davin (NA)
: I mean, you, obviously ;) But given your caveat... I think it'd be really fun to be a support for Aphromoo, with him playing the ADC. He mains support and would know how to coach me to be better, and it'd be neat to get to see him in a role I don't get to see him in normally. Oh, or Remi, with the same premise -- her Thresh plays are too good, and he's my main. If I had to pick someone who mains ADC, it'd be fun to support Sneaky on Kallista. I think it'd be intense :)
: Hey, what's {{champion:412}}'s favorite food? FLAY MINION (filet minion)!
Arie (NA)
: What does your main say about you?
Thresh main here. Can't tell you how many times my teammates have heard "That was ALMOST really cool" after a failed flash hook or something.
: Definitely keep building your resume. For reals, push yourself to do bigger and better things constantly. Riot will see that you're doing that and it'll help a lot! I wasn't confident AT ALL. For reals, apparently my first on site interview back in 2014 was LEGENDARILY BAD. Like, people still refer to that -while im working here- as the worst interview that's ever happened at Riot. But I kept trying and improving and eventually got in!
: I'm a small business owning fly fisherman living in a rain forest on the side of a volcano, does that count as cool? TELL ME I DON'T SUCK. ;-;
: I always wanted a reason to say Legal legends.
TBakes (NA)
: Is this the beginning of "Humans of League of Legends"? (in the style of "Humans of New York", etc.)
I have been keeping my eye out for League players who do interesting things, though I doubt we're going to be as stylish a bunch as the HoNY folks ;)
: I would love to know which Pro Tour he attended, what he played, and where he placed. Just the fact that he even got there is quite impressive.
Guessing it's Dallas 1996 (Thomas Griffith, #141): http://archive.wizards.com/sideboard/article.asp?x=results/PTDALLAS97
Timkillz (NA)
: I'm sorry but hearing about a "casual gamer" no matter the profession doesn't impress me. This isn't a unique story it's just some random guy who just happens to be a lawyer playing league. This could be anyone, sorry rather hear about a guy who innovate League of legends strategy or find interesting new ways to introduce someone to this game not someone who just likes gaming and plays it casually. There's no reason for me or to a good amount of the player base to find this unique or interesting because this could be anybody. The only reason the people find this even sort of interesting is because he's a lawyer.
Dude played in the Magic Pro Tour and got a D&D session in with one of the creators. That is the exact opposite of casual.
: Legal Legend: Interview with a League-playing law professor!
Gotta admit I was starstruck hearing about the Gary Gygax anecdote. Dude was co-creator on Dungeons and Dragons!
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Slippery (NA)
: Are you a minion because I can cs together... _sorry_
: What are your best League of Legends pickup lines??
Are you Thresh? Because you got me hooked. And now I'm stuck in your lantern oh dear god help
: Love and League: A documentary
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Silog,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=HeqzjEgw,comment-id=0003,timestamp=2015-06-10T19:57:19.379+0000) > > Shoutouts to all the collegiate organizers holding it down and building gamer communities. Makes me wish I was in college now... Why? So you can overload on Mountain Dew and Red Bull while playing League between sessions of Dungeons and Dragons? In all seriousness, if colleges supported their non-athletic programs in my day as they much as they did their football and basketball teams, I would have stayed around.
Not big on Red Bull or Mountain Dew, myself. Mostly just really excited to see people building really broad communities for people to play games together and learn how to run events and make neat stuff, because that kind of thing wasn't really around when I was in school.
Mhija (NA)
: Carman Lam, Champion Organizer
Shoutouts to all the collegiate organizers holding it down and building gamer communities. Makes me wish I was in college now...
: The Birth of Evil: Teemo
Post your best teemo kills pls
Arie (NA)
: Which champion abilities would you want IRL?
Nidalee's R. Turning into a big ass cat would be rad.
: I mean, we would solve bullying worldwide if we just had Annie! Someone bothering you? Bam. Giant demon bear in your face.
Frankly, I can't think of many problems that I couldn't solve with a giant demon bear in the face.
: Zed's W. Who doesn't want to be able to create a shadow clone of yourself to be able to switch places with it, turn every single conflict into a 2v1, etc. Think about it, then you don't have to bring a gun to a fist fight, you can just bring 2 more fists! :D
I was with you until the gun/fist fight analogy. Think 1 gun vs 4 fists is still a favorable matchup for the gun. Get Heimerdinger's turrets and you can bring multiple guns to any fight you want!
: +1 Thanks for working with us and posting this, Silog!
\m/ thanks for doing the class! also, shoutouts to shorhon, she's the one who told me about you folks <3
: Where was this option when I was going to college? This is pretty awesome.
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: Life Story Thing: What League has give me.
This is a really awesome story, Marvelous! Thanks for sharing - I love stories about people who find ways to chase passions and develop new skills through games.
: In order to be capable of restricting her target to the ground, Light Binding would by necessity need to have a sizeable amount of mass. The amount of mass in a stream of photons (such as a sunbeam) is too small to physically impede a solid body of mass such as a person. Lux's Light Binding, however, is capable of binding even a sizeable bulk of mass like a 6-stack Cho'Gath. In order to perform its binding function, Light Binding must, by necessity, be a hard-light projection. Because it needs to have sufficient mass to bind and restrict targets in a wide variety of sizes and strengths, it is subject to gravitational and aerodynamic impedance. Hence, it has a travel time visible to the naked eye, even though it's constructed of photons (light).
: Am i the only one who half thinks this League thing has gone too far, but then half giggled so much at his introduction im kinda okay with it? Can you imagine obama? "Hi i'm the president of the United States and i main Riven." and the whole world cringes...
I dunno. Think mid-laners are more presidential material. Top laners would be like, secretary of state.
: yay now nobody can say first
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uguubear (NA)
: A Community That Impacted My Life
I don't think I'll ever be able to see Morello IRL without imagining him with moe anime eyes after this.
brad (NA)
: i dont know what to say but i want to say something soooooooo hi im brad
: But his skin is _Definitely not Udyr. _ I definitely don't see Udyr, so it is indeed: "Definitely not Udyr" :3
Zezistor (EUW)
: It's "www.surrenderat20.net", not "www.surrenderat20.com" (the link under the picture is wrong).
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Jackll (NA)
: Queuing up with far-away friends
Shoutouts to my boy Andres! I see him a few times a year for fighting game tournaments but he's all the way out in Florida, so we stay in touch with League. He always clicks my lantern <3
: I built Shurima in Minecraft
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Silog,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=Ks9Rh9g0,comment-id=00010000,timestamp=2015-02-05T20:22:13.344+0000) > > FEED ME I simply logged on to share my story, and to ask for advice. First off, my story hasn't completely taken action. I'm 15, making decent grades in high school, and i'm stuck in this world wondering what I can do I actually love. I live is southwest florida, and there isn't really much stuff to do that involves viewing parties, a battle and brew, or a large community of gamers. School and my parents are the only things in my way of actually making me happy. I want to be able to complete a dream of mine (currently to get a+ certified and build a computer), but there is always a major obstacle. I can't really ask for much advice, but the thing im lacking, along with probably many other teenagers out there, is motivation. I don't have the money, I don't have the complete support, and I don't have any life event that can truly motivate me to enter a college. everything is harder for me because I have an anxiety disorder that I give in to and I shutdown. to my point, Im simply asking, how do I manage school, career exploration, and my freedom to game at once? You guys were able to make it out and are doing just fine, but my mom breathes down my neck, and I feel as if im locked in a vent of an isolated room. so what can I do now, that can help motivate me and get me where I should be. Hope im not asking too much, I just want an opinion. Thank You, Kyle P., Sophomore
I didn't see this until now! Hope this response reaches you. First off: At 15 I had no idea what I Wanted To Do With My Life -- I just found things that I liked to do (writing, playing games, etc), and took them seriously. And when I came across people my age who had well-defined life plans, almost all of those plans ended up getting derailed somehow later on. I think it's kind of like putting together a build for your favorite champion when you're new at the game, and you don't really know much quite yet. Second: It sounds to me like your anxiety disorder blocks you from Getting Stuff Done. That sounds really frustrating! If I were you, I'd think about trying to figure out little strategies for identifying and avoiding things that trigger your anxiety, and mitigating its effects when it does strike. I don't have any persistent anxiety issues myself, but I used to be with someone who did, and she was able to do a lot of awesome stuff by developing a strong sense of self-awareness that enabled her to see anxiety issues coming before they struck. As for managing all those things at once: It's not easy, I feel you -- and sometimes you just have to decide what is the most important thing to focus on for your mental well-being, and be okay with putting the other things on the back burner for a while. The trick is to do this consciously, so you don't feel bad for not doing the other stuff. But perhaps the biggest thing that helped me when I was your age was trying to find things that drew my passions (video games) with possible career development and school. I wrote papers about video games; I organized games-related events at my college; I picked up a part-time job writing about games; even just playing games seriously taught me a lot about how to work hard (in a job or for a class or while developing a new skill). That way, playing games feeds your productive needs, too. In basic terms, figure out things you like, add them together, and see what you get! I hope this helps, Sophomore Kyle P.!
: Some sort of action needs to be taken against Garena
FYI, they reversed the quota policy: http://esports.garena.ph/newsArticle.php?contentid=00000604
: Oh cool! Yeah, if you're there I'll find you via twitter or something. I actually got to go because a friend endorsed my CA application.
I'm @pattheflip on Twitter. CAs are rad!!!
: It's kind of ironic that you mention writing because (while I had written before), video games were my first foray into serious writing. As of late, I've actually been working on content for GDC (Game Developers Conference) as well as writing some long, serious League-based fiction. I'd probably still be bashing my head against a wall with a major I hated if I hadn't sat down one day and realized I wanted to breath life into a setting with text as opposed to, well, anything else.
Sweet! I used to work for GDC, actually. Maybe I'll see you there!
: All my life I never truly understood what the point of video games were. I was 14, the video game industry evolving around me all the more. All I cared about was keeping up with my grades, getting into an Ivy League school, doing everything in my power to become the best in my school. And I did. I was one of the best. It was all good and what-not until I discovered the beauty that is League of Legenfs. I love it. I never realized what I was missing until I started playing it when I was 16 about to turn 17. My friend was the one who kept insisting—begging that I join this 'awesome, new game' that everyone is going nuts about. I didn't understand it at all in the beginning. Everything was just so complicated. But then I did understand it. League became a big part of my life. I finally understood what it was like to focus on something other than your grades. I finally understood that, even though I was one of the best at my school, I wasn't really having fun or enjoying myself with it because all I was was plain seriousness. League taught me to have more fun and enjoy myself; that it's okay to let go of your regular habits and be carefree for just a few hours. I love league of legends and I love my friend, Jason, even more for introducing me into a wonderful community. Thanks for everything and teaching me that life is not all about getting into the best school there is. :)
Video games taught you how to play, huh? This is an awesome story :D
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Jynx (NA)
: Snowdown fan art roundup!
: *I'll do more than that! I'll give you a whole recipe!* **AbrahamBaconham's Flippin' Epic Nachos**; *Ingredients; * Flat-bread Mozzarella (High moisture, like a ball of it or something) Roasted Tomatoes (I don't have a specific recipe, but they're really good) Basil Kalamata Olives (The best kind of olives) *Directions;* Heat oven to like, 400 degrees (or whatever.) Take the flatbread, maybe three or four pieces. Cut them up into 16th's, little squares, right? Then you take all your little bread squares and dunk them in the fryer. Stir them around, let them cook until they start to get golden, but make sure you take them out before they get too brown or they'll just keep cooking outside of the fryer until they burn. Get a large cookie sheet, spray it down with Pam or whatever you have. Put the squares (now chips) all over the pan, cover with that stuff with shredded mozz (and really, make sure you use the high-moisture stuff, it sticks everything together real good and tastes awesome.) If you made Roasted Tomatoes, good! Put those on now. Also if you like kalamatas, chop (or food processor) those babies up and stick them on there too. Then stick the whole thing in the oven. Remember; the tomatoes and chips are already cooked, you're just trying to get that cheese to melt everything together. You probably won't have to wait more than a few minutes. Remove nachos, you're done! If you're really cool, you can put chopped basil on top.
Whoa, these sound crazy! Thanks for the recipe.
Duke Anax (EUW)
: Considering your previous choices, try fried cale. don't do anyting with it just trow the leaves in there. Also i hope you didnt bread the sweet potatoes? And I think the carrots and maybe the broccoli could have gone in there as is too. i really like breaded and fried cheese with jam. Some of the softer cheese like mozarella or camembert do well here.
I did bread the sweet potatoes! More of a tempura batter, though, so it made sense. Cheese with jam sounds amazing, and kale sounds good too. I already eat a lot of kale but haven't fried it yet.
Aerothal (NA)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot Silog,realm=NA,application-id=cIfEodbz,discussion-id=ZpiL8oxu,comment-id=,timestamp=2015-01-08T20:11:30.793+0000) > > I got a deep fryer recently, and I spent an afternoon breading and frying assorted vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sweet potatoes, and eggplant...also some frozen dumplings i had sitting around). > > What else should I fry? Any suggestions? mix 2 eggs, two heaped table spoons of flour, salt, pepper, garlic powder. cut thin strips from chicken breast. throw the meat in the mix and then drop the covered cubes into the fryer one by one. remove when golden brown. edit: if you like hot food, rub the meat with chili (or with some green curry paste) before dipping it in the batter!
this sounds delicious!
Rew711 (NA)
: chicken, shrimp, crawfish (mudbugs), fish (catfish, bass, trout, etc.), gumbo, (for some reason I've heard this is good) oreos, and jumbalia. have fun
i'm just gonna start trapping animals and see what i end up with
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