: [GAMEPLAY] Dead tower contrinues giving vision
Thanks for the report! Fixed this for an upcoming patch.
: Mark my words, Riot has just forced Nasus into the jungle and that’s how they’ll balance him
The potential strength of Nasus jungle is definitely on our radar. However, early strength indicators still show top lane as his primary role. We plan to continue balancing him around top.
Moody P (NA)
: riot what is this
: Outer Turret AD cap :: 152 >>> 278 ad cap is currently 180 no? so it should be Outer Turret AD cap :: 180 >>> 278
Totally right! Typo in the post, will fix.
I am Tim (EUW)
: > [{quoted}](name=Riot MapleNectar,realm=NA,application-id=A7LBtoKc,discussion-id=NPBRPjqf,comment-id=00040000,timestamp=2018-10-23T17:41:02.956+0000) > > If you manage to destroy the last plate, the turret falls at the same time > > Admittedly this isn't he most elegant solution. We went through a ton of different iterations of reists, hp amounts per palisade (scaling hp per palisade etc) but this ended up being the cleanest version. > > Currently it's 160 gold per plate. In average games we only see 2-3 plates being destroyed (and often times not at all), so cashing in on the full amount is going to be a pretty high exception. These numbers are super open to tuning, but it's felt like an appropriate risk reward. With these levels you'll often see people sticking around longer than they likely should which puts them in great position for jungle ganks. We're going to be monitoring closely for sure > Is there a specific reason you opted for this over something more visible like a shield on the health bar? > Is the range long enough that this isn't easily abusable by popping in and out of range when a barrier is about to fall? > > Yep, the difference on the shield is pretty clear. Right now we're working on a effect similar to stoneplate to play on the turret. The range hasn't been abusable in our tests but if it ends up being the case we can tune it easily. Is the bonus shield similar to the current first blood turret sharing mechanic? If yes, can you just walk away right before a plate gets popped and walk back in for the turret to be squishier?
The Bulwark buff is always applied; but how much resistance it provides (from 0-100 per stack) dynamically updates based on the number of nearby champions until the effect ends.
VeXuM (NA)
: Sorry if this has been answered, but will turret plating and early game strength bring back lane swaps?
We'll be monitoring, but believe that Fortification (Top and Mid turrets taking reduced damage until 5:00) is still an effective deterrent for lane swaps.
Kei143 (NA)
: Haven't read through your whole post yet, so I apologize if it was addressed in the post already. But how would those tower plates interact with Tristana's E or Zigg's W? Specifically looking at the interaction of when Trist places E, AA and destroying a plate, would the E stay and destroy the next plate? Or would it disappear like when the tower gets destroyed? Would Ziggs W interact with plates at all? Would a naked tower be affected by Wit's End MR steal, and I can get the turret to -42MR? Is there a change in how a plated turret interacts with Lethality, BC and Last whisper items?
The turret is always dealt damage and effected by effects like Trist E or Ziggs W directly. The plating is providing bonus resistances to the turret. So, with Trist E as the example, it will remain on the turret even if the turret takes enough damage that a plate is destroyed.
Ninetales (OCE)
: Hello Meddler. Having seen the changes to Yorick on the PBE server, I would like to bring notice to the direction Riot is taking with handling his issue of having a high winrate in low ELO ranges. You addressed in a recent Meddlers Thoughts that ideally you would like to reduce his winrate in low ELO but maintain his current state in high ELO, which can be found in [this post]( https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/developer-corner/upj64E0i-quick-gameplay-thoughts-august-10?comment=001d0000). Please do not misunderstand my post, i am not suggesting that Yorick does not need a nerf. Instead, i am suggesting that if he is dealing too much damage than there are other ways of handling it than what is currently on PBE. One key thing that I am afraid Riot is missing is that Yorick as a champion effectively teaches the player how to play the game. He rewards you for last hitting, teaches you to stay in lane long enough to get the tower (objective) and also heavily rewards the player that plays him as a split-pusher to take global objectives. These are skills that low ELO players will often overlook, and as a consequence, he will always maintain a high winrate in the lower brackets purely because the Yorick’s opponent will not have the guided direction that the Yorick player will have. In fact, I am especially worried that the proposed changes will not affect Yorick’s winrate at low ELO ranges at all – but will instead gut his high ELO winrate and viability. Now onto the PBE changes, there has been a reduction in his per level AD gain to his Mist Walkers – in particularly around levels 6 to 9 – this value peaks at 12 less AD per ghoul (48 overall). Using sources such as [League of Graphs](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/game-durations), you can clearly see that the game duration for low ELO ranges around [30 minutes](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/game-durations) on average whereas the high ELO games usually sit around [26-27 minutes](https://www.leagueofgraphs.com/rankings/game-durations). This effectively means that the implemented change will be less likely to impact on low ELO games, since they are more likely to get to the point of the game where the difference evens out. Unfortunately, it also means that it will impact high ELO games because as they have a lower average game timer, there will be an emphasis on the point of the game where Yorick's Mist Walkers are taking the hardest hit from the nerfs. I truly believe that these nerfs are in the wrong direction and would like to put some suggestions for consideration. These suggestions are outlined in my reddit post which is current on the front page, as well as another post written by another Yorick main. [Reddit post One](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/99vaig/increasing_the_click_box_on_yoricks_mist_walkers/) [Reddit Post Two](https://www.reddit.com/r/leagueoflegends/comments/99wqhi/yorick_ghouls_at_20_base_damage_of_release/) If the intention is to lower his winrate in low ELO games without affecting his performance in high ELO, then perhaps: * **Lower his Mist Walkers base damage, increase their AD ratio.** This will reward Yorick players who play well and get an experience lead and/or invest into damage items. The raw damage will not be as high and instead you will have to buy damage to deal damage. If they invest into the damage items, they will be less tank and therefore easier to deal with. Finding a way to give them a higher base AD but instead making them scale off bonus AD would be a good starting point. The second reddit post linked had the idea of the Ghouls having a base attack damage of 15 while maintaining their current live values of per level bonus +3/+5/+10, but instead of a total attack damage scaling, give them a 50% bonus attack damage. * **Reimburse the damage nerf somewhere else onto his kit. **If the AI having heavier damage output is an issue, then perhaps adding it onto his Q or E ability will be a healthy change for the game. Higher ELO players are more likely to land skillshots and better use their spells, so rewarding those players with extra damage by landing his E is a good change in that regard. * **Increase the size of the Mist Walkers click-box.** As the purpose of the reddit post, many players find them difficult to click on which can cause them to click the ground and take unnecessary damage as a result. The Mist Walkers also give 5 gold per kill, so the player should be actively rewarded by killing the Mist Walkers whenever they are summoned. Not everyone that plays league of legends uses attack move, so this is a problem. I would like to know your thoughts on our suggestions, your reasoning behind the proposed nerfs on PBE and your further intentions with our beloved gravedigger. Thanks for reading, Ninetales
Thanks for the detailed thoughts! The intent with this nerf is to reduce the power that Yorick players are getting when their opponents don't understand Mist Walkers' behavior. While higher MMR games do tend to be longer, we believe that the importance of the strength of Mist Walkers at early levels in lower MMRs outweighs those levels being a lower proportion of the game on average. The goal with this list isn't to lower his low MMR winrate _without_ effecting his high MMR performance - this will be a nerf; just one that's dis-proportionally impacting low MMR, where his performance is the most out of line. If the result is a Yorick that's crushed in high MMR, it's reasonable that we'd look at buffs that would be more valuable for high MMR, like on E as you suggested. We'd need to be careful around how large we make Mist Walkers or their click-box, but I agree that they can feel needlessly difficult to pinpoint. Thought is that that would be a pretty big nerf overall though, and be fairly minimal toward smoothing out his success across MMRs.
IAmWoralo (EUW)
: I may be very confused but 3800% less damage??
Our bad - the experimental PBE version of Locket's _description_, with a silly DR number, made it to live English servers except NA. We're in the process of fixing this.
Erdamon (EUNE)
: Rumble "buffs" are fine, but it's not what he needs. @RiotWittrock
Heyo! Thanks for the post and thoughts. Wanted to specifically comment on the discussion of removing the linger. I agree that even with the rest of the list, what went to PBE today may have been a nerf. I certainly want to avoid that, so testing some more straight-forward damage buffs on Q and R tomorrow instead. I believe in the future revisiting removing R's linger is good; it has a clearer effect, rewards good usage, and we can pack a lot more power into it. But we would need more time to understand what buffs would bring that change to neutral; I'm interested in folks perspectives around that.
: This has been ignored for too long, and bug reports don't seem to matter to riot
Looked into this, found what seems to be the fix. This should clean up some similar funkiness his W sometimes had against towers, inhibitors, and wards as well. The fix should show up on PBE tomorrow or Monday.
: I could be an idiot but I find thornmail...
Personal opinion here - {{item:3076}} is to {{item:3075}} as {{item:3155}} is to {{item:3156}} . The first is a somewhat narrow, but very powerful defensive lane item that helps you survive against a specific threat - and their upgrades are a relatively inefficient item, that at least provides you something to build your powerful component into. Agreed though; there's a question of if {{item:3076}} is _too_ strong early and {{item:3075}} is _too_ weak, or if having items with this kind of trade off is even a good thing.
: [GAMEPLAY] Urgot's Q still uses the pre-buff audio queue.
Yep, the audio timing here didn't come out quite right here. Will be fixed next patch.
: So now that Sterak's is Melee Only
Yep! Caught that one a bit too late for this patch; so it's fixed in 7.21.
: How often do you consider hotfixing buffs? For instance, let's say you guys were interested in nerfing Twitch, and updated him to have less AD or less AD scaling, or really any general nerf, but found out his winrate dropped below 40% because of it. Would you hotfix this? If so, how far would you go with the hotfix?
Our consideration ends up looking fairly similar to how we think about hotfix nerfs; we're much more likely to consider it when it's a reaction to a new thing, be that a balance change, new champ, update, or the like. There isn't any cut and dried win rate percentage that would guarantee a hotfix buff though. This is exemplified most often with new champions; they generally start at a notably low win rate and climb as players master them. That would be one reason we may be resist to immediate buffs. Additionally, for power deficiencies, often the best changes on the outset are "quality of life" feeling mechanical adjustments that become apparent after lots of players dig into a new champ or change. Unfortunately these changes end up not being the best hotfix candidates. Even if we can _technically_ deliver a change doesn't always make it worth doing between patches, especially if unawareness of the change could make the player's experience worse, not better. So, a bit of a murky answer, but ultimately the decision really is made case-by-case.
: Hmm...not sure how you got the impression I was ignoring questions through "fluffly evasion". I addressed the one direct question that OceanicEyes had around mana cost for E, and then added in some additional information around some other things we want to do with the ability. Currently we may considering looking at some of his mana costs on his other abilities, but won't be touching his mana pool or passive (at least not currently). No work being done regarding the animation. Though something to note regarding your comment about note be able to hit Q on anyone, with E now having a decaying slow it actually works really well for setting up your Q (the spell is still having the pass through spikes), so you can hit people at range with the slow which sets you up for an easier Q as opposed to you feeling like you have to fish for it all the time. Also worth noting that the Max HP damage applies to all units hit by the E spikes, not just the initial target, so you're still getting pass through damage on all creeps, not just the first one you attack. The ability will still apply spell effects, and I believe it's still an auto attack reset (though I'll need to confirm that). I'm stuck at home sick and not with the team so I can't just spin around in my chair :P.
Can confirm, it's a basic attack reset in the current iteration.
: Then how do rift scuttlers breed?
: PBE Tech Test Client
The PBE League Client Alpha you have installed from the tech test you can keep, yes! It will be updated and available for login when we bring the Alpha back to PBE, before the Alpha on live. That being said, if you're accepted into the live Alpha, you'll have an separate League Client associated with your live install to play live games with.
: [GAMEPLAY] FIzz - E Stops Working Randomly
Heyo! I've been jamming some Fizz lately, and encountered the same bug once, a couple of weeks ago. Went away when I Q'd a minion. Tried for a quite to reproduce it, but alas, haven't figured out the cause. I'll poke a developer about it, but it'll help a massive ton if yourself, or anyone else who can chime into this thread, can reproduce this issue consistently and share the steps to do so!
: Patch 5.4 broke league
Hey folks, As others have pointed out, the first step to solving this should always be deleting any 3rd party tools you have running with League, like LoLReplay and other recording software. Beyond that, here's the useful steps to help us solve the problem: 1. Is the game generating a R3D log? (article on how to get that [HERE](https://support.riotgames.com/hc/en-us/articles/201752674-Network-System-and-League-of-Legends-Logs#section-windows) ) If so, please link it here in this thread! If not, letting us know that also helps. 2. Is the crash giving you the "bugsplat" popup? If so, make sure you press submit for that crash report! If not, let us know. 3. Some folks have suggested that deleting your Config folder that lives in C:\Riot Games\League of Legends\ solves the problem. (Warning: this will delete all your in-game settings). If that works...also let us know! 4. The last steps are using the repair function, or re-installing League of Legends, if all else is failing. Bonus note: If you're trying any of the above solutions, please test out a custom game afterwards to see if it worked before queueing with other folks!
: El Tigre Braum
I care!! This unfortunate bug is on its way to being fixed. Thanks for the report!
: [gameplay] reminder to riot! Spectator mode still broken!
Checking in here to confirm that this is an issue we're aware of, and still working on fixing.
Keisto (NA)
: [CLIENT] Unable to edit Status Comment
Our bad! This was not an intended change. We're aiming to have this fixed up as soon as possible. In the meantime, you can set your status message using the options menu in the buddy list.
Bridger (NA)
: Minimap does not display accurately
Interesting feedback, and good catch. I'll pass along the info, since this is a bit deceptive.
: Only League Crashes My Computer
Is there any specific circumstance or gameplay scenario that seems to correlate to these crashes? Is it accompanied by a bugsplat? When did the problem start happening? An even better way to get an assist on this might be to make a post in Help & Support, or submit a player support ticket and get direct info there. Hopefully that helps!
: Sion Is Bugged
Hey StackTheKing, This is a known issue, and a fix is being worked on! In the mean time, if this happens again, there is a temporary work-around. Quick Casting either of the two abilities (enabled in the Hotkey menu, or by pressing Shift-[hotkey]) will immediately unlock both spells. Hopefully that helps, and you can keep smashing faces with the big scary Noxian :P
Terryyao (NA)
: TF 100% draw yellow card!!! HACK!!!!!!! RIOT PLEASE HELP!!!!!
Hey Terryyao! Don't panic :) For reporting issues like hacks, check out http://www.riotgames.com/security-vulnerability-reporting. It's a great place to safely report things like exploitative third-party applications without exposing the forums to that sort of stuff.
: Nidalee is bugged.
Hey slythe, Though this does sound like a manifestation of lag, if you notice Nidalee doing this in future games let us know. What would also be super helpful is: - A video of this occurrence - Any reproduction steps, AKA: an ability that causes this; it only happens 10 minutes into the game; always seems to happen with this Nidalee skin, etc. Thanks for the report!
xXCloud (EUW)
: [GAMEPLAY] Singed his fling doesn't work properly
Hey xXCloud, This is a known issue, and a fix is being worked on. Thanks for the report and reproduction steps!
Eggbread (NA)
: League of Legends Launcher TOO MANY FILES SCANNED
Hi! This is generally the launcher *actually* scanning files. Letting it run to completion (which can take a while) should work. Tends to happen if you cancel the patching process part-way through; the launcher is now scanning to see what's done and what still needs doing. If something has messed up, like ChaosThief mentioned, repairing the client via the gear in the top right corner is your next step to fixing. Worst case is to re-install :( If none of those work, reply to this thread again, and let me know!
: Server refused to let me pick or ban
I've been having this happen frequently as well, still no response.
: The honour ranking system
I had a teamwork ribbon, it went away, even though I seem to get + teamwork just as often as I used to. The large amount of hidden information with the honor system is part of why it feels lackluster, along with everyone seeming to have gotten ribbons a few months ago, and now they're all gone again. No one I play with in ranked games has ribbons (maybe 1 out of every 100 players).
: About heimerdinger's passive in rework
Yeah, the first thing I heard in my head when they announced heimer rework was "ooh, new passive!" ...so I'm not sure why the old one was basically kept. I'd like to hear designer's thoughts on this!
Verciau (NA)
: Riot Staff ~ Please duo with me for my 1000 ranked game!
I got Morgageddon for my 1000th ranked win this season :D twas quite a fun game too.
EsDee (NA)
: Forced to Patch AFTER Champion Selection - Ranked!
I'm having the same thing occur to me as I type this. Champ select ended, but the game wouldn't load, instead it started patching. This problem's been around for months, Riot needs to address it.

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