: Awesome, eventually we can get to the space dragon in the room. Death recap!
kYw (EUW)
: I just fail to see why the color of Magic Damage has to change. What's the goal here? Or in other words, what would we lose if you did these changes in the exact same way but with shades of purple instead of shades of blue? You probably have a reason for it, but searching through the post and comments I don't see any explanation for that. So in sum, good job on the standardization and nicer feedback, but why is purple a bad thing?
Hello! I left a [follow-up comment above](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/BvmyiV9G-damage-text-changes?sort_type=best&%3Bcomment=0008000100010000&comment=0008000100010000) on this to help explain what we're doing with colors. Hope this helps!
: The reality is that this game needs a deep detail of customization just like Overwatch and other games, let us choose in the options colors for everything (mana, health, hp bars, combat dmg text and so on). I have a very rare form of colorblindness and i almost can't see differences between enemy and ally minions... I'm available to be a test case for this and future development in matters of colors.
Hey there! Can you let me know what kind of colorblindness you experience? I'd love to know more about what works for you.
: what's wrong with purple though? I think of all the things you listed the most clear way to contrast things is by color.
Hi there! When we examine future UI and visuals updates in the game for the future, faster related system updates that we want to keep consistent with future work (such as colors) will often preempt major system updates. As a result, the preceding changes won't seem to make as much sense _yet_ since there isn't a holistic context to back it up with. SO, to give you all the full context, there is nothing wrong with purple--we are preparing purple to consistently represent **magic resist** / **penetration ** and the blue family to represent AP / magic damage, with mana being a darker blue. You can see this color logic represented in the stats panel currently on live, and with some items (Adaptive Helm, Abyssal Mask, etc) although not all things yet (we know!). In contrast, warm tones such as red and orange are saved for the physical damage / AD stats and greens for health and heal/shield. Setting this color system up ahead of time allows us to better plan for consistency with UI and tooltip work in the future. https://imgur.com/R6iYeCW The reality is that we have many important stats and text types that we want to be sure have appropriate colors tied to each one. We also want to make sure that color readability and appropriate contrasts can survive on multiple surfaces (against in-game colors, on tooltips, as icons, as text). Nothing is exactly set in stone, but we'd like players to give it time and test it out. Thanks for your patience and feedback!
Caenen (EUW)
: Good evening! Any thoughts on making the 'cosmetic crit' icon (things that aren't improved by crit damage, such as Anivia E, Vayne E, Morde Q or Gnar R enhanced damages) similar but distinct from the normal crit icon?
I answered this in a separate comment somewhere TL;DR -- Yes we want to do this for special damage numbers without abusing the crit icon.
Xt0 (EUNE)
: Physical crits are represented by red to orange gradient. Can magical crits be gradients as well, instead of just solid blue? Perhaps, something like [this](https://i.imgur.com/HLywb20.png)?
Hi there! We did actually test a form of the gradated blue crit (and FWIW it did look pretty cool). Here's the reasoning behind why we're staying away from that: CRIT is a stat that increases your chances of dealing an extra big damage number with your auto-attacks. The reason why the crit icon is gradated is to show that the damage type is **physical**, but it is a subset of physical damage that is **affected by the crit stat** you see in the panel (this is where the reddish tint comes from). Technically, there is no equivalent stat for magical damage. Magical "crits" in-game are used to make certain skills more satisfying (LeBlanc popping Q, Anivia doing double damage, Ryze Q, etc.) And so what we really want to be able to do is have a _separate icon_ entirely (not crit icon!) for those skills that feel extra good when you proc a hit or meet the special conditions. We will explore making this feel visually satisfying at that point in time. For now, blue crit icon is the flat blue because it is not otherwise affected by any particular stat. TL;DR In the future we will be exploring how to represent special magical damage without abusing the crit icon and styling! Hope this helps explain!
Falanah (NA)
: The black lining around the text makes it a lot easier for me to read, being colourblind! The only issue I have is that blue text on green and grey make it hard to read for me. Colour combinations of Grey and Green, Blue and Green and Blue and Grey are hard to read for those with colourblindness. If designing for those with colourblindness bold contrast of colour can make it a lot easier. I would recommend for as an alternative to the blue text maybe a bold yellow instead? A brighter colour on top of the dark colours of the background would contrast better and be easier to see. Even with tritanopia (the colourblindess affecting purple and yellow) having a warm tone on top of the cool toned background would help it stand out, instead of a cool tone on top of the cool tones.
Hey there! Thanks for your comment on colorblindness--this is very helpful stuff for me. I will look into what will make for a compelling colorblind alternative so that you're able to get the clarity that you need. We definitely want you to be able to read the dang numbers!
Hotarµ (NA)
: Looks great, I feel like those numbers and the presentation is really smooth overall. Very satisfied. Good work! {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}}
: I honestly think using the same colours for mana expenditure and magic damage goes against the second goal.
The colors are in the same blue family, but are not the same. Once the color reaches the game space, the differentiation between hues becomes minimal (on that I agree!), especially when the damage is a DoT (as it gets lighter over time). However, we do also use more than one channel of communication for damage texts seen above. They can be any combination of: 1. Color 2. Scaling (text size) 3. Positioning (on me, on them, etc.) 4. Additional visuals (icons, health/resource bars, etc.) 5. Animation 6. Text We're working under the assumption that mana expenditure using different positioning, scaling, animation and visuals (HUD + resource bar on health bar, prepended " - " sign) from magic damage text will allow you to distinguish between each one in-game still. After playing a few games with these changes, let me know if you still feel like you can't tell the difference between the two texts. Happy to take another look!
: I'm gonna guess from lack of note about it True Damage is going to stay white?
Yes, true damage will stay white. True white is actually the most stand-out color we can use in the game, purely because the game space itself is so colorful. We want true damage to be highly noticeable.
: Out of curiosity, does this mean we'll see the in-game colors associated with AP ratios changed from green to a shade of blue? It's always been weird to me that AP values in itemization do NOT match the common damage type of AP (green in tooltips, purple in game), while AD values in itemization DO match the common damage type of AD (orange in tooltips, orange in game).
That is the hope for the future (you might remember [this update](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/yIBUoyaP-tooltips-update) from Reinboom a while back). We're not certain when we will have time to prioritize the Tooltip updates, but alignment with that future is what we're going for!
: I'm stupid, do you have a live comparison picture too?
Here is a gif of what's on live currently: https://i.imgur.com/eMigQuK.gif (Live damage text + crits for both physical and magic damage) I will be posting more details of the changes and reasoning in a couple of hours. Thanks for the feedback already everyone! Edit: Gifs hate me. Here's the link directly: [livegif](https://i.imgur.com/eMigQuK.gif)
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