which is on a big cooldown. while vlad he needs 2 qs with also a resource meter to display his power window. i dont see how these 2 are a problem for a top laner.
I honestly feel that morde is too strong because If I can roll up to people who are constantly high mastery (im aware mastery =/= skill) and make it look like they have never played that champ before while I literally cant lane to save my life with 98% of the roster. Something might be afoot.
: body-block during carousel is BS and needs to be removed
: Imo vlad and morde are the most fair top laners
I cant tell if you are being Sarcastic or not. But Morde.... yeah he is just hella strong. Im fucking trash at laning. I literally only play jungle. But when I get filled to top lane (cause How that fucking happens when I Queue Jungle/Support is beyond me) I just lock in Morde and win lane. its so free. Vlad on the other hand...... Eh. Just build an executioner's Calling and smash his face into the ground with something like Panth, Olaf, Rengar, etc. just something that is really good at dueling.
Lovelle (NA)
: Ganking isn't all there is to jungling. Objective control, farming and invading are also important. Right now, champions can constantly gank lanes without being set behind, which only favors like a third of the jungle roster. There has to be exponentially more risk involved with ganking in order to bring more variety to the jungle (in terms of playstyles).
but completely removing XP tax Does more than damage ganking. Covering a lane while the laner is gone will set you so far behind because that would be a full level you miss out on. which lowers your smite damage which makes 50/50 objectives even more difficult, this makes you more susceptible to jungle invades. Removing XP entirely from lane minions for junglers is such an extreme change that brings about so many ridiculous problems that its like trying to hammer in a nail with a fucking sledgehammer. you are just going to break the nail and cause more problems.
: > [{quoted}](name=Rewt,realm=NA,application-id=3ErqAdtq,discussion-id=62BEmgNG,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2019-08-26T21:12:31.925+0000) > > uhhhh. Then why would I ever gank if I cant snag some XP tax. > > If I literally get punished for leaving my jungle why would I do it. > > While the current situation is too far to the forced ganking side, your idea is too far to the forced farming side. > > sure there is the argument "kill XP, and helping your lane" but as long as your lanes ward up and avoid ganks, 2 failed ganks from the jungler and you can just waltz into their jungle and 1v1 them no problem because they will be 2 levels down. Ganks should be exactly that. Risking XP in exchange for an opportunity for setting the opponent behind and giving yourself a gold lead.
you are putting the risk of gank so high its not worth it. If you Jump out of an Airplane without a parachute and survive you could make money telling your story and a bunch of shit, but the Risk to Reward is so bad that doing it makes no sense. The Reward you would get from ganking just wouldnt be worth the risk. Because you fuck up the gank and suddenly you are a level behind the enemy jungler. he walks into your jungle and kills you. you are now 2 levels down. he clears your jungle while you are dead. you are 3 levels down. he places a ward and sees you coming out of base and kills you. you are 4 levels down now. Ive done this to people before. If you forced them into jungle camps only to get XP that would make this aforementioned strategy the Meta and that sounds awful.
: Remove lane XP from junglers, buff camp XP or spawn rates, and revert dark harvest to the old farming one. Ezpz.
uhhhh. Then why would I ever gank if I cant snag some XP tax. If I literally get punished for leaving my jungle why would I do it. While the current situation is too far to the forced ganking side, your idea is too far to the forced farming side. sure there is the argument "kill XP, and helping your lane" but as long as your lanes ward up and avoid ganks, 2 failed ganks from the jungler and you can just waltz into their jungle and 1v1 them no problem because they will be 2 levels down.
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