lil koda (NA)
: My friend *who is gay btw* had the name "homosexualshaco" his name was removed....
Hey OP! I didn't see your friend in the thread, but they should open a support ticket if they haven't already. If they don't get things sorted out, tell them to add me in-game and hit me up. We just updated some of our systems around name reports and actions, but we're not quite ready to claim we've perfected the technology. This looks like a false positive, and we'll dig into it as we keep working on the system.
Smax (NA)
: Do you need to currently have the ribbon or do past ribbons count? I remember around season 3 or 4 I had a green and yellow ribbon, but I didn't get one in any season past that.
Having the ribbon at any time in the past will earn you a corresponding icon!
: *sniff* Thats so kind of you! I'm glad I was able to help the League community in these trying times! On a more serious note......I was honestly just curious if I missed something, or something was wrong on my end. I'm sorry if it came off as impatientence.
Pretty sure Tantram's been waiting months to do that <3
: Is there a shortcut in chat similar to /mute all? Like /fullmute all? For those really tough games of course.
Try "/pingmute all", "/pingmute team" (does the same as all for pings since there're no cross-team pings), or "/pingmute playername" Note pingmuting and chatmuting are split up on purpose, so you can do either without the other, and will still have to type twice if you want both :P
: If I'm understanding it right, the ping mute will be just like the chat one where you can mute individual players and not the whole team if you don't want to?
Yep! You can ping-mute individual players right next to the chat-mute button in the scoreboard.
Medusa (EUNE)
: I got wrongfully banned for 14 days.
Hey there Funoros. I'm really sorry this couldn't be resolved through support tickets. I've reviewed the game, and I agree with you that it's an error. There appears to be a lot of debate in the thread, but I pulled and watched the actual replay. I'm confident that this was a mistake of our systems and you were having an impressively bad game. I've unbanned your account. I'm also going to see how we can use this case to improve our feeding detection systems. We know that mistakes in our system will happen, but we usually can accept them because 1) we work hard to keep them below a certain rate and 2) player support tickets should resolve them. In the case of verbal toxicity this is easy, but with feeding it's also not as easy for a human to make the call.
: First Chat Restriction is 25 Games? Wait....What no 10 game????
Sup Draven oo7 - you might not remember it, but you were issued a 10-game chat restriction pretty recently, so you didn't actually 'skip' it. I think the other folks here already summed things up well, but regardless of what other players are saying or doing to you, you're being punished because of your chat in games. If you think someone's cheating, losing your cool won't help your team, and heck, anyone who's actually cheating will probably feed on your frustration.
: I know the idea of "incentive for honoring players" has been tossed around a bit on the boards (something small like a bonus 10 IP), but at the a lot of people believe that would take away from the point of honoring another player. has honoring incentives been looked at or is it pretty much agreed that doing that would be counterproductive?
Absolutely! We've been thinking about this a ton. We want to create systems to highlight sportsmanship and reward awesome players, but they need to avoid incentivising things like "trading honors." (I remember trading them when the original system launched, everyone wanted a ribbon!). And I know I'd be spamming honors to all my friends if they got 10 IP every time :-P At the same time, we want rewards to be way cooler than 10 IP. We want to strike a balance where getting honored feels really awesome and giving someone an honor is something you'd really only want to give to a player who deserved it (rather than just trading with your friends). Because of this, a revamped system will need a much bigger overhaul than just tweaking honor button options or adjusting the rewards you get - and part of the reason we're not talking specifics yet is because the new client is needed before that overhaul.

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