: > We could nerd out here about bracket formats and stuff but we’ve only got so much space in this post. Could you nerd out about bracket formats and stuff in another post? My curiosity has been piqued, I'd be really interested to see what you guys have to say.
When I was a kid, I used to draw out full March Madness-style brackets by myself, comparing my toys or characters I invented on whatever criteria - who was the best? Who was the coolest? Which one could probably beat Hercules in a 1v1? I would always run out of space at the bottom of my paper because I was very bad at drawing knockout brackets, and that's part of the reason I feel most comfortable writing on squared paper. When I played soccer games on my PS1 I would always play out the full extended multi-team brackets just to see things get whittled down to one glorious winner, no matter how long it'd take, purely because I liked the system of it all. Nowadays I really love how fighting game tournaments, as well as League esports' gauntlets (like the ones that qualify the last western teams for Worlds) can create amazing storylines purely by the way the matchups work out. Removing the personalities and the teams' history, the format itself can provide as much drama as any salty runback. tl;dr I am an only child
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: Any refunds for the people who "basically" got scammed by Riot during Clash?
Hey Resolution! Sorry you had a bad experience here. a) We resolved the lock-in issues after the first flight of day 1 with a bugfix to our store. b) The "Unknown Error" for subbing another player was down to them being too high-tier for the player they were replacing; we've updated that tooltip already. You should hit up [Player Support](https://support.riotgames.com) with all that info and they should be able to help.
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: No matter what champion they picked, someone else will ask the same question.
: **You do realize that stating 'don't be a dick about it' is _extremely subjective_, don't you?** Not trying to be rude but, have you taken any civics courses, psychology, behavioral studies etc....? Anyone who understands the fundamentals of logic and critical thinking realize that what you're stating is relative to the perception of the individual; i.e. therefore it is _subjective_.
{{item:3187}} wake up sheeple, boosted bonobo has got you all figured out {{item:3187}}
mirath (NA)
: Any context as to what is wrong with Flex's health?
tl;dr while things are still nowhere near the state that we'll need to make any changes to the queue, and it's still fine to play, we're seeing queue times extend a little further than we'd like at the low bronze and low diamond areas. We'll keep an eye on it though, it's still gonna be healthy for the vast majority.
: Until next Snowdown
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: I think you guys shouldn't limit the Ranked Flex to pure Five-person premades, because as PSiGaurd said it won't be flexible at all then, as well as what happens to all of us bros who want to play as a trio xD Thanks for keeping us updated though! Hope everyone has an awesome week!!! :)
It's one step of the plan we have in case things look rough, but we haven't got any reason to do it in NA right now, so worry not.
Leonerdo (NA)
: When you put a link to this page, on this page. GJ Rito, much communication, such clarity, wow.
That box is an example of what it would look like on patch notes. This article explains what it means!
Geauxx (NA)
: Off topic but, do yall plan to follow through with soloq this time? Just wondering after the sudden cancellation from last time
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